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Arithmancy Professor
Arithmancy Professor

30 year old Pureblood
5ft. 5in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Amy
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Angelica Vorona
You see we're tired, my heart and I.
We dealt with books, we trusted men,
And in our own blood drenched the pen.
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Full Name: Angelica Serafima Vorona nee Corvo

Nickname(s): Call her Angel at your peril. Felix may call her Angelique, but only Felix

Birthdate: 25 July 1860

Age: 30

Occupation: Arithmancy Professor

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hawthorn Road, Bartonburg North, Hogsmeade | Hogwarts Castle during the year

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, Class of '78

Wand: 10 ¾” Hawthorn wood, Dragon heartstring core, rigid

Family: Lorenzo Corvo, Father, 1820 -
Major investor and seeking a Wizengamot seat, operates international shipping company

Larisa Corvo nee Karkaroff, Mother, 1832 -

Lorenzo (Renzo) Corvo, Brother, 1850 -, and family living in Italy, runs family operations in Italy

Ksenia Dolohova nee Corvo, Sister, 1851 -, and family living in Russia

Armida Karkaroff nee Corvo, Sister, 1853 -, and family living in Russia

Lucius Corvo, Younger Twin Brother, 1860 -, Man of Leisure, Living in Italy

Daria Corvo, Sister, 1873 -, Student

Viktor Mikhailovich Voron, Husband, [1844-1882] dead at 38

Large number of cousins on both sides of her family.


Angelica seems taller than her 5’ 5” frame; she always has. She’s naturally slim and straight from shoulders to hips and was rather small before her fourth year. Puberty was kind to her, and she gained a shape, chest, and the last of her height between her third and fourth year. She has her father’s olive skin and her skin is nearly flawless, save a small scar on her upper right lip and a small beauty mark near the left corner of her mouth. She wears her scar as a reminder of what happens when she loses her focus. There’s always the hint of mischief to her lips, a smirk she’s barely hiding. Her smile is inviting and welcoming, but the warmth is gone in a heartbeat when she’s crossed.

Angel has whiskey golden eyes that darken with her mood and nearly black hair that has a bit of wave and is thicker than she’d like. Angel displays her wealth in her clothing. She adores colors and jewelry, but black is her color. Less is more and she prefers tailoring and an excellent neckline to too many accessories. If you can’t see sophistication in a well-cut robe, then Angel pities you. Angel is righthanded but can use her left hand for potion work and dueling, if needed.

ENTJ – Slytherclaw – Ambitious – Clever – Sensual – Sarcastic – Assertive – Perfectionist – Maternal – Studious – Decisive – Competitive – Strategic
  • Native fluency in Italian, Russian, and English
  • Fluent in French
  • Conversational German, be reluctant to test in public
  • Can read and write Classical Latin, Old and Middle English

    Sandalwood, Wood Violets and Rosemary, a deep musk that reminders her of someone
    Viktor as he looked at death, reaching for her
    Angel's patronus is a European Red Fox, but she hasn't summoned it in years.

  • Wandless magic - nearly a year deprived of a wand made her adapt and she's maintained the practice.
  • Feminine arts and magic, especially music
  • Angelica is skilled on the piano and took up the violin once she married.

  • Great fondness for muggle literature and poetry, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, and Hugo, in particular.
  • Enjoys Baudelaire, Barrett Browning, Keats, Wilde, and Goethe - both as forbidden fruit and because she is a relctant lover of Romanticism.
  • Won the 1891 Ladies' Dueling Competition


Defense Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicEE
Ancient RunesOO
Ancient StudiesEEEE

*TW: Mentions of physical and sexual abuse, underage (17 yr old) relationship, and loss of pregnancy*

1850: Tired of competing with his brothers for financial dominance, Lorenzo Corvo moves his wife and newborn son to England. All future children will be born in England to further ties with the community. Lorenzo always thinks in connections.

25 July 1860: Angelica and Lucius Corvo are born to Lorenzo and Larisa Corvo. They are proceeded by Renzo, 10, Ksenia, 9, and Armida, 7. The family splits time between their estate in Rome, a small estate outside of London, and Russia.

1864-1871: With the first three children in school, Angel and Lucius enjoy traveling with their father for business. Mother is always quiet and distant, Angel has little connection with her, but she is father’s favorite. Angel looks like her father, has his sense of humor, and temper. For most of her youth, she can do no wrong and is the only one that can talk her way out of punishments. Lucius seems too lazy to try and mostly exists in Angel’s shadow. Renzo and Ksenia marry their betrothed quickly and quietly as soon as they come of age.

1871: Angel and Lucius begin their Hogwarts career and are both are sorted into Slytherin. The Sorting Hat takes nearly three minutes to decide between Slytherin and Ravenclaw for Angel. Angel commits from that moment to prove herself the greatest of her siblings and to never being bested by her twin. It’s easier than she thought.

December – Armida is married off to one of mother’s cousins two weeks after her 18th birthday. It’s one of the few times Angel remembers seeing her icy sister cry. Angel views the groom with disgust. How could father give away a child to such a horrid old man? Angel begs for permission to return to Hogwarts early following the wedding.

1873: Angel picks up Ancient Runes, Arithmancy (finally!), and Ancient Studies for electives. She reluctantly reduces her extracurricular club load to focus on her classes. Determined to be the first of her sisters to complete all seven years at Hogwarts, Angel commits to proving herself to her father. Angel is livid when her mother delivers another child in April. The birth of Daria means missing two days of classes.
-Angel discovers, reluctantly, that she is fond of baby Daria when there aren’t exams to think of.

Summer 1875: The Corvos split the summer between visiting the older Corvo children in Italy and Russia. Preparing for her OWL year, Angel makes an Unbreakable Vow with her father: if Angel can earn OWLs in all of her subjects, she will be allowed to finish her schooling. Why her father agrees is still a mystery, but it may have been the vodka. The following morning, a very hungover father gives Angel her first hexing for her little stunt with the vows. The shock of it is almost worse than the hexing itself.

Angelica earns her prefect’s badge and it is one of the few moments Angel remembers her mother seeming enthusiastic about her progress. Father rewards Angelica by honoring her individually at the family summer festival. The angry father that hexes when outsmarted seems to have disappeared. Lucius is finally catching hell for his lack of achievement and he is less than amused.

Summer 1876: Angelica meets Viktor Voron at her sister Ksenia’s summer ball in Russia. He is absolutely perfect. Viktor is handsome, brilliant, seemingly in command of everything around him. He’s older, sixteen years her senior, but he treats her as an equal, as a woman. A tragic widower and wizarding ambassador to the Russian Imperial Court, everything about him draws Angel in. This does not go unnoticed. Armida and Ksenia both caution her against him, which Angel finds ridiculous. Since when did either sister bother to care about her wellbeing? Mother’s interference is the most shocking. The woman is always so distant, she’s barely present, how dare she meddle in Angel’s happiness?

Viktor is the first to tell her that arrangements are being made for her marriage to his older brother, Abram. Confronting her parents, Angel’s temper (a match for her father’s) and refusal leads to a screaming match with her father. The spat ends with a slap to the face that splits Angel’s lip. As horrible as the hexing she earned last summer was, the physical assault leaves Angel truly afraid of her father for the first time. Mother stays silent, but there are tears in her eyes. It’s no secret in the family that she often gets worse. The tiny resulting scar is a reminder of what happens when she questions authority. Angel sees it as a reminder that she is the only one with the spine to resist decisions made by ridiculous men. Angel is officially engaged to Abram. In an act of rebellion, Angelica sneaks off to kiss Viktor during her engagement ball. She refuses to have her first kiss wasted on his dolt brother.

Angel begins her sixth year determined to find a way out of her engagement. She and Viktor write nearly every day. He talks of freeing her, of loving her. He writes of her power, of her clever mind; that she has the means to escape, if she is strong enough to seize it. Angel is certain that this is what love is, this is what it means to be treasured.

1877: Summer - Angel loathes Abram. He’s dull, patronizing, boring to look at, lacks ambition, and he leers. He already talks fondly of their future, of their children, of what a pleasure it will be for her to be his wife. Angel is torn between hexing him and vomiting. Crying is not an option.

Angel begs Viktor for help, and he agrees, but with conditions. Angel accepts Viktor’s proposal, swearing to marry him when she comes of age and when her engagement to her brother is terminated. To prove her love and commitment to Viktor, Angel agrees to consummate their union. Angel now has one hell of a secret and she’s ruined her father’s plans. She’s never felt so powerful in her life.

Angelica is selected as Head Girl and her love affair takes backseat to studying for her NEWTs. Knowing she is still technically engaged to Abram isn’t even as disturbing when she’s busy trying for a perfect score in her seven classes.

October Angel is called to the Headmaster’s office for some “unpleasant” news from home: Abram was dead. Angel is in tears, but it takes everything in her to pretend it’s caused by anything but joy. To avoid a long period of mourning and the perception that the Corvos are anything less than perfect, father informs Angel that she will be marrying Viktor and, if asked, maintain that he was her fiancé from the beginning. No convincing is needed.

1878: Angel finishes her Hogwarts career with a near-perfect academic record and leads the procession for the Coming out Ball.

- Angel marries Viktor a week after her 18th birthday and leaves for Russia permanently. Her only regret is leaving Daria behind.

1880: The first years of married life are everything Angel could hope for: she’s treated like a queen, her husband pushes advanced studies on her daily, Angelica is allowed to tackle translation and arithmancy work for the Ministry and collaborate on potion experimentation with her husband, an entire world of physical pleasure is hers to learn; everything is perfect. Almost. Viktor leaves his post in muggle Russia to focus on travel and potions making; Angelica hopes this means they will work harder on starting a family. When she voices concerns, her husband only laughs. He isn’t ready to share her.

1881: Things are slowly beginning to unravel. Viktor is questioning her findings and second guessing her calculations, he grows jealous at social events and questions Angel’s devotion. At one horrible incident, he locks her in their rooms for a week, swearing she’s been unfaithful. He asserts his claim to her repeatedly and viciously. Angelica is devastated. All she’s ever wanted was him.

Slowly, everything she valued is stripped away. She’s no longer allowed to work, she’s only allowed visitors with Viktor present, and, worst of all, he takes her wand away. When Angel miscarries her first child in the summer, Viktor reveals that he’s been slipping her potions to keep her from having children. As he said before, he has no plan to share her.

After her second lost pregnancy, Angel confronts her husband. To her horror, she learns that, while he’s enjoyed her, he killed her predecessor for less. Angel’s survival seems to rest on her ability to be silent, but she has other plans.

1882: After over a year of escalating violence, she demands her wand and her freedom. That goes about as well as can be expected and Viktor promises to replace her. With some reluctance, Angelica poisons Viktor. For all of his brilliance, he never thought to look out for muggle poisons.

1884: Angel spends two years in mourning, more for the death of a dream than the actual loss of her husband. She’s now widowed with the wealth of the Voron family in a country she would rather forget. When Daria writes about her excitement for Hogwarts, Angelica makes the decision to return home. She belongs to no one but herself, has the means to live comfortably, and is ready for a new dream of her own.

Angelica joins the Hogwarts staff as professor of Arithmancy. It isn’t the life she planned, but it gives her the opportunity to share her knowledge, continue study, and be near her sister. If her cynical heart ever heals, maybe she will take a chance and try for a family of her own. Time will tell.

1891: Angel enters the Ladies' Dueling Competition and to her delight, wins.

-Students know she's tough, but fair. God help you if you slack off in her class.

-Soft spot for children, known to assist younger students near exam time, even if it isn't her class

-Does not suffer fools

-Flirtatious, but smart about it, she's had her fill of scandal, thanks

-If you want her heart or the rest of her you have to challenge her mind

-Comes from money and the Upper Class, enjoys working partially because it offends her parents

-Her relationship with her family is strained, at best. She is committed to protecting her sister in her last years of Hogwarts

-Her father's been nice to her the past few months, she knows it means he wants something, but is happy to spend his money

-Resents not having a path into Ministry work, she wants a higher stakes career

-Reluctant to trust men, but wants another chance at family

- Her late husband forced her two miscarriages and murdered his first wife and his brother. Angel poisoned him to escape.

Played By: Amy

Contact: Skype/PM

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