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Wait, your wife did what?!
"I'll bleed wherever I damn well please!" She shouted, scowling at him. As if to prove it, she uncovered her nose and shook her head back and forth like a dog attempting to dry its fur of water. Little droplets of blood rained on the sidewalk all willy-nilly. Billie Farrow in A Good Dusting
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As per usual, I have given myself an interesting thread premise by RUINING LIVES. A plague of rats struck Diagon Alley yesterday (May 21st) and brought with it a plague of problems. If your character was present (either "off screen", in my thread, or in one of your own), they may:
  • Have been vaguely traumatized but that's about it
  • Have injured themselves trying to apparate out
  • Have been injured in the panic
  • Have been bitten by a rat: over the next several days, they will begin to get a bit "ratty"—senses altering, intense desire to gnaw on things, increased hair growth. This will culminate in them turning into a rat on May 31st. This can be fixed at the hospital whenever you like if rat-you consumes a transfiguration reversal tonic which I've just decided exists. Though your character will be conscious of what's happening and have reasonable control over their movements, they still will suffer from ~rat urges~, whatever they may be.
Have fun? I guess? ;)
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Schemes are afoot! Graphics by MJ

I volunteer Martin and @Naomi Hertz for rat transformation. Give Acacia and co. a shock to come back to.

@Maida Fawley was rather tramatized by the rats.

@Earth Beck lost the little toe on her left foot while apparating away. It was rather traumatic.

Magic by MJ!

I have too many posts to catch up on for now, but! @Eli Fox probably was probably nearly trampled by people. (Even though, it would have been hilarious to turn him into a rat.)

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Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I love this!

I've started a rats thread with Eloquence in case anyone fancies saving a damsel in distress ^___^ https://charmingrp.com/showthread.php?tid=6012

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I think the horrifying idea I spit balled in the chatbox will be happening to gwen.

She will be subject to ratty instincts and boning a similarly affected wizard. Dicerolls will determine the outcome

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Kit made a lovely gift! <3
lol obviously Trixie will be ratted

fabulous set by Lady <3

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