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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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October 1890
October 1890

This month, the full moon will be on Tuesday, October 27th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of October.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!



What: History of Halloween Exhibit

Who: After an invitational opening night (1st October) it is open to the public.
It is being hosted by the museum, but curated by Miss Elizabeth Cardew

Cost: Nothing to get into the exhibit - not including any fee to enter the museum.
Where: the special exhibit space of the Museum
Invitational Evening: music, drinks and socialising through a private tour of the museums seasonal exhibit.
Exhibit: Objects from the history of Halloween within the magical community, items from around the world and as far as back as druidic celebrations of the season.

Invitational - 1st October
Exhibit 2nd October - 1st November.


Contact Player(s): Dante- @Madeleine Backus


Since it was mentioned IC...


What: Charity Luncheon at the Irvingly Casino
Who: Hosted by the fund for the wives and children of fallen hit wizards. Backstage, Marianne and a Mrs. Something hosted. (Obviously her name isn't Mrs. Something, I just couldn't be arsed to think of a name >.>)
Cost: Anyone who accepts the invitation is expected to make a minimum donation of 10 sickles*
Where: The Irvingly Casino
Why: Because we care about our public image helping those in need
When: October 16th

Marianne and a friend are hosting, via some charity they're involved in, a luncheon to raise money for the wives and children of dead hit wizards (or hit wizards who were injured to the point where they can't provide for their family). They're doing this because they care a lot about these people in need, and not because philanthropy makes you look good in the public eye.

Come eat, socialize and give your money so you both look rich AND like a good guy!

Contact Player(s): @Marianne Finch


*or whatever. A reasonable amount. I hate math, especially if it's for make-believe money <3
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[Image: oLiZ8No.png]
this set is by mj and i LOVE it

What: Hogsmeade Gothic Nights & Frankenstein
Who: Open to the public.
Cost: Free! But donations are welcome to help the illiterate.
Where: Whizzhard Books
Why: It's the spooky month, duh.
When: Gothic Nights (Every Friday in October) | Frankenstein is the morning of the 31st.

Every Friday night, head to Whizzhard Books for Gothic Nights!
There will be readings of various chilling tales, and you will have the opportunity to share your own gothic stories and poetry.
On the 31st, The Hogsmeade Players will be performing "Frankenstein" outside of Whizzhard Books. A tent will be erected in the event of foul weather. The show will begin at 10am sharp, early enough to not interfere with evening festivities.

Contact Player(s): @Billie Farrow


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[Image: xPlE4V4.png]
Pretties thanks to Olive! <3

What: All Hallows Eve for Children
Who: It is hosted for magical children and is being hosted by Hogsmeade Hall.
Cost: Free but donations from guardians are encouraged for the First Year Scholarship Fund
Where: Hogsmeade Hall
Why: Because there is an appalling lack of both Halloween Events and things for non-Hogwarts children to do.
When: October 31, in the afternoon from 1PM-5PM to allow for adults to go to their own wild, evening parties xD.

It is encouraged but not required for attendees to be in costumes. There will be typical Halloween party stuff but Victorianized and kid-friendly. There are refreshments and drinks available with children being sent home with plenty of candy as well as nuts and apples which was the VE center stage items for Halloween according to a thing I read. There will be ghost stories told, apple bobbing and other kiddie versions of these kind of games.

Contact Player(s): @Roberto Devine


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eros is half-veela which means females tend to feel drawn to him with older ladies feeling protective of him

magical set by mj!
Let's party like its 2000 BC and we're about to become a house divided by the Trojan war!


What: Halloween Ball.
Who: Mr and Mrs Trystan Selwyn request the pleasure of your company as long as you're rich, pureblood and haven't slept with the host.
Cost: Two sickles to be punted across the moat by a cloaked figure. All proceeds to the widows and orphans fund.
Where: Selwyn Manor in Wales.
Why: It's Halloween witches!
When: 31st October, 1890.

The Manor will be transformed via decoration and a tiny bit of magic into a gothic haunted castle, complete with crumbling crenelated walls, spiders, tapestries with eyes that follow you no matter where you stand, booze, blood seeping from the walls, more spiders, parts of the outer building will be enchanted so gargoyles might fall on you at any moment (don't worry, they'll stop an inch or so above your head), a magically generated stormy night will be in place throughout, some of the suits of armour will move when you least expect it, there will be at least one boggart hiding downstairs and a rattling noise from above that sounds like a poltergeist destroying the furniture. Is it real? Who knows. Go upstairs at your peril.

In the main ballroom things are much more sumptuous (if still not without the risk of encountering more spiders) as there will be a full chamber orchestra consisting of some questionable, hideous individuals. Are they vampires? Are they hags? Will you dare request a song? There will be themed canapes, a selection of tastefully gothed up drinks which will dramatically spew smoke over the goblet, dry ice across the dance floor, you will be required to dress up, if you break anything Ambrosia will be billing you and if you're not out of the house by three you'll become part of the furniture. Literally.

Contact Player(s): @Elladora Black


[Image: OJ90voz.png]
Ambrosia's got 99 problems but this hot af set from MJ ain't 1 of them

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