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Tilda MacFusty
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Creature-Induced Injuries Healer
24 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 5 in.
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Full Name: Mathilda Rowena MacFusty

Nickname(s): Tilda

Birthdate: June 30, 1868

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: Creature-Induced Injuries Healer at Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hebrides, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna

Wand: Red Oak, 10", Peacock Feather, bendy

Conall MacFusty ; Father, b. 1833
Madailéin Máirín MacFusty ; Mother, b. 24th December 1842
Quillian "Quill" Ronan MacFusty; Brother b. 1856
Lachlan "Lach" Irvine MacFusty; Brother b. 1860
Aibhlinn Caitriona MacFusty ; Sister; b. 1885, d. 1893
Tilda stands a little taller than the average height for a Victorian woman at 5'5", and though she is still above average height for a female, she is quite small in comparison to her cousins. She has pale skin that burns easily with cheeks that flame up when she gets embarrassed. She has clear blue eyes and hair strawberry red. It's usually darker in the winter, and gets bleached in the summer.

Tilda has moderate curves, though they are nothing outlandishly impressive. She's quite skilled at knife throwing -- though she obviously doesn't do it out of the comfort of her home -- which means she is deceptively strong for her size (though she doesn't have much muscle so looking at her, no one would be the wiser). Her wand arm is her left arm.

Born Mathilda Rowena MacFusty, Mathilda was the only child to her mother and father. She's part of a large family with a good chunk of them dragon keepers, hunters and tamers. So naturally, Mathilda grew up with legends and stories of dragons. When she was old enough to speak, she could not for the life of her stay "Mathilda" and instead said "Tilda" which stuck to her well into her teens.

From an early age, Aislinn and Conall found that Tilda was a gentle soul, caring for life all around her. She cried when she accidentally killed a fly, and insisted on a funeral for the poor creature. Her mother and father humored her, seeing the good nature in their daughter. As Tilda grew older and visited her father's side of the family, she grew a tougher outer shell - many of her cousins, although gentle in their nature were absolutely terrifying to Tilda when she was younger. She quickly warmed up to them though, and loved their rowdiness at times. Still, Tilda liked to watch at a distance when they dealt with dragons. Of course her mother and father would never let Tilda anywhere close to the dragons, but she still harbored a curiosity for the beasts.

Her first bit of magic was when she was almost 11. She hated greens, and as much as her father tried to get her to eat them, Tilda rejected them even further. It was one night when Tilda was feeling especially stubborn and she found that once her father had put the greens in front of her, they disappeared. Tilda was shocked as much as her parents, though they figured out what was happening before she did. Soon after, she received her Hogwarts letter. Her mother and father took her to purchase her school supplies and soon after that, she was off to Hogwarts.

Tilda was sorted immediately into Gryffindor, before the hat even rested fully on her head. She happily joined the Gryffindor table and soon found herself some friends which she has kept close to ever since. Hogwarts found a studious student in Tilda - she found her true passion to be healing, and took a great interest in the Hospital Wing when one of her friends was injured. She's decided she would like to be a healer with a concentration in animals (magical and non-magical) and has worked especially hard in the classes she knew she had to excel in to become a healer. One could suppose it was a combination of influences from both her mother and her paternal cousins that propelled such a career desire. Her mother was a healer – that, combined with the beasts her cousins deal with produced the passion for beasts that resides in Tilda to this day.

In her fifth year, much to her surprise (and her family's), Tilda was made prefect. It was quite difficult at first, and sparked many rumors around the school. She was well aware that her family name was quite infamous, and some students were quite vocal about not letting her forget that her cousin had been expelled a few years prior. After her first year though, the young girl found her footing in her leadership role and is now generally left alone, having had the support of some of her fellow prefects.

Her seventh year at Hogwarts, Tilda was elected Head Girl, a position that she accepted with much enthusiasm. It was a bittersweet year, for it was her last one with the closest of her friends. It passed in a flash, and by the end of it, Tilda made up her mind to become a creature induced injuries healer. She decided on Hogsmeade instead of St. Mungos for the purpose of avoiding recognition and nepotism at her mother's former work. She procured an internship at Hogsmeade with references from her teachers. Soon after the internship is over, she happily accepted a position and now currently works as a permanent healer at Hogsmeade Hospital.

Tilda is what you would call an old soul - she was not much trouble to her parents growing up, she helped out when she could, and she did not make many fusses when she didn't get her way. Tilda's got a very easy going personality and takes punches and obstacles as they come to her. She's quite funny when she wants to be, and can be a little on the sarcastic side as well.

She's also said to be extremely stubborn when she wants to be, which can be proved by any of her friends who have tried to get her to do something Tilda deemed not worth her time. One of her strongest qualities though is that she is very maternal. She will not hesitate to help a friend, or creature in need, and is quite good at healing spells and potions, which is conducive to her wanting to become a healer. One could say that she might belong in a quieter house, though it is the MacFusty blood in her that might have had a large role in landing her in Gryffindor, seeing as most of her family was in the same house themselves.

Since leaving Gryffindor, Tilda has come into her own and looks upon the world with an inquisitive gaze and neverending curiosity. Shes also managed to shed a bit of her shyness since entering her house, and has made herself more comfortable - more MacFusty-like, if you will - in her insistence of standing up for herself and others.


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