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Britain Triumphs Over Hawaii
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
Month xxth, 1890

Britain Triumphs Over Hawaii
Lestrange catches snitch after lackluster game

On a windy day in Portree, the British and Hawaiian National Teams faced off for Britain's first home game of the 1890 season. The weather was clearly giving the players trouble, with chasers and beaters from both teams struggling to gain traction.

The worst bludger-induced incidents of the game were those of Lopaka, a chaser from Hawaii whose broom was shattered by a teammate. Miss Augusta Robins, a chaser for Britain, was also knocked out of the game. Neither chaser perished - Minister Ross insisted on cushioning charms in the British pitches for the world cup, hoping to avoid another international death on British soil after the the 1883 incident.

Overall the game was a slog, with players struggling to score or successfully hit bludgers on both teams. Both Mr. Beckett Longbottom and Hawaiian beater Mr. Kokoikikane flew into goalposts, which usually one would expect to see only from poor players - perhaps years off the pitch have softened Mr. Longbottom's skills?

Hawaii outscored Britain, with nine quaffle goals to Britain's four. However, Mr. Cassius Lestrange was able to edge out Miss Halia Kapule, and caught the snitch to end the game. Hopefully Britain's chasers will get it together in advance of their next games.

The overall score was 190-90, with Britain winning overall.
Mitch Quiddel
Written by Beanie

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