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Fox Spirit's Plottage
Player Name Fox Spirit
Contact: Reply here please!

Character: Emeline Thorpe
Quick Facts: Emeline is shy and awkward. She recently took up the position of Potions Professor at Hogwarts and is fearfully awaiting her first day of teaching come the fall.
Age: 27
House: Slytherin
Grad Year: 1880
Class: Middle
Reputation: 7
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Potions Professor
Needs: Emeline is lonely and needs cuddle buddies (both romantic and friendly). Other than that, I’m open to all kinds of plots. Let me know when the muse decides to strike!
Friends/Classmates/Former Classmates: Emeline could very much use a friend with a strong enough personality to draw her out of herself. The girl is much too introverted.
Hurls:I have no specifics in mind for a hurling partner. If your muse speaks, I’m more than willing to listen.

Character: Verensi Kit
Quick Facts: Verensi is a serial killer. She is also very strange.
Age: 18
House: Ravenclaw
Grad Year: 1888
Class: Working
Reputation: 9
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Waitress at The Leaky Cauldron

Needs: VICTIMS! Verensi simply needs people to kill my friends. Anyone who needs a character dead may apply!
Enemies: Verensi truly needs an archnemesis. Anyone who can think of a legitimate reason to hater her may apply.
Hurls: Verensi is currently unavailable for hurling due to her lack of emotion and sexist nature.

Character: Kanon Tanaka
Quick Facts: Kanon has a mean temper and mainly speaks Japanese. Even when no one else can understand her. She is also a werewolf.
Age: 21
House: Kanon didn’t go to Hogwarts.
Grad Year: Nope.
Class: Working
Reputation: 7
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Employee at Borgin and Burke’s

Needs: Kanon could use someone to teach her English and magic. Her knowledge of both is severely lacking.
Hurls: There are no specific requirements for this category. If you think your character could handle a feisty young Japanese woman who has a history in the dark arts and lacks any real form of education, hit me up!
Hey there! I only have one character right now, @Felicity Gallagher , but she is located in Hogsmeade and her theatre might be a means of helping Emeline calm her nerves before the school year begins without breaking the bank. PM me if your interested and I'll throw you some thread ideas or you can throw me yours or a bit of both!
When school comes back around, I have a number of students who could make her acquaintance!

@Holly Scrimgeour and @Frida Lestrange are good at Potions. @Carius Bulstrode considers it his best subject! @Eldin Bones achieved a mere 'A' on his OWL examination but pushed to take it at a NEWT-level so he could become a healer. @Flora Mulciber is decent at Potions. Most notably, @Cameron Gillenwater has probably almost killed someone in Potions class. It's his worst and least favorite class.

set by MJ!
Hey Fox Spirit! I honestly thought I had a bunch of people right around her age but it turns out all my characters got old while I wasn't looking >.>;

So really the only thing I can offer you is @Reuben Crouch - a few years older than her but would have been at Hogwarts around the same time. Ben was a Gryffindor and remains to consummate Gryffindor - impulsive, bold, thrill-seeking. He probably wouldn't have noticed her in school much if she was shy, but he was fairly popular so she might have known who he was. He is technically single and hurlable, though he's not really great husband material because he's generally reckless and irresponsible and has a reputation for being so. If they were to run into each other somewhere he'd probably flirt even if he wasn't particularly interested, because that's what he does. Let me know if you want a thread ^^

EDIT: OH HEY I FORGOT all my characters getting old means my younger characters also got old and now @Tiberius Lestrange is in his late twenties. xD They would have been in the same year and house at school! Tiberius was reclusive and brooding at the time. He performed very well in his classes but was more interested in his own projects and personal studies. After school he betrothed himself to a younger student, spent a few years traveling and working, and then married her right after she graduated.

Since they were in the same year/house they couldn't really have gotten by without knowing each other, but Tiberius is antisocial so he might pretend he doesn't recognize her if meeting her out and about. I'd still be down for a thread, though, because that sounds fun xD
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