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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Est. June 9, 2010

Muggles discover that there are wizards living among them and ostracize them from society. Outcast wizarding families flock to the newly established, all-magical village of Hogsmeade. IC


Not long after a dangerous patient escapes the hospital, a local stableman is found murdered with “Mudbloods Beware” carved onto his body. Eleven days later, three muggleborn students go missing from Hogwarts. The Minister of Magic, Faris Spavin, decrees that all muggleborns must leave Hogsmeade as a matter of safety. IC

This marks the start of Charming’s first sitewide plot. OC

01 MAR

It is discovered that Faris Spavin was behind the murder and disappearances in a plot to relieve Hogsmeade of muggleborns. He is taken into custody. IC

24 MAR

Darcy Potter, only 18 years of age, is elected Minister in a landslide victory. IC

Ministerial elections take place with IC and OOC member voting. OC

14 MAY

After a bout of Prophet articles deploring the ill-behaved “hussies” at Hogwarts, etiquette lessons are instituted, and girls are banned from playing quidditch at school. IC

25 OCT

Those drafted onto the Hogsmeade Trail expedition set off to find suitable land for expansion. IC

Sitewide plot #2 begins. OC

16 MAY

After several long months, a muggle town is discovered. A deal is struck up and muggles and wizards alike are forced to learn how to coexist in the new town, Irvingly. IC


Sitewide plot #3 is announced: The Quidditch World Cup.OC

01 JAN

Due to a spill, Hogsmeade's tea becomes laced with Amortentia and havoc ensues. IC


Hogsmeade plays host to the Quidditch World Cup. The final four teams are Egypt, Japan, Britain, and France. Egypt defeats France to become the winner of the Cup. In the aftermath, the World Cup pitch becomes home to a newly founded local team, the Hogsmeade Howlers, and the female ban at Hogwarts is abolished. IC

18 AUG

Despite surviving an assassination attempt scarcely a month prior, Minister Darcy Potter is murdered. IC

01 MAR

After another Hogwarts Hussy scandal, Hogwarts introduces Chastity Cuffs to police the students' virtue. (They remain in use until August 1886.) IC

10 MAY

Balthazar Urquart is elected new Minister of Magic.IC

Ministerial elections take place with IC and OOC member voting. OC


This summer, Hogsmeade is struck by a series of disasters: a drought, a plague and a fire. The Laughing Plague was originally spread by the visiting carnival and most affects those with greatest purity of magical blood, leading to illness, hysteric laughter and many deaths, though is eventually vaccinated and a cure found (in September). The fire (11-16 July) breaks out in the High Street and Wellingtonshire, and causes extensive damage.IC

The Plague is Charming's sitewide plot #4. OC


Representatives from schools in Brazil, India, Italy and South Africa arrive at Hogwarts to participate in the Pan-Magical Games.IC

04 JAN

An explosion in the Department of Mysteries causes the Ministry of Magic to go into lockdown for the week following the disaster. IC

30 MAR

With six Azkaban convicts on the loose, Hogwarts is put into lockdown and students sent home early. (The Coming Out Ball is cancelled.) IC

29 MAY

Sitewide plot #5, the Pennyworth Project is announced.OC

25 JAN

After two months of construction, Pennyworth opens on 22 May. IC

Sitewide plot #6, The World's Wizarding Fair, is announced. OC


The World's Wizarding Fair opens for the summer, and includes an international scientific fair, markets, competitions, and an exhibition quidditch match. IC


The Hogwarts Board of Governors announces their controversial policy, requiring students to provide proof of human lineage and banning non-humans and halfbreeds from returning to school in September.IC

This marks the start of sitewide plot #7. OC

31 MAY

A decade after the fallout with muggles, the Ministry renews ties with Queen Victoria, and Hogsmeade celebrates Reconciliation Day by inviting her to visit Hogsmeade.IC


Disaster strikes at the 1887 World Market, when the pavilion collapses. Many visitors are trapped or injured in the chaos, and must also fend off a loosed horde of flying tigers. IC


Amidst these months of bitter debate and protest for and against the ban and turmoil in the Ministry, the Minister's daughter is revealed to be a werewolf. On 1 September Balthazar Urquart resigns his post. IC


Justin Ross is elected Minister of Magic.IC

Ministerial elections take place with IC and OOC member voting. OC

13 DEC

Though the halfbreed ban was previously weakened (3 Oct) by allowing fully human students to return in the New Year, under Minister Ross' administration the school board fully reverses the ban.IC

30 DEC

Charming re-opens on our brand new board. Much delight is had by all! OC


Fog appears in Salem Square and continues to spread through Irvingly, eventually it is discovered that the fog is affecting magic. Within a few weeks the atmospheric mystery has spread throughout all of Hosmeade too and cloaked the affected area in darkness. IC

Marks the beginning of sitewide plot #8. OC


The Minister recruits volunteers to discover the source of the fog in Irvingly and, in small teams, a collaboration of Hogwarts professors, aurors, Ministry men, healers and even debutantes sets off into danger. Despite near misses in some groups, no one is permanently maimed and a group of four restore an Egyptian artifact to its rightful place...unfortunately when they emerge it is the 1st August, 1888 and not one of them can account for the lapse in time. IC


Having been delayed by the fog the Summer Solstice Fesitval belatedly returns to Hogsmeade for the first time since the Laughing Plague in 1884. IC


Based upon the spurious predictions of a matchmaker amortentia infused letters are sent anonymously to a selection of people who find themselves suddenly, passionately in love with whomever they have been matched. The resulting marriages range from those that were going to happen anyway, to those that are surprisingly well matched as it turns out, to those that might well kill each other before the year is out. IC