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Dueling '90: Hesper Gamp vs. Sunday Fudge
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January 4th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic

Of course he had wanted to spend the holidays in Russia, had wanted to see his paramour, meet his son, but with Eva's time drawing so near, not to mention the questions it might raise in Petra and Ustinya, Nikolai Sleptov had known it wiser to remain close to home. Still, not too close—the dueling tournament had provided the wizard with precisely the excuse he needed to get out of the 'cramped' (at least, they felt that way, with secrets cloaking him like a shroud) confines of his Wellingtonshire home.

That today was to be filled with his own pupils, the professor thought, made it a fitting transition, with Hogwarts to resume in the coming week.

As the young ladies were both in their first year, he took care to ensure both understood the rules of the tournament.

"Miss Gamp will open on the offensive," Nik directed, "while Miss Fudge will take the defensive this round."
@Hesper Gamp @Sunday Fudge
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Needless to say this was a new experience for Hesper. She was nervous but mostly excited. Her Great Aunt Jessamine had expressed concern at her participating thinking it not very seemly but to her surprise had not forbidden it.

Her opponent was Miss Fudge from Gryffindor and that was pretty much all she knew about the other girl. Once the formalities were out of the way, she readied her first spell. "Rictusempra!"

Sunay recognized the other girl from double classes they'd had together - Miss Gamp seemed well suited to her house, seeing as she tended to eat up whatever lesson they had as fast as Sunday scarfed down afternoon brunch.

She cast a shield charm.

[Image: 3Zj8nG.png]
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Though it looked rather wobbly, the shield charm did the trick. Accordingly, Nikolai awarded the first point to Miss Fudge and bid her begin the next attack.
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Pleased with the results of the last round, Sunday attempted to cast a body bind curse on her opponent.

[Image: 3Zj8nG.png]
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Dueling, perhaps, wasn't her thing. It wasn't very ladylike anyway. Nevertheless, she couldn't not try her best to turn the tables on her opponent. "Protego!"

Well, Nik observed, bemused, at least they learned the shield charm well! Plainly, he had been doing his job.

"Point to Miss Gamp," the professor announced as the Slytherin's shield charm did the trick. "She shall now begin our tie-breaking round."
@Hesper Gamp @Sunday Fudge
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Oh. She hadn't lost. Hesper blinked back her surprise and wracked her brain for one last spell. "Flipendo!"

One more round then! "Protego!"

[Image: 3Zj8nG.png]
magnificence by mj <3
"It appears Miss Fudge is our winner," Nikolai announced with a quick smile at the Gryffindor. It had hardly been a thrilling bout, but then again, what could reasonably be expected from two girls not even finished their first year of magical study?

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