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Attractive young wives really are a rich man's prerogative...
Her niece's humility was an admirable thing and had the added advantage of leaving Temperance feeling as though she was constantly rendering Blythe dumb with her words of wisdom and encouragement.Temperance Fairchild in Messiah
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Lonely Plots
Lonely Plots

Have you got a grand idea for a plot but need a role (or roles) filled in before it can really take off? Post below describing the sort of character you need, your intention for them, and, if possible, how many threads you might require!

For example:

Quote:Wanted for Jeremy Rohlwing: a potioneer he can pay to brew an (unsuccessful) Eyesight-Improving Potion for him. MC/LC AB, professional or amateur, does not have to be reputable. Estimated 1-3 threads. Contact MJ by Skype.

You can be as vague or as detailed as you like! Requests for specific characters to be created must instead be posted in plottable characters. This thread is intended only to recruit existing characters into your schemes.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Elladora Black, or @Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.


A gentleman aged 34-40 or so, upper class, with two magical, human parents. His marital status is open, but he should be of good reputation and a sociable sort. He and Rufina entered into a flirtation early in 1885, but this eventually developed into a physical affair. Rufina called things off early in the fall of 1886 and then had some personal drama that he is blissfully unaware of, having likely moved on with his life. He does not work at the Ministry.

This is a multi-month commitment—I’d like to both backthread their initial developing relationship and then thread them after Ernest’s impending accident.

Ideally he's dark-haired because apparently that's her type, but I'm not going to shun someone fairer if he works well otherwise! No gingers, though.

Still seeking - June 19th, 2019

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   Ursula Black

graphics by mj ❤ —

Someone to teach him how to read and write. Preferably a fellow WC individual but this is pretty open. Eugene came back from the expedition with a lost leg so this person would also be helping around whenever he can.

Eugene returned from the Avalon Expedition minus a leg.

Old school friends for Dimitri. He was pretty bookish and spent a lot of time in the library. He was a Ravenclaw and attended from 1872-1879. Dimitri was a student with a lot of potential that got cut short due to his becoming of the undead. It is pretty well known among the people that knew him that he became a vampire since he is law-abiding, registered, etc.

FOR ALEXANDER ECHELON: the 'boyfriend' he doesn't even know he has
I would love to have the guy from 1887 here.
This is also the year when Alexander finds himself accidentally the object of a man's affections and almost just as accidentally (he didn't want to be too rude), he sleeps with him. It wasn't terrible though Alexander is incredibly confused since before the incident, he hadn't even been aware that men with men was a thing. For once, his common sense kicks in that this is probably not something he should ask any of his siblings or friends about.
He is also the guy that this post from May 30, 1888 was referring to:
Alexander had decided on attending the coming out ball. One of his cousins had suggested that he find a heiress to marry and he'd figured that seemed like a good idea. It would be fun, at least and he could always just get drunk. His new closest friend had acted weird when he'd talked about his plans for tonight and Alexander had wondered what to think about that before it floated out of his head. His friend usually cheered up if he gave the other guy some kisses and affection anyway.

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I’m looking for a mysterious rich benefactor for a working class prodigy.

Five years ago (1884) at the age of ten, Clue showed tremendous uncontrolled magical prowess while defending himself from hooligans in a rough part of Irvingly.

Unbeknownst to Clue, your character witnessed this. They contacted the orphanage and funded the boy’s Hogwarts career.

To this day, Clue has never met them.

Their reasons are their own.

Now fifteen years old, Clue is a deeply flawed, strange, angst-ridden thing.
In November of 1884 Cassandra here had a moment of madness after her mother was murdered and had an ill-advised one night stand with a sympathetic man no more than ten years older than her that resulted in her becoming pregnant because she's Freya's daughter so is a fertile myrtle. I don't care about his class, rep, etc. but he needs to actually be into Cassie enough that he had occasionally thought about her, even if he hasn't sought her out.

Awkward interactions with an ex-lover and adorable toddler son could be yours!

[Image: Cassie_SIG_by_MJ.jpg]
fabulous, dreamy set by MJ
Before the summer of 1889, one of Florence's paramour's leased a home in Bartonburg for her so that she could be in easier reach to him as she was living in London at the time. Thus, this man is located in Hogsmeade and is either on the wealthy side of middle class or is upper class. Everything else about him is pretty open, he can even be married!

A female prefect. Sounds easy, right? Get at me ;)

Two threads for sure, possibly more later?

Beauty set by Soph <3

Though George is publicly presented as male and should be addressed as He/Him/His, privately she considers herself as female and will use She/Her/Hers pronouns.

I want to bring back @Helga Scamander, but honestly hurling is exhausting and I swore to myself that I wouldn't put myself through those threads until Frida graduates in 1891/2021, so I'm looking to marry her off—or at least have her engaged—when I bring her back in December/January. The requirements are pretty lax, and it's perfect for a currently active characters (or new characters as long as they have established connections).

    — NOT A LOVE MATCH. Or at least it isn't yet. Helga is a romantic, but her desire to solidify herself in high society is stronger than her desire to have a loving husband. This means we don't have to back-thread relationship development if the chemistry just isn't there. They just have to look good on paper (and he has to be decent enough for Helga to put up with in the time between their first meeting and engagement).

    — He's UCPB/UCHB/MCPB. Helga really wants to marry up, but I'm not opposed to her marrying another MC person as long as they have a solid position (i.e. not a quidditch player or some other "improper" job) and can keep her in the loop with friends from pro-purebloods families.

    — His age doesn't matter. Literally I don't care if he's 23 or 65 as long as it makes sense from an IC perspective.

    — It could be a love match in the future, or she could just be the wife you've been looking for for your gentleman. There can be plots or it can just be as-is. The power is in YOUR hands.

    — He can even be an unplayed member of your character's family that I could adopt out. In that case I'd rather he fit the "best case scenario" match so I don't have to find ways to explain it IC.

there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset

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