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Clear Skies Ahead After Disastrous Blizzard
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
5 March 1894

Clear Skies Ahead After Disastrous Blizzard
Over 6 Metres of snow accumulated

Tuesday the 27th of February marked the first day of what would become known as one of the most prolific magical blizzards England’s magical community has ever seen. With a total of almost 6 metres of snow accumulated and more than a dozen reports of injuries from black ice, the chaos was extensive.

Daily Prophet reports have now been notified by the Ministry that the magical blizzard is only the half of it. We’re told that a wizard attempted to take matters into his own hands in effort to lessen the effects of February 27th’s snowfall: one Mr. Arthur Babbton of Milford just outside of London fancied himself a bit of an inventor. He dispatched himself to a particularly dense part of the blizzard where he happened upon the Magical Accidents and Catastrophes unit attempting to clear the effects.

When confronted, Babbton proceeded to extract from his coat a crystal ball of his own making, claiming it to have magical properties. Though the MA&C unit demanded Mr. Babbton cease and desist, it was too late: the crystal ball exploded, expelling a shockwave far disproportionate to its size. This was the source of the implosion felt all around the country. No members of the MA&C Unit were grievously harmed, yet some have been transported to St. Mungo’s for further observation.

The result of this catastrophe on top of this meteoric atmosphere resulted in an oddity we haven’t seen in quite some time: upon further investigation, and with great confusion amongst our staff, it’s been discovered that the magical world has experienced an extra day added to our calendar. February 28th 1894, it appears, has occurred not once, but twice, with magical folks experiencing glitches in their memory. Some remember the second day, whilst others do not. Time will only tell the true effects that the magical community will encounter.

Readers, this is what happens when magic folk insist on experimenting with objects whose magical properties are unknown. Let it be a lesson to us all that magic, while strong, can be fragile.

Signed an extremely confused DP Writer,
Olla Mirage
Written by Lady

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