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Charming has a number of lonely plots looking for love. Why not take a gander and see what hijinks your character can get up to? — Kayte ( Submit your own)
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"Angelica" Warrington for Myles Warrington.
I hold my peace, sir? no; No, I will speak as liberal as the north; Let heaven and men and devils, let them all, All, all, cry shame against me, yet I’ll speak.
He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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Post 3+ times in three or more class threads during the course of a school year. Must all be done with the same character, be they a professor, student, or school portrait or ghost!

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We get that sometimes, real life comes up and you can’t be as active as you might want. All we ask is that you give us a heads up! Please post below with the following form filled out to the best of your ability, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon!

[b]Status:[/b] Scarce? Absent? Somewhere in between?
[b]Pass:[/b] Yes or No*
[b]Date Leaving:[/b]
[b]Date Returning:[/b]
[b]About the Absence:[/b] Optional.

*ON PASSES: The Activity Check falls on the first Sunday of each month. If your absence includes AC day, or a large chunk of the time leading up to it, let us know if you want a “pass” for that month—meaning your characters won’t be deactivated in that check. Keep in mind, though—if you’ve made a new character that month, you can’t take a pass except for Dire Life Circumstances™. If you do not post with your characters for 2 months in a row, they will be deactivated, even if a pass is claimed.

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Amelia Evans, @Elladora Black, or @Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Name: Soph
Status: absent
Pass: Yes
Date Leaving: today
Date Returning: idk
About the Absence: I'm stressed out and I'm not in the headspace to Charming. Didn't want to ghost you all, so I'm posting this just so you know why I'm not super around.
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Name: MJ
Status: Scarce
Pass: Nah
Date Leaving: Nowish!
Date Returning: Mid-November, fingers crossed!
About the Absence: Not actually going anywhere, but making my apologies in case I slow down a little on the posting front or am less around during the daytime! I've been trying to make actual headway with a writing project so have to prioritise that daily word-count and squeeze in my posting around that (if you see me in the cbox feel free to kick me off if I haven't done my words xD) but it is tiring me out so at the end of the day I am less useful than usual. At the end of the month I'll be officially redundant for the meantime as well, which means I should also really be job-hunting but if I don't find one I can do more writing and hopefully finish by the time my old work opens back up?!? Either way, I'm still around, mostly!
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Name: Bee
Status: absent
Pass: Nah
Date Leaving: 8/31
Date Returning: 10/10
About the Absence: IT IS TIME. SCHOOL HAS BEGUN. I'll miss you all. Hopefully I'll be back more regularly once the dust settles and the routine is solidified. Until then send caffeine thoughts and good sleep vibes <3

Update 10/6 - not sleeping well at all and a little behind at work so I changed to absent until the weekend, which is mercifully a long one, so I'll see ya then!
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[Image: bk9GUs.png]
Name: Olive
Status: Scarce
Pass: No Yes
Date Leaving: September 11th
Date Returning: September 27th October 12th
About the Absence: Firstly I have a sewing weekend this weekend with friends (and I'm missing one day of that to bring home some bacon which I'm bitter about) so I'll be scarce this weekend. After that this is probably hopefully not a real scarcity or absence or anything. I'm going back to my second job on the 15th and my other job has asked me to do both days of the weekend for 'the next couple of months'. I'll be working like full time work hours probably and the change from one to five days of full work may wipe me out for a little bit. I'm hoping not but I think my work stamina has depleted while I've been sat on my ass plus I've got to sort my sleep pattern out. I don't intend to be scarce but this is a just in case going back to full work hours kicks my ass and y'all like What happened to Olive, is she dead?

Well, bitch I might be.

UPDATE: So I was tired AF last week, more so than I expected I thought I'd be deleting this prematurely. Anyway, I may end up extending this if the brain funk I'm in right now doesn't ease up in the next day or two. Basically I'm in a weird angsty headspace today and a bit yesterday and it might go away over the next couple days but I'm increasingly aware of December and covid and the very real possibility that unless I have two very sympathetic workplaces or lockdown 2.0 happens I won't be able to go home for Christmas and cue spiraling. Also considering applying for non-retail jobs and that's a box that's giving me angst without having even opened it yet.

TLDR; I'm a bit mentally strung out rn and the novelty of back to work at both jobs has already worn off. So I guess I did kinda die a bit...

UPDATE 2: I'm still flailing but I think I'm crawling back out of the depths now but I think I might be thin on the ground for free time in the next week or so hence extension.
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Name: Kelly
Status: Scarce Absent
Pass: No Yes
Date Leaving: Today
Date Returning: October 1 Mid-October?
About the Absence: Might have to change to absent, but I'm trying to be optimistic. So we have a fire less then an hour away. Not sure which way it's going. Might have to evacuate, but then again everything might be fine?

On another note, my back decided to fail me and I can't work at the moment, so I'm trying to work on healing and all that.

To top it all off, school starts on the 21st and I'm really dreading online because I know that independent learning is not the best for me and I'm worried about a) failing and b) not processing what I learned (which would really stink since we're paying to learn from these classes).

Wish me good luck, guys. I really am hoping that it's just anxiety making everything seem worse than it is.

Update 9/30/2020: Classes are hell and I feel crushed. I hope with all my might that I may get some groove going, but this AC has crept up on me and I can't handle it.
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Magic by Stefanie!

Name: Kayte
Status: Scabsent
Date Leaving: gkgs;sfkghfksjgs
Date Returning: OCTOBER 5TH gods be good
About the Absence: Um, so, back to school is extra hard when you're just...not used to working? Or having to leave your house? Thanks pandemic. Am dying. Watch this space.

Priority posts for SWP, anyone who didn't get posted last month, and Crispin. Will try to get a solid posting day or two in the near future but am currently TRASH. <3

Updating on Kayte's behalf, extending until October 11th. Xo B
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
Status: Scarce
Pass: No- not at the moment
Date Leaving:
Date Returning: next few weeks
About the Absence: My publisher has changed the referencing from Oxford to Harvard and I have to change about 3000 references as well as a bunch of other stylistic niminy piminiy BS. So I need to spend what extra time I have on that rather than fun stuff.

[Image: 3tPS0x.png]
Kit made a lovely gift! <3
Name: Jen
Status: IDEK Somewhere in between
Pass: please give me a pass for everyone.
Date Leaving: 6 September
Date Returning: October 15
About the Absence: My headaches have returned again and I don't know if its sinus related or because the doc has switched up my anxiety meds in hope to get something that will level out my hormones as well... so thats fun? Plus I'm in for some broken sleep since we're about to ditch Lils night nappies so that's going to be fun.... All in all I haven't been able to focus or think coherently lately so I haven't been at my best and I dont see that improving in the next few weeks.

Update: 2/10 -- I'm queasy and nearly throwing up and spinning outso my plan to post frantically cause I've been checked out didn't work.

[Image: Fr3zWQ.png]
Name: Beanie
Status: Absent
Pass: Yes for November, not October
Date Leaving: 9/30
Date Returning: 11/10
About the Absence: *manic laughter*
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MJ made this!
Name: Seth
Status: Still scarce
Pass: Yes
Date Leaving: Ongoing from previous post
Date Returning: Hopefully soon
About the Absence: Thanks to delays, my thesis is taking longer than anticipated - I am still lurking around and would like to keep both Harper and Edmund I will be back soon
Name: Finn
Status: Scarce and Absent (at times)?
Pass: I think I can save my babies before the next AC.
Date Leaving: IDK
Date Returning: IDK
About the Absence: I feel like I jinx myself everytime I think things are going well. TL;DR Work/covid anxiety is high, everything is breaking in my house, water is leaking from the floorboards, we had to rush the dog to the vet for the second time this month.

I am a little frazzled, will be here and there, and my muses will fluctuate like heck.

Did we break a cursed mirror?
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[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Name: Fallin
Status: Scarce and leaning toward absent
Pass: Yes for November not Oct
Date Leaving: Technically Nov 1 but kind of already
Date Returning: Dec 1 (I hope)
About the Absence: I was hoping to wait a week to post this but I've been swamped the last few days and busy season hasnt even started. It will at the beginning of the month so I'll be scarce for the next week and then leaning toward absent after that. As always if you want a post or thread just let me know and I'll make time. You all never take me up on this but I'm serious, just let me know. I love keeping plots up to date.

[Image: Fvrksn.png]
ANOTHER amazing signature from Bee <3
Name: Amy
Status: Scabsent
Pass: Yes, and the shame is real.
Date Leaving: Nowish
Date Returning: Nov. 5-6th
About the Absence: Mom health issues + election complicating work * general anxiety = %^>€€]}£¥ GAAAAHHH!!!
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[Image: FisiMf.png]
MJ about made me cry with this one!
Name: Bree
Status: Scarce, probably. Maybe absent. Maybe nothing at all (but probably something).
Pass: No
Date Leaving: October 25th
Date Returning: January 1st (maybe 31st. Who knows.)
About the Absence:
"Life is but a string of scarcities." - Me, today

Jk, but I'm starting two new jobs within a week of each other (one part-time job at Torrid and one full-time job at a preschool teaching toddlers again) so who knows what life will look like or if I will even have one once my schedule gets underway. My day shift will be 9:30-6:30 so that's already pushing into my Charming time, but the added hours from Torrid will undoubtedly make it look like I've vanished some days. It's a temporary position through January, though, and some weeks I'll have no hours while others I'll have 15+ hours.

I am planning on vacationing some characters until life is less hectic, but I'm more than willing to keep some around as long as they have things actively going on. Just let me know.
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