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Claude Burke for Beatrix Burke.
She loves him not.
"I'll bleed wherever I damn well please!" She shouted, scowling at him. As if to prove it, she uncovered her nose and shook her head back and forth like a dog attempting to dry its fur of water. Little droplets of blood rained on the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Billie Farrow in A Good Dusting
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Lonely Plots
Lonely Plots

Have you got a grand idea for a plot but need a role (or roles) filled in before it can really take off? Post below describing the sort of character you need, your intention for them, and, if possible, how many threads you might require!

For example:

Quote:Wanted for Jeremy Rohlwing: a potioneer he can pay to brew an (unsuccessful) Eyesight-Improving Potion for him. MC/LC AB, professional or amateur, does not have to be reputable. Estimated 1-3 threads. Contact MJ by Skype.

You can be as vague or as detailed as you like! Requests for specific characters to be created must instead be posted in plottable characters. This thread is intended only to recruit existing characters into your schemes.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Amelia Evans, @Elladora Black, or @Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.


A gentleman aged 34-40 or so, upper class or ~ritzy middle class, with two magical, human parents. His marital status is open, but he should be of goodish (6+) reputation and a sociable sort. He and Rufina entered into a flirtation early in 1885, but this eventually developed into a physical affair. Rufina called things off early in the fall of 1886 and then had some personal drama that he is blissfully unaware of, having likely moved on with his life. He does not work at the Ministry.

This is a multi-month commitment—I’d like to both backthread their initial developing relationship and then thread them after Ernest’s impending accident.

Ideally he's dark-haired because apparently that's her type, but I'm not going to shun someone fairer if he works well otherwise! No gingers, though.

Creation Station: Damien Benet, Adalbert Waffling, "Zeus", "Poseidon", Amos Goyle, Salvador Ramos, Ozymandias Dempsey, The Patron

Still seeking - February 21st, 2020

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graphics by mj ❤ —
FOR ALEXANDER ECHELON: the 'boyfriend' he doesn't even know he has
I would love to have the guy from 1887 here.
This is also the year when Alexander finds himself accidentally the object of a man's affections and almost just as accidentally (he didn't want to be too rude), he sleeps with him. It wasn't terrible though Alexander is incredibly confused since before the incident, he hadn't even been aware that men with men was a thing. For once, his common sense kicks in that this is probably not something he should ask any of his siblings or friends about.
He is also the guy that this post from May 30, 1888 was referring to:
Alexander had decided on attending the coming out ball. One of his cousins had suggested that he find a heiress to marry and he'd figured that seemed like a good idea. It would be fun, at least and he could always just get drunk. His new closest friend had acted weird when he'd talked about his plans for tonight and Alexander had wondered what to think about that before it floated out of his head. His friend usually cheered up if he gave the other guy some kisses and affection anyway.

- rotating avs by bee! -
[center]STILL SEEKING AS OF JANUARY 5TH, 2020[/center]
Before the summer of 1889, one of Florence's paramour's leased a home in Bartonburg for her so that she could be in easier reach to him as she was living in London at the time. Thus, this man is located in Hogsmeade and is either on the wealthy side of middle class or is upper class. Everything else about him is pretty open, he can even be married!

I have a craving for a whirlwind courtship type of thing where a pair of characters go from strangers/acquaintances at best to courting/engaged or something of the like. I am open when it comes to class, blood status, rep dings and some scandal~. Of course this is assuming they click.

The following would be likely to end up doing something like this and are my offers:
@Hope Crawford, @Kentigern MacFusty, @Lily Huddleston, @Mundungus MacFusty, @Pablo Medina, @Sayid Weber, @Xavier Mondragon
updated april 28th, 2020

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magical set by mj!

Lilypie Maternity tickers

So Ailsa designs and sells lingerie under the name Fraser's Foundations AND in the last year she has been mentioned in both the Prophet and Witch Weekly which to her mind can mean only one thing - the time is right to expand! With this in mind Ailsa is seeking two kinds of people:

1) MC/UC ladies who in the most genteel ladylike way possible will be her brand ambassadors and namedrop her in exchange for free lingerie.

2) Less well-off MC or WC ladies who would be a model and be photographed for her brochure. This too will be mostly respectable, tastefully done and absolutely definitely going to go wrong in some as-yet-undetermined way. There is also a free lunch and a fee to be earned. Ailsa also doesn't care that much about reputation assuming you're not an actual murderer.

I'm after 1-2 threads of Ailsa being charming and mildly embarrassing with #1 and basically the same with #2 except there's a fair chance both of them will be in lingerie because Ailsa doesn't want them to be overly conscious of themselves while they test model the goods!

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[Image: bgzBis.png]
Adam's Former Mentor

Aurors-in-training are chosen by mentors during their second year and follow them around for their entire third year. Adam had been chosen by a mentor during his first attempt at auror training in Spring of 1887, but had to withdraw from the program due to personal reasons he never expounded upon and is now in the process of redoing everything he already did.

He's in spring of second year again and looking for a new mentor, and would like to approach the one who chose him last time to see if they're still interested. How that goes is up to you. At least 1 thread, potential for threads ongoing throughout the following year if the relationship is interesting enough.
Needed for @Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest
Gwen has been married for a few years and she can't get pregnant - and thats a problem for the wife of a Count who has to deliver an heir! So I'm looking for someone for her to have an affair with. The affair can be purely physical and the man will not know that she is trying to get pregnant.

Must haves:
- Appearance: white ideally dark haired but should be able to make most things work.
- UCAB - someone with a reason to be in Gwens social circle

[Image: nsqshLK.png]
MJ is queen
Gwen is referred to as Countess of Adinbury by others, but as Lady Adinbury when you are speaking to her
Lilypie Maternity tickers
For @Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest
Her past is coming back to haunt her...

Her First Love - this is an MC/UC AB man, he was born in the second half of 1862 to about 1861 (they could have carried on on Hogsmeade weekends but mutually in school makes the most sense).  Gwen lost her virginity to him while still in school  -she was in love/infatuated with him, how he really felt is open.  What followed was a very well disguised pregnancy and a baby.  It was part of the reason Gwen was pulled from school after her OWLs.  The man does not know that he has a kid.  Gwen got pregnant between the age of 15 and 16. 

The Child - This can be a child of any class s/he should be around 13-ish - Gwens mother saw to it the child was taken in by another family who had been struggling to get pregnant, and passed off as their kid.  An allowance has been paid for the childs upkeep ever since, its time for the kid to go to school and bills are mounting. 

Bonus if they can be mixed with other claims/wanteds -and retcon possible to tie in with other plots if need be

[Image: 3tPS0x.png]
Kit made a lovely gift! <3

I really love the soundtrack to Hadestown and have been jonesing for an Orpheus-and-Eurydice-inspired plot. When I say 'inspired,' I mean suuuuper loosely inspired by; I don't plan to use exact character traits or events, more just the #feelings. Details tbd based on the characters involved. I'm open to gender on both "Orpheus" and "Eurydice" and have character recommendations from my lot for both (but other characters may be available if you have cool ideas). Some of my characters are more set in their sexuality than others.

  • In search of stability [financial, mental, emotional, whatever]
  • Not super interested in the idea of love/romance but is eventually swayed by Orpheus' overtures
  • Proclivity to make bad decisions under pressure
  • A Realist.
Some lyrics presented to inspire you:
"All I've ever known is how to hold my own, but now I wanna hold you."
"Oh, my heart, it aches to stay, but the flesh will have its way /
Oh, the way is dark and long, but I’m already gone"
"I've been alone so long, I didn't even know that I was lonely"

about Eurydice: "a runaway from every place she'd ever been"
"when she fell, she fell in spite of herself, in love with Orpheus"

Lynn's Options: @Ernest Mulciber @Reuben Crouch @Emrys Selwyn

  • A romantic
  • Not super practical.
  • Has some sort of passion project that frequently distracts from Real Life
  • A bit out of touch with the world, sometimes.
Some lyrics presented to inspire you:
"Lover, when I sing my song, all the birds are gonna sing along"
"I want to hold you forever / The wind will never change on us /
As long as we stay with each other / It will always be like this"
to Orpheus: "With all your heart? Well, that's a start."

Lynn's Options: @Thom Pettigrew @Adam Ragge (@Emrys Selwyn maybe)
I am currently hyper-fixating on this song. It's not on my 30 song list, but I want to do something with the lyrics from it. Hello. I think the best option here is married/together people where they don't really like each other and one of them is sleeping with someone else?

There's also an acoustic version!

MJ made this!
Flying Buddy

Cecily likes to go flying on her broomstick as a hobby. She enjoys it because it's a chance to leave the house without having to worry about being chaperoned because nobody is paying attention to what's going on in the sky.

I want her to meet someone while she is during her flights. Perhaps it's someone who also casually flies with his broomstick, or even someone with a flying carpet? I'd like for it to be the sort of person she couldn't get alone time otherwise.

this beauty was made by mj
You've Got Mail
A couple find affection and friendship through anonymous letters to one another -whether through lonely hearts, or some other pen pal arrangement (lost letters/dead letter drop in an old book).  They share a great deal of personal information and confide in one another a great deal. 
In the physical world they dislike each other either as a result of a rivalry or of some altercation/offense that arises and is misinterpreted by both, with each blaming the other. 

Find affection? use the info to betray each other? Never meet and always stay the mystery of the letters? Who knows - no specific ending in mind but was watching the movie and thought it would make for an interesting starting point.

Open to using any of my characters for this @Madeleine Backus @Natsuko Mountbatton @Benevolence Montague @Samuel St.John-Black @Rose Hart @Cadawalader Selwyn @Ginevra Blackwood
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[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
During summer, [insert your male character's name]'s mother (or otherwise pushy relative) gets insistent that he settles down and gets married. Flash forward a little later and Sweetie overhears this and decides 'Well, I don't really want to be a little trophy house wife so...' and she decides to boldly purpose that they get married so he can keep traveling/being a play-boy/avoiding social life/being a closeted gay and she gets to focus on work without her brother or society bugging her to be on the husband hunt. FYI, she does not have to know why he doesn't want to get married as long as she gets some kind of excuse.

We'd have to figure out details, and I doubt love will occur, but I don't think she would care about affairs and she might time his visits to her own affairs if she so desires one day. Or they may end up becoming attached and we'd go from there. PM me or Skype me if you are interested!

Updated as of March 26, 2020

Lady made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
The more I play Ruby, the more she reveals to me that she is really into Divination and reading the Tarot. I read in the HP wiki that the divinative practices are somewhat related with legilimency. Which makes sense, because with the Tarot, you can get a sense of what the person is like, which you can do with legilimency as well.

Here comes my plot need: I want someone to teach Ruby legilimency. Maybe it's a student, a 6th or 7th year that has taken interest in Legilimency and, after Ruby does a reading for them they're like "Hey, there's another way to get a sense of the other person!"

I'm open to other ideas as well!

A Most Unlikely Crush
Quote:When the question was turned to her of the sort of man she might prefer, Darling couldn't honestly say she favored anyone in particular. "I don't know but someone kind and cheerful!" She dealt with enough grumpiness at her family home - she didn't want to experience it in her future, marital home!

A thing Darling has said in a recent post makes me want her to experience her first crush - preferably mutual and perhaps a blush of first romance? - with a guy who is a grump whether he be kind or not. Can either be a sixth/seventh year or a young adult.  Ideally, they wouldn't even get along at first which would probably be a first for Darling.

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