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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Lycoris Dempsey
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Played by Kit
Debutante & Artist
25 year old Halfblood
Debutante & Artist
5 ft. 1 in.
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Full Name: Lycoris Wordsworth Dem

Nickname(s): Sweet Pea

Birthdate: June 1 1869

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante & Artist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Near Galeway, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 12", apple, springy, unicorn tail hair

Family: Eamon Dempsey | Father | 1824
Lowri Dempsey nee ? | Mother | 1836
Ozymandias Shelley Dempsey | Brother | 1856
Endymion Keats Dempsey | Brother | 1859
Porphyria Browning Dempsey | Sister | 1862
Don Juan Byron Dempsey | Brother | 1863
Christabel Coleridge Dempsey | Sister | 1865
Shalott Tennyson Dempsey | Sister | 1867
Lycoris has dark hair, brown eyes and is often quick to smile or laugh. She stands just a smidge below average at five feet, one inches and has a lean build with an ample bosom. She dresses fashionably but takes care to not look too gaudy. When it comes to clothing color, she prefers soft, feminine colors and pastels. She is right handed.

Play-by: Vanessa Marano

1869Lycoris is born and is ultimately the youngest of the Dempsey children.
1870Endymion goes off to Hogwarts though Lycoris is too young to really care.
1873Phyri goes off to Hogwarts and Lycoris is now old enough to notice the absence.
1874Don Juan goes off to Hogwarts and Ozmydias graduates.
1876Christabel goes off to Hogwarts.
1877Endymion graduates from Hogwarts.
1878Shalott goes off to Hogwarts.
Fall 1880 - Spring 1887Lycoris's turn to attend Hogwarts finally comes and she is sorted into Hufflepuff which surprises absolutely no one. The most notable thing to happen in her academic career is trolling two of her owls but managing to pass the rest. She graduates but does not debut, instead she is sent to the Pendergast School of Young Roses.
1887Also within 1887, Oz gets married to a woman that Lycoris thought that he hated.
Fall 1887- Spring 1889Lycoris attends PSYR for two years before finally debuting in time for the 1889 Season.
1890Phyri is turned into a Wren but thankfully is eventually turned back to human.
1891Sometime during the 1891 season, Lycoris begins to start seeing one of Ozymandias's friends in a whole new, light. Langston Dashwood is dashing, she decides. And thus begins a long-going crush.
1892The new year arrives and with it a lot of promise in Lycoris's opinion. As well as renewed determination to have Langston Dashwood fall madly in love with her.
Cheerful, vibrant, sociable, romantic, creative, artistic, whimsical, kind
  • Painting & Sculpting
  • Feminine arts & dancing
  • Can play the piano and is passable at the violin

  • Sexuality: Is possibly heterosexual, her main attractions in life have been to men. Beyond having crushes, she has no actual, personal experiences in such matters. Nor does she have much knowledge about sex in general beyond "it creates a baby" and if you have it before marriage, you are a harlot.


Care of Magical CreaturesT
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEA
History of MagicA
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