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Agnes Binns for Zachariah Binns.
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He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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Poll: What's your availability?
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Wednesday 12:00pm
7 7.07%
Wednesday 3:00pm
9 9.09%
Wednesday 5:00pm
6 6.06%
Friday 12:00pm
7 7.07%
Friday 3:00pm
10 10.10%
Friday 5:00pm
7 7.07%
Sunday 12:00pm
8 8.08%
Sunday 3:00pm
10 10.10%
Sunday 5:00pm
8 8.08%
Premise A
9 9.09%
Premise B
9 9.09%
Premise C
9 9.09%
Total 99 vote(s) 100%
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Group Threads?
I know real life's responsibilities have prevented us from doing one of those rapid-fire style group threads in a while, but thought it might be something we could do since many of us are either working from home, have reduced hours, or are in complete quarantine! It would start with a random prompt or situation, and we'd all have fifteen or so minutes to get in a post!

Date & Time Options

Date options:
April 1st (Wednesday) | April 3rd (Friday) | April 5th (Sunday)

Time options (EST):
12:00pm | 3:00pm | 5:00pm

Premise Options

Option A: A brand new shop is opening on High Street, and the owners welcome patrons into a ribbon-cutting event to celebrate. However, it soon becomes clear that they might have been gathered there for other purposes.

Option B: A riot breaks out on Diagon Alley, and a group of characters take cover in an empty shop while they wait for the fighting to be stopped. Things go wrong when the riot finds its way inside.

Option C: Easter comes early when an enchanted bunny begins dropping candies as it hops down the street... only for those candies to release smoke that causes a variety of adverse magical effects.

set by MJ <3
I can make any of the dates/times work :)

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
Wednesday at 3pm was voted but of course my work told me this evening that I have to come in from 12-4pm tomorrow *eyeroll*

Would anyone be available for Sunday at 3pm? If you can, please respond with your premise preference and a character for each in the event that another is chosen ! That way I can just tag accounts :)
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   Ruby Urquart

set by MJ <3
Prefer C, but don't mind being thrown in one or multiple of the premises.

A - @Rosie Binns

B - @Maida Fawley

C - @"Naomi Hertz"

Magic by Stefanie!

Clarification question: is the thread set on Sunday, April 5th? AKA IC Easter? Affects who might be available/ plausibly in that scenario. Like idk if any of my characters would attend a ribbon cutting ceremony on Easter.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Ophelia Devine's post:
   Aldous Crouch
(April 1, 2020 – 5:05 AM)Ophelia Devine Wrote: Clarification question: is the thread set on Sunday, April 5th? AKA IC Easter? Affects who might be available/ plausibly in that scenario. Like idk if any of my characters would attend a ribbon cutting ceremony on Easter.

Good question, and I have a suggestion. Perhaps while we post the thread as Sunday OOC, we back-date it a day or two IC for character convenience?

Magic by Stefanie!

I assumed it would be an OOC date rather than the IC. We could always back date or forward date anything as-needed!
[-] The following 1 user Likes Holly Scrimgeour's post:
   Aldous Crouch

set by MJ <3
Option A: Pretty much anyone could work there

Option B: @Murdock Greyback could come to the rescue to quench things but otherwise maybe @Madeleine Backus  or @Ginevra Blackwood 

Option C:.  @Yuri Podsnapper  or @Murdock Greyback

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder
Option A - @Cecily Gallivan
B - Christobal Vainart or Marcus Lytton once he's reactivated
C - Cecily or Marcus

Prefer A/B; @Adam Ragge or @Thom Pettigrew depending on who best suits your premise needs.
Hi I prefer A or B and would use Kieran for B and Emilia or Kieran for A.

MJ made this!
Prefer B but I'm on board for any option.

A: @Melody Crouch - would need to be set IC after 4/3
B/C: @Freya Selwyn

Beautiful set by MJ
[Image: cXcCy3a.png]
I would use @Blythe Fairchild or @Allegra Clearwater for C and @Roslyn Ross for A :)

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
@Loretta Browne for A
@Eros Mohr for C

Option A: @"Diana Fawley"
Option B: Amelia Evans or @Tilda MacFusty

[Image: F9qwAz.png]
Hi, guys! I made a sheet that has a list of every character for each premise. Right now it seems like everyone would have no problem doing premise A, whereas there are a few who are iffy on either B or C. If anyone would like to make adjustments, I'm going to leave it open for edits!
[-] The following 2 users Like Holly Scrimgeour's post:
   Amelia Evans, Ginevra Blackwood

set by MJ <3

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