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Evangeline Rowle
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Played by Steph
Merry Widow
29 year old Pureblood
Merry Widow
5 ft. 0 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Evangeline Ailsa Rowle, nee Asperhand

Nickname(s): Eva, Evangie

Birthdate: January 12, 1865

Age: 29

Gender: Female, perceived Female

Occupation: Merry Widow

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Ebony, 13 1/2 inches, phoenix feather, pliant

Family: Father. Fergus Asperhand (b. 1835)
Mother. Audra Asperhand nee Gavin (b. 1843)
Sister. Eleora Etherium nee Asperhand (b. 1862) and Family
Sister. Etana Mulciber nee Asperhand (b. 1865) and Family

Husband. Edward Rowle (1834-1886)
Stepdaughter. —- , nee Rowle (b. 1865)
Stepdaughter. —- , nee Rowle (b. 1868)

Daughter. Emilia Rowle (b. 1885)
Son. Elliott Rowle (b. 1885)

Standing at five feet even, Evangeline has dark auburn hair and hazel eyes, as well as a square face with well-defined features. She is always clothed in the best fashions--though not necessarily what she would pick out herself. She is right-handed.
Childhood (1865-1876)
Born the third and last daughter of the Asperhand family, Evangeline was, from the start, an adventurous child, and, perhaps, a bit too spirited–at least as far as her parents and governesses were concerned. Perhaps she’ll grow out of it?
Hogwarts and Scandals (1876-1883)
At Hogwarts, Evangeline found herself sorted into Ravenclaw and away from her sisters, which, in hindsight, might have been a portent of things to come.

Always a more adventurous sort than was usually deemed ladylike, Evangeline tried out for the quidditch team in her second year, something that does not go over well at all at home, and by her third year, she is off the team again. What her parents have less power over, though, is the friends Eva makes at school–largely lower class and muggleborn students. And while admittedly this was initially its own form of rebellion, she did genuinely like these people that her purist parents claimed were so bad. There are, she would argue, far worse things to be radicalized by than friendship.

And then she meets Elias Grimstone. Looking back, this might have been the true moment where it all went wrong–falling in love with someone she could never have, even if in her youthful naivety she thought that maybe... But cold hard reality comes for them soon enough, and Evangeline finds her dreams of romance dashed and herself sent off to Wales with Eleora for the summer after graduation.

If only her troubles had ended there.

A Match Made in Hell (1883-1887)
If Eva had thought that the worst she had to look forward to was the dull boredom of a debutante’s life, she soon found she was sorely mistaken. Tired of her rebellion, a husband was instead picked for her–Mr. Edward Rowle, a widower three decades her senior with two nearly grown daughters already. She might have borne it–barely–if not for the further indignities that came with. She was first forced to swear under Veritaserum that she was a virgin, and then to make an Unbreakable Vow to honor and obey, to remain faithful, and to uphold the honor of the Rowle family.

The two married in 1884, and Eva found herself miserably shackled to a husband she hated, who she couldn’t say no to, and an upper class society that seemed to mostly think she got what she deserved. If this made her bitter and resentful, well, could she really be blamed? Even forced to act the part of Respectable Socialite–something she barely managed on a good day, but at least enough to avoid dropping dead--she was effectively a pariah, so what even was the point?

The one bright spot in this dark period came in the summer of 1885 when Evangeline gave birth to twins–a daughter and a son, a blessed relief that afforded her some security, at least.

Things continue like this, miserable and unchanging, until New Year’s Eve, 1886–Edward leaves home and does not come back before a blizzard shuts down all of Hogsmeade. In the chaos, there is no time to send anyone to search for him, so word doesn’t reach Evangeline for nearly two weeks that her husband is dead.

The news that she is free is delivered on her twenty-second birthday. Her husband’s death is the single greatest gift she’s ever gotten.

Freedom At Last (1887-Present)
The thing is, Evangeline is happy,--truly happy, for the first time in perhaps her entire life, or so it feels to her. She has no one but her own conscience to listen to now, with the freedom of being a wealthy widow with a young son, and no real incentive to change her status anytime soon–or ever, frankly. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she has a decidedly dim view of the prospect of remarrying, even if someone was to come along who could win her heart again. That said, she dwells much less on the past now that she isn’t so terribly miserable with only the cold comfort of memories left to warm her.

Still, Edward wasn’t the only thing in her life that made her miserable, and Eva hasn’t forgotten, and she certainly hasn’t forgiven.

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