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Game On for Professional Quidditch [And More!]
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
February 2nd, 1891
Game On for Professional Quidditch!
Matches to see spectators again as early as late February

Quidditch fans rejoice: it is likely you will be permitted to return to the stands this month!

Mr. Fitzroy Prewett, Head of the Department of Magical Games & Sports, offered the written announcement yesterday:

I am pleased indeed to announce a return to normal, as far as quidditch is concerned. After a number of talks with league stakeholders, international compatriots, and our own government following the tragedy that took place at last year's Quidditch World Cup, the only change to the sport shall not be the play of it, but insofar as safety regulations: no team that does not arrange via my department to have their stands warded against all intrusions may offer tickets for sale or donation to attend matches at their stadiums.

League devotees, of course, will know that, while quidditch practices resumed in the autumn, played matches were delayed until just before Christmas—at which point, spectators were wholly and utterly banned, bar one reporter per team to create a narrative for fans. Undoubtedly, these changes will be seen as welcome indeed.

More pessimistic critics have noted that such warding is to come at no small expense and so it is uncertain that all teams will be able to afford to have fans return. Reportedly, however, Chudley Stadium—Mr. Prewett's home during his former professional career—is in the process of having said wards in place in time for their game at home on 20th February. 

No news yet on how this will affect quidditch at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which has banned bludgers (and so, the position of beater) for this school year.
Archie Skeeter
Written by Kayte

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— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
February 2nd, 1891
Mister St.John-Black and Miss Crawford to Wed
American Liaison and English Beauty engaged to be married

The St.John-Black family is pleased to announce the intended marriage of Mister Samuel St.John-Black of Boston to Miss Hope Crawford of Hogsmeade. The daughter of Mister and Mrs. Aaron Crawford, met Mister Black in March of 1890.

While a date is yet to be set for the nuptials, it is expected that the pair will tie the knot sometime in the spring, in what is sure to be a lavish ceremony to cement the union between the two families and Miss Crawford's new position as the society wife of the American liaison.

The two have been seen together at a number of notable society events in the last year, most notable the now notorious Quidditch World Cup which ended in disaster.
Fidelia Spiller
Written by Dante

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