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The Professional Quidditch Bracket 1890
The Pro Quidditch Bracket

Hello folks! In the spirit of the QWC, we will be having our own Quidditch Bracket on Charming based on the Stanley Cup bracket. The playoffs for the British National League will begin on March 31st, they operate in a sudden-death style for the sake of my sanity,

For those of you not familiar with the concept of the bracket, basically you make predictions as to who will win each game/the overall cup. In a mostly-randomized (more on that further down) mechanism I will roll for each 'round' of the playoffs and update people. Whosoever gets everything right - or the most things right - gets first pick of prizes.


Go on over to THE SPREADSHEET and read the instructions/template on the first page. Then, create a new page with your name and fill out your predicted winner of each game in place of the Italics. When you're done, post here and I'll like your post to approve your bracket. Your bracket can't be an exact replica of another members', so poke around to make sure your guesses are original! (There are by my math way too many possible variations so this shouldn't be hard.) Once your bracket is approved by me I will lock your page of the spreadsheet for editing.

Brackets can be added until 11:59 PM EST on March 30th.

There will be a very slight moderator for IC plot goodness; played teams will have a +1 against unplayed teams. (* next to played teams on this list.)

Here are our teams:
1. Portree
2. Wigtown
3. Puddlemere*
4. Holyhead*
5. Chudley*
6. Montrose
7. Caerphilly
8. Falmouth
9. Hogsmeade*
10. Appleby*
11. Kenmare*
12. Ballycastle

Stamp access: complete a bracket and one Quidditch Cup related thread w/ 10+ posts.
[Image: oLWeI2.png]


Round 1 games are played on March 31st.
Round 2 games are played on April 4th.
Round 3 game is played on April 11th.
The QUIDDITCH CUP FINAL is played on April 18th.
(There will probably only be written articles for the finals because a girl needs to post.)

For every round, I'll roll for who wins and update with players' "point standings." The five players who get the most right games will get their choice of prizes (first-come first-serve in terms of whoever 'wins!') Prize list coming ASAP.

(If this seems familiar to you it's because I tried it in 2017 and cribbed a lot of the explanation. Hooray!)

Please ping Beanie with any questions in this thread. (Please do not PM me questions or ask in the cbox, thank you for understanding!) Please post here when your bracket is done.

MJ made this!
[Image: giphy.gif]
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Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]

Puddlemere forever!
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cutest set ever by MJ <3
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[Image: rerGI6.jpg]
Lady is utterly amazing!!
It won't allow me to add a new sheet D:

Edit: my laptop was the problem!

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Done! in which I betray Roberto in favor of Esteban, oops
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magical set by mj!

Lilypie Maternity tickers
Done! why everyone has to hate on Montrose D:
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Amazing Set by Lady <3
[Image: 3ItXDF.jpg]
Lock me in, chief!
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
No point in fittering anymore! I'm done!
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[Image: 5caoIZi.png]
Stef made this and it's beautiful!
Lock me in!
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[Image: QDMPZry.png]
MJ is the Wonderful Wizard of Charming <3 <3
Lock me in! <3
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[Image: 3bH5X1.png]
MJ is a goddess <3
Lock me in!
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[Image: ezgif-6-9dd5643a0ae7.jpg]
Desdemona here to judge you for excluding Holyhead, a played team. D<

[Image: RvKF54W.png]
graphics by mj ❤ —
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Magic by MJ!

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