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A Very Decent, Sensible Journal

Charity Freesia Lloyd


cutest set ever by MJ <3
— 17 January, 1890 —

I have settled into Uncle Evander's home in Irvingly. He has given me a nice, tidy room, though I must confess it does not seem fitted to a girl of my age. There is one picture on the wall of an old house that looks like it may house a few ghouls. I cannot help but feel that they watch me at night, even if I know it is silly.

The covers are heavy and I often sweat during the night, but I am too embarrassed to ask to have them exchanged. It's silly of me, I know, but he's more than accomodated me already. He was kind enough to give me this journal, too, while I plan to fill with my thoughts and things I'e learned.

Today he plans to hire a governess, which is good. I miss my studies.

— Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

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   Aldous Crouch

cutest set ever by MJ <3
— 21 January, 1890 —

The new governess is here. Her name is [Name] Clearwater and she has the prettiest blonde hair. I have thought about how pretty it would look on my own head, but to even get it I would need to cut it off her head, and I could never do that to a woman as pretty as Miss Clearwater.

I have laid out all my previous work for her to evaluate. I hope she approves.

— Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

— 22 January, 1890 —

I heard one of the maids talking. Apparently Uncle Evander must marry, but I'm not sure why. I would like to see him married, of course, but I don't know why he must.

Is Miss Clearwater unmarried?

— Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

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   Aldous Crouch, Elias Grimstone

cutest set ever by MJ <3
— 1 February, 1890 —

Things I must be grateful for:
  • My dresses and my shoes.
  • My bedroom wallpaper, which has been changed to a pretty floral pattern.
  • This journal and its very thick paper.
  • The photo of my mother that now rests on my nightstand.
  • The bookshelf that Uncle Evander put it. It has eighteen books exactly.
  • My black cat Posey.
  • Miss Clearwater, who has so far done her job.
  • My new quill, which is made from a pheasant feather and is perfectly nice.
  • Uncle Alfred, for not turning me away.
  • Uncle Evander, for taking me in.
  • Dinner. I can smell it right now, and it smells very good.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

  • cutest set ever by MJ <3
    — 05 March, 1890 —

    I have friends now. They're a good, happy bunch, or at least that's what they've been described as to me. Dolly Dearborn is related to Miss Clearwater, but she's better off than I am in the world. She's neither an orphan nor destined for destitution. (I admit, I don't think Uncle Evander will throw me out after ball, but it still worries me. I am less certain of Uncle Alfred, who doesn't seem to come around as much as I thought he would.)

    There's also Mia Key, who you'd think would be falling apart from how her parents talk. She's shy and sweet, and she lives nearby. There are some others, too—a few girls and the boys, who I haven't befriended well yet. I hope I can make more friends.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

    cutest set ever by MJ <3
    — 16 March, 1890 —

    Uncle Evander is upset. I think he's more upset with Uncle Alfred than me, but he's still upset. You see, I went with Uncle Alfred to the Sanditon today, and we rode a sailboat! (I know, it's strange and not like me at all, but I thought we had fun!) When we got home, Uncle Evander told me to go to my room, but I confess I stayed in the corridor long enough to hear them bicker. I am packing my things as we speak. I suppose he'll try to send me to Uncle Alfred's now.

    I will update when I get settled, either in the orphanage or in Uncle Alfred's old boat.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

    — 17 March, 1890 —

    I've just returned to breakfast. Uncle Evander did not send me away last night. I want to apologize, but he stared at the newspaper the whole time and I didn't want to interrupt his reading. I hope he isn't very angry at me. I've decided to write my apology in letter format.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

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       Elias Grimstone

    cutest set ever by MJ <3
    — 04 April, 1890 —

    Quidditch: a magical sport played on broomsticks with balls.

    There are seven players:
  • Chaser (3)
  • Beater (2)
  • Seeker
  • Keeper

    Mr. Mohr told me there's a Quidditch World Cup, and that Britain will be competing. I don't know much, but I want to go because it sounds amazing. What would it take to convince Uncle Evander to take me?

    (Speaking of Mr. Mohr, he is a new friend I have made. He has a very handsome face and seems very smart about quidditch things. He will also be attending the Quidditch World Cup.)

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

  • — 19 April, 1890 —

    Uncle Evander is taking me to the zoo. Who would have thought? I didn't even think he liked animals. Maybe I will have the opportunity to show him what I have learned. I will bring along my sketchbook and a few quills.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

    cutest set ever by MJ <3
    — 03 July, 1890 —

    A terrible thing has happened.

    Uncle Evander is going to be courting a woman. That means he's practically married. I know it's important for him to get married. He's old and will soon be getting grey hairs, and most days he seems lonely. I hadn't thought about what it would really mean until yesterday, though.

    Once he gets married, he'll have children. I'll have baby cousins, and those baby cousins will grow up in the same house as me. If they have five or six daughters, he'll have no reason to keep me around much longer, or worse: I'll burden him.

    What if Miss Delaney decides she does not like little girls with red hair that don't belong to her? Do you think she could convince him to get rid of me? To send me off a live with Uncle Alfred. I do love Uncle Alfred, but I don't want to live on a boat forever. What would my friends think?

    I have told him I approve and that I want him to be happy, which I do, but don't you think he would be happy enough if we bought a kitten?

    I've decided to hide in my room forever. It is better than facing her.

    — Miss Charity F. Lloyd —

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       Elias Grimstone

    cutest set ever by MJ <3

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