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The thought of marrying Cecily Gallivan had occurred to Fitz in the way that the thought of marrying any attractive young lady did: a firm maybe and a hasty step away to more pleasurable topics, like sport or brandy.Fitzroy Prewett in Well. That took a turn.
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Lily's Journal

30 November, 1889
Another new year will soon be upon us and I am still not wed. I am not even courting. I am not even close. How has my life become like this? When I was young, I was engaged but now I cannot even get courted. Is it me?

With love,

27  August 1890
My father has officially forbidden me from attending Quidditch games. That bludger that killed that poor woman is to blame. I am not particularly attached to Quidditch but all the same, I think he is overreacting a bit. I am sure the incident has caused those in charge to take better precautions. I should hope anyway.

With love,

7  September 1890
Father will not budge on the Quidditch issue though I am not fighting against it as hard as I might have were it literally anything else. At this point, I'm just testing him. Seems his limit of giving into me is things that could result in my death. It is a comforting, safe thought. He really is a great father.

With love,

19 November 1890
I think I need to spice up my Lonely Hearts ad a little more but I cannot think of what to say. I have had some odd letters so maybe it isn't the best way to find a husband. But it is entertaining, at least.

With love,

January 1, 1890
I only have one New Years resolution and that is to be married. It has been my resolution for years past but even more so now. I will soon be twenty six! I am gathering dust on this shelf and I refuse for things in my life to be this way. I was not made to be a career girl nor a spinster!
With love,

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