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Madeleine Backus


Full Name: Madeleine Ivana Backus

Nickname(s): Maddie, 'Little Sponge cake'

Birthdate: 5th July 1870

Age: 20

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Half Blood- From a Russian Halfblood and English pureblood Mix

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Ash, 15", supple, unicorn tail hair

Family: Barton Backus Owner/Baker of Backus Family Bakery, father, pureblood [1843]
Katerina Backus neé Kozlova, mother, Halfblood [1846]
Rye Backus Assistant Baker at Backus Family Bakery, brother [1865]
Magdalena Byrne - Sister, Owner of Magdalena's Bakery, London
Cane Backus - Brother Ravenclaw
Maddie is a tall and thin girl, approaching 5,6 in height. She has a skinny starvling frame, with very long limbs. She has very pale skin and no distinctive marks or birthmarks on her skin, except for on small mole on her throat. She has a longish, oval face, like her mother and sisters. Her eyes are almond shaped, and a clear blue, and very expressive. They show everyone of her emotions. She has a deep cupid bows on her lips. She has very long golden blonde hair, that hangs in natural waves to her waist. She loves her hair and tends to wear it un-adorned.
Maddie likes to present herself as best as she can, and while she does wear appropriately ornate clothing to events, she would much rather wear simply unfussy patterns and prefers practicality over fussy design.
Maddie is a chatter box! There is no other phrase for it! She is the duracelle bunny. She seems to have boundless energy and this is evident in her personality. She tries to think good of everyone, and has it as her life motto, but despite this she is realistic...to a degree. She is aware that many people are duplicitous, and that alot of the time people mis represent themselves. despite this knowledge she gives everyone multiple chances before writing them off. They will never know they are written off, she isn't hostile, instead she is just dispassionate and uninterested in their life.

Shes a sympathetic spirit...the kind of person that would find a wounded rattle snake on the side of the road, bring it home, nurse it to health, put a bow on it, then be surprised when it bit her! She can be accused of being a bit of a bleeding heart. She cares a lot about those less fortunate then herself.

She's generally upbeat, and a definite glass if half full kind of person. She is fiercely loyal, like a pack animal once her loyalty is given it's damn near impossible to remove. She can generally find a good thing to say about everyone even if it takes a while. She believes thoroughly in second chances and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Maddie is loyal to a fault, she truly believes that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

It takes alot of make Maddie dislike you, but her dislike once created is like her loyalty, immovable. To those she doesn’t like she simply responds at best with silence at worst with a snide comment. Things which are likely to bring about Maddie's ire are arrogance, snobbery, rudeness or abusing animals, or those who are not considered human.
Maddie speaks English, French, German and Russian, with decent Italian, and conversational Ulkrainian
Patronus: Indian Elephant
Animague: In training - began studying June 1887
* Parents met, when Barton went to work for Katerina’s family in their bakery in St. Petersburg, as a bake house worker. They eloped and her family provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since. Married in 1864

* Rye was born the following year, to much rejoicing, as there was now a son to take over the family business.

* Maggie was born, bringing about as much joy and celebration to the small family as her brother

* The family expands again as Maddie joined the family, as the final girl

* Herb is born completing their little family

*Maddie has her first display of magic turning Herb's toes green.

* Both girls are close and companionable, with Maggie making it her mission to protect Maddie.

*The family, and their business are moved to Hogsmeade, so the family can be closer to the wizarding community and safe. It has a double benefit of bringing the family closer to Hogwarts school, where the children are about to start

*Rye and Maggie both to Hogwarts when they are due, and were both sorted into Hufflepuff, their fathers house. Maddie is sad when Rye leaves for school but bereft when Maggie goes, as she has no one to follow around after.

* She is thrilled when it is her turn to join them, and is sorted into hufflepuff

* Herb comes to Hogwarts as well, he is sorted into Ravenclaw. It surprises no one!

* Rye only completes his OWLS so he can join the family business and work alongside his dad.

* The girls continue their schooling due to their parents aspirations, their own hard work, and the pragmatic knowledge that lower class girls need to make their own way in the world.

* Maggie leaves school and Maddie sees it as an opportunity to spread her solo wings a little.

*Maddie signs up for her OWLS, she takes 1 Potions
2 History of Magic
3 Care of Magical Creatures
4 Defense against the dark arts
5 Charms
6 Herbology
7 Transfiguration
8 Divination
9 Astronomy
10 Art

*In her 5th year Maddie is made prefect for Hufflepuff House and at the end of this year she interns at the department of magical law enforcement.

* In her 6th year, she remains prefect and focuses on her charms work and transfiguration. She signs up to take extra transfiguration classes with her professor and begins her study of the animagus transformation. she signs up to take 7 NEWTS
2. Charms
3. Transfiguration
4. Herbology
5. Defence Against the Dark Arts
6. Care of MAgical Creatures
7. Earth Magic
At the end of her 6th year she undertakes an internship at the Wizengemot under the chief warlock.

*During the summer of her 6th year she made contact with her maternal grandparents in order to confirm for the school that she was human. It resulted in some limited correspondance with her grandparents who were interested in hearing about her and Maggie. Her Grandfather passed away in September of 1886, leaving the Kozlov estate to both Maddie and Maggie, with none to be given to the boys due to their grandfathers hatred of the Backus name.

*Maggie eloped with Mr. Byrne, the Backus parents were pretty devastated and were terrified that Maddie might make a similar decision, and make what they viewed to be rash match.

* After she graduated from Hogwarts Maddie spent the Summer in St. Petersberg at some property belonging to her grandfather and spreading her wings.

*Her mother visited her in St. Petersberg and they discusses that Maddie should change her name, and avail of her inheritance. Maddie suspects that her parents would rather give up the surname than have Maddie rush into a mercenary marriage.

*September 1888, Maddie has returned to Hogsmeade, with her society guide/chaperon Mrs. Anna, with whom she will live while she explores this new part of her life.
*Maddie lives with a MC Russian family in Hogsmeade
Maddie was a Hufflepuff prefect and academically did very well in school.
*She is set to inherit a considerable amount of money, enough to make her independantly comfortable and solidly upper middle class.
*Her sister eloped with one of the Byrnes and runs a bakery in London
*Who she is - Readers of Witch Weekly may be aware of who she is by either face or name.
*Her mother was an Upper Middle Class and estranged from her family in Russia because she married an Englishman.
*The Russians she lives with seem very intense and Georgi the husband is a misogynistic asshole.
*Her home situation is actually kinda abusive.
*Her school girl romantic entanglements
Played By: Dante

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