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November 1891
November 1891

This month, the full moon will be on Tuesday, November 16th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of November.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: B0me9x.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —

What: Wedding of @Emrys Selwyn and @"Angelica Vorona"
Who: Family and close friends, not general UC society at large. This is a functional wedding not an Event. Also he invited @Clarissa Cosgrove and family as a gesture but doesn't actually expect her to attend.
Cost: N/A
Where: A chapel in London with reception to follow at the Destiny Hotel ballroom
Why: Why, indeed?
When: 17 Nov 1891

On the one hand this is the second marriage of a widow so it would be garish to be too lavish. On the other hand the last thing Bride & Groom want is anyone assuming they were rushed or otherwise cut corners. Accordingly, the vibe they're going for is "understated elegance" and also "expensive AF."

Contact Player: Lynn


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Bree made this!
UC/MCAB | REP 6+ | Outdoor Soiree

What: Promethean Fire and Fireworks Display.
Who: It's Bonfire Night and I have decided that wizards are Into This as the Gunpowder Plot was orchestrated by people who were trying to kill a king who hated magical people. I'm not questioning my thought process beyond that. Hosted by the Selwyns the event will be held on their extensive grounds and to make up numbers Ambrosia has seen fit to invite notable MC people as well as the usual UC society set. Basically if you've ever been to a social event as something other than a waiter you're probably invited.
Cost: N/A.
Where: Selwyn Manor, Wales.
Why: Bonfire Night.
When: 5th November, 1891.

Fire, fire and more fire.

At intervals around the Selwyn's grounds there are bonfires piled so high you would struggle to see the top and each burns from one colour to another, emitting different temperatures depending on the colour. Blue is as icy as the night and you might find yourself in need of one of the many hot beverages on offer meanwhile is you find yourself caught in the glow of the ruby red fire then you'll need a glass of cold champagne immediately. The effects of silver, purple, emerald, orange, ochre, peach, navy, and a dozen others will need to be discovered for themselves and some of them, not all, but some may contain the fumes of certain potions designed to make the night something really special. Of course Ambrosia would never actually court scandal per say but if something interesting were to happen at one of her gatherings she would be far from disappointed!

Connecting the fires are paths flanked with illuminations depicting everything from the punishment of Prometheus to Saint George slaying the dragon, encouraging mingling and conversation in areas that are technically lit up but take the promenaders on such diverting paths that they could very easily become separated from the crowd...

The evening will, of course, end with an elaborate fireworks display.

Contact Player(s): @Marlena Scamander


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[Image: OJ90voz.png]
Ambrosia's got 99 problems but this hot af set from MJ ain't 1 of them
UCMCAB| REP 6+ | Charity Event

What: Charity Dancing Auction
Who: Eugenia and Ginevra Blackwood - anyone with money, single or married
Cost: No cost to attend, but gentlemen will be encouraged to bid for the dances of the attending ladies
Where: Fancy venue Ballroom London
Why: Socialites doing socialite things
When: 6th November

An opulently decorated ballroom, with music food and drinks.

There is a silent auction for some items as well - art work, a dress, some jewelry, an evening on a sailing yacht, the usual silent auction things

The money to go to the Fallen Aurors Widows and Orphans fund with the added benefits of ladies bragging rights !

Contact Player(s): Dante : @Ginevra Blackwood


[Image: 2SyywhH.jpg]
^  Look what Lady did  ^
ACAB| REP All | Community Event

What: St. Andrews Day Celebrations
Who: Hogsmeade Village Committee - but events likely planned by individual organisers
Cost: Various
Where: Hogsmeade Village - various Locations
Why: As a proud Scottish village, we should definitely be celebrating
When: 30th November

8am - Devotion of the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena.

All Day: - Scottish food fair and market for produce/gifts
Local girls and boys who know how to Highland Dancing will be performing in the square
local singers and musical groups who play Highland music will be singing and performing all day.
Childrens craft events,
Traditional Poetry and story telling

Local shop owners may do their own mini events on, or part of the highstreet.

Whisky tasting (to be confused with whiskey at your peril)

After dark there will be a torchlit procession and bonfire and a tato
Hogsmeade Hall will host a ceilidh for WC and the working MC
the Ballroom will host a more elegant ball for the well to do MC/UC

Contact Player(s): Who can members contact for more info? Tag the main account(s) in question!


[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder

What: The Opening of the Magical Portrait Gallery of England
Who: Who is it for/who is hosting it? Who is invited? Elaborate on the heading!
Cost: None
Where: Magical Portrait Gallery of England
Why: ...it's opening
When: November 20th-27th

Throughout the week, the gallery will be open free of charge during regular hours. Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons shall see lectures put on by local artists and restorers. This opening will culminate in the first ever ball in their ballroom, invite-only, with the walls painted in a jungle theme.

Contact Player(s): @Aldous Crouch


BALL GUEST LIST: All primary invites (first listed per row) cover household or +2 if unattached
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