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Borgin & Burkes Employee
Borgin & Burkes Employee

21 year old Pureblood
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played by Fox Spirit
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Kanon Tanaka

Full Name: Kanon Tanaka


Birthdate: August 3rd, 1867

Age: 21

Occupation: Employee at Borgin and Burke's

Blood Status: Kanon is a pureblood. Her life so far has been clouded with severe poverty and deprivation. Her blood status had never mattered much to her. It's not as if it ever helped her in any way.

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Kanon does not have a wand. Her circumstances never allowed her the privilege.

Family: Saki Tanaka – Mother (Deceased)

Kanon is rather tall, standing at about 5’ 8”. Her figure is long and thin. She often looks malnourished and tired due to her obvious lack of weight and the dark circles that often haunt her face. Her skin is pale for her ethnicity and her face often lacks the color most people find attractive in young women. Her hair is long and black, often greasy due to her lack of personal hygiene.

Kanon mostly wears neutral color dresses of cheap make. Her laces are often either too tight or too lose and haphazardly tied. Her weight fluctuates severely, causing her clothing to often fit too loosely. Kanon usually wears her hair up in lazy bun at the back of her head often with long black strands hanging loose. When down, her hair is well past her waist.

Kanon’s eyes are a dark brown that usually appear a bit watery and tired looking. On the rather rare occasion that Kanon is complimented, she is envied for her long, elegant fingers.

Kanon is usually distant and nervous. She jumps at loud noises and can’t stand to have someone walking behind her. Her tone is quiet but far from shy. Instead of being awkward around people, her voice often implies that she simply doesn’t care. Kanon rarely speaks around people she doesn’t know. When accosted by a more conversational customer at the shop, she often replies with neutral phrases that would disguise her disinterest if not for the way she says them. Kanon has a fierce temper when properly provoked, but almost never spends enough time with people for it to make an appearance.

Herself in werewolf form.


Fresh mint, cherry, and woodsmoke


Fluent in Japanese. Struggles slightly with English.

-The Cherry Children-

A group of dark wizards that specialize in stealing rare magical artifacts. They mostly employ children living in severe poverty, know they will do almost anything for a warm meal and somewhere to sleep. The group has a pair of twin leaders named Koichi and Katsuya. They operate out of Kyoto, selling their wares in a local black market run by a host of underground criminals in hiding from the Japanese ministry.

1867: Kanon is born under unknown circumstances in Kyoto, Japan.

1872: At five years old, Kanon and her mother are evicted from their home on the outskirts of Kyoto. Her mother sells herself into prostitution in order to keep her and her daughter from starving.

1877: Kanon discovers her mother’s occupation when she falls ill from what would later be classed as a sexually transmitted disease. Kanon begins caring for her mother. In November of 1881, she meets a stranger in Kyoto who offers to help Kanon find employment so that she can feed herself and her mother. She ended up working for a small group of dark wizards whose main goal was to steal rare magical items. Kanon is brought into the fold as a thief.

1883: Kanon is sent to steal a journal of spells and notations written by a local wand maker known to dabble in the dark arts. She breaks into the wand maker’s home with her companion, Yuki. Kanon accidentally trips a magical alarm and is shoved out of the way by Yuki as paralysis hex takes effect. Kanon chooses to leave Yuki behind, not having the wand nor the knowledge to help him. She escapes the house and is tortured with the cruciotous curse by her superior Koichi. Yuki is imprisoned and dies of multiple illnesses two weeks later. Kanon has never forgotten that she is to blame for his death.

1885: Kanon falls asleep in the streets of Kyoto after failing an assignment given to her by the twins Koichi and Katsuya and being thrown out onto the streets for the night. She wakes up several hours later to hear a chorus of screams echoing through the city. Kanon tries to run before being attacked by a werewolf that had transformed within Kyoto.

The matter is dealt with by the Japanese ministry and the victims are sent to a magical hospital. Kanon is the only one to survive the attack. She stays in a coma for two weeks before waking and insisting that she leave the hospital. She returns to her mother’s bedside to find that she had succumbed to her illness while Kanon was asleep. Kanon is dismissed by the twins due to her being a newly created werewolf and forced to isolate herself away from society due to the all too public knowledge of her condition.

1886: After a year of struggling, in which Kanon participated in varying degrees of prostitution to support herself, she stows herself away on a ship heading for the Asian continent. She spends the next full moon in an isolated part of western China. She works several temporary jobs and spends one more moon in China before continuing her journey. She catches a train across the Middle East, hoping to get as far from Japan as possible to escape her former life. She makes her way halfway across Europe before stopping again to work as a bartender at a muggle establishment for several weeks. She spends her third moon while traveling in a dense forest on the outskirts of Poland.

She eventually chooses to settle in England after falling asleep on one of the ships she’d snuck onto and waking up in London. The climate was similar to Japan and Kanon preferred being close to the sea. She arrives with no money, little to no English vocabulary, and no ideas as to how she will survive in such a foreign land. For two months she wanders through shelters and soup kitchens, not caring if they were for muggles or wizards.

She stumbles upon Knockturn Alley almost completely by accident. She sees the contents of Borgin and Burke’s through one of their dirt covered windows. She immediately recognizes several of the items from her days working for Koichi and Katsuya. She goes into the shop expecting to be told to leave. She unintentionally displays a knowledge of the wares inside the store and manages to acquire a job from Mr. Burke. She’s worked there ever since.

Kanon is a employee at Borgin and Burke's. She doesn't speak English very well and has a heavy Japanese accent. She is known to have a volatile temper and is often short with customers.
Kanon does not have a wand and performs little to no magic.
Kanon is a werewolf.

Kanon is saving money for a wand of her own and hopes to learn at least a little magic before she dies.

Played By: Fox Spirit

Contact: Discord or pm

Plot Preferences: I prefer to be contacted directly so that I can discuss options with whoever is interested. I love being involved in all kinds of plots, so please never hesitate to contact me.


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