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Issue #207 - "I Was Pregnant Once": The Story of a Fallen Woman Who...

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Seven Exercise Tips and Tricks for the Socialite!
A conflicted topic, exercise for genteel women is something that has been tossed back and forth for a while now with neither side coming out a clear winner. Hard, straining, physical labor is something to be left to the working class. Too much labor or labor that is too intense can leave a woman with deformed organs and can destroy her figure and color. However, in the appropriate amounts, exercise rather than labor, can increase flexibility and maintain a level of fitness required for not only producing healthy heirs but increasing the likelihood of good health in old age. Witch Weekly is here to provide you with seven tips and tricks for exercising properly and maintaining bodily health for both women and young girls.

A portray of Calisthenics from A Treatise on Calisthenic Exercises by Signor Voarino, 1827

  1. How much should I exercise? For young girls, the level of exercise attainable is far higher and the best bet is simply to stop when the body is tired. However, due to the social nature of women prompting would likely be required to start a young girl to exercise. Once a girl reaches puberty, more care must be maintained in her exercise regiment and limited as too much could bring early aging.
  2. What kind of exercise should I do? Young girls ought to be allowed to partake in any exercise or game that allows them to use both their arms and legs such as trundling a hoop, battledore, trapball - pardoning the more boyish sports of wrestling, cricket, quoits, and other sports termed athletic. Women, however, should retain themselves to things such as walking, dancing, horseback riding, and calisthenics.
    • Walking should be practiced daily pardoning days where the weather forbids, including on days when the rain is to a drizzle or shower.
    • Dancing can bring about gracefulness and disciplined management of the whole body. However, come complex moves should be left to professional dancers who have trained their wholes lives to be able to move as such or risk injury and lasting damage to the feet or ankles. Likewise, more rapid and violent dances - such as a Scotch reel - should be avoided for similar reasons.
    • Horseback riding increases the uses of many body muscles including those in the arms and thighs and increases the lungs functionality. Horseback riding is not suitable for young girls as the positions maintained may produce deformity in an undeveloped body.
    • Calisthenics build muscle strength and flexibility and can be started from a young age. Discrete enough that society woman may practice from the comfort of her own home.
  3. What other forms of exercise are there? Tennis and bicycling have opened to women and may prove to be an excellent source of exercise however they tend to be not as well viewed by the masses of society and the others due to their more demanding nature and should be practiced with thought and caution.
  4. What should I wear to exercise? Wearing full-dress to exercise would be perfectly acceptable except in forms that require special clothing such as horseback riding, cycling (depending on your form of cycling) and tennis. In the privacy of your own room, some exercises may prove easier with only the undergarments. A fitness corset with a stiff bust and elastic sides maybe be aquired for further ease of movement along with shoulder straps to hold the corset in place.
  5. What can improve exercise? Along with exercise, women may wear a corset and kickers made from rubber. The rubber will cause an increase in sweating - increasing weight loss - but would also hold in fat more effectively.
  6. What may be used in turn with exercise to control shape and weight? The average weight of an adult female is around 120 pounds. Along with exercise one may maintain a diet to either loose or maintain her weight - or if need to gain weight as there is some base to the ideas that a body weight too low contributes to hysteria.
  7. What type of diets are there? Which should you use? The most popular diets include the tapeworm diet, diet pills and potions, and the vinegar diet.
    • The tapeworm diet would allow you to continue eating as you already do without the worry of gaining weight. How it works is you would acquire and take a pill that contains a beef tapeworm cysts and the tapeworm would mature in your intestines and absorb the extra food. Once at your desired weight, one would simply take an anti-parasitic pill to kill the worm.
    • Dieting pills or potions speed up the metabolism and are often called 'miracle cures'. This pills or potions contain ingredients such as arsenic.
    • The vinegar diet consists of drinking plenty of vinegar, along with a cup of tea and a raw egg. The combination causes you to vomit, losing weight and your appetite. The results will leave you both thin and pale.

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Will you find a husband this season?
1. How many years have you been out?
A. This will be my first year!
B. Less than Three.
C. Three to five.
D. Five or more.

2. What do you look for first in a suitor?
A. Handsomeness!
B. Can he support himself?
C. Does my father approve?
D. I don't have multiple options!

3. What does your family say about your prospects?
A. They're so excited for me to get started!
B. They're very optimistic.
C. They're cautiously optimistic.
D. They're rather pessimistic.

4. How much time do you commit to being a debutante?
A. Debuting will be my career.
B. If my social calendar isn't full, there's a serious problem.
C. I do some volunteer work on the side.
D. I'm losing all hope.

5. Have you had serious suitors before?
A. Not yet!
B. I have a few who are very interested.
C. I've narrowed things down to one.
D. I did when I was a new debutante, but not anymore.

Mostly As: Don't get married this season! You're not ready to decide on one suitor. Next year!
Mostly Bs: You have a few suitors in rotation, but no one's courting you yet. If you lock down one of these, you could have a lovely winter wedding!
Mostly Cs: If your current suitor doesn't propose, you're going to die alone.
Mostly Ds: You may actually be Adelia Lovegood. Give up now and stop wasting the attention of bachelors.

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A shocking testimonial from a woman with a terrible secret! "I Was Pregnant Once" - The Story of a Fallen Woman Who Chose A Risky Alternative To Elopement
After our recent feature article regarding the fate of fallen women, one reader wrote to tell us her own story. For obvious reasons, she wished to remain anonymous, but will be called "Daphne" by our writers. Daphne is a young socialite who was recently married, but her apparently perfect life is not without its secrets!

"I was only eighteen when it happened," she told our interviewers, from behind a magical secrecy screen which obscured her identity even from our staff. "I was out of Hogwarts, but my parents had decided not to let me debut yet. My older sister was out and my mother couldn't handle the stress of handling both our seasons at once. To be honest, I was bored, and I think that's why it happened — though that isn't much of an excuse." Daphne began flirting with, and eventually started to spend unchaperoned time with, a male friend of the family. "We were always sneaking around," she recalled, "And it was exciting. I didn't really realize how far things had gotten until it was all over."

All over turned out to be a relative term; as she would discover a few weeks later, the new path her life had taken was really only just beginning. Daphne was pregnant.

"It never occurred to me to try and marry him. It just wasn't that sort of thing. I don't think he would have, unless someone forced him into it — and the idea of going through that sort of thing to just be saddled with someone who would end up hating you is mortifying. Looking back now, I'm glad I didn't marry him. I didn't tell anyone, either. I wanted to deal with it myself."

So how does a young woman, barely more than a child, deal with an unwanted pregnancy? Daphne acquired a controversial (and illegal) potion, which caused her to miscarry early in her pregnancy, before it had become noticeable to her friends or family.

"I knew the risks, but I honestly thought I was making the right decision. With how everything turned out, I still think so. Drinking it was awful, and I was in a lot of pain afterwards, but it could have ruined my life to have gone through with it." Daphne described the symptoms following her taking the potion as the worst illness she had ever had. For several days she couldn't get out of bed. Her family thought she had pneumonia. "My maid knew it wasn't just that, of course. The sheets were bloody — but I think she just thought it was my monthly, come late. If she suspected anything else, she never said anything."

After her recovery, Daphne debuted into society with her parents entirely ignorant of her past indiscretions. She avoided the man who had deflowered her, and he eventually left the area. "Some distant family business took him abroad. I don't know what became of him, in the long run. It doesn't much matter to me anymore," she said. Instead, she focused her attentions on other suitors, and after a few uneventful seasons — during which, she told us, she remained chaste — she began a courtship and eventually married her current husband. The union has yet to produce any fruit, which leaves the question of whether Daphne was permanently scarred by her past miscarriage unanswered.

"Plenty of women have miscarriages naturally, and they can go on to have healthy babies," Daphne said. "So I think it will be the same for me. But even if it isn't, I don't know that I regret what I did. I could have been an unwed mother, and been kicked out on the street and died in poverty and rags and such, or I could have the life I have now — with or without children. I think anyone would have made the same choice. I think other girls in my situation, the situation I was in, just don't think they have any options."

How much of a viable 'option' was Daphne's decision? Since the potion in question is used solely for this purpose, and therefore both illegal and difficult to acquire, that question is entirely up for debate.

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Mr. Merriweather Mulciber, first son already keeping an eye out for a potential bride?

Mrs. Edric Umbridge, improper and lonely wife gone too far?

Heard Around Town!
Miss Frida Lestrange and Mr. Merriweather Mulciber were seen together while over the Christmas holiday. He all but dragged her into Honeyduke’s and then seemed to be consoling her. They’re too young to really be anything more than friends but on paper they may make a pretty advantageous match...

Mrs. Edric Umbridge hasn’t been seen out and about much as of late, hasn’t even been seen visiting friends or family. Perhaps they’ve all decided to fully shun her or maybe he’s finally wised up and locked her up for good! Or maybe there’s more than just the amorentia letters to blame for their elopement...

The Delaneys, you know the Americans that showed up a year ago, are apparently making London their home. They’re still being seen about and at events and have even opened up a shop in London. Seems as if the American Import company is attempting to make its mark. And if that’s not the worst of it, Miss Delaney seems to have her eyes set awfully high and has been seen in the company of Mr. Clinton Podmore on more than one occasion.

Have you noticed Mr. Eugene Scamander talking to a pocket? Apparently he’s decided to keep one of those awful little niffle creatures that wreaked havoc on High Street this summer and keeps it in his pocket! Looks like any lady that wants to win his heart will always be playing second fiddle to a furry creature. Shame, too, he is such a handsome man if not a big odd.

Miss Caroline Delaney, American debutante social climber?

Mr. Eugene Scamander, eligible but odd gentleman?

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