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Britain to Face Morocco [and more!]
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
July 27th, 1890
Britain to Face Morocco
Quidditch World Cup to be held August 22nd

The British National Quidditch team will face off against the Moroccans to compete for the Quidditch World Cup, the International Quidditch League reports.

Britain thoroughly trounced Singapore in Madrid on Saturday, winning with a score of 380 to 40, with second string seeker Cassius Lestrange securing the snitch after seven and a half hours of gameplay. Morocco saw a more narrow victory in their match against Prussia three days prior.

The teams will take to the pitch of the illustrious Hogsmeade Howlers on the twenty-second of August, where this reporter is confident team Britain can, once again, reign supreme.

The Moroccan national team will arrive on our soil later this week, and August will see a number of related festivities.
Mitch Quiddel
Written by Kayte

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— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
July 27th, 1890
Squid Sighting In The Black Lake?
Hogwarts Students Nearly Drown!

Three Hogwarts students nearly drowned in the Black Lake Saturday morning while investigating a boat that suddenly capsized. No one sustained any serious injuries, but mediwizards arrived on the scene after Miss Sloane Bixby, 14, nearly drowned.

The group, comprised of Miss Bixby, Mr. Edison Moony, 15, and Mr. Cameron Gillenwater, 15, were seen by onlookers entering the lake after a large splash overturned a small boat.

"Miss Bixby didn't go under own her own. She was pulled down by a creature with tentacles long enough to wrap around her leg. It nearly pulled us under, too," Mr. Gillenwater told authorities when questioned. The Black Lake is a popular boating destination for Hogsmeade residents, but there have long been legends about what creatures lurk beneath the surface, including the Giant Squid.

"While the students' hearts were in the right place, we encourage the public to report incidents to the local authorities instead of attempting to take matters into their own hands," Constable Harvey Morris told Daily Prophet reporters. The constabulary's investigation revealed that no one was on the boat prior to its capsizing apart from a single cat, which the students pulled from the water.
Ernie Nuffer
Written by Bree
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