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Morocco Defeats Britain
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
August 29th, 1890
A Crushing Loss on British Soil

On August 22nd, Morocco and Britain faced off for the championship for the Quidditch World Cup. It was clear from the beginning that the game was meant to be a violent one, as British and Moroccan beaters wasted no time taking aim at each other and other players, including keepers and seekers.

The game began with Moroccan possession, but that was the extent of the luck for Moroccan chasers in the first half of the game. Despite finding a number of their players a victim to Zakarya Alaoui's knee-capping bludgers in the first half, the British team maintained a steady lead over the Moroccans until Lachlan MacFusty ultimately knocked a bludger into the stands, injuring his own sister and killing another innocent spectator.

Every first-string Moroccans chose to continue the match on the reschedule date, but a number of changes were made to the British roster. Mr. Mundungus MacFusty, second-string beater, took the place of his removed cousin. Jack Cardew, Chudley Cannons captain and second-string beater, took the place of the injured Arthur Pettigrew. Beckett Longbottom and Rufus Bixby both returned to the pitch despite their injuries.

The second half of the match continued similarly to the first, with British and Moroccan beaters active on the field despite the tragedy that had taken place days before. The British saw their luck begin to turn when Jack Cardew was struck by a bludger and was forced to land from a pierced lung. The match ended as Moroccan seeker Hassan Sabri edged out British seeker Cassius Lestrange for the snitch, ending the game with a score of 180-90.
Olla Mirage
Written by Bree

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