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Verensi Kit
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Played by Fox Spirit
Waitress at The Leaky Cauldron
21 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: [Verensi, Kit]

Nickname(s): [Enzi (Used by family only)]

Birthdate: [June, 6th, 1870]

Age: 21


Occupation: Waitress at The Leaky Cauldron

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Ebony, werewolf hair core, 12 inches, Completely Rigid (You may as well break it in half)

Family: [[s]Edgar Kit – Father[/s]

Mareena Kit – Mother.]

Verensi is of average height, standing at about 5’ 3”. Her from isn’t small but isn’t large either. Overall, her appearance is easily forgettable. A girl of few words, Verensi rarely makes herself known enough to me remembered. Her face is a bit large, her eyes heavily lidded as if she’s eternally exhausted and her nose soft looking. Every inch of her body is covered in freckles, a confusing fact due to her clearly Asian descent. Verensi’s hair is long and she always pins it up at the back of her head, a small strand free to fall against the nape of her neck.

Verensi wears only Tea length dresses with flare skirts and frilly edges. These dresses are always in extremely muted colors that make her look sallow and sickly. Verensi wears a pair of solid color stockings with every dress as well as a pair of plain black shoes with laces.

Verensi is neither quick nor elegant in her wand work. Her movements are stiff and violent in a way that earned her poor marks in school.


Verensi is born to wizard Edgar Kit and witch Mareena Kit.

Verensi displays her first signs of magic, effectively killing the family cat when she started a small blizzard in the general vicinity of their home.

At seven years old, Verensi is a quiet child. Her mother and father urge her to speak, but she only stares at them disinterestedly. It is later discovered in the same year that Verensi has perfect vocabulary and is incredibly eloquent. She simply refused to speak to her parents.

In an incident near a local country river, Verensi breaks a young wizard’s leg. The details of this event are still unknown, but according to Verensi it was an accident. The boy’s parents believe to this day that the girl injured their son on purpose because he supposedly insulted her appearance. Verensi’s parents stood by their daughter but always questioned the decision in private.

Verensi begins her first year at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

By her second year, Verensi is avoided by the rest of her class and most of the student body. She is dubbed strange to the point of terrifying. When confronted with a simple question, she remains silent and simply stares at the person speaking to her. She also spends an abnormal amount of time sitting by the black lake, staring at the waters surface as if in a trance.

In her fourth year, Verensi begins to take an interest in legilimency and its companion occlumency. She studies these subjects obsessively in the library, causing yet more rumors to circulate about her.

Verensi is seen throughout the year without a textbook in her hands. She never appears to be doing any homework and often sleeps during class. Those who spend the most time around her gossip about Verensi’s apparent bad habits. It is assumed that she will fail every class and be expelled from Hogwarts once the year is up. To everyone’s surprise, Verensi achieves three Outstandings in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Charms. None of her other subjects drop below Acceptable. It is in this same year that Verensi begins to show her true colors as a murderer. While in Hogsmeade, Verensi kills a young man who flirted with her at The Three Broomsticks. The man’s disappearance is investigated for a short time and quickly forgotten. The body is never found because Verensi burned it on the outskirts of Irvingly. As far as Verensi cared to know, the man was a working-class citizen whose existence was unmeaningful. Thus the reason his disappearance wasn’t concerning to the citizens of Hogsmeade.

Verensi graduates from Hogwarts and to everyone’s surprise secures a job at The Leaky Cauldron as a waitress. Despite her outstanding grades, Verensi tells those who ask that she simply wasn’t interested in pursuing anything more that what her chosen occupation offered. Upon starting her new job, Verensi’s personality changes dirastically. At times, she is cordial and humorous, laughing and greeting customers with a smile. Those who knew her at Hogwarts stare at her in shock when they visit the establishment. In this same year Verensi is forced by her father to visit home. He demands that she find a more suitable job and marry a local man of good standing. A man her father had already chosen for her. Verensi allows him to rage at her. She kills him soon after, using the cruciotous curse for several minutes before ending his life. Verensi staged the incident to look like a common accident, magically erasing any evidence of her presence and modifying the memories of their neighbors. Verensi’s mother returns from the Northern part of England to find her husband dead and no one to blame for it. Her daughter has since become estranged to her, as Mareena Kit’s mental state quickly deteriorated after this event. She now lives in a small home outside London with six cats.
Verensi is unable to cast a patronus.
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