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Lachlan MacFusty

Full Name: Lachlan Irvine MacFusty

Nickname(s): "Lach"

Birthdate: August 13, 1860

Age: 30

Occupation: Dragonkeeper

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Hebrides, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus ('78)

Wand: Red oak, 13 inches, Hebridean Black dragon scale, Hard

Conall MacFusty, Father [1833]
Madailéin MacFusty (née -----), Mother [1842]
Quillian "Quill" MacFusty, Brother [1856]
Matilda "Tilda" MacFusty, Sister [1868]
Aibhlinn MacFusty, Sister [1885]
Like most of the men in his family, Lachlan is defined by his unusual height. At six feet, two inches tall, Lachlan towers above nearly all women and most men—and his athletic nature does nothing to ease his intimidating stature. He has wavy, medium blond hair that was once longer in his youth but is now cropped short to prevent unintended obstructions during quidditch matches. He has hazel eyes, a crooked nose, and lips that are a little too full for his face. His complexion, naturally fair, has been somewhat tanned by seasons spent on the quidditch pitch.

Never one to care about fashion, Lachlan dresses for convenience. Only for society events does he make an attempt to groom his hair and shave appropriately, and even then he may appear somewhat disheveled. He wields his wand with his left hand.

Brash. Quick to make snap judgments. Blunt. Guards his heart with a facade of indifference. Perfectly amiable after two or three drinks. Intelligent, but failed to utilize it in school. Optimistic realist: always hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Says what he means and means what he says. Switches from friendly to cold the moment he feels slighted. Surprisingly a healthy ego. Warm with—but not always easy on—the people he loves.
  • A native speaker of English and Scottish Gaelic. There was once an attempt made to teach him French, but that fell through in less than a month.
  • A natural on the quidditch pitch, Lachlan has always preferred the position of beater. He has, however, played keeper and chaser during casual matches.
  • His style of spell-casting is best described as "snappy and violent".
  • His boggart take the form of himself, missing an arm and a leg.
  • His patronus takes the form of jackal.
  • Although not a virgin, Lachlan is far from promiscuous; nothing makes him more uncomfortable than affection from people he doesn't care for.
Care of Magical CreaturesAA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
History of MagicD
1860 | Lachlan is born the second child of Conall and Madailéin MacFusty. His nursery is adorned with dragons, and his wavy blond hair is unmanageable from the start; there is no question of which family he belongs to.

1864 | His childhood is spent toddling hand in hand with his mother through the narrow paths on the island carved by the MacFusty clan. He loves their islands, and he loves watching the waves crash against the ragged cliff-side. More than anything, he loves the harrowing tales of dragon-hunters—and later, dragon-keepers—told by his mother at bedtime.

1868 | After having accepted his place as the youngest child in the household for eight long years, his mother gives birth to a baby girl named Matilda. He does not take easily to being the middle child; the summer is spent doting on the newborn and getting Quill ready for his upcoming year at Hogwarts, leaving him feeling left out of all the fun. He retreats into himself, and develops a bit of an anger management issue.

1871 | Autumn approaches and Lachlan is finally able to prepare for school. His father gifts him with a dragon heartstring, which is commissioned into a wand. He sets off for Hogwarts in September, where he is sorted into Gryffindor—a given for most members of their family. His first week at school is tainted by detention—thrice—for speaking out of turn, which he only meant to give the answer to a question. He abandons his enthusiasm towards learning with the belief that education's purpose is to beat then into place rather than teach them about the magical world. He tries out for the quidditch team, and, like most first years, miserably fails.

1872 | He finally makes the Gryffindor quidditch team as a beater, which he owes to his sudden growth spurt the previous summer The year is uneventful: he gets detention, Gryffindor loses a quidditch match, and then he gets detention for cursing at one of the opposing players in front of a handful of girls... and a professor.

1873 | With the need to add another course to his schedule but with no desire to pursue anything requiring an outlandish amount of book work, he adds Care of Magical Creatures to his list. He's dismayed to find out that it does require essays, but finds them more palatable than, say, the ones his dorm-mate has to write for Ancient Studies.

1874 | Lachlan experiences his first crush, and even scores his first kiss! He's not sure what his expectations were, but there was no avoiding the crushing disappointment of the subsequent cold shoulder she gives him after a brief rumor circulates about their... closeness.

1875 | For the first time since Lach had joined the team, Gryffindor secures the quidditch cup. It's the first moment of true pride he experiences while at school, and nothing—not detention, not unfair professors, and not even threats of being benched—can take that victory away from him. He begins his fifth year in the fall, and with the need to get a minimum of three passing scores on his OWLs, he slacks during the quidditch season. Only a bit.

1876 | He takes his OWL examination; they're definitely a bitch. Lachlan is introduced to the trade of dragon-keeping during the summer, but he isn't yet allowed to get up close to the dragons. His father expects him to join the family trade of managing the Hebridean Black population on the islands, and Lach is on board—initially. He returns to Hogwarts in the fall with four classes on his schedule: Charms, Astronomy, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures. (Although he initially intends to only take three, he receives an unexpected "E" on his Astronomy OWL, likely because of the stargazing he does back at home, so he feels obligated to take it to prove he's a capable human being.)

1878 | After rounding out his final year at Hogwarts with a quidditch cup victory for Gryffindor, Lachlan sits for his NEWT examinations. (It's surprising how a childhood belief that magic was nothing more than an incantation and wand movement can be shattered by a Charms final.) Out of Hogwarts he is immediately recruited by the Chudley Cannons as a second-string beater thanks to his success in his final year (and surely his tall stature). His father is initially displeased by the situation, but it's not as if he can say much; Lachlan isn't the first MacFusty to thrive on the quidditch pitch!

1879 | Tilda goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor. He misses her, but he won't admit it to anyone, let alone her. During the brief off-season he travels to America for a week of tomfoolery, and as delighted as he is by the difference in scenery, he is less impressed by the magical world's desire to remain completely separated from the muggles.

1881 | Lachlan is promoted to first-string beater on the Cannons. He finds himself more at ease on the air than on the bench, and makes a name for himself in the industry by attending as many quidditch-related parties as he can. (As difficult as forming genuine connections might be, how could he say no to dancing, good booze, and talk of quidditch!?)

1883 | The quidditch world cup comes to Britain. He seizes the opportunity to try out... only to be passed over for a more experienced player. Deflated by not defeated, he continues into the next professional season hoping to prove himself worthy for the next cup. In the fall, Tilda is appointed prefect. He remembers rolling his eyes when their parents congratulated Quillian for his success in school, but in his newfound maturity (comparatively, at least), he's proud of her.

1885 | Lach is injured after rushing to assist his cousins with an out-of-control dragon. He's forced to sit out during the first three matches of the professional season and is left with a nasty scar from his right shoulder down to the middle of his back. During the year, his mother gives birth to an unexpected baby girl, and Lachlan does his best to bond with her despite their age difference.

1887 | Lachlan is one of the many who suffers injuries during the disaster at the Wizarding World Market—not at the claws of a flying tiger, but under the collapsed pavilion. He recovers after a mere few days, but finds himself taken with a Hogsmeade healer who went to assist St. Mungo's with the aftermath. He's tempted to ask Tilda to make a formal introduction, but decides that it would be too awkward. He doesn't see her again, and hates himself for not allowing himself to pursue the acquaintanceship further.

Presently | The Quidditch World Cup returns to Britain in the summer, and as his thirtieth year approaches, Lachlan makes a final ditch effort to make the team. Surprising himself and probably others, he makes the team as a first-string beater.
  • He accidentally killed someone during the 1890 Quidditch World Cup after hitting a bludger into one of the boxes.
  • He is a member of the notorious MacFusty family, a dragon-keeping clan from the Scottish Hebrides.
  • He's played professionally for the Chudley Cannons since graduating Hogwarts. He was promoted to first-string beater back in 1881.
  • He's not known for his warm demeanor, but always enjoys a good party.
  • His sister, Tilda MacFusty, was head girl at Hogwarts. His older brother also excelled at school, making him the black sheep of the family in that regard.
  • He's been benched twice in his career: once after being attacked by a dragon, and then following the disaster at the Wizarding World Market.
  • Of the deep scar on his back. His teammates and family know this, but he doesn't regularly walk around shirtless.
  • Of his intimacy issues.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

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