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Issue #192 - Belby Responsible For Werewolf Attack?

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4 Tips for Ladies on Flying Carpets
One of the benefits of traveling by carriage — particularly in the company of a suitor — is that one's appearance remains relatively safe from the elements. This cannot be said of flying carpets, even though they usually provide a far smoother and more comfortable traveling experience than the average carriage ride. The flying carpet does provide the best view which makes for a perfect backdrop with a beau, but how can it be enjoyed if your hat is blown askew by the wind or your hair comes loose?

1. Enchanted hairpins!
Casting a gripping charm on your hairpins will help keep your hairpins exactly where they ought to be. This ought to keep the worst of that unkempt windswept look at bay. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-charmed hairpins and save yourself the bother. It is worth noting that it is advisable to reverse the charm on the pins before removal or else you may find it rather painful. Store bought charmed hairpins will likely also need this treatment and thus be rendered mundane once the spell has been removed. Make sure to read the instructions with your pre-charmed hairpins before interfering with them.

2. Charm your hair!
If your hair needs further protection there area variety of localized freezing and immobilizing charms that can be cast upon your hair. However, many of these charms may temporarily change the texture of your hair and may result in abnormal rigidness that may be noticeable once you have disembarked. A quick detour to the powder room to reverse the enchantment will remedy this, however! This may seem like a hassle but it is far easier than having your hair re-styled and certainly less embarrassing.

3. A Flying Carpet Hat
A rather novel invention by Olbert Ridding, the Flying Carpet Hat is spelled to neutralize the atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of — up to one foot away from — the wearer! The powerful enchantment even keeps ladies safe from precipitation and the dampening affects of mist. The downside to this, however, is that it requires wearing the hat instead of your hat of choice. Of course it can be removed after travel but it costs a great deal more to have Flying Carpet Hats custom made.

4. Sit facing the wind
If all else fails, face the wind and you will be far less likely to find your hair molested by gusts of wind. If nothing else, you may find your cheeks suffer mild windburn which will give you a lovely, healthy pink glow that your beau is sure to admire!

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10 Facts About Elliot Carmichael
With the school term starting up for young witches and wizards in just a couple short weeks, this reporter thought to shine some light on one of Hogwarts’ newest heads of houses, Mister Elliot Carmichael.

The dashing Mister Elliot Carmichael has been blessed with a wonderful head of curls.
1. Mister Carmichael will begin his position as Slytherin Head of House this upcoming term.
A professor since 1883 and reported to be generally well liked by his students, he is just a smidge younger than what is typical for the position but time will tell whether this serves the professor well or not.

2. He is unmarried.
While said to have been seen in the company of a former student, there is no signs yet of Mister Carmichael being close to courting anyone, let alone marrying them.

3. His birthday is February 14th, making him an Aquarius.
The traits of an Aquarius individual are typically those of charm and romanticism which makes the fact that Mister Carmichael was born on Valentine's Day even more fitting. He definitely has the appearance of a dashing, romantic hero.

4. He is a heir!
Mister Carmichael is set to inherit his fathers fortune and does not have a need to work. The fact that he took up a position at Hogwarts is a sure sign that he has a true desire to help shape young minds.
5. He has two younger siblings.
His sister is the lovely debutante, Miss Virginia Carmichael and he has a younger brother by the name of George Carmichael.

Mister Elliot Carmichael teaches students to use tools such as these to divine futures!
6. Mister Carmichael is a seer.
Mister Carmichael is blessed with the Sight and even predicted two murders before they happened some years back.

7. Mister Elliot Carmichael was a Slytherin in the class of 1877.
Other notable graduates of this year are Barnabas Skeeter, Claudius Lestrange and Elias Grimstone.

8. Mister Carmichael is a rare find at social events.
It is no secret that Mister Carmichael is known to avoid social gatherings. Thus, a determined debutante might need to get inventive if she seeks to make his acquaintance.

9. He used to work for the Ministry!
It is a little known fact that before working for Hogwarts, Mister Carmichael worked for the Ministry. As mentioned before, he does not have need for an occupation so likely works out of a true desire to be of some use to the world.

10. His wand is made of ash wood.
Holders of ash wood wands tend to be courageous, modest and stubborn. Desirable traits though a woman might need to be patient and have somewhat of a backbone of her own to put up with a stubborn nature.
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Mr. Belby's story is in every way a tragedy — though it may be one with an ending which makes him difficult to pity. Was Ephraim Belby Responsible For the Attack on Glasgow?
On the third of October, 1887, a pack of roving werewolves descended on Glasgow and caused numerous casualties to the Muggle population there, before retreating to safety. The offending werewolves were never apprehended, and the Ministry investigation into the issue remains, officially, open — though no progress has been made for months and it is regarded by all as a 'cold case,' with little hope of ever being solved.

But the people deserve more. With the complete lack of Ministry headway or any useful laws set in place since the attack to prevent its recurrence, Witch Weekly sent reporters to investigate potential culprits. Werewolves are traditionally thought to be solitary creatures, in their human lives as well as their transformations, but this group marked an exception. Who could have amassed such a group of beasts, and who might have had a reason to descend in bloody chaos upon Glasgow?

Ephraim Belby was turned in 1883 following an attack by one of his patients while he worked as a healer.

Let us introduce the reader unfamiliar with his story to Ephraim Belby: a respectable gentleman working as a healer and supporting his wife and two children, until a sudden attack at the hospital killed several of his coworkers and resulted in both he and another employee suffering a new lunar affliction. Following the attack, Mr. Belby disappeared entirely from society life. His wife divorced him, he left the house in disgrace, and has hardly been heard from since!

What makes Mr. Belby a likely candidate for this attack? First, he already had a personal connection with another werewolf, which most cannot claim. It is necessarily difficult for those trying to keep their lycanthropy a secret to identify others who are doing the same, but Mr. Belby had an advantage in that regard. Having the help of his coworker, it would have been more feasible for him to meet and recruit the group of werewolves seen in the attack on Glasgow.

The other issue at hand is motivation, particularly since Mr. Belby was a healer prior to his accident. The loss of an entire life, however, may easily be enough to drive a man to madness, or at least to be fixated on retribution; it seems likely that after being cast out from his family and friends, Mr. Belby sought a place to establish himself and his group of werewolves without fear of society intervening. The predominently-Muggle Glasgow might have been a perfect venue for such a collective, had they been able to continue their murderous spree to its full extent before the Ministry intervened.

Where is Mr. Belby now, and what might he be planning next? These questions remain to be answered.

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All the latest gossip from around town! Heard Around Town!
The Whitledges are back in Hogsmeade—and apparently Miss Sweetie Whitledge is no longer living with her brother and sisters! What do you think happened?

Someone who was at the Ministry the day the fog lifted said to avoid everyone who was on the expedition. Apparently there's been a cursed placed upon them that will smite them and their current and future spouses!

Mr. Gideon Ollivander was seen entertaining a street rat in London! Do you think he has any connection to him? Maybe a son abandoned by his sister? Maybe a long-lost bastard?

I'm sure you've heard that Miss Fortuna Lockhart is working as a curator now. Perhaps her father's finances have finally begun to slip, much like that brother of hers!

I heard that the local church—you know, that organization—had bought out the ruins of Honeydukes to turn it into a church. Poor Mr. Honeyduke might have to relocate to London.

Miss Inès Valentine is a confirmed seer! She was helping host a party at the Diggory's Irvingly home on Friday and was giving out readings to the attendees!

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