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Spirit Division Employee
Spirit Division Employee

24 year old Pureblood
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played by Lynn
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Fortitude Greengrass

Full Name: Fortitude Isaac Greengrass

Nickname(s): Ford - by everyone who knows him personally. Occasionally someone will use his actual name to be obnoxious but mostly he's Ford.

Birthdate: 10 July 1866

Age: 24

Occupation: Spirit Division Employee, Dept. for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: North Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Apple and unicorn hair, 13 inches, firm.

[Papa] Greengrass | Father | 1828 - 1889
[Mama] Greengrass | Mother | b. 1845
Noble Greengrass | Brother | b. 1868
Verity Greengrass | Sister | b. 1871
Grace Greengrass | Sister | b. 1872
Clementine Greengrass | Sister | b. 1874
In a word: bookish. He has a slim, lanky build without much muscle and a mop of brown curls he trims to the base of his neck. He has the sort of eyes that look vaguely brown or grey or green depending on what he's wearing, and often light up when he's talking to people, particularly when telling stories. His features are not unhandsome but he does not carry himself with confidence, which makes him easily overlooked in a crowded room. He is right-handed and dresses modestly, but neatly. He prefers suits when socializing and robes while working.

  • Languages: Fluent English & French, some Mermish & Gobbledegook
  • Maintains a membership at Black's.
  • Bisexual with a preference for men.

Care of Magical CreaturesOA
Defense Against the Dark ArtsA
Ghoul StudiesOE
History of MagicEE
Muggle StudiesOE
July, 1866It begins.
1868 — 1877Noble is born in 1868, which is delightful. Ford is very much in favor of siblings to play with. He is followed by Verity, Grace, and finally by Clementine in 1874, which completes the Greengrass family. As a group they are close-knit and affectionate, though it is clear from the beginning they are remarkably different people with personalities that might clash in another setting.
1877 — 1879Ford heads to Hogwarts, where he is sorted into Hufflepuff. He makes friends quickly, though he is sometimes the victim of bullying. He does passably well in classes but is sometimes distracted from studying by exploring the castle and conversing with the portraits, elves, and ghosts. During his second year, Ford becomes fast friends with one of the Hogwarts ghosts and learns a great deal about the castle from listening to his stories. He uses a secret passage to get himself and a few classmates out of trouble which makes him immensely popular.
1879 — 1882Ford adds Ghoul Studies, Muggle Studies, and Care of Magical Creatures. Otherwise things continue much as before, with the addition of Noble joining school and finding his own way about the castle. He is pleasantly surprised to be awarded a prefect badge at the start of his fifth year. OWLs are immensely stressful and he doesn't do half as well in the practical examinations as he had hoped to, leading to poorer grades in many of the spell-based courses.
1882 — 1884Ford drops several classes and continues with Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Ghoul Studies, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies for NEWT level. He spends his summers interning first in the goblin liaison office and then in the beast division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, where he picks up some gobledegook and some mermish.
1884 — 1889Ford decides to work in the Spirit Division after graduation, since he has always been especially fond of his ghostly friends at Hogwarts and greatly enjoys listening to their stories of bygone eras. Unfortunately, as he soon realizes, people don't often contact the Spirit Division to deal with nice ghosts, so the job is much more wearing than he imagined. He keeps on with it, however, because unlike some of the divisions in the DRCMC the beings he typically interacts with are not likely to maim, murder, or eat him.
1889 — 1890Ford's relatively comfortable life is shaken when his father dies in a sudden accident. Ford had always both loved and respected his father, and so mourns deeply — but very briefly, as it becomes clear very quickly when he takes over management of the household's finances that there aren't any. Finances, that is. Their father had been floating on a sea of debt with no one in the Greengrass household the wiser, but with one sister already on the verge of debuting and two more poised to enter the social scene soon enough, the charade couldn't have held much longer even if the old man had been alive to try and maintain it.

Still trying to conceal exactly how dire things are from his mother and sisters, Ford begins quietly selling off assets to pay debts and doing his best to keep the family treading water. Maintaining their family home in the countryside no longer seems feasible, so he is forced to sell it, relocating the family to a Bartonburg house that Noble had recently decided to rent out in an early bid to establish independence as a young man — haha, sorry Noble, not going to happen.

They're at the point now that they can probably manage a season or two without anyone catching on to their dire financial straights, but not longer than that — meaning the girls need to find husbands, as soon as possible. Even Clementine, who is still in school — that's the safest place for her to be at the moment, since they could hardly support three debutantes at the same time anyway, but Ford has already let her know that she should expect to debut as soon as Verity or Grace have any serious prospects. And he supposes it's his job to find them some.

— Ford's father died in a sudden accident in December, 1889.
— He is now the head of the family and responsible for three younger sisters.
— Ford sold their family home in early 1890 and moved his siblings to North Bartonburg, ostensibly to be more centrally located.
— Ford's membership at Black's lapsed a year in 1890 while he was in mourning.
— The Greengrass family is on the verge of financial ruin.
— Ford prefers men to women, romantically.
Played By: Lynn

Contact: Skype

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RE: Character Survey: Bridgerton Edition 3
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Character Survey: Bridgerton Edition Games
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Character: Ford Greengrass
Age: 24
Sexuality: Bi, prefers men
Are they aware of their sexuality: Vaguely. He suspects everyone feels the same but no one acts on it because #propriety
Are they aware of masturbation: Yep!
Do they masturbate: Not in this tiny Bartonburg house occupied by his entire family, he doesn't.
If they had to choose one, which played character would they marry tomorrow: An heiress who just wants to host society functions and doesn't really need him to be involved in her life (@Liberty Gore? XD)
If you had to choose one, which played character would they marry tomorrow: @Josie Jones for no other reason than I love her and a WC marriage would be stressful for everyone xD
Are they a virgin: Yep!
Any romantic dealbreakers: Basically everything. He's not great at the whole concept of romance.
How would they react to catching someone with a member of the same sex: With embarrassment, then he'd apologize and promise not to say anything but probably end up telling one of his siblings anyway.
If you've seen Bridgerton, which character(s) are they most like: I haven't seen much yet but his whole situation was inspired by Anthony!


Marry for love or for duty: Duty
Marry for love or for money: LOL money
Marry at all or not at all: Likely not.
Embrace or deny a 'simple' child: Embrace and defend from literally anyone who raised an eyebrow
Attend a boxing match or a ball: a ball!
Attend an art sex party thing or bone after the opera: Opera xD
Spill or keep a scandalous secret: Keep!
Have sex out of wedlock or wait until the wedding night: Until his sisters are married he will not even say something scandalous, much less do it. Afterwards, we'll see.


What would it take to get him to duel: Very little if his sisters' honor is impugned I am definitely planning a duel
Who would be his second: his brother, most likely!
Would he marry a woman he knew to be pregnant already: ... well, like, is it his??
Pay calls on a lady or remain "hard to get": Very hard to get but actually he's just oblivious
Listen to the wife or remain firm in the weird grudge vow you made on someone's deathbed: Oh he's def listening to anyone who tries to reason with him
How would he go about wooing a lady: VERY AWKWARDLY.