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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
dining is pageantry

Lonely Plots
Lonely Plots

Have you got a grand idea for a plot but need a role (or roles) filled in before it can really take off? Post below describing the sort of character you need, your intention for them, and, if possible, how many threads you might require! 

For example:

Quote:Wanted for Jeremy Rohlwing: a potioneer he can pay to brew an (unsuccessful) Eyesight-Improving Potion for him. MC/LC AB, professional or amateur, does not have to be reputable. Estimated 1-3 threads. Contact MJ by Skype.

You can be as vague or as detailed as you like!  Requests for specific characters to be created must instead be posted in plottable characters. This thread is intended only to recruit existing characters into your schemes.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Faustus Prewett, or @Marlena Scamander with any questions, issues, or concerns.


A gentleman aged 34-40 or so, upper class or ~ritzy middle class, with two magical, human parents. His marital status is open, but he should be of goodish (6+) reputation and a sociable sort. He and Rufina entered into a flirtation early in 1885, but this eventually developed into a physical affair. Rufina called things off early in the fall of 1886 and then had some personal drama that he is blissfully unaware of, having likely moved on with his life. He does not work at the Ministry.

This is a multi-month commitment—I’d like to both backthread their initial developing relationship and then thread them after Ernest’s death.

Ideally he's dark-haired because apparently that's her type, but I'm not going to shun someone fairer if he works well otherwise! No gingers, though.

Creation Station: "Willoughby", Lust, Sloth, Madoc Yarwood, Brothers Flint

Still seeking - November 2022

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graphics by mj ❤ —
A more well off (mc/uc) male friend that likes to test George's innate inability to say no to things by dragging him places, I.e brothels, random portkey trips, parties, etc.

Ideal character would have been friends with George since their Hogwarts days as George would feel even more unable to decline requests.
still seeking as of November 17, 2022

From Cleon's app:
Quote:While technically still living in the Broadmoor family home, he regularly spends days or even weeks staying in the residences of various friends.
I would love it if a few more of those friends were actually played for some fun sleepover threads. Some could also double up as being a bed buddy (Cleon's gay), if you're so inclined but that obviously isn't a requirement. Just needs to be pals that would let him crash at their pad.  Most likely in the MC-UC range though he'd be friends with any class. I just doubt WC folks would have the capacity for him but I won't rule it out completely so pseudo-open to WC crash pads too. xD
still seeking as of November 17, 2022

Numerous Endy Things
1. This is honestly probably more of a plottable but whatever.  It would probably just be one line so I'm doing it here. Fawkes may or may not have put the idea into my head via a comment in the cbox but now I want it: a constable that works for the Hogsmeade Constabulary that Endy ends up hooking up with. To save you a perusal, the occupation recs for that are: Working Class, 21 or older, Male, Good reputation, and has his O.W.L.s[

2. Someone to teach him how to read and write. Could be combined with the above or the below. Or both somehow? I'm open.

3. Some regular clients. He prefers men but he does any gender because #money.

4. Endy is meant to be very androgynous in both voice and appearance to the point that people cannot discern his gender from those points alone. Thus far most everyone I have threaded him with just automatically refer to him as a boy - even when he has never met them before.

THUS I would like at least 1-2 threads surrounding someones confusion over it and them trying to sus out whether Endy is just a very delicate, feminine boy or a girl that wears pants. Whether it goes beyond that to an unlikely friendship or something would be a nice bonus. Open to this happening with multiple individuals also.
still seeking as of November 17th, 2022

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endy's gender is hard to discern from voice and appearance alone

set by mj!
Alexander's grandmama Jena Echelon-Arnost is looking to get him hitched. Thusly, she is introducing him to a variety of young women and even inviting some to dinner if she knows their mothers/female guardians well enough. Which is quite a bit considering her continuing reputation as a socialite to aspire to despite all the scandal and drama (which is years old by now).

Potential young women would be debuted, 17-26, upper class and ideally a pureblood. Any blood would be fine too, though.

Looking for threads with said young women who might be aware that they are meant to be charming him. Alexander is personally not aware that he is supposed to be getting charmed by them and just assumes his grandmother has a whole lot of friends.
still seeking as of November 17th, 2022

Operation Marry Lionel Off
This is very likely to be a "marriage-as-a-business-arrangement" type thing as that what was very common during this time period. (And of course, the fact that Lionel would not be able to fall fully in love with a woman since he is gay but sssh. :P) He turned 40 in August and that is not Ideal for him and honestly, he probably would have married a long time ago if I didn't suck so much at hurling him. xD

So I am looking for a lady for him that he either meets/already knows and both mutually decide they are well matched, meet each others 'spouse checklist' or whatever and decide to court. He has a good Ministry position and is considered prestigious. He has ambitions for becoming Minister of Magic one day. He is seeking a wife that would enjoy society life and hosting society events.

Requirements are: 18+. Upper class pureblood or halfblood with no muggle or creature heritage. Middle class pureblood would also be fine but kind of stretching it. She should be the type that at least publicly presents as enjoying being a debutante/would enjoy being a socialite. Lionel would not give a second glance to any woman that has publicly known iffy things going on in her family.

I would like this to be a surefire thing that definitely ends in marriage after a brief courtship between Lionel and said young lady.

Unattached man of means for a 3+ thread commitment. No older than two and thirty.

So this is theoretically hurling, but does not need to have a romantic outcome. May be mildly traumatic, but will not cause any physical harm and probably no reputational harm. Potential endings:

  • Eudora and [Man] fall in love and get married!
  • Eudora and [Man] become really close friends because of shared experiences!
  • Eudora and [Man] never see each other again once this resolves!
  • Eudora and [Man] hate each other but are forced together repeatedly!
I will not go in-depth here, but this came to me while I was driving and listening to this on repeat which should give you a bit of the vibe and possibly hint some details.

beauty set by mj!

"Marigold", a placeholder name for Euphemia's Hogwarts best friend. She would have been in the same year (class of  '66) but can be in any house. She should be MC or UC, any blood status. They became relatively close early on, with "Marigold" finding Euphemia crying in a supply closet Feb. of their first year. Just before Christmas holidays '62, though, a not-straight Feemy kisses a quite-straight "Marigold", who does not take it well—she says she'll keep Euphemia's secret, but that's the end of the friendship.

Looking to thread present-day run-ins and potentially ye olden things, too!

Creation Station: Eugenia Blackwood, Honoria Dumbledore 

Still seeking - November 2022

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— set by mj ♡ —
A Working Class Pre-Owls (Years 1-5) student that plays Quidditch for their house team. Must be considered to be a promising talent. As he did with @Owain Edwards (and others, likely), he would like to offer to pay for their schooling up all the way through their seventh year in exchange of them signing a contract that commits them to at least five years of playing on the Kenmare Kestrals. His preference is towards males but Roberto would also be open to female players.

magical set by mj!
For Yuri Podsnapper
An ACAB natal family - His mother was a young woman known only as 'Rose' - this may not have been her real name, as it was taken only from a necklace she was wearing when she died. So could have been stolen or belong to someone close to her, but they were not total wastrels, as the workhouse workers noted she had manners and seemed too 'refined' for the workshouse -so respectable working class or up.

So I'm looking for a family with a daughter/sister/cousin who either made a bad marriage and was cast off or got herself in trouble.

Yuri was born in 1864 - 28 years ago, so 'Rose' could have been a sister or cousin of an adult character, as she would likely be 43 or older now.

I have a plot in mind - so hit me up if you have a useful connection. No negative rep impact for family.

Extra points if the family has kids on or near Yuri's age.

[Image: 4umj-W0-A-1.png]
Look what MJ did!

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