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Canon List

Charming has a variety of canons that you’re welcome to take on! Some of them actually hail from the books, movies, or supplementary material, while others are board-specific to give members a starting point! Simply post below to reserve the canon that catches your fancy.

Information outlined below may be updated or added to with permission from the staff team. Please contact a member of the staff team if you have any questions, or if your character sees any important developments you think need mentioning!

Potterverse Canons
Era-appropriate characters created by JKR, occasionally with extra details unique to Charming!

Charming Launchpad
A place to start with characters (some original, a few from canon) tailored specifically to give you a jumping-off point on the board!

Canon Surnames in Use
Surnames from the books used by characters on-site!

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Though we are set well before the main Harry Potter storyline, the Potterverse still furnishes us with a wide array of canon characters appropriate to the time period! Those interested in the characters below should be aware of the following:

  • Charming is an AU board. While canon events up until now are included in the backstories of these characters, their paths going forward are up to their player!
  • Characters on this list may be reserved for a maximum of five days.
  • Characters listed in bold are available, while those @tagged are in play. Those with a strikethrough were played previously, but have since died.
  • Canon characters with ample development may "graduate" off of the list and become permanently connected to their player. This will be done on a case-by-case basis, and is denoted with an asterisk(*).
  • Players may be interested in exploring characters on the HP Wiki, though only information included in the listings below is required.
  • To better flesh out some less-developed canons, backstories may have been developed on-site.

WC Working ClassMC Middle ClassUC Upper Class
PB PurebloodHB HalfbloodMB Muggleborn

The BINNS Family, of Irvingly
Not to be confused with the Hogsmeade Binnses, with whom they share no known relation. Born to a muggle family, Cuthbert and Miss Binns were not the only children in the household, but were the only ones that would prove to be magical. They reside together, both so that they might enjoy magical society and so that the younger might keep an eye on her brother's well-being.
Mr. Cuthbert Binns
b. 1860-1866
MCMB. The former Ravenclaw has always been rather single-minded, and is completely married to his historical research—in spite of his sister's best efforts to see him settled. Indeed, Cuthbert has long been of the opinion that the most interesting people have already been and gone—probably why his closest friend is a 200 year old ghost.
Miss — Binns
b. 1864-1873
MCMB. Though of an age to find a husband, Miss Binns focuses instead on her brother's prospects, wanting nothing more than to see him happily settled with a good woman (or at least, that's what she says when asked about it). Though a sharp mind in her own right, Miss Binns does not work, instead focusing on running her brother's modest household.

The BLACK Family, of London
The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black is one of the wealthier families in Wizarding Britain, noted for their blood purist ideals. Though a notable part of society, they are not particularly notable in number. Though Phineas and Elladora did once have another sister, they will insist that this is not the case.
Mr. @Phineas Black
b. 1847
UCPB. Snide and sarcastic, Phineas thinks very small of the feelings and problems of others, especially those who are young. The young, in his opinion, are extremely selfish and bothersome. This makes his decision to work at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry a particularly baffling one. The former Slytherin married in 1876.
Mrs. @Ursula Black nee Flint*
b. 1857
UCPB. Those in cattier circles might think that Ursula is the reason her husband works at the castle—an excuse to be away from home. Their relationship is strained due to an incident of infidelity on Ursula's part which lead to the birth of a second child which they believe to be deceased. The couple have four sons (the youngest, Cygnus, born at the end of 1889) and a daughter together.
Mr. @Sirius Black*
b. 1877
UCPB. The heir apparent, Sirius is currently in Slytherin at Hogwarts, where he is on the house quidditch team and has a close-knit group of friends.
Mr. Phineas Algernon Black
b. February 6th, 1883
UCPB. His most notable physical feature is his protruding ears, inherited from his actual father, the late former Minister of Magic, Darcy Potter. This is one of his mother's better-kept secrets.
Mr. Arcturus Black
b. July 28th, 1884
UCPB. A child in the Black household, Arcturus wants for little.
Miss Belvina Black
b. 1886
UCPB. Like Phineas, Belvina is secretly illigitimate...
Miss @Elladora Black*
b. 1850
UCPB. Quite decidedly an old maid at this point, Elladora does not appear to mind. The former Slytherin resides in her brother's home, where, through shared secrets, she has formed an ersatz friendship with his wife. She has started a tradition of beheading house elves once they get too old to carry tea trays.

The DOGE Family, of London
Though entirely untouched by the Laughing Plague of 1884, a bout of Dragon Pox late in 1890 tragically wiped out much of the family. What remains is one of four Doge children, now in the care of their young uncle.
Mr. — Dodge
b. 1865
UCPB. Not even married, young Mr. Dodge is not entirely sure what one is supposed to do with a ward! Given his nephew inherited the bulk of the family money, Mr. Doge maintains his position a the Ministry of Magic, though is hopeful he might find a bride with a hefty dowry to make that unnecessary.
Mr. Elphius Doge
b. 1881
UCPB. The evidence of his illness is plain as day on his face, which is pockmarked and still looks a bit greenish in certain light. A clever boy, though not one that has ever had much to do with other children.

The DUMBLEDORE Family, of Godric's Hollow
Mild-Mannered Percival Dumbledore shocked all those who knew him when he attacked three muggle boys, seemingly for no reason. His imprisonment in Azkaban in the autumn of 1891 has left its mark upon the family, who will never again be the same. They relocated to Godric's Hollow follwoing the trial.
Mrs. Kendra Dumbledore
b. 1851
MCMB. Her tendency towards being protective has turned to overbearing since the loss of her husband, who she loves deeply. She alone knows the reason for his actions, a secret she promised to take to the grave. Kendra likely has Native American ancestry, if not parentage. Maximum reputation of six; can increase to seven in 1894.
Mr. Albus Dumbledore
b. 1881
MCHB. The "man" of the house now, a duty he does not take lightly—though even this cannot fully temper his good nature. Though sharp as a whistle, he is anxious about leaving his family to go to Hogwarts, worrying about how they will manage without him. Maximum reputation of six; can increase to seven in 1894.
Mr. Aberforth Dumbledore
b. 1884
MCHB. Aberforth is a lad of few words but a great deal of action—not always well-directed. He is, however, particularly devoted to his younger sister. Maximum reputation of six; can increase to seven in 1894.
Miss Ariana Dumbledore
b. Summer 1885
MCHB. In the autumn of 1891, Ariana was seen practicing magic by a group of muggle boys who attacked her. Previously surprisingly good at managing her magic (as children go), she has since had no control at all, and has been traumatized. Most are not really aware that she exists, as the family had been the only magical one in their previous village. She is kept secluded from the outside world, for fear she will be sent away to St Mungo's. Maximum reputation of six.

The DUMBLEDORE Family, of Irvingly
After her brother's scandal, Honoria moved not to Godric's Hollow with her sister-in-law (with whom there is reportedly very little love), nephews, and niece, but to Irvingly in the hopes of as close to a fresh start as she can muster.
Miss Honoria Dumbledore
b. 1840-1850
MCPB. Though once engaged to a wizard in the Improper Use of Magic Office, she called it off after catching him fondling some horklumps, claiming he was simply unfeeling. She is a blood purist and a skilled painter, though is unlikely hold a profession. Maximum reputation of six; can increase to eight in 1894.

The GAUNT Family, of Hogsmeade
Due to generations of inbreeding, members of the Gaunt family are not certain to be mentally or medically sound. The latest iteration of this family, whose descendants will achieve certain notoriety? First cousins.
Mr. Marvolo Gaunt
b. 1870
WCPB. Gaunt has long taken pride in the fact that he is a descendent of the Salazar Slytherin, right down to his ability to communicate with snakes (parselmouth). Though he did spend at least some time at Hogwarts, where he was in Slytherin, how long he remained is unknown. Impulsive, violent, and biggotted, he does not hold a job at the Ministry or any hospitals. Maximum reputation of six.
Mrs. @Morgana Gaunt
b. 1872
WCPB. Much more mild-mannered than her cousin/husband, but also a parselmouth. Maximum reputation of seven.

The GHOSTS of Hogwarts
As old and special as it is, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is home to many a spirit, but none so familiar to generations of wizarding children as its four house ghosts.
Nearly Headless Nick
b. 1452
Ghost. In life, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington was a muggleborn wizard. While at Hogwarts, he was in Gryffindor. He was mostly beheaded on Halloween of 1492, after his efforts to magically repair the teeth of Lady Grieve saw him arrested when they went horribly awry. He is the house ghost for Gryffindor.
The Fat Friar
b. 1374
Ghost. While at Hogwarts, he was in Hufflepuff. He devoted his life to the clergy after leaving school, but was executed in 1427 when the church grew suspicious of his ability to cure the pox with a stick and his habit of pulling rabbits from the communion cup. He is the house ghost for Hufflepuff.
The Grey Lady
b. 984
Ghost. Daughter of the Rowena Ravenclaw, in life, she was Helena Ravenclaw. As an adult, she rejected the advances of all suitors, as none of them lived up to her lofty standards. Jealous of her mother, she stole her diadem and left Scotland, but was pursued by The Bloody Baron who killed her in 1014. It was not until after her mother’s passing that she returned to Hogwarts to serve as Ravenclaw’s house ghost.
The Bloody Baron
b. 982
Ghost. A pureblood in life, the Baron was born to a noble family that is no longer extant. While he was at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin. Having always loved Helena Ravenclaw, he was sent by her mother to retrieve her when she fled Scotland. In a fit of rage, when she refused to return to Britain with him, he killed Helena and then himself. He is the house ghost for Slytherin.

The HITCHENS Family, of Irvingly
To marry a muggle is, perhaps, the worst sin that a member of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black could possibly commit—and yet, that's precisely what Iola Black did, after falling in love with Robert "Bob" Hitchens, wedding in 1882.
Mr. Robert Hitchens
b. 1850
MC Muggle. Mr. Hitchens resided in London until marrying his wife, after which the pair moved to Irvingly on land purchased from the Ministry of Magic. He either runs a small legal practice or pharmacy, or works as a physician at the Irvingly Infirmary. He has a maximum reputation of eight.
Mrs. Iola Hitchens
b. 1857
MCPB. Was it a hard decision, to abandon everything she knew for love? Does she have regrets? These are questions Mrs. Hitchens is asked regularly—well, by those not belonging to the society of her sisters, at any rate. Disowned for marrying a muggle, she has been known to write progressive columns for The Daily Prophet under a penname. While at Hogwarts, she was in Slytherin. She has a reputation of seven.
Miss @Miriam Hitchens
b. 1883
MCHB. The spitting image of her mother, and the apple of her father's eye.
Mr. — Hitchens
b. 1886
MCHB. A quiet but curious boy.

The OAKBY Family, of Hogsmeade
The disappearance of Mrs. Oakby (she ran off to be with another woman after a decade of marriage) shook the Oakby family to its core, the subject taboo within the family's Hogsmeade home. It is also blamed for any problems the family has faced in the years since, no matter how unrelated.
Mr. @Gwynedd Oakby
b. 1844
UCPB. Since his wife abandoned the family, Oakby has talked about her as though she had died—though he never did mourn her in the traditional sense. He is uncertain what to do with his eldest daughter, though does his best to keep her educated and content. Maximum reputation of eight.
Miss — Oakby
b. 1870
UC Squib. Miss Oakby's lack of magic has been blamed by the wagging tongues of society on her mother's actions. Though she does her best to keep her head held high, her status as a squib truly does bother her. She made her debut into society at 18, but has received only a tepid response. Maximum reputation of eight.
Miss Idris Oakby
b. 1872
UCHB. The younger Miss Oakby recently graduated from Hogwarts and made her debut into society as well. Her true focus is not upon finding a husband, though, but on championing her pet causes: support for squibs and votes for women. Maximum reputation of eight.

The OLLIVANDER Family, of London
Gervaise Ollivander, Gideon Ollivander, and Violet MacFusty were the children of noted wandmaker Gerbold Ollivander. Following their father's passing in 1884, Gervaise took over the London branch of the shop, leaving its Hogsmeade premises to his younger brother. He and his wife married in 1891.
Mr. Gervaise Ollivander
b. 1853
MCPB. Advanced in years when he married, Mr. Ollivander long insisted that he was married instead to his work—which rings true to those who see the craftsmanship he puts into his wands. Passionate about the craft, he gifted his wife a wand "perfectly tailored to her in every way" for their wedding.
Mrs. — Ollivander
b. 1865-1870
MCHB. A patient woman, Mrs. Ollivander does not mind giving her husband time to focus on his craft, enjoying the freedom that marriage has provided her.

The SMETHWYK Family, of Southern Britain
They say flying is in the Smethwyk blood, which much of the family, for four generations, being somehow connected to brooms or broom sports. The trio of remaining Smethwycks intend to fly around the world when the young Mr. Smethwyck completes his OWLs.
Mr. Elliot Smethwyck
b. 1799
WCHB. Mr. Smethwyck invented the Cushioning Charm in 1820, revolutionizing comfort in broom travel. Though others might have sought to capitalize on such a thing, it is not in his nature—he simply wished to improve upon something he loved. His wife passed away delivering their only child.
Miss Leopoldina Smethwyck
b. 1829
WCHB. The first witch in Britain to referee a quidditch match, in 1850. She works still as a referee with the Quidditch League, using her spare time to travel extensively. It was on one of these trips abroad that she took in an orphan.
Mr. Oberon Smethwyck
b. 1875
WCHB. An orphan, taken in by Miss Smethwyck on her travels and, since, raised as her own.

The SMITH Family, of Hogsmeade
Generational wealth is a beautiful thing, and it—along with prudent investments on the part of Mr. Smith—has served the couple well, though you can't (legally) buy an heir. Perhaps third wife will be the charm?
Mr. — Smith
b. 1821-1831
UCPB. During his time at Hogwarts, Smith was sorted into Slytherin, where he began dabbling in dark magic. He is very wealthy, and likes to spend his time collecting wizarding antiques and all manner of objects of interest. He is currently on his third marriage, but has not been fortunate enough to father any living children yet.
Mrs. Hepzibah Smith
b. 1870
UCPB. The new Mrs. Smith fancies herself a renowned beauty—though she's hardly an impartial opinion on that score. She managed to snag a wealthy (if aging) husband, though, so there surely must be some truth to her claims? While at Hogwarts, she was in Hufflepuff—fitting, as Mrs. Smith boasts that she is a descendent of Helga Hufflepuff herself!

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Want a bit more freedom, but still want a place to start? The Charming Launchpad consists of characters either unique to the board, or connected to canon businesses or families more loosely. Those interested in the characters below should be aware of the following:

  • Characters on this list may be reserved for a maximum of five days. When reserving a nameless character, please include their birth year!
  • Characters listed in bold are available, while those @tagged are in play. Those with a strikethrough were played previously, but have since died.
  • Characters with ample development may "graduate" off of the list and become permanently connected to their player. This will be done on a case-by-case basis, and is denoted with an asterisk(*).

WC Working ClassMC Middle ClassUC Upper Class
PB PurebloodHB HalfbloodMB Muggleborn

The BLOTT Family, of London
Established in 1654, a London bookshop has long united the Flourish & Blott families. Will this be the generation to finally do in that union, or will squabbles and differences be ironed out for the sake of business?
Mr. — Blott
b. 1830
MCHB. The widowed Mr. Blott inherited the shop from his father, just like his son will someday inherit from him—and someday draws nearer and nearer with each passing decade. He is on excellent terms with his business partner, at least professionally, in spite of the personal matters that affect his son.
Mr. — Blott
b. 1859
MCHB. The younger Mr. Blott was excellent friends with Flourish until they fell in love with the same woman—who chose the latter, in the end. The two no longer speak, and Blott, still unmarried, avoids the shop like the plague as a result. He does not relish the idea of having to work alongside his former friend someday, and instead has designs on a hostile takeover, should the need arise.

The BORGIN Family, of London
Success in business but not as lovely human beings has earned the Borgin family something of a reputation in the area—an area they hope to graduate from to bigger and better things as business improves. Their daughter is the young Mrs. Burke.
Mr. — Borgin
b. 1812
WCPB. After co-founding Borgin & Burkes, Mr. Borgin found financial success that allowed him to acquire a boarding house and a residence of his own in the same area. He has a maximum reputation of 7.
Mrs. — Borgin
b. 1850
WCPB. Her husband's second wife, Mrs. Burke has attemped on multiple occasions and with various methods to kill her much-loathed husband, but to no avail. Still, Hufflepuffs are known for their ongoing efforts... She has a maximum reputation of 7.
Mr. — Borgin
b. 1878
WCPB. There was great concern that the young Mr. Borgin might prove to be a squib—fortunately, he was eventually invited to attend Hogwarts, but is no great prodigy in any area but toadying to his social betters. He has a maximum reputation of 7.

The BURKE Family, of London
Somehow, Burke's father—also a co-founder of the shop—attained less success than his business partner, and so the current Mr. Burke and his family reside above the shop.
Mr. — Burke
b. 1843
WCPB. A staunch blood purist, he lobbied long and hard to see his son betrothed to the lad's now-wife, not trusting that his business partner would not find some way to cut him out if he didn't shore up the connections between them. He has a maximum reputation of seven.
Mrs. — Burke
b. 1847
WCPB. Mrs. Burke experienced a number of miscarriages and stillbirths, making her incredibly protective of her only living child even as he starts a family of his own. She has a maximum reputation of seven.
Mr. — Burke
b. 1870
WCPB. Always a sickly lad, the former Slytherin has, nonetheless, long felt entitled to more than he has gotten in life. He was able to complete seven years at Hogwarts before his marriage in 1889. He has a maximum reputation of seven.
Mrs. @Beatrix Burke nee Borgin*
b. 1872
WCPB. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Burke did not get to finish her education, instead being pulled from school to wed a man she had no desire to. He has a maximum reputation of seven.

The DERVISH & BANGES Family, of Hogsmeade
Noted for cramming an extraordinary amount of everything (including people) into their shop and their shared residence above it, the Dervish/Banges household is a boisterous, if a bit eccentric, one.
Mr. — Dervish
b. 1840-1850
WCPB. Mr. Dervish took on his father's interest in the shop when the man retired to the countryside, and has long viewed Banges as a brother. It has long rankled him that the pair had to take on a silent partner after the damage of the fire in '84, and he has spent almost a decade trying various ways to build up the capital to buy the third man out.
Mr. — Banges
b. 1845
WCPB. A co-founder of the shop, which he established with his father-in-law after marrying. He spent his time at Hogwarts in Ravenclaw.
Miss — Banges nee Dervish
b. 1846
WCPB. Married to Mr. Banges and a sister to Mr. Dervish. So in love were she and Mr. Banges, they married the day after she finished at Hogwarts, raising a number of eyebrows.
Mr. — Banges
b. 1865
WCPB. As the eldest son he is entitled to take over the shop once his father retires. The only reason that he is interested in taking over the shop is because then his younger brother cannot have it. He finished five years at Hogwarts, where he was in Ravenclaw.
Mr. — Banges
b. 1868
WCPB. He is genuinely interested in taking over the shop but cannot have it unless his eldest brother decides to give it to him. He completed seven years at Hogwarts, where he was in Ravenclaw.
Miss — Banges
b. 1870
WCPB. Though currently employed, the former Slytherin is most eager to secure a marriage that will allow her to move to the middle class. She finished five years at Hogwarts.
Miss — Banges
b. 1874
WCPB. The youngest Miss Banges has always been quite flighty in nature, which causes her mother a great deal of stress. She completed three years at Hogwarts, where she was in Gryffindor, before dropping out to "join the circus"—this did not come to fruition, and she has had myriad other flights of fancy since, from breeding garden gnomes to charming clocks to scream the time at people.

The DODDERIDGE Family, of Scotland
Now orphaned (their mother passed in childbirth, and their father a few years ago), the Dodderidge triplets insist they are altogether entirely different. In spite of the fact that they were all in Gryffindor. And the fact that they all work in the same place. And the fact that they're identical. Recently, they have all met the same man and fallen in love with him though they don't realize they're all in love with the same person. The three are prone to fighting between themselves but are very close otherwise. They reside in either Hogsmeade or Irvingly.
Miss Damara Dodderidge
b. 1868
WCHB. The eldest of the trio, a fact she often points out—even though she was the last to accomplish most other milestones. She fancies herself the beauty of the family.
Miss Damona Dodderidge
b. 1868
WCHB. Damona fancies herself the leader of the family, always bossing about her sisters—and often others, too.
Miss @Divona Dodderidge
b. 1868
WCHB. The youngest, though not by much, Divona fancies herself the brains of the family—and is smart enough, at least, not to bring it up too often.

The DURSLEY Family, of Irvingly
A man of God, Mr. Dursley relocated his family to Irvingly following the death of his muggleborn brother and his wife—he wished for the children he inherited to grow up aroudn magic, believing it to be his duty to his brother's memory. This move has seen...varying levels of success in the years that followed.
Mr. — Dursley
b. 1840-1845
MC Muggle. That his younger brother should be a wizard came as quite the shock, but not nearly so shocking as his abrupt death in the summer of 1883. Now with a magical niece and nephews to care for, Dursley moved his own family to Irvingly, where he established, and now serves as the rector of, the Church of St. Fergus.
Mrs. — Dursley
b. 1847-1850
MC Muggle. Until the death of her brother-in-law, Mrs. Dursley was not actually aware magic existed, and so this news and the abrupt move came as entirely a shock. She does her best to be accepting, but even almost a decade later, still has her struggles. Mrs. Dursley takes particular offense to the CMJ, and the biggest fight she and her husband has ever had was about his accommodation of them.
Miss — Dursley
b. 1870-1872
MC Muggle. Their eldest child, Miss Dursley resented the move to Irvingly, and so her cousins for it. She regularly bemoans her lack of access to "normal gentlemen", and has long insisted she does not wish to marry a wizard.
Mr. — Dursley
b. 1872-1874
MC Muggle. The young Mr. Dursley viewed the move to Irvingly, and the discovery of magic, with a sense of wonder and delight. He intends to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Church, though certainly has some wild oats to sow first...
Mr. @Nicodemus Dursley
b. 1877
MCHB. The eldest child in his immediate family, and a student at Hogwarts.
Miss — Dursley
b. 1879
MCHB. A student at Hogwarts, the magical Miss Dursley always feels reluctant to use, or talk about, magic as she does not percieve her primary female role-models as particularly open to this.
Mr. — Dursley
b. 1882
MCHB. Born only the year before his parents' passing, the youngest Mr. Dursley has never known any life but the one with his aunt and uncle. Though energetic in other ways, he has not yet shown signs of magic.

The FLOURISH Family, of London
Established in 1654, a London bookshop has long united the Flourish & Blott families. Will this be the generation to finally do in that union, or will squabbles and differences be ironed out for the sake of business?
Mrs. — Flourish
b. 1834
MCMB. With her son too young to make much use of it at the time, Mrs. Flourish inherited her half of the shop with her husband's passing. In spite of her attachment to the business on paper, she ceded the running of it to her son when he began courting his wife, wanting to ensure his happy future.
Mr. — Flourish
b. 1856
MCHB. A partner in the business in every way except formally, Mr. Flourish has long been deeply invested (emotionally) in the business. Though previously close friends, he and Blott never speak due to their shared interest in the woman Flourish would go on to marry.
Mrs. — Flourish
b. 1860
MCAB. If the younger Mrs. Flourish bears any regret about breaking up a friendship, it is eclipsed entirely by how much she loves the lifestyle she now leads.
Mr. — Flourish
b. 1881
MCHB. The elder of the Flourish boys, eager to attend Hogwarts and one day take over the family business.
Mr. — Flourish
b. 1883
MCHB. The younger of the Flourish boys, who struggles immensely with his letters and his sums.

The ILKIN Family, of Irvingly
While many of the original muggle residents of Irvingly have dispersed over the years, the Ilkins have remained, working hard to ensure peace between the magical and muggle residents.
Mr. — Ilkin
b. 1851
WC Muggle. The former factory worker served as unofficial leader of the Irvingly band of muggles, working with then-Minister of Magic Darcy Potter to establish the rules of the community. In the years since, he has been dismayed to see magicfolk proliferate and muggle households dwindle, though what—if any—action he will take remains to be seen.
Mrs. — Ilkin
b. 1856
WC Muggle. A strong personality ensured that Mrs. Ilkin would never be a woman pushed around easily, a trait she works to instill within her children. She steadfastly ignores any oddities in her youngest, taking pride in being a muggle family surrounded by magic.
Miss — Ilkin
b. 1875
WC Muggle. Miss Ilkin has never shared her family's belief in division between magical and non-magical, and is quite resolved to marry a handsome wizard someday.
Mr. — Ilkin
b. 1876
WC Muggle. With each passing year in Irvingly, Mr. Ilkin grows more restless, finding it hard to envision a place for himself in the community long-term. Nearing manhood, he's quite certain that it holds nothing for him, and is eager to leave for bigger and better things should the opportunity present itself.
Mr. — Ilkin
b. 1878
WC Muggle. His heart is in the right place, is the common refrain with regards to the awkward Mr. Ilkin.
Miss — Ilkin
b. 1883
WC Muggle?. The youngest of the Ilkin children and the only one born in Irvingly, the intelligent youngster is a star at the Irvingly Schoolhouse. Occasionally, however, odd things happen around her...

The SCRIVENSHAFT Family, of Hogsmeade
Originally born to the working class, Mr. Scrivenshaft's success have seen him rise to the middle class—raising a few eyebrows in the process.
Mr. — Scrivenshaft
b. 1852
MCHB. After finishing school, Mr. Scrivenshaft used his inheritance from his father to start up a home-based quill shop. Once Hogsmeade began to grow in popularity, he set up shop there and has been perfecting his business of quill making ever since. His marital status is up to whomever takes him on. He has a maximum reputation of nine.

The TATTING Family, of Hogsmeade
In spite of the difference in their class, Mr. Tatting could not deny his feelings for his wife, utterly enchanted by her entrepreneurial spirit. The pair married in 1877. Thanks to his investment and the sisters' skills, Twilfit's evolved into Twilfit & Tatting, a bustling and reputable shop on Hogsmeade's High Street.
Mr. — Tatting
b. 1847
MCHB. An employee in the Ministry of Magic, the former Hufflepuff places great value on hard work, honesty, and creativity, traits he tries to instill in all three of his children.
Mrs. — Tatting nee Twilfit
b. 1858
MCPB. Born to the working class, Mrs. Tatting and her twin sister worked hard to open up a wizard dress shop after leaving Hogwarts. Together, the two sisters co-own, run, sew, and create everything in the shop.
Mr. — Tatting
b. 1879
MCHB. Hard work? Sure. Honesty, fine—most of the time. But creativity? The young Mr. Tatting has never been much of a creative thinker, favouring the literal and the predictable instead. While he admires both parents, he is not quite like either, and so sometimes feels adrift within the wider family.
Miss R. Tatting
b. 1880
MCHB. A twin like her mother and aunt, Miss R. Tatting has been a canvas for their designs from a young age—something she has grown to dislike greatly. At present, she plans to follow her father into the Ministry of Magic someday.
Miss L. Tatting
b. 1880
MCHB. A twin like her mother and aunt, Miss L. Tatting has been a canvas for their designs from a young age and has begun to give her own suggestions and truly learn the craft. At present, she plans to take over the family business someday.

The TWILFIT Family, of Hogsmeade
Focused far more upon running a successful busines than she ever was on finding a husband, Miss Twilfit insists that she is happy in her spinsterhood and serves as a second mother to her nieces and nephew. She also insists on keeping her own residence in Pennyworth, in spite of regular offers to relocate to Bartonburg with the Tattings.
Miss — Twilfit
b. 1858
WCPB. With her "best years" behind her (a fact she will dispute to anyone who suggests as much within her hearing), Miss Twilfit is free to focus her attentions upon the business she built with her sister. Though she loves the Tattings dearly, she cannot help but feel as though her sister does not always hold up her end of the workload—whether this is true or simply perceived remains to be seen.

The WOODCROFT Family, of Hogsmeade
Hundreds of years ago, Hengist of Woodcroft founded the small village of Hogsmeade. Today, his descendants have all but faded into obscurity. Though they ran The Three Broomsticks for many generations, the current patriarch gambled it away in 1877.
Mr. — Woodcroft
b. 1835
WCHB. Born in a Hogsmeade that was little more than a hamlet, Mr. Woodcroft relocated shortly after completing his schooling, only to return in 1875 when his father died and left him The Three Broomsticks. Shortly after people started pouring into the village in 1877, he gambled away the family inn. Such poor life choices have resulted in a reputation of six
Mrs. — Woodcroft
b. 1842
WCMB. Mrs. Woodcroft does her best to manage the family peacefully, a great deal of pressure. She has a reputation of seven.
Mr. @Benjamin Woodcroft
b. 1861
WCHB. The young Mr. Woodcroft feels the Three Broomsticks is his rightful inheritance and is very bitter over the loss of it. He is still in dispute with his father over the matter and has barely spoken to him in the more than a decade since. He has a reputation of seven.
Miss — Woodcroft
b. 1867
WCHB. The elder Miss Woodcroft resents her brother for causing rifts in the family and refuses to speak with him. She hopes not to be a Miss Woodcroft much longer, having recently caught the attentions of a gentleman—though has not told anyone in the family about this yet! She has a reputation of seven.
Miss — Woodcroft
b. 1870
WCHB. In spite of everything, the younger Miss Woodcroft admires her brother despite everything and meets up with him whenever she can. She has a reputation of seven.

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Many canon surnames from the series are in use on Charming. While some names might be terribly generic, others (looking at you Longbottom and Dumbledore) are a bit harder to pass off as coincidence when encountering someone with the same ;) We at Charming always encourage you to reach out before taking a name already in use to see what (if any) connection is desired by those who got there first.

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