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@Chrysanta Ruskin | Class of 1890 1891| Slytherin
Looking for Friends
Crystal needs more friends pls ;-; She currently takes History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration. She wants to work in Magical Law Enforcement as a Lawyer. She's an artist; she paints, draws, sings, writes song, and will probably attempt to learn an instrument at some point.
Bonus: She's 'ride or die' type gal for her friends. She makes casual jokes about her vampire heritage.
Downside: She's very expressive and isn't above making vampire-related threats when it comes to her family.
Looking for Lovers
Crystal needs an intense emotional connection for any type of romantic relationship to form. She's most likely Bisexual. I'm not above the 'haters to lovers' trope. She probably would not have a romantic relationship with anyone in the grades below her. Debatable (no lower than fifth year).
Downside: If they broke up, they'd probably have to deal with songs around 'heartbreak' and see her sad face whenever they see her.
Looking for Enemies
Let's face it, Crystal's probably made some over the course of her Hogwarts Carrier. Most likely on behalf of her friends and family.
Bonus: They get to deal with an angry Crystal and vampire-related threats.
Downside: They get to deal with an angry Crystal and vampire-related threats.

@Avril Nott | Class of 1889 1887 | Ravenclaw
Looking for Friends
Avril was pulled out of Hogwarts after her fifth year at Hogwarts. She took Arithmancy, Divination, and Muggle Studies during her OWL years. She may have fallen out of contact with her friends from Hogwarts since Life Drama™ happened and she got married. She did well in DADA, so maybe your character was tutored by her. Before she was pulled out, she wanted to work as a Healer!
Bonus: If they're good friends, they might know she's a Seer!
Downside: Dramatic things tend to happen when she's around

@Mars Asteroid | Class of 1886 | Slytherin
Looking for Friends
Looking for Lovers
Despite being married, she isn't in love with her husband because she's gay (and ironically so is he). She has accepted this part of herself, but has yet to actually get into a relationship with those of the same gender due to Victorian Era things.

@'Mireille Lécuyer' | Class of 1887 | Slytherin
Looking for Friends

@Phoenix Wright | Class of 1898
Looking for Friends
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MJ made the pretties
Hello! I have a few options for you:
@Gildea Dewberry is a sixth year like Crystal, though they're in different houses. Still, they'd likely know each other and share some of the same classes at the moment! Gigi also wants to work at the Ministry, so she'd be happy to be friendly with a fellow #careergirl. I could also see them bonding over art in a way. Gigi does metal and woodwork, but is not as familiar with "softer" arts. She'd definitely try to look over Crystal's shoulder why she worked or something like that. Also, as a muggleborn, Gigi isn't weird about blood status so ... friends?

@Camilla Zabini and Mireille could be friends? It would probably depend on how Mireille felt re: the Zabini's blood status scandal. Their time at Hogwarts would have overlapped slightly so they could know each other from there?
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[Image: rXHJt2.png]
Crystal just recently decided she wanted to be a Lawyer cx so they could possibly bond over that!

For Mire and Camilla, she might recognize her. She definitely wouldn't care about status scandal. Is it recent or did it happen awhile ago?

MJ made the pretties
I want to see Olivier and Mire thrown together #huehuehuebr

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