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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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❧ 27 • GMT -8 • SHE/HERS ❧

Welcome! My name is Lady and this is where you can see who I have available for networking! If you need to contact me, please do so by Discord or PM @Faustus Prewett If you have any questions or need clarification on anything feel free to reach out and ask! <3

(If you would like to use this coding, I compiled it from various sources around the site, so it is not 100% mine, but pls feel free to use it if you wish <3)


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Relationship Spreadsheet
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Upper Middle Working Students/
agrimony macnair benedict sterling amelia evans adrienne selwyn
brynn malfoy caltheus graves hestia cordelia fawley
diana abbott louisa clearwater irene crawley edelweiss prewett
evalina rosier mabel brighton meredith edgecombe azazel
faustus prewett rowan yaxley
ingrid rowle sebastian beauregard
octavius d'orsay tilda macfusty
victor carrow

Plottage Preferences

PLOTS: I often do like to have at least a vague idea of what the plot is going to be. I'm not the biggest fan of being kept in the dark about plots unless I know from the very beginning that all bets are off and #Things could happen. That isn't to say that I must know every single detail in other situations, but if something drastic is going to happen that would be considered straight out of left field for my character, it's something I would like to know about. The types of plots that I love: dramatic, unrequited love, friendship, intense, you name it.

POSTS:  I generally like to match post length as much as I can, but it is only a personal preference and not something I necessarily expect! Generally my posting time can vary. It’s taken me a while to come up with my new system and I’d say it’s working out alright. I’m still ironing out the kinks it it so some posts may take longer than others. Please always know though that you are more than welcome to poke me for posts if you’d like. I like to rapid fire and set posting dates with people because it puts characters at the forefront of my mind, however I know that’s not always everyone’s preference so it’s also not something I would ever expect of a posting partner.

SUBJECT MATTER: When it comes to threading subject matter, I'm up for writing out just about anything except anything involving non-consensual sexual material.

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updated: 14 sept 2022

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Upper Class

@Adrienne Lestrange
16 | ucpb
rep » 8 | betrothed

— A B O U T —

Adrienne comes from a...complicated family, though to the outside world and even her she and her twin Aristide Selwyn are merely seen as wards of her aunt and uncle. As a Slytherin she is ambitious and cunning, however not unkind. As a friend she is very candid and sincere and often has trouble lying to people not because she aims to please, but it truthfully isn't an impulse for her to conceal truths from people. Often that can backfire, as she can be quite blunt at times, despite how practiced at being tactful she is. She and her twin Aristide, when they were at first at Hogwarts were often attached at the hip, never straying too far from one another. However as they've grown, they've lead independent lives, though no one doubts the bond that is between the two.

@Agrimony Macnair
26 | ucpb
class of '81
rep » 8 | unattached
Owner of Curios Apothecary; Black Market Inventor & Arms Dealer

— A B O U T —

Those who may know Agrimony personally may not feel very comfortable in his presence. Though he rarely shows agression to anyone who hasn't done him wrong, those who are perceptive might suspect there is something off about him, and thus keep their distance. Anyone who does feel this though, would likely not have any concrete reason to feel uncomfortable other than sheer intuition.

Agrimony here is a Black Market Inventor & Arms Dealer. His creations usually wind up in Borgin & Burkes or in the hands of some pretty unseemly people, which his Apothecary in Wizarding London acts as a front for. Items that he's invented may be found in the Extras section of his profile. A's interest in muggle firearms started with Muggle Studies and only grew from there. He's an expert marksman and if your character has a gun and obtained it through illicit means, they likely got it from him or from one of his fences.

@Brynn Rosier
25 | ucpb
rep » 9 | Married
Wife of Enoch Rosier

— A B O U T —

It's no secret that Brynn was known as a bit of a snob and a brat in her youth. Having been raised amongst the upper class, there was no reason for her to believe that she wouldn't receive the best treatment that money could buy. She wore the best clothes and fashions and was sour to anyone who dared step out of line to challenge this. The death of her sister and fiancé has seen her compassionate side reveal itself, though she would still by no means be considered accessibly friendly to all.

FRIENDS: Both blood and class matter for Brynn in this category. She will tolerate anything less with a prim smile on her face only if there is a public to watch this encounter, but if you are her friend, she is loyal, true, and adores showering her friends with gifts (def "gifts" would be her love language).

CLASSMATES: At Hogwarts, Brynn wouldn't have been considered extremely popular, as much as she likes to believe she was. so it's entirely possible that if you were working class, you were treated to some of Brynn's choiciest jabs. If you are PB, it's likely you were spared, but only by the skin of your teeth. As she progressed through Hogwarts, Brynn was a bit kinder insofar as she stopped being snide people, though she never attempted to apologize to anyone. To those she liked, she was pleasant and kind, though perhaps if you were her friend and weren't rich, you may have felt the relationship was conditional.

ENEMIES: Likely people she's bullied in the past and hasn't apologized to since, or most recently those who think she's a snob.

@Diana Abbott
25 | ucpb
class of '82
rep » 10 | married
wife of william abbott

— A B O U T —

The eldest daughter of the Fawley family, Diana grew up in a loving but firm household, and has always exuded a mix between Ravenclaw-like wit and restraint due to a sense of wanting to make her family proud. She maintains a close relationship with her sister Octavia-Rose, and is closer with her father who tends to share her love of books and good conversation. She is pregnant with her and her husband's first child, due in September of 1891.FRIENDS: Anyone who would have been in the same class + at Pendergast's!

@Evalina Rosier
46 | ucpb
class of '62
rep » 10 | married

— A B O U T  —

After having vacated Hogwarts before she could graduate, Evalina has always been salty about not completing her education; something that she has always tried (and mostly succeeded) to compensate for by using her wealth and family influence to match wits with the brightest amongst her age. Outwardly she is a veritable society wife and often holds functions that inwardly repulse her. To those who know her true colors, Eva feels freer to let her guard down, but with the added bonus of being spiteful, vindictive, and in possession of a moral compass resembling that of a thread of silk. Oh, and she murdered her sister.
FRIENDS: Here, Eva could most certainly have some "fake" friends; as in those who she's perfectly nice too but don't know her more sinister nature. I'd also love some closer friends who maaaybe might know her inclination towards the macabre and dark arts. Her lover is Elladora Black, so if your character feels one way about Ella, they'll probably feel about the same towards Eva.

@Faustus Prewett
40 | ucpb
class of '87
rep » 9 | widowed
head auror

— A B O U T —

As the eldest of the Prewett children, Faustus is a rather serious man; growing up he felt a lot on his shoulders with not only being the eldest but the eldest of a rather prominent pureblooded family. He was always steadfast and resolute in school, and after redeeming his family's name, found himself Head Auror. Because he was hell-bent on restoring his family name, he is...not the world's best brother. Faustus is at his core a good man, he's a good father to his kids and all that, but given the time he spent exonerating his family's name, I think he missed a lot of what his brothers went through growing up and I'd love to have him slowly realize that.
COLLEAGUES: As Head Auror, Faustus probably has a LOT of connections within the Ministry - I'd love to figure out who of your characters likes him and who doesn't.
HURLS: Faustus is single and not-so-ready to mingle. He's widowed with three children and should really have chosen someone by now, but I'd love to determine if his muse doesn't want to or is just being stubborn.
FAMILY: I would love to have some threads establishing familial relationships, whether they be positive or negative! Lmk what your reactions are to the above!

@Ingrid Rowle
23 | ucpb
rep » 8 | married

— A B O U T  —

Ingrid Rowle née Prewett is the daughter of Everard and Astoria Prewett, but more importantly, the best friend of Tatiana Lestrange and Liberty Gore if you are a friend or enemy of either of these two, then you know already know where you and Ingrid stand. She's your run of the mill socialite but I'd love to involve her in more plots and give her some more connections! Whether it's a new debutante she might want to take under her wing for #Reasons, or a new debutante latches onto her and she really doesn't want to, throw your ideas at me

@Octavius d'Orsay
40 | uchb
rep » 9 | widwoed
dada professor

— A B O U T —

Octavius is the DADA professor in addition to being the Gryffindor Head of House. A Frenchman to boot, he has a kind disposition for those who don't cross him. His wife and unborn child perished in a brutal murder that has since remained unsolved; as a result, those who suffer from lack of closure and the passing of a loved one are among those who he tries to comfort where he can.
HOGWARTS: Gryffindor students, faculty, parents worried for their children; I'd love to thread Octavius with some if not all of the above but also (like with all these characters) establish connections!

@Victor Carrow
31 | ucpb
rep » 9 | unattached
assist. head of dept. of magical games & sports

— A B O U T  —

A former Quidditch player whose career was cut short by a tragic accident in which he almost drowned but was saved by a former loved one who perished in the act of saving him. As such, he's got a nasty case of PTSD and in addition, is terrified of large bodies of water. Thankfully he was able to catch a position at the Ministry and doesn't find himself near them very often.

HURLS: this man like I said is traumatized but he's also hurlable! Aside from that, he's a rather lively fellow and I could see him with someone who is able to match his energy, but when it comes to love he's likely coming along with some baggage.

FRIENDS: YO this man also needs friends. Colleagues, fellow men he could encounter at Black's etc. His best friend is Simeon Shafiq but he needs more lads to hang with!

CO-WORKERS: Victor is an amiable fellow to work with, but he can be a bit indulgent at times, especially during the Quidditch Season. He works hard to make sure everything is in order up to the day before, but he can tend to let loose a bit once he feels like the work he has is done.

Middle Class

@Benedict Sterling
38 | mchb
rep » 9 | complicated

— A B O U T —

In posession of a vibrant and sometimes overly cocky attitude, Benedict is your typical adreanline junkie Auror. After suffereing from amnesia after going MIA during a mission back in 1884, Ben's since regained most if not all of his memories by now. He's back to being an auror and just went through being attacked on Alfred Darrow's sea ship; so is likely to suffer from more PTSD.
HURLS: Since recovering from amnesia, Ben's since professed his feelings for his longtime best friend Ari Fisk who is currently married to Dionisia Fisk, who thus far is only aware of Ari's sexuality and not of Ben's involvement. BUT all this doesn't mean Ben can't be hurled at women for marriage... Wink Beards, unhappy marriages, or just a marriage where neither party is very interested? Come at me >D

@Caltheus Graves
34 | mchb
rep » 8 | widwowed
head of werewolf capture unit

— A B O U T —

Though rather accustomed to living a rather nomadic life, Cal doesn't exactly have the air of someone who likes to avoid people. While the trauma of losing his wife in such a violent way made him withdraw from society for a while, he came out of mourning as smoothly as he could and eased back into socializing quite quickly. Years of traveling abroad with his family has made him slip into small talk quite well, and he knows how to make those around him comfortable enough to be at ease. What he currently battles with is the results of sustaining a scratch from a werewolf. Thankfully the scar is hidden enough that one isn't able to see it, but his personality has roughened out, and one could say his impulses became a bit more reckless afterwards. Looking for Co-workers and friends, pls! Hurls are a plus, but I can't guarantee he'll behave.

@Louisa Clearwater
31 | mchb
rep » 9 | spinster
gryffindor house matron

— A B O U T  —

Though recently employed as governess to Charity Lloyd, Louisa has been a teacher and governess for quite some time. Her fiancé was killed protecting her from a wayward carriage, after which time she spent a while in St. Mungo's. Then, she met another man, Matthew whom she got engaged to but who, shortly after, perished. Basically the woman thinks she's cursed to be single forever and has resigned herself to spinsterdom and teaching.
FORMER CLASSMATES: It was discovered yesterday Louisa has quite a few played classmates on board! Y'all know who you are, let's hash out how they got along!
MENTEES: Louisa has seen her fair share of UC/MC pupils before they went off to Hogwarts. Are you one of those people? I'd love for her to have a catch up thread or two with some of her old pupils. Perhaps they stayed in touch after Hogwarts, or perhaps they just reconnected for some reason!

@Mabel Brighton
23 | mcmb
rep » 8 | unattached
Mediwitch @ St. Mungo's Hospital

— A B O U T —

FRIENDS:  'dis girl needs friends, y'all. She's a little beaten up from her childhood, so she's rather timid and shy at first outside of her professional setting. She can also be a bit jumpy, but loyal and there for you when you need it, esp if you need healing xD

CO-WORKERS:  Healers!! St. Mungo's mostly, but Hogsmeade Hospital too, pls!

CLASSMATES:  She was Class of '87 so I'd love to flesh out her Hogwarts history a bit! All I really have in her app is that someone introduced her to herbology and healing, and that's kind of when she begun to hate herself as a witch less. She also began her interest in becoming an animagus and eventually succeeded in '90!

PATIENTS: She's a medi-witch, so I'd assume that with all the disasters we've had on this board that she may have been the one to patch up a great deal of you! She first started in '87, so she was thrown into the fray once the World Market disaster happened. Other things that happened since are the Fog of Summer '87 and most recently the Hurricane at the Sanditon during Autumn of '91. Do you have a particularly hazardous job? Aurors, hit-wizards/witches, Unspeakables, Quidditch players, the list goes on xD if you need someone to patch you up I have Mabel here and also my other medi-wizard, @Sebastian Beauregard.

@Rowan Yaxley
24 | mcpb
rep » 7 | unattatched
employee in the department of magical accidents & catastrophes
— A B O U T  —

Rowan is a former Hufflepuff and my newest of this lovely bunch. She's from a loving but lower-middle class home that was wrought with scandal when her father was revealed to have gambled away almost everything but the house. His dealings only became publically known when her younger sister was cornered and forced to drink a potion to make her perpetually ill, in additon to being sworn to an Unbreakable Vow that she never tell them what had made her sick. Their family slowly stitched themselves back together with the help of close to the last of her natal family's money. They make enough to just keep them from descending to lower class.

@Sebastian Beauregard
25 | mchb
rep » 8 | unattached

— A B O U T —

Those who know Sebastian know his temperment is rather mild, though they shouldn't mistake him for being shy. Though awkward and a tad clumsy, Seb is good natured, introverted and only shows his temper in extreme situations. He's a healer at Hogsmeade Hospital and rather content with where he is in life. He's not particularly ambitious, but knows where he wants to go - he's just not in a hurry to get there. Seb can be a bit absorbed in his work, and so I'd love it for him to have a friend who really pulls him out of his shell sometimes.

@Tilda MacFusty
22 | mchb
rep » 9 | unattached
creature induced injuries healer

— A B O U T —

Tilda is another of my bleeding hearts in the form of a healer. She is from the less...feral? side of the MacFusty clan. She is a kind soul, but has a temper about her which few have been unfortunate have found themselves on the side of.
CO-WORKERS: I'd love to establish Tilda's relationship with her co-workers!
FORMER CLASSMATES: Also connections with former classmates and friends pls!

Working Class

@Amelia Evans
28 | wchb
rep » 8 | courting

— A B O U T —

Amelia is a magizoologist at Podmore Zoological Gardens. She can often be seen tending to the gardens there as well as taking care of the animals. Her favorite animals are the mooncalves, however she's less enthused when she has to chase them around in order to herd them. To help her, she has Penny, her australian shepherd who can often be seen trailing next to or behind her when she's walking to work. She currently lives in Irvingly, however has a fondness for Hogsmeade, so will often make trips into town when she can.

25 | wchb
rep » 3 | unattached

— A B O U T  —

Hestia grew up in a travelling carnival that frequented multiple spots over a number of years. Growing up on the streets has made her rather frank about her outlook on the world at large. The fact that she grew up around entertainers, however has made her an easy and amiable conversationalist with anyone willing to speak to a person of her status. She is a con-artist, so her genuineness can be deceptive and seamless, though she mostly targets those she thinks deserve it. When among company of similar repute, Hestia loves to socialize and help out where she can.

FRIENDS: Friends of hers might not exactly consider her a "friend" in the traditional sense, though once her loyalty is gained, she will likely go to the ends of the earth to help you in any way she can. But her trust (nor services) are cheap, and it takes a while for her to warm up to new people.

ENEMIES: Listen this girl has likely made a fair amount of enemies with the amount of things she's stolen. Some she's likely gotten in trouble for, others she's gotten clean away. Though she's never let anyone witness this, she's likely killed people before as well - but she always tries to find a reason, unless she was otherwise forced to.

THE LOST BOYS: While Hestia considers herself a cog in the machine of the late-Simon Fox's own creation, she's managed to scrounge up a machine all her own. While OOC I refer to them as the Lost Boys, truth is IC JM Barrie hasn't written Peter Pan yet, so IC they're just Hestia's crew. Throughout the years she's occasionally come across the paths of children in Hogsmeade. Some have needed a warm place to stay, others a bite to eat and some needed to survive. Gradually they've come to gain her trust and vice versa. They help Hestia with scouting out places to ransack: a family preparing to move, or perhaps an interesting Ministry dig site? Hestia makes it clear they're only here to help scout and assist in smaller acts of thievery.

Anything that involves them being in actual harm may result in them wanting to help more than they should, however, which keeps life interesting for the witch, who sometimes feels as if she's ended up a mother of a whole pod without even realizing it. In reality, they are all self-sufficient children, very intelligent and street smart, but know they can turn to Hestia if they're in any real trouble. IC involvement can range from children actively helping her or being trained in the art of the con by her, or merely going to her should they need protection, which would be unconditional.

@Irene Crawley
26 | wchb
rep » 6 | unattached
Art Conservator & Restorer

— A B O U T —

Irene is an Art Restorer and Conservator. A lot of her day involves working with paintings and painting herself. She finds peace in the genuine craft that seemes to have endless curveballs that it likes to throw at her. From a young age, she's loved art and paintings, and it is no different working in the field. She is dedicated to what she does, and she takes it seriously. Make no mistake, though, there's great amusement to be found working with paintings who are particular about how their nose or ears are, and Irene has found humor in working with these subjects day to day. Though they're not "real" so to speak, Irene finds it rather wonderful to learn about their lives before they were painted (despite the fact that many like to embellish their adventures - who doesnt?). With her family deceased and her ex-fiancé's memory wiped of her, Irene's past has a hard time letting her forget, but she does what she can with what she's provided.

@Meredith Edgecombe
25 | wchb
rep » 6 | complicated
manager at the ivy leaf tearoom & bakery

— A B O U T —

Having grown up in a far from ideal environment, Meri is no stranger to trials and tribulation. She left Hogwarts after she sat her O.W.L.s and is now content at her position at the Ivy Leaf. You can usually find her with the Revs at the ABC in London, or at the bakery and tearoom. It's also not uncommon to find her with some sort of flour spattered across her face. She is energetic and wears her heart on her sleeve. If you're hungry and she has occasional left overs, odds are she'd give you some.


@Cordelia Fawley
17 | mchb
rep » 9 | unattached
sixth year gryffindor prefect

— A B O U T  —

Cordelia has a condition called synesthesia. When people speak, she can taste whatever flavor their voice gives her; her emotions give her similar sensations. Music is a forte of hers because it causes colors to flash and swirl before her eyes (think this scene from Ratatouille), which therefore gives her perfect pitch. She can often be found in the music room, as it's the one environment besides complete silence where she can control what she sees and when. Early on in her years at Hogwarts, she realized that not everyone has this ability and thus she's terrified it might actually get out and ruin her chances at decent connections in life. This realization causes her to be rather guarded at first, however to most people she's friendly and falsely open, often doling out advice where she sees fit. Whether her motivations are nefarious or not usually remains to be seen by both parties.

@Edelweiss Prewett
14 | ucpb
rep » 8 | unattached
fourth year gryffindor
— A B O U T  —

Hailing from the large Longbottom/Prewett/Potter clan, Edelweiss is the eldest child of the eldest Prewett — oh and she's also a Seer, she just doesn't know it yet. She's quite a vibrant child, but in an academic setting she doesn't exactly thrive. She tries, bless her, but she's most certainly not the top of her class which makes her rather embarrassed seeing as her father was rather an over-achiever. Even her developing Seer powers are a bit fluid, which are frustrating to say the least. They always came to her as dreams while she slept, with many of them having varying degrees of accuracy. The first accurate vision she ever had was of her mother dying — since then, her visions have been getting more vivid and more prominent. Aannnd they've started to happen during the daytime.

Friends/Classmates: I would looove to find Ada a friend group! Her best friend in her grade is her cousin, @Flora Mulciber but Ada's generally very kind, just a little awkward. She's just realizing that she might be a Seer, so I'd also love for some people to experience her having a vision during the daytime.

Enemies: Her dad has thrown a LOT of people in Azkaban. Someone blame her.

Family: Calling all adult Prewetts, I want threads!! Maybe Ada has a vision about your character and tries to warn you about it? Alsoooo now that Faustus and Malou are courting, Ada has #THOUGHTS and wants to vent. The first option is of course for her to confront her father, but as we know, there's a small problem with that. After their mother died, Iris looked up to Edelweiss a lot more, which Ada took in stride, but I think she'd want a female figure to look up to as well. This doesn't necessarily have to be in the family, but it'd be a perk if they were!

Seers: I know we have a few fellow seers on board!! I somehow want Ada to have a fellow seer to look up to or at least fret to. Eventually, I'd love for her to gain confidence in her seer abilities and potentially as her confidence grows, her visions get more accurate.


128 | vampire
rep » 2 | unattached
rogue vampire

— A B O U T —

Have you ever met someone who can seem completely normal one moment, then completely unhinged the next? Did you have that sinking feeling that once left to their own devices, they'd willingly and unblinkingly play with and destroy everything in their path?


She's a vampire first and foremost, and she plays her part well. The world is her stage, and if you encounter her, consider yourself disposable. In terms of encounters with other characters, I'd like to see Azazel encounter other vampires in the area - she'd not be a pleasant encounter, but she'd have more fun making fun of people who think vampires and humans can live side by side. She thinks Vampires, though non-magic, are the ones who should be on top. She's irrational, she's frustrating, and she can turn on a dime when it comes to her emotions.

[Image: uaLNks.png]
Spring Round Up + Updates
as of 3 Mar 2023

Might as well hop on the bandwagon xD


So looks like @Caltheus Graves and @Azazel are going to be goin in the upcoming AC unless anyone has any objections? I'm not sure what to throw Cal in, plotwise, and his muse has also escaped my grasp. So unless his muse pulls a hail mary like Malice's did, he'll be shelved for the time being. Azazel, I usually bring around for the Fall, so she'll keep causing chaos.


My folks who are involved in the plot are @Hestia @Meredith Edgecombe and @Agrimony Macnair — Hestia and Agrimony will be a couriers, with Agrimony's apothecary as a front for smuggling, Meri will start out as a target with the Ivy Leaf being pulled into the organization as well., and we'll see where it goes from there >D

Hestia and Agrimony are the ones who are likely going to be scouting out the targets, so if you have a target you'd like to present, I'd love for them to have an encounter with either of the two!


@Benedict Sterling has been a bit of a wreck since Dio found out about Ari and him, seeing as Ari has pretty much gone no contact at this point (I think we said that MJ, yes?) so co-workers in the Ministry that he might know that he could have a drink with? Or I'm also down for him to be on a mission with someone, OR be on a mission and encounter someone

@Mabel Brighton is another of my poor heartbroken babies who needs some love! I recently read a fanfiction that really inspired me to do more with healing, so she's rearing to go if anyone needs healing, or tending to after a disaster.

@Tilda MacFusty just got engaged! Where are her friends at @Daffodil Potts, @Melody Crouch I feel like Gemma and Jo were friends with her at one point? There's likely others but those are the ones that have jumped out at me after a 2.5 hr car drive xD

@Lowri Dempsey is telling me she wants more threads with her children, which I feel like Ive kiilled one or two in the past which is totally my bad, but I swear Lowri's in here just waiting to pounce xD


@Philomena Sprout I'd like to get Phie involved in some sort of drama or plot but I'm blanking atm, so if you have anything, I'm all ears! She's a seer, so that may sweeten the pot for you xD

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[Image: uaLNks.png]
This might be going out on a limb but - Ben/Alfred? I remember Alfred respects Ben a lot from their interactions during the rescue mission/kraken fighting; they're not the sort to get drinks but they might be acquainted enough for Alfred to go "hey bro u ok?" if they ran into each other somewhere.

Dunno if you mean "needs some love" literally or not but @Alasdair Greyback is hurlable and I really want him involved with someone for ~drama. We can also maim him.

Always up for more Lowri in my life <3

♡ Set by Bee ♡
Do the Rooks know who each other are? If so - then Agrimony and @Adrestia Dantés - could discover each other, or have a meeting to discuss a potential target.

Merida, I imagine, is probably friendly with Tilda, and is rather Romantic by nature, so would want to hear all of the details!

Widow Chris and Lowri threads -or even letters

For Phil
Bernard Prewett - my seer, is organising little round tables on the murders so that seers can discuss their various visions and see if they can piece them together into something meaninful. Maybe he could seek her out and see if she wants to take part?

[Image: IqdY1tT.png]
Look what MJ did!!

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