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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
but the system is done for

Lonely Plots
Lonely Plots

Have you got a grand idea for a plot but need a role (or roles) filled in before it can really take off? Post below describing the sort of character you need, your intention for them, and, if possible, how many threads you might require! 

For example:

Quote:Wanted for Jeremy Rohlwing: a potioneer he can pay to brew an (unsuccessful) Eyesight-Improving Potion for him. MC/LC AB, professional or amateur, does not have to be reputable. Estimated 1-3 threads. Contact MJ by Skype.

You can be as vague or as detailed as you like!  Requests for specific characters to be created must instead be posted in plottable characters. This thread is intended only to recruit existing characters into your schemes.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact Ursula Black, Aldous Crouch, Cassius Lestrange, Elias Grimstone or Philomena Sprout with any questions, issues, or concerns.

A more well off (mc/uc) male friend that likes to test George's innate inability to say no to things by dragging him places, I.e brothels, random portkey trips, parties, etc.

Ideal character would have been friends with George since their Hogwarts days as George would feel even more unable to decline requests.
still seeking as of November 17, 2022

Unattached man of means for a 3+ thread commitment. No older than two and thirty.

So this is theoretically hurling, but does not need to have a romantic outcome. May be mildly traumatic, but will not cause any physical harm and probably no reputational harm. Potential endings:

  • Eudora and [Man] fall in love and get married!
  • Eudora and [Man] become really close friends because of shared experiences!
  • Eudora and [Man] never see each other again once this resolves!
  • Eudora and [Man] hate each other but are forced together repeatedly!
I will not go in-depth here, but this came to me while I was driving and listening to this on repeat which should give you a bit of the vibe and possibly hint some details.

Still seeking August 23rd!

beauty set by mj!
I am seeking to have Wally Bixby make grief induced Ill-Advised Romantic Decisions, if you have a gal aged 16-19 that you would like to see swept up in a whirlwind romance, hurl them at me. No end game in mind (aside from a bit of scandal) but obviously, chemistry and whether he would actually like your character is of import (aka no sloane haters, purists and such xD).

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   Alvin Bixby

set by Bee!
During the sorting, there was a bit of a hiccup right after Penelope got sorted. She sort of had a brief meltdown right after getting sorted. Right next to the sorting hat. Briefly disrupting the sorting. What I want? For the poor firstie that is alphabetically after her to be played and to possibly either feel awkward around her or to totally resent her for disrupting their own sorting. Given that Valenduris is fairly far down the line (rn, she's the last in the alphabet to get sorted as far as I can find) means that it can be anyone that has yet not been created yet. There are a couple of characters that have no last names in the incoming firsties list, or the character can be freshly made. Either way, it would be fun to see them played!

While this can be at any time during her first year — still fresh, all the more fun! — it would be even cooler if they could react before getting sorted themselves in the ceremony!

Magic by Athena
A collection of plot dynamics I'd love to play out which are flexible on character(s) involved — basically, if you're also intrigued by this, come find me and let's figure out who it works for <3

CAUGHT IN A COMPROMISING POSITION | There are two distinct flavors and I'm interested in either: characters caught in a compromising position when one/both are already married (and must then manage the reputational fallout) OR characters caught in a compromising position while they're both single (and are then pressured to hastily marry). Note that for either of these scenarios, actual compromising activity is not required — it can just look that way out of context Smile

AH, CURSES | Our characters do not get along and curses have been exchanged. The curse could be high visible (cast in a fit of rage in a public place, with onlookers to witness) or secret (slipping a cursed object into each other's pocket), but in either case what I want is IC malice-driven magical hijinks. The curse could be anything — memory loss, a speech impediment, gaining a pig tail a la Dudley Dursley, transfigured into a mouse, whatever your character would do out of spite — I just want to deal with the consequences / fallout over multiple threads (and to possibly escalate to more curses if they don't resolve their differences).

BLACKMAIL | All of my characters have something they wouldn't want coming to light. Do you have someone willing to extort people for money or favors?

EMOTIONAL AFFAIR | Look, I can't help it, I just love the longing. This works best if one or both parties are married so they can't just get over it and be together.

DIVINATION | are you a Seer, a tarot aficionado, a tea leaf reader? Seeking a thread where your character predicts something for mine. I don't want any input into what it is, I just want you to make something up and then I'll figure out how to incorporate it into plots in the near future. HMU <3

50 FIRST DATES STYLE AMNESIA | I'm interested in getting a character into a mishap with a potion, spell, or artifact where they've got temporary, but repetitive amnesia. Needs to be reminded of everything every few days sort of thing. Optionally this could be a group thing if there was a mishap that occurred with a few people around. Could have thread potential with Ministry/hospital types who are aiming to investigate and/or cure it, plus obviously the drama of prior connections.

UNINTENTIONAL TIME TRAVEL | a character has a mishap that sends them into the past and I get to have lots of interesting past threads with different characters while they try and find someone to help them get back to the present! Eventually they do. Minimal/flexible present day thread commitment but ideally the character in question would get lots of past threads (that your characters do or don't remember, up to you / depends on how impactful the thread is in the context of whatever else was going on in their life at the time — or if you want we could have a series of threads where my character's identity is never explicit and therefore your character remembers but doesn't connect the dots until present day).

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♡ Set by Bee ♡
The Other (Wo)man

Francesca's husband, Finlay McKinnon, was just eaten by a dragon. He leaves behind his grieving widow and family... and another grieving widow and family?! Finlay likely knew that his eldest child with Francesca is illegitimate, and was romantically involved with someone else - man or woman is open, length and depth of relationship is open. Francesca is poised to discover this when she starts sorting through his (apparently literal) affairs, and will initially assume this person is the reason her husband left her more or less penniless and go after them with a fury.

The catch is they're really not the reason she's penniless - in fact, they may have also been left in the lurch by these unexpected money woes (either they were depending on him to follow through on financial promises, or had perhaps even loaned him money they expected returned).

The plot dynamic I want is enemies-to-unlikely-allies as they try to sort through this mess and figure out what actually happened. Existing or new characters are both totally great for this! I'm even open to the romantic thing being flexible, though there would be some evidence to at least suggest Finlay thought of the relationship as romantic.

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   Aldous Crouch

It's less a PLOT and more a THREAD HOOK, but with the potential to maybe become a more developed relationship or an arc of some kind depending on your desires.

YOU: a person who existed in Britain sometime in 1886-1892. The aurors thought you were connected to a crime. Maybe you were, maybe you weren't. If you were, you could have been the criminal, the accomplice, the victim, something else.

FRANCESCA: tasked with spying on you as an owl for a few hours, ended up sticking around for several weeks. Transformed back into her human self every night to steal some of your writing supplies so she could keep teaching her class via asynchronous homework assignments.

YOU: may have thought you were going crazy for a while there because you knew stuff was moving around at night but couldn't figure out why.

THE THREAD: you get up in the middle of the night to discover your recently acquired pet owl is actually a middle aged woman. Hijinks ensue.

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