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Yuri didn't know what being a steamed patron was but it sounded like it might be painful.
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Featured Want Ads
Featured Want Ads

Occasionally as a prize, players may get to feature their want ads as part of the VERY FABRIC (read: coding) of the board. In a delightful coup, featured want ads will now be listed within as well!

These ads will remain listed until the character is taken, the requester asks for it to be taken down, or the requesting account goes inactive.

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Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Tilda MacFusty, @Marlena Scamander, or @Elsie Kirke with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Well-Meaning Mother:  Agnes Binns
[Image: ezgif-3-37b6db567694.jpg]
1832 | Gryffindor | Middle Class | Any Blood | Any Profession
Pictured is Mary-Louise Parker, but her play-by is open

Agnes is the mother of @Zachariah Binns, @Juliana Binns, and Hugo Binns.  She is well-meaning, but she is a bit of a helicopter parent.  She tries to be very involved in her children's lives, which is met with mixed opinions from said children.  She is always seeking to visit with them and nudging her two unwed younger offspring toward suitable matches.  She is a doting grandmother, adventurous, and intelligent in her own right.  Her flaw is that she cares very deeply about her children. However, above all else, she is kind.

There is a lot of potential for future drama.

[Image: xPlE4V4.png]
Pretties thanks to Olive! <3
For Clarissa Cosgrove
@Clarissa Cosgrove



While being hit with nostalgia on the old board while reading the threads of one of Clarissas more intense ships, I have decided to make this ad to give Clarissas love life some drama. This is definitely meant to be a romantic interest for Clarissa. This boy was in the same year as Clarissa and horrid at all things Etiquette which is one of the required Hogwarts classes for all years. So, he asked her for help in their fifth year which she provided gladly despite this being one of the first times she had ever been spoken to by him.

This boy was generally brutish in nature but was swiftly attracted to Clarissa and was quickly intent on wooing her despite knowing she is way beyond his social means. The fact that he had competition in the form of an upper class Slytherin in Clarissas year seemed to only encourage him and he felt that it was unfair he should be out of the running because of current lack of wealth. They eventually had an intense emotional affair of sorts and Clarissa even let him kiss her hand once. Scandalous!

All this transpired during their fifth year and he left after taking his OWLs. They likely have written one another since then and he has done his best to put in place building blocks for an upward mobile career of some sort. The thing I had in mind was that now that she has debuted and no longer in the safety net of Pendergast School, he will be seeking to pick up where they left off.

double duty!: Fake Forfang

[Image: gP4NAe.png]
For Angelica Vorona
Angelica Vorona


b. 25 July 1860 | UCPB | Slytherin | Man of Leisure | Suggested PB: Colin O'Donoghue

Angelica’s younger twin brother, Lucius and his twin have spent their lives trying to be different. It didn’t take much work. Where his twin is a decisive perfectionist, Luc elevated chaos to a fine art form. He’s naturally bright but invested the bare minimum to get by in school, preferring popularity and Quidditch to his studies. Lucius is recently returned from learning the family business under his older brother in Venice, or so the story goes. Luc spent the better part of the last thirteen years earning the ‘rake’ moniker in as many languages as possible, but his antics finally went one step too far when rumors of a possibly less-than-pureblood bastard reached dear old dad. The threat of being cut off brought him back to Britain, but it isn’t all bad. He hasn’t ruined any British girls since his Hogwarts days and It’s been a while since he made his twin’s life miserable. Might as well make up for lost time. Rep is 7-8.

[Image: 3yopnb.png]
MJ made this miracle!
Marlowe Forfang
Still seeking: July 2021


Route A: No, that's my pseudonym! Someone takes credit for Juliana's work. Are they trying to discredit it? Bolster their own academic portfolio? Hide the fact that they're a werewolf and were nearly discovered by giving themselves a plausible excuse for being out on full moons? Give credence to some far-fetched creature-related claim they're invested in making? The choice is yours. This can be any new or existing character but for best results should have some combination of these traits which would make them look like a more likely candidate for Marlowe Forfang than Juliana: male; middle aged or older; good (complete) education; scholar/academic; relevant life experience; upper class; etc.

I have a few plot notions for the near future but no particular endgame!

Route B: Identity theft This gentleman (or person who presents as such) can be any age and from any background, but shouldn't be recognizable on sight in society. He has recently decided to introduce himself as Professor Marlowe Forfang, groundbreaking lycanthropy researcher. His motive for doing so is up to you but some ideas are included below. After being exposed to some other people in the academic community, however, he quickly realizes he's in over his head. Juliana is torn between being livid that he stole her work and wanting to expose him (but not knowing how to do so without exposing herself as well) and wanting to sort of My Fair Lady him into a semi-presentable academic so that he doesn't entirely destroy her credibility as a researcher.

Shenanigans will abound. I don't have an endgame in mind but don't see this as a super temporary character, so if you're interested in taking him you should be in for the long-ish haul. Existing characters (with or without retcons) are welcome!

Pictured PB is Arjun Gupta but it's open to anyone.

Potential motives for the identity theft:
— He wants a steady job and is using Forfang's credentials to apply for a position as: Hogwarts CoMC, DADA, or Magical Theory professor; Ministry's DR&CMC; Ministry's Research Committee; contrator for some sort of company who could use a 'werewolf expert' for some upcoming task like a trip through the Balkans; etc.
— He wants to collect some modest income from staging bullshit Q&A sessions or book signings.
— He wants to live large on the reputation piece (because living off credit was totally a feasible thing in this era if you were respected enough).
— He's pulling off some totally unrelated scam and using the fake name to engender trust in his target/mark.
— He's trying to court/marry someone whose parents wouldn't approve and he's therefore reinvented himself as Forfang thinking they'll be more on board with that.
— He needed a clean start after some shady background stuff and just happened upon this reclusive academic and thought it'd be a good fit.

[Image: dBYuUwU.jpeg]
B. 1880 | MCHB | ??? | INCOMING FIRST YEAR ('91)
Oakshaft "Oak" Bell is every bit his father's son: high energy, low focus, and an abiding love for quidditch and anything else he deems 'fun'. In the modern era, he would likely be diagnosed with ADHD, and has something of a fixed mindset when it comes to academics. Away from his instructors, however, he is a fun-loving young boy who will probably (but not necessarily!) follow his sister and step-siblings into Gryffindor. PB is open, but pictured is Jacob Tremblay. Reputation should be 8 or 9.

Immediate Ties: @Madeline Bell @Cameron Gillenwater @Greta Gillenwater
Bonus Ties: @Alcyone Slughorn @Edison Moony @Milo Nox @Lester Hatchitt @Sisse Thompsett @Alice Dawson @Sloane Bixby @Calla Potts
Potential Ties: Other students & Hogwarts staff

Hello everyone! Welcome to my adoptables.
A few guidelines
  • Please message me (PM Addison Chatham) if you're interested!
  • Please include the family section on your apps
  • Run any massive changes past me first -- I'm usually up for it!
  • Unless indicated, details like exact job, Hogwarts house, etc. are up to you!

For @Addison Chatham
Addison's Biological Father (ACAB)

A Hogwarts 5th-7th year in the 1874-1875 school year (b. 1856-1859), who, for whatever reason, got caught up with Alice Chatham, who, unknown to him, became pregnant and had their son in July 1875. Since then, he's moved on and such, whether that was leaving after OWLs or continuing on to NEWTs after Alice left. He could have whole other attachments now that he's been living peacefully with, maybe he's grown to be a genuinely horrible man, either way--in my opinion, the more drama the better. Maybe he's considered somewhat respectable now, and discovering a bastard would ruin that? Maybe he even has legitimate children now!

Either way, the intent is for both him and Addison to somehow discover the truth. Maybe he's always had a striking resemblance to his father, perhaps father overhears the name "Chatham" and is possessed of the ability to do the necessary calculations to figure out what's going on. Perhaps he's one of the members of the Ministry department Addison now works in? Maybe Alice reveals the secret to Addison after he turns 17, and he goes seeking his father out? Maybe Alice drops the bomb to a fellow servant/coworker and it gets to the father through a long chain and there's a complete misunderstanding?

Reactions could be anywhere from "Awesome, I have a son!" to "Never speak to me or anyone else of this ever again."

There's also the possibility that he recently found out about Addison and just chose not to have anything to do with him. This would be especially interesting if he did work in a position that required him and Addison to work together more often.

Any way you want to play this could work. Faceclaim is completely open, since I've opted to use an aesthetic avatar for Addison so he could look like pretty much anyone. This could be an already played character, too, if he fits.

(adding potential double duty, though check with the makers of these ads first, of course: "Micajah" Pomfrey, Podmore Zoological Gardens Staff Member, Whizzhard Books Manager/Employee and anyone else you can think of!)

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