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Adoptable Characters
Adoptable Characters

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Wanteds for...

You should also take a gander at my plottables!

For Eudora

[Image: AErR7DA.png?1]
Augusta King never married, instead inheriting no small amount of wealth from her own childless aunt at the age of twenty-four. Since, she has lived a comfortable life as a pillar of society—and occasionally a cautionary tale as to what happens when a woman has too much freedom. She took in her late nephew's children a time she might have had grandchildren of her own, and it is no secret that she favours Eudora. I picture her as a mix of the dowager countess (Downton) and Lady Danburry (Bridgerton).  Maggie Smith is strongly preferred as a PB.

Immediate Ties: Eudora King

[Image: RxVtSLC.jpeg]
Married Christmastime '89, Daphne is the eldest of the King children. That she did not attend Hogwarts is a bit of a sore spot between her and Aunt Augusta, though she relished her time at PSYR. Whether or not she has yet produced children (and their status!) would be entirely up to you, though she often chaperones Dora so she shouldn't be in a ton of mourning. The suggested PB is Mia Wasikowska with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

Immediate Ties: Eudora King
Potential Ties: Age-appropriate ex-roses

[Image: SOh5BE5.png]
His late father's heir, Titus hasn't quite processed the fact that he's going to be quite wealthy as soon as he comes of age, and Aunt Augusta is the only parental figure he can properly remember. The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins with alternatives to be age & family appropriate.

R E S E R V E D for C H E R R Y

Immediate Ties: Eudora King
Potential Ties: Abraxas Crabbe Paxton Fudge Nicodemus Zabini Leander Hobday; Other students & Hogwarts staff
Double Duty: Ready to be Flung?, Prefect Season

For Evangeline

[Image: kfRspLh.jpg]
The younger of the Darling boys, Matthias spent a year travelling the world after graduating from Hogwarts before going to rejoin his parents. Whilst living with them, he did some minor translation work, being quite a polyglot. Though Evangeline insists she does not have a favourite son, Matthias is almost certainly hers. He is good-natured and dutiful, and loves his mother even if he thinks her a bit silly. Matthias arrived in Hogsmeade a fortnight ahead of the rest of the family to prepare the house and reconnect with friends from his school days. Foolishly, he attended a ball in that window in which it became terrifyingly aware that he is marriagable now regardless of the fact that he does not feel like it. Now that it looks like he'll be in one place long term, he might also consider finding an occupation—but again, that seems dreadfully grown-up. Suggested PB is Patrick Gibson.

Immediate Ties: Evangeline Darling
Bonus Ties: Charles Whymper Lottie Whymper
Double Duty: Unacceptable Romance, Dora's Thing

[Image: TnTZMjI.jpg]
Never has a child been less aptly named than Effie Darling. Rather than exuding charm and personality, she is happiest at the corner of the party with a book (or not attending the party at all). She's not boring per se, just quiet, even shy. Though a gifted cellist, she is terrified of being the center of attention and refuses to perform. She is very close with her aunt Primrose and cousins, having spent the past several years with them. She loves her father dearly, and loves her mother too, but finds Evangeline altogether overwhelming and sometimes stutters in her presence. Notably, she was not actually told the family was returning to Hogsmeade prior to an invitation to luncheon at which she was told her things would be moved back to Wellingtonshire when she left for Hogwarts in September #awkward. Suggested PB is Shannon Purser.

R E S E R V E D for B R E E

Immediate Ties: Evangeline Darling Charles Whymper Lottie Whymper
Potential Connections: Alcyone Slughorn Sisse Thompsett Madeline Bell Calla Potts Iphigenia Adebayo
Double Duty: Prefect Season

[Image: vYOZEIb.jpg]
Aside from annual Christmas visits, Victor has spent the past several years in America, where he recently inherited a shipping company from his grandfather. When his mother began talking about returning to Britain, he dutifully began talking about joining them—though when or even if this will come to pass remains to be seen. Of the children, he is the least indulgent of his mother, though still respectful. He is very much his father's son in his more reserved and responsible nature. He enjoys hunting and good brandy. Suggested PB is Theo James.

Immediate Ties: Evangeline Darling
Bonus Ties: Charles Whymper Lottie Whymper
Double Duty: Dora's Thing

[Image: I5kXyuk.jpg]
Horace Darling lived a life in two parts. In the first, he was a Ministry Man, working his way up through the ranks of the department of your choosing. He had a wife with whom he was in love, but who could not produce children and who, tragically, died relatively young. In the second, he has retired, remarried a woman he does not love romantically but whom he considers his best friend, and has three children. He is able to indulge in his passion hobbies: taxidermy and bug collecting. Arguably, he is happier now, even if his wife can be A Lot, his health is faltering, and his main supplier for glass taxidermy eyes recently was hit by a train. Suggested PB is Bill Nighy.

Immediate Ties: Evangeline Darling
Bonus Ties: Charles Whymper Lottie Whymper
Double Duty: Ministerial Election

[Image: qkiUJ3f.jpg]
Born on her sister's 10th birthday, this would be the last time Rosie overshadowed Evangeline. Her defining characteristics are kind, capable, and honourable, and she strives to model these for her children and niece. Tragically, her husband (married for love) died while she was pregnant with the twins who she dutifully named after him. She did not skip out on her sister's eccentricity altogether, but is rather more sedate about it. She is likely bisexual and currently has a lover that she is very much keeping quiet. Suggested PB is Lucy Davis, and her reputation should be 8-9.

Immediate Ties: Evangeline Darling Charles Whymper Lottie Whymper
Potential Connections: Gideon Browne Thomasina Dempsey Merida Greyback Tilda MacFusty Titania Allaway Ari Fisk Tabitha Chevalier Felicity Riley Richard Gladstone Donna Conray Delilah Warbeck Caltheus Rookwood Marie-Louise Prewett
Double Duty: Unacceptable Romance, Yuri's Natal Family (via husband)

For Gideon
[Image: 0tlXPY8.jpg]
The youngest of the Browne horde, Pru has always been a bit of a wild card. Sure of herself and a bit more adventurous than her parents (and possibly her siblings...) would deem prudent, academics were not necessarily her priority at Hogwarts, where she instead may have focused on quidditch, adventure, etc. She was adamant she did not want a Season, instead finding a position at the Ministry of Magic, likely in the Department for the Control & Regulation of Magical Creatures or Department of Magical Games & Sports. This, she thought, would be a suitable compromise with her parents: she wasn't focused on books or marriage, true, but at least she wasn't playing quidditch or wrangling dragons (both viable career options in her opinion). How she feels about the career she's settled into, though, remains to be seen...

Gideon loves his youngest sister and does indulge her a bit, but hopes he never has cause to regret doing so. She was previously played. Suggested PB is Maisie Williams with alternatives to be brunette. Her reputation is likely in the 7-8 range.

Immediate Ties: Gideon Browne Loretta Browne
Potential Ties: Percival Adlard Jr. Eugene Scamander Desiderius Morgan Fortitude Greengrass George Robins Aurora Chen Alexander Echelon Cassius Lestrange Wallace Bixby Tybalt Kirke Xavier Davies

For Iphigenia
Ife —
[Image: 0W9dtCv.jpeg]
Genia's grandmother (Ìyá) on her mother's side, Ife has lived with the family since her husband's death just after the twins were born. She has at least one living child. Like the other women in her family, she was told of the ~curse upon their family upon coming of age, and was relieved to be attached to a husband so much older: no risk of falling in love, after all! She is a self-assured woman and powerful in her own ways. Ife does not use or own a wand, and is an animagus. Genia greatly looks up to her grandmother, who, since Bosede's disappearance, has served as her primary maternal figure. The suggested PB is Adjoa Andoh.

Immediate Ties: Iphigenia Adebayo Kayin Adebayo

[Image: KKfatiF.jpg]
Femi has long been the sibling with which Genia is closest, as he is nearest to her in age. Incredibly intelligent but also down-to-earth, he has an interest in many academic areas. Though he owns a wand, it's really more for show, as he excels in the wandless magic taught at his school. He is an animagus. The suggested PB is Toheeb Jimoh.

Immediate Ties: Iphigenia Adebayo Kayin Adebayo

[Image: G3QrE9c.jpeg]
Callista has always thought it best to blend in with the norms of society; as the only other of the Adebayo children to attend Hogwarts, she performs magic exclusively with a wand, and focused more upon social education than deeper learning during her years at shcool, and later two years of finishing at Pendergast's. The exception to this is her passion for herbology, the only area in which she's ever been willing to get her hands duty. She wants to marry well not just for herself but for the family's interests—though whether this is a genuine desire or borne out of her father's expectations remains to be seen. She was hard hit by her mother's disappearance and subsequent talk with Ìyá, and holds herself to high standards. The suggested PB is Aja Naomi King.

Immediate Ties: Iphigenia Adebayo Kayin Adebayo
Potential Ties: Age-Appropriate PSYR graduates
Double Duty: (Set)Upper Echelon, (Un?)Requited

[Image: nRUBkCW.jpeg]
Taiwo Adebayo is a man of good sense and better luck, rapidly growing his father's small business into a bustling company and propelling himself, and future generations, into the upper class. He is a man who is soft-spoken except on matters of honour and pride. Though he sees value in the English and the connections a life in Britain can bring him, he is Yoruba first and foremost, born and raised in Nigeria. He does not even own a wand, and is an animagus. With his youngest child, he shares a love of astronomy. He understood what happened to his wife, and kept quiet on the subject even when treated as a suspect, not wishing her misdeeds to further diminish the family. The suggested PB is David Oyelowo.

Immediate Ties: Iphigenia Adebayo Kayin Adebayo
Double Duty: Up All Night to Get Burgled

For Julius
[Image: SlMGi7L.jpg]
B. 2 Sept. 1861 - 1 Sept 1862 | UCPB | RAVENCLAW | DEPT OF MYSTERIES or MAGICAL ED.
In childhood, Julius had three close friends prior to starting at Hogwarts. One, the Slytherin, dropped him like a hot potato when scandal hit the Scrimgeour family. One, the Hufflepuff (William Abbott) was lost at sea. The Ravenclaw is the childhood friend Julius has left to him, and while he's no Will, the pair are still close. Always the intellectual, The Ravenclaw spent some time as an academic prior to taking a position a the Ministry—though as the only son from his father's first marriage, neither was actually necessary. Marital status? Up to you! Pictured PB is Leslie Odom Jr., but face and ethnicity are both quite open!

Immediate Ties: Julius Scrimgeour
Potential Ties: Diana Abbott Bernard Prewett
Double Duty: Another Ursula Affair, A Lover for the Widow Mulciber, Adventures with Dora, Ministerial Election

[Image: PH2xJfO.jpg]
The eldest of The Ravenclaw's half-siblings, the Deb made her grand entrance into society this year—she may have been pulled from Hogwarts early, may have spent some time as a Rose, or may have simply graduated this year. Julius always considered her to simply be the Ravenclaw's annoying sister (she is far too curious for her own good, always trying to suss out their business) but what was once irritating he's now starting to find... charming? What? Pictured PB is India Amarteifio, but face and ethnicity are both quite open!

Immediate Ties: Julius Scrimgeour

For Maddy

[Image: dBYuUwU.jpeg]
Oakshaft "Oak" Bell is every bit his father's son: high energy, low focus, and an abiding love for quidditch and anything else he deems 'fun'. In the modern era, he would likely be diagnosed with ADHD, and has something of a fixed mindset when it comes to academics. Away from his instructors, however, he is a fun-loving young boy who will probably (but not necessarily!) follow his sister and step-siblings into Gryffindor. PB is open, but pictured is Jacob Tremblay. Reputation should be 8 or 9.

Immediate Ties: Madeline Bell Cameron Gillenwater Greta Gillenwater
Bonus Ties: Alcyone Slughorn Lester Hatchitt Sisse Thompsett Alice Dawson Calla Potts
Potential Connections: Callum Finnigan Maxwell Beck Eros Mohr

For Madoc

[Image: 0GdoaeH.jpg]
B. 1855-1858 | UCAB | OPEN HOUSE | WIFE*
There comes a time in every lad’s life when he must become a man. In Madoc’s case, that is when he does the math and realizes that his existing income would not support his lifestyle indefinitely. Faced with the decision of many a second son (find a profession, or...), he chooses the or and marries a woman with a sizable dowry in 1877.

In addition to her money, She came with a country house that is not surrounded by dragons (great for entertaining!) and a desire to be married not out of love but out of a desire to not be a spinster living with her parents. Madoc does not particularly like her all the time, but he does respect her. While she is well-positioned to be a socialite, she could also be a healer at St. Mungos if preferred; she just would have begun her training post-spawning. Though she does not share her husband's fascination with dragons (she'll never admit it, but they terrify her), she does consider herself an equestrian and at least vaguely outdoorsy, and actually handles Madoc's side of the running of the Yarwood breeding stables. Pictured is Claire Foy, but her face is open!

Immediate Ties: Madoc Yarwood Draconia Yarwood
Bonus Ties: Nigel Yarwood

[Image: XoN16fJ.jpg]
The elder of Madoc's (legitimate) children, Cadogan shares his father's enjoyment of the outdoors but lacks any sort of enthusiasm for magical creatures. Likes the gentleman's idea of outdoors: hunting, sailing, catered lunches under tents. Name is flexible, so long as it's vaguely Welsh.

Immediate Ties: Madoc Yarwood Draconia Yarwood
Bonus Ties: Nigel Yarwood
Potential Ties: James Fletcher Charles Whymper; other students & Hogwarts staff

[Image: cyMYEts.jpg]
The first of Madoc's bastards (so far as he knows at least). The two have never met, nor is The First aware of Madoc in any capacity beyond "children require fathers to be made". However, Madoc has sent an annual sum to First's mother each year for well-being, until the First began at school at which point, this became tuition and some supply money. They may know that their school is fully paid for, may not.

They (open name and sex!) are currently in their sixth or seventh year at Hogwarts, and excel in CoMC. In the spring of their final year, they will recieve a prestigous(?) invitation to come work at Avalon Glen and a mysterious reference will be sent on their behalf to the DRCMC at the Ministry. They are fully human, and should be at least half-white.

Eventual Ties: Madoc Yarwood
Potential Ties: Isobel Valenduris Alcyone Slughorn Sisse Thompsett Madeline Bell Meta Lestrange Effervescence Darling Paxton Fudge Abraxas Crabbe Calla Potts Francesca Garlick Emma Binns Nicodemus Dursley Nicodemus Zabini Matilda Farris Jessamine Parkinson Flora Mulciber Dorian Rosier Sirius Black Victoria Greyback Leander Hobday Iphigenia Adebayo Amarantha Valenduris Holly Scrimgeour Elenora Brierley; other students & Hogwarts staff
Potential Eventual Ties: Howell Howell Gwyn Conway

[Image: cyMYEts.jpg]
The second of Madoc's bastards (so far as he knows at least). The two have never met, nor is The First aware of Madoc in any capacity beyond "he was handsome and wealthy". However, Madoc has sent an annual sum to Second's mother each year for well-being, until the Second began at school at which point, this became tuition and some supply money. They do know that their school is fully paid for...and as a result, care a bit less than they should about their studies. They are, however, very curious about their parentage...

They are fully human, and should be at least half-white.

Eventual Ties: Madoc Yarwood
Potential Ties: Eros Mohr James Fletcher Greta Gillenwater Draconia Yarwood Yuri Podsnapper Anne Moony Violetta DeCroix; other students & Hogwarts staff

[Image: cyMYEts.jpg]
Madoc's Surprise!Bastard that he will be finding out about soon enough. Following the Dragon Incident, Surprise McKinnon lost their "father". Further surprising the household? Turns out Father had sent the family into a great deal of debt before his demise.

Immediate Ties: Francesca McKinnon
Bonus Ties: Mercy McKinnon
Eventual Ties: Madoc Yarwood
Potential Ties: James Callum Philippa Rowle Toby Seacoal Callum Finnigan Maxwell Beck Ella Grimm Parthenope Valenduris Nathaniel Gallivan II Autumn Fairfax Tony Lawrence Penelope Valenduris Lincoln Dashwood Chuntao Chang Charity Lloyd Morgan Valenduris Hyacinth Valenduris Serpentine Malfoy Lucy Tatting Honoria Rookwood; other students & Hogwarts staff
Double Duty: "Diana"
For Maelstrom
[Image: qrD91YH.jpg]
The other, and certainly more magical, half of Crumb & Associates, Tempest is ostensibly her brother's secretary, but he knows damn well the business would fail entirely without her sharp mind (easily rivals his own, though better with inventions than puzzles) and ongoing Emotional Support. She is not as good with people as her brother, but makes up for it by being good people. She carries the guilt of the cause of her expulsion from Hogwarts with her, and works extra hard to avoid anything too disastrous. Recently, she has begun to dabble in creating portkeys, but doesn't trust them just yet. If she is an animagus, her form should be a cat for maximum hilarity. If she is a metamorphmagus, she can "play" Mael sometimes for business purposes. There is no "if" on whether or not I adore her, tho <3 Tempest has a reputation of 6 because of her shady neighbourhood, questionable hobbies, and former expulsion. The suggested PB is Antonia Gentry; alternatives should be able to pass for mixed race.

Immediate Ties: Maelstrom Crumb
For Nell

[Image: el1hg2I.jpg]
Nell's elder brother, ever the responsible, peacemaking sort. He took an ordinary Ministry desk job as that's what one does—though whether he actually likes it or whether he would prefer something more, Nell isn't certain. His wife was a year behind Nell in school, and since Nell's return he has been innately aware that the two do not get on and feels uncomfortable in his own home as a result.  He has at least two children, but only one daughter. Pictured PB is Jacob Anderson with alternatives to be able to pass for mixed race.

Immediate Ties: Elenora Brierley
Double Duty: Ministerial Election

[Image: HpKZN50.jpg]
The youngest of the Brierley children, Hugo works as a cursebreaker and is often away from home (he keeps a modest set of rooms in London) for months at a time. While Nell is not about to begrudge him this, it did cause quite a bit of tension with Archibald, as well as their father, when Hugo did not return home for Harriet's funeral. He is newly returned to England in August with an injury that looks to see him working as a consultant at best for the next few months. I do have some direct needs with Hugo, but beyond this he could be a temporary character.  Pictured PB is Mason Gooding with alternatives to be able to pass for mixed race.

Immediate Ties: Elenora Brierley
Potential Connections: Somersby Fudge Endymion Dempsey Jules Wright

[Image: XoN16fJ.jpg]
Newly motherless, Gregory is the eldest of his siblings—though does not always display the consideration for his siblings or responsibility that one might hope out of a lad in such a role. He is eager to escape the dour, metaphorical shroud that has encased his family and is reluctant to talk about his feelings (or process them in a healthy manner).

Immediate Ties: Elenora Brierley
Potential Connections: James Fletcher Yuri Podsnapper Charles Whymper
Double Duty: Prefect Season

[Image: hzVZaux.jpg]
Druella did not take her mother's passing particularly well, and has taken to writing overwrought poetry as a means of coping with the loss. While initially excited to meet her aunt, she quickly declared Nell "peculiar" and is slightly embarassed to have Nell at Hogwarts with her.

Immediate Ties: Elenora Brierley
Potential Connections: Rowan Tatting Agape Lestrange Lucy Tatting

[Image: hzVZaux.jpg]
Of all Archibald's children, Mina is both the second and the only daughter. She is quite fascinated with her aunt, much to her mother's displeasure. She lives with her parents, siblings, and aunt in Hogsmeade.

Immediate Ties: Elenora Brierley

For Persy

[Image: mKjDt14.jpeg]
The ideal firstborn: responsible, intelligent, thoughtful, and eager to follow his father into the honourable career of auror. With almost a decade on Persy, the two have never been particularly close, and he doesn't have a whole lot in common with Cleon. He likely keeps his own residence in the location of your choosing, but probably Hogsmeade, Irvingly, or London. First name flexible, and marital status up to the player. Suggested PB is James Norton with alternatives to be blonde.

Immediate Ties: Persephone Broadmoor Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: Ivy Sandow
Potential Ties: Faustus Prewett Fallon Hatchitt Benedict Sterling
Double Duty: Ministerial Election

[Image: 0BwPpbK.jpeg]
A loving, if not always indulgent, father and husband, Augustus Broadmoor is well-respected as an auror, having led many criminals to justice throughout his career. First name and family background is flexible, as long as he was born to the middle class and is of good reputation. Suggested PB is Hugh Grant.

Immediate Ties: Persephone Broadmoor Cleon Broadmoor
Bonus Ties: Ivy Sandow
Potential Ties: Faustus Prewett Fallon Hatchitt Benedict Sterling
Double Duty: Ministerial Election

[Image: asSF1Oe.jpeg]
Millie Broadmoor is the perfect wife for her husband: she does not need to be in society but enjoys it, she is of excellent reputation, and she has the fortitude to hold down the fort while he works a dangerous job. She is a sensible, if stubborn, woman who gets exasperated at Persy's disinterest in marriage. How could she grow up with 'all those boys' and not secure one as a husband?! First name flexible. The suggested PB is Laura Dern with alternatives to be blonde.

Immediate Ties: Persephone Broadmoor Cleon Broadmoor

For Wystan

[Image: GJkfahV.png]
The younger of the Pomfrey twins, Hippocrates followed his father's large footsteps into medicine. His life, otherwise, has been unremarkable, bar his journey east after his mother's passing. His is a quiet demeanour, and Stan doubts his father will ever remarry—though how true that is will be up to his player. Suggested PB is Hugh Laurie.

Immediate Ties: Wystan Pomfrey Anandhita Pomfrey Thomasina Dempsey Ozymandias Dempsey   

[Image: rcvkjxs.jpeg]
The elder of the Pomfrey twins, Thessalus had no interest in (or affinity for) healing, instead pursuing an active career in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He is a much lauded duelist, and public perception of him is beyond reproach. Thessaulus is loyal to his family, however different he and his brother are. The status of his wife and any children beyond "Micajah" is up to his player. Suggested PB is Pip Torrens.

Immediate Ties: Wystan Pomfrey Anandhita Pomfrey Thomasina Dempsey
Bonus Ties: Ozymandias Dempsey
Potential Ties: Faustus Prewett Benedict Sterling Ivy Sandow Lionel Lupin Julius Scrimgeour Trystan Selwyn Murdock Greyback Timoleon Maxime
Double Duty: Ministerial Election

[Image: y1ZnXQ8.jpeg]
Outwardly, "Micajah" Pomfrey has always been quite...benign. No one looks at him particularly hard, and there is nothing about his personality that anyone would consider particularly dynamic. That's probably why he has no trouble hiding his interests in dark magic...  PB (and ethnicity!) flexible, but pictured is Tom Riley.

Immediate Ties: Wystan Pomfrey Anandhita Pomfrey Thomasina Dempsey
Bonus Ties: Ozymandias Dempsey
Double Duty: Another Affair for Ursula!, Forfang Things, Ministerial Election

et al
Home to characters attached to mine—one's that are not currently active but that I am likely to bring back in future! To view, simply reveal the spoiler below.


set by mj

Bee's Wanteds
good as of August 28th, 2023
01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Daffy's profile.
02 | Bolded things are strongly preferred, but I'll work with you if I can. Names and ages are pretty fixed as the families are pretty established. Please include a personality section! Play bys are flexible as long as they fit the establish family dynamics. Run them by me, I'd be more than happy to help! If they are labeled "Open PB" just run it by me first please! I'm just looking for family resemblances!
03 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. Please keep me updated about your intentions as they change (ie vacations or deactivation) just so we're on the same page! If I notice repeated deactivation in ACs I'll reach out!

BEE'S Wishlist:
Daffy's employees & roommate! Quin's sister and manager! Ziya's oldest and Ladies Maid!

Also Up for Adoption
----->Additional Ads<-----

I've streamlined the ads to reflect characters I want most- there are more listed in this spreadsheet who have plenty of ties, but nothing specific in mind, take a peek and feel free to ask about them for more details!

And remember automatic  graphics to whoever picks one up, regardless of the condition of my shop!!

Burroughs Babes
for Ziya Burroughs

Wren Burroughs
[Age Appropriate half-Indian]
November 1879 | Third Year Any House | 9 rep

Wren is Ziya's oldest and greatest treasure. Not that she treats her children any differently, she loves them all deeply, but Wren is the product of actual love, and not a horrible marriage. Wren once witnessed her mother's abuse and how she handled that is open! Ziya did her best to shield them, to cover everything up, but that was the last straw. How Wren handled her "father's" death is also open. She does not know she is a bastard and Ziya doesn't plan to tell her, but obviously DRAMA.

Wren can be in any house, with a fairly open personality! She is close to her mother though and the rest is flexible!

Elliot Burroughs
[Age Appropriate half-Indian]

1881 | First/Second Year Any House | 9 rep

Pending his birthday, he could be a second year (January-August) or an incoming firstie (September 2nd - December). His personality is also widely open, but he was very much William's preferred child and it was made obvious. How that shaped him is up to you! Again, how he handled his father's death is also widely open. Ziya obviously loves him, but pending his personality would dictate how close they are!

I am terrible with kiddo PBs but they should be age appropriate and obviously half-Indian! There are two more kiddos, Ambrose (1883) and Lilibet (1886) who are also open, if someone is interested!

Ladies Maid
1845 - 1852ish | WCAB | 6+ rep

Ziya's Ladies Maid has been through the ringer with her. There from the beginning, Ziya leaned on her heavily and the LM was there to help cover up the abuse. She is the only other one who knows Wren is not William's and she may or may not have helped kill him. You know Bad Bitches stick together. Age is flex, though probably around the same as Ziya, maybe a couple years younger if this was her first (and only) placement! Ethnicity, background, you name it, she's open! Her unfailing loyalty to Ziya is crucial!

for Quincey Honeyduke & Dahlia Honeyduke

Emery Honeyduke
[Melissa Roxburgh]
1863 | MC Muggle | 7+ rep

Emery was content with her life, working in the family confectionary shop as a baker, until her brother's wedding in August 1893. Always discontent with the fact that Quin seemed to be the only magical one in the family, she was heartbroken when no Hogwarts letter came for her after her eleventh birthday. This strained her relationship with Quin for a long time. He still writes to her and tries to maintain contact, but she is not always receptive.

Quin's wedding has sparked something though, whether it's the fact that she's thirty and unwed, married to her job (sort of like Quin) or she meets someone (a friend or a beau?) at the wedding in Diagon Alley, Emery feels like it's time to change something. Maybe she decides it's time to strike out on her own and she moves to Irvingly? Maybe it's a rekindling of her interest in magic, it's totally open! Ideally if she's made before the wedding, we could do some letters, or definitely a thread set at the wedding!

Pictured is Melissa Roxburgh because lol Manifest, but alternatives to be brunette/blonde!

The Manager

25+ | WCAB human | 6+ rep

I always reference her, so she should totally exist! Quin has had a couple played in the past, but nobody since 1885, making January 1886 could be the earliest date of hire, but could be as recent as last year! I've always headcanoned that she is the Type A to Quin's Type B; he is the creative, scatterbrained culinary mastermind and she is the organized, numbers-oriented magician who keeps him from losing money. She's likely a little bit of a hard ass, but they have a good working relationship. With Quin's marriage to Dahlia, the Manager could now live upstairs in the flat above the shop if desired!

While an IC relationship can certainly be developed with Dahlia, Fallin and I are leaning toward a strained relationship of sorts between the Manager and Dahlia, a clash of personalities and figuring out how to accommodate both of the ladies in Quin's life, but it is wide open to figure out upon application! I would prefer if there were absolutely ZERO attraction toward Quin on the Manager's part, not looking for that kind of drama!

The Wildflowers
for Daffodil Potts

The Shop Assistant(s)

17-25 | WC/MCAB human | 7+ rep

With the opening of Wildflowers in late October 1892, Daffy quickly found the need for a shop assistant (or two!) to help her around the shop, with deliveries and Daff is fully prepared to train her employees in designing arrangements if they wish! She pays as well as she can, but this would suit a working class or lower middle class woman who is probably unmarried. Could also work for a youngish MC lass who wants to do something with her free time after marriage? I'm not super picky. Basic math and writing skills required for inventory and invoicing!

The Roommate
17-25 | WC/MCAB human
unattached | rep 7+
open occupation

Open to a wide variety here! Daff has a two-bedroom flat above her shop that she wants to rent the second bedroom out for some additional income. It would be another female in the 17-25 range, who also works, probably in London. Must be good with pets, as Daffy has both a corgi named Winston and a large cat, Beatrix. Current characters preferred, but perfectly open for new characters as long as they have other things going on! There's juicy gossip here as clearly Daff has a bedraggled love life, which results in gentlemen visiting unchaperoned, so please get in my drama! This would be a new development after the break ins in May!

The Bixby Boys
for Alvin Bixby & Wallace Bixby

Carson --- Bixby
[Eric Bana]
1834 | GHRS
married | 8 rep
professional quidditch coach

Sloane Bixby's death hit the family particularly hard. How mum and dad are coping is wildly open, but know that Alvin in particular is having a hard time, as he was there when it happened. Rufus Bixby is likely holding down the fort as best anyone can, but he has his own family to worry about.

Patriarch of the Bixby clan, Carson is/was very much a laid back creature. Most everything in his life revolves around quidditch. His boys play, he was totally down with Sloane playing and his wife works with brooms; it's all relevant. He and Fiona married for love and get along quite nicely. He is pro-female athletes and could easily be  considered a soft feminist. He coaches a pro team, but always makes time for his kids! I also wouldn't say no to him being the flight instructor at Hogwarts!

#doubleup with the Hogsmeade Howler's Coach, he's been mentioned as coaching a different team, but could make the move!
Harrison Bixby
[Nick Robinson]
Sept 1 - Dec 31 1870 | GHRS
unattached | 8 rep
recent graduate

A traditional middle child, Harry is the balance of the Bixby siblings. He was the most likely to baby Sloane, especially at school. He was a decent student and likely played for his house quidditch team (or Club Quidditch!)! He likely chose DMGaS afterschool, but could totally be the family outlier with a career in another department, or at the hospital(s).

The Potts Flowers
for Daffodil Potts, Laurel Potts, Calla Potts, Dahlia Honeyduke,
Zinnia Potts & Thistle Potts ft. Jack Dorset
I an NOT married to any of these PBs as long as the girls have some sort of ~dreamy look to them, I'm fine!

Senna --- née Potts
[Lauren de Graaf]
1863 | GHR | married
8 rep | housewife

Recently married (summer 1890) Senna is in the throws of the honeymoon phase with her husband and wants children. She's the new default chaperon for the unmarried Potts girls, which she secretly enjoys after moving out of her family home. Personality wide open! She has at least one baby and is probably either just popped out or about to have another!
Amaryllis --- née Potts
[Esther Heesch]
1862 | GHRS | married | 8 rep
P&P Poisoning Healer, HH

The oldest and so far the only one to pursue a career outside the florist, Ama married relatively early in a somewhat advantageous marriage that allows her to keep working. She likely has 2+ children already. Responsible and very much the Oldest, she enjoys her work immensely. Outside of that things are open!
Basil "Herb" Potts
[Keanu Reeves]
1834 | GHRS | married
8 rep | marine herbologist

Quirky and very go with the flow, Laurel can pretty much use him as a doormat. He wanted at least one boy, but gave up that hope after Daffy was born. He's surrounded by women and mostly okay with it. He's quite adventurous and thoroughly enjoys his underwater career! He is most likely bff's with his brother-in-law, Ewart Fraser. Basil also has a soft spot for Daffy's childhood friend, Jack Dorset.

[Image: Daff-Sig-New.png]
MJ's Adoptables
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  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
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& Delilah Warbeck

The Farleys are MCPBs from Tutshill, and I'm very flexible with them! You're more than welcome to combine with other ads/plots.



Jacob works as a healer in either Hogsmeade or London, and, being his parents' son, has grown up very curious and very knowledgeable about muggle "doctors". He's a lovely guy, but whether his inclination towards bold new approaches - and minor obsession with testing out new muggle medical trends in his workplace - has largely helped or hindered his career is up to you! His marriage status is open.



While Zipporah may be living the deb life in theory, in reality she likely spends 90% of her social interactions on the topic of eccentric muggle inventions. Or her own inventions. Unlike Jemima, she cares much less what people think of her and is comfortable in her own skin. Her general vibe is 'cute but weird', do what you want with that.



Jemima's only younger sibling, the pair have a typical sibling rivalry where they find each other ridiculous and annoying and get into childish spats. Beyond that, his personality is open – he was in any Hogwarts house and can have embarked on any respectable career.

Also available: IKENNA "KEN" FARLEY and BESS FARLEY. Both the Farley parents come from wizarding families, and are very fond of each other - nearly as fond as they both are of muggles, and they are fascinated by all aspects of muggle life. Both black sheep in their usual circles, it was this likeness that brought them together many years ago. They are very enthusiastic people and, whatever their careers, very publicly campaign for pro-muggle rights and blood equality. (Imagine having two Arthur Weasleys for parents. Good. Now you know what they're like.)

& Lowri Dempsey Ozymandias Dempsey Endymion Dempsey Christabel Daphnel Shalott Dempsey Lycoris Dempsey

The Dempseys are an UCHB family who live near Galway in Ireland. They are all varying levels of eccentric, although still respectable enough to get invited to society things (their reps should reflect this). The name scheme - being named after a poem and the poet who wrote it - was decided on by Eamon and Lowri before they were even married.



A notable poet and cheerful eccentric, Eamon was his parents' heir. His hobbies include waxing poetic about the wilderness, going on ill-advised sailing ventures, and humouring his wife. Porphyria probably gets on fabulously with him.



Don Juan's personality is exactly what one would expect of a famed literary libertine, and never mind that the poem is ironic re: the name. Lord Byron is his actual hero. Accordingly, he is a constant source of migraines for their mother, and generally a Disaster™.

lady is the light of my life! <3
Dantes Adoptables
❧ Please contact me before you start a character
❧ It is not FCFS
❧ If a character goes inactive without you letting me know I’ll consider the character dropped and available for re-pimping
❧ Only information in bold is a must have
❧ Faces are all suggestions
Bree did the code and it is pretty
Honoria Rookwood | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"


late 40’s | MCPB | OPEN | Business manager and accountant| Suggested PB: Hugh Jackman

A shrewd business man, with a head for numbers, but lacking a fortune of his own to wager he usually handles accounts and business investments for other more well to do families, acting as business manager and accountant.  He does well, but not enough to be considered among the cream of society – that’s not to say that he doesn’t intend to be. 

late 40’s | MCPB | OPEN | Business manager and accountant| Suggested PB: Choi Ji Woo

Da-Eun is rather ambitious socially, and although Korean, she anglicizes her name - mostly because she is tired to English people butchering it.  She expects only the most lady like behavior from her daughter. 


Below OWL  | MCPB | OPEN | Student| Suggested PB: Kim Ye Joon

An eldest son, of which much is expected.  If Albert doesn’t manage to break the class ceiling – then there is an expection Eugene will.  His grades and classes are scrutinized – there isn’t much time for ‘fun’ in his schedule.  He does not play quidditch – or if he does it’s on the quiet from his parents.  He is entering 5th Year

For Natsuko Mountbatton
@"Natsuko Mountbatton" | @"Other Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"


OWL  | UCHB | OPEN | WIDOW/SPINSTER| Suggested PB: Sigourney Weaver

Lissa was always a beauty, she still takes pride in having secured an offer of marriage less than a week after her debut from a first born son no less.  She and her husband had no children, or none that lived beyond their childhoods, and her husband died rather young.  She was young and pretty enough that she might have remarried but with money -and her now dead brothers daughter as her ward she never got around to it.  She may resent Natsuko somewhat for this

As a widow with no children she should be delighted with a niece, who she practically raised, to act as a balm in her old age but Natsuko’s funny foreign heritage makes her incredibly uncomfortable.  The fact that her niece neither looks, acts nor sounds English is a bone of contention and she wishes that Natsuko would just try a bit harder to fit in.  She dislikes being Natsuko’s guardian and thinks the sooner she is married the better.  At the end of the 1891 season she extracted a promise from Natsuko, if she hadn’t secured an English husband she would arrange for a matchmaker to find someone equally ‘foreign’ for her to marry before this year is out.

However, the money from her husbands estate only lasted so many years after his death, it has now run out and she relies on Natsuko’s money for her comfort.  She may now need to seriously consider remarrying  as she no longer really wants to have her niece hanging  around cramping her style, but she is also concerned about funding her lifestyle.

For Thaddeus Flint
Thaddeus Flint | Malcorvus Flint | @"Other Played Family Member"

Type A Personality
Thaddeus Flint Lucretia Flint Cornelius Flint


60’s | UCPB | OPEN | Wizengemot Member and educator| Suggested PB: Jeremy Irons

The idea for opening the institute was his, although more of an academic he left the administration to his son. He is an animagus, dark arts expert and practitioner. He likely had or has a ministry job before taking up his seat on the wizengemot. He has travelled extensively.

He is not a cold man, with his children he is actually a warm and decent father. He is not purist to the point of rudeness, he just thinks he's better than you the birthright of purebloods

He is part of the Bibliomancy plot.

The Flint Siblings are open - and there are space for various at various ages, all boys are younger than Thad.  The family was competitive academically, at least for the boys.  They may be animagus, or at least have attempted the transformation.  The boys would likely be connected to the order, or their lack of interest may be a bone of familial contention. 

They are not a cold family, and although they take their bloodedness seriously, and would be mortified at the idea of marrying beneath their blood, they are otherwise affectionate and close to one another. 
  • Brother Flint – second son ability to be able to do just about anything
  • Sister ____ nee Flint -Married and family
  • Brother Flint – Ministry

For Adrestia Dantés
Adrestia Dantés | @"Other Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"



An intense and stoic man, Ramdas made his career in Indian as a hit wizard.  He was well known in certain circles for his spell work and as a champion duelist.  He completed the equivalent of his auror exams and worked for the Indian ministry before transferring to the private service of Mister Dantés, as effectively the head of his household, body guard, as well as other work requiring the exercise of his not inconsiderable skills for making people disappear.  He now serves the same function for Adrestia.  Although a ‘servant’ within the English meaning, his role in Indian terms is significantly more senior than say a butler, and he is treated by the English servants as though he a member of the household, like an uncle or similar to Addie.  He is aware that Adrestia is Hermione, and what she is in England to do.  He has trained the young woman in spell work, and still drills her on dueling on a regular basis.  He is a skilled dark wizard, proficient in wandless magic, especially curses and counter curses and is a Animagus in the form of a monkey.

For Ermingarde Delacour
@"Ermingarde Delacour" | @"Other Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"

Nicholas Delacour


An intense and serious man, from a severe religious family.  He met Minny when he was only 25 years old, and he shocked EVERYONE by marrying a middle class spinsters, 10 years older than him. He loves his wife, she is funny and witty and he gets her.  He doesn’t think of her as plain, or certainly it’s not what matters to him.  They are exceptionally happy together.  He is proud of his wifes accomplishments and finds her warmth, and that of her family so different to his own.

I've a strong prefernce for Tom Ellis because they were in Miranda together and it's adorbs!

For Madeleine Backus
Cane Backus | Madeleine Backus


b. 1843 | WCPB | Huffle/Dor | Baker – Hogsmeade | Suggested PB: Viggo Mortenson (Blonde/light haired)

He was from a good honest working class pureblood family.  As a second son he moved to St. Petersburg to make his fortune and got a job working in the factory of a prominent Upper middle class family in the city.  He was a steady worker, and eventually eloped with the families only child Katerina in 1864.
The Kozlova's provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since.  He and Katrina were clear that the children, other than Rye should get a full education, and the girls were expected to maintain scholarships to stay in school.
When the muggleborns were excluded from Hogwarts Maddie got in touch with her grandparents to secure the papers she needed to get back to school, and the Backus parents were aware that she kept in touch with them through letters.  It was not until the death of Katerina's father that it became clear how much they had hated him, with the entirety of the family estate being left to Maddie and Maggie to vest on their marriage on the basis that they would no longer be 'Backus'.

The parents stopped talking to Maggie when she eloped to receive her fortune, and allowed Maddie to take social help from a friend of their grandmothers in the hopes of discouraging her from jumping into a hasty marriage as well.  Maddie sided with her father.


b. 1846 | MCHB > WCHB | N/A  | Family Accountant | Suggested PB: Michelle Phifer (blonde)

She is demure, quiet, loving, great business/organizational sense.  She has all the airs and graces that would be expected from someone given every advantage in life and a solid upper middle class up bringing. She has ambitions for her children to do better in life than she did.  And despite her own elopement to Barton, she was disapproving of her daughters decision to elope. 

______ BACKUS

b. 1863-ish | WCHB | N/A  | Head Baker | Suggested PB: Chad Micheal Murray

Increasingly (Herb) is taking over from his father in the running the bakery – his feelings on this are open.  He is a kind and compassionate older brother – who takes the ‘older brother’ bit seriously.  He and Maddie are close and even when living with her MC guardians she would still come by to see and bake with him.  The rest is open.

For Murdock Greyback
Murdock Greyback | Merida Greyback | Mirren Greyback @'Alisdair greyback'



Can't wait to be a debutante, she is prime, proper and very girly and is enjoying being away at school.  She isnt exactly stuck up but she takes the social duties of an UC girl too seriously and her dad is always trying to get her to lighten up.  She probably isnt a Ravenclaw, but could theoretically be in any other house.  She is into everything girly and is probably already subscribed to witch weekly.  Because she is the oldest she is looking forward to turning 14 and being given the keys to her Papa's house, as she fancies herself effectively the mistress Greyback Reach because her mother is deceased.  The idea that her father may re-marry has never entered her pretty head.  The girls are 2 years apart which everyone is taken first will set the age of the other.


b. 18-- | UCHB | OPEN | WEREWOLVES| Suggested PB: OPEN

Murdock has a number of siblings all younger than him. Merida is the youngest. The rest of the dates are flex, but should make sense with other establish family.

Nieces and nephews are available too.
For Meserimus Valenduris

Meserimus has a large family - names are place holders and there are room for substitions and additions amoung his children and grandchildren.

Meserimus Valenduris | Cassian Valenduris | Sabine Valenduris| Isobel Valenduris| Penelope Valenduris | Parthenope Valenduris | Morgan Valenduris


b. 1862 | ACAB | House | Occupation| Suggested PB: JULIA GARNER

once upon a time Katerina was a student of Meserimus when he was teaching at Durmstrang, they would regularly play chess together when she was still at school.  She is exceptionally bright and vivacious and when they danced at the coming out ball, it was clear to Meserimus at least that he cared for her more than just student - teacher.  They began to court, and developed a genuine love for each other.  When she was 20 they married with the blessing of her parents.  They genuinely love each other, and is fiercely loyal.
Katerina was born into an upper middle class family, and raised with all due care and attention and is the consummate lady.  However, she is incredibly intelligent and loves the fact that her husband encourages her not to hide her light under a bushel.  She has much more freedom than many women, and is secure in the knowledge of her husbands doting affections.  She may have her own academic interest and could be a writer or researcher of some sort.

b. 1756 | UCPB | RAVEN/CLAW | CHARMS RELATED| Suggested PB: Patrick Stewart

Remigius Valenduris is Meserimus brother, he is youngest Valenduris brother, and 5 years younger than Meserimus. He is a high ranking Wizengemot member, and an expert in Charms and like his brother is upper class. He too has a large family and has been married multiple times, his current marriage is also to a much younger woman. Meserimus still treats him as though he is 15 and not a man in his mid hundreds! He is very family orientated and despite their ages both men still have a very puckish relationship, they believe and behave as though they are much younger than they are. The pair play chess once a month, overlooked by Archimedes
His suggested playby is Patrick Stewart. 
If Patrick Stewart is available – I would prefer him to be the face

b. 1758 | UCPB | SLYTHER/DOR | OWL| Suggested PB: HE’S AN OWL

The consummate middle child he always felt like the odd man out in his family and keen to prove himself.  He had a talent for transfiguration and was determined to develop a method of undertaking the animagus transformation while retaining the ability to speak.  He succeeded - sort of.  He managed to turn himself into an owl - and he can speak....but now he's stuck and has spent the past 20 years as a goddamn owl.  He also won't allow his brothers to help him change back.  He currently lives with Meserimus (owls can't sign leases) and doesnt know if he hates living at the school (lots of kids) or Meserimus home (still too many kids) more.  He is cantankerous, grouchy and a curmudgeon.

b. circa 64 years old | UCPB | OPEN | OPEN | Suggested PB: Jeff Goldblumm

He is not the first born son of Mesermus Valenduris, but the only son to have outlived his father.  He is technically the 8th of Meserimus children. Honestly – he kind of expected to have inherited by now. He has had to forge a career for himself, but it is lucrative, and despite being born into wealth he rather considers himself to be mostly self made.  He will eventually inherit his fathers estate, and has been supported by his father in all of his endeavours.  It does annoy him somewhat that his father still treats him 


b. Circa Mid-Late 40’s | UCPB | OPEN | Irked wife | Suggested PB: Kate Blanchette

Mrs Valenduris thought she had hit the jackpot, she married an 8th son who had somehow lucked into the heir spot – but her father in law WONT DIE.  So while she is financially comfortable she wants to THE Mrs Valenduris, not the step-daughter in law of Mrs. Valenduris.  She hen pecks her husband quiet a bit but he has the good humour enough to ignore most of her chittering. 
(Could be a second wife.)


b. circa 24 | UCPB | HOUSE | ROLE | Suggested PB: India Eisley - Open

The eldest daughter of this side of the family, she is a consummate sweet young lady.  She wants a career, and is much smarter than she pretends to be.  She is a potions wiz, like her gramps.  She is a little quirkier than she really thinks is acceptable for an upper class pureblooded woman.  She is concerned she is not marriage material and is mostly okay with that but worries about her family reaction. 

b. Circa 18 | UCPB | OPEN | Awkward son | Suggested PB: Troy Sivan

First born son, and the heir of an heir – he isn’t holding his breath about inheriting any time soon and so is working hard in school to get the career he needs to support himself.  If his families longevity is anything to go by he won’t be inheriting ever.  He is bright but finds his family fully extra. 


b. circa 13 | UCPB | NOT SLYTHERIN | STUDENT | Suggested PB: OPEN

Easy going, go with the flow kind of kid, He likely plays quidditch, and is part of several clubs.  He has an ear for languages and while he isn’t especially ambitious he tends to be good at things rather easily and does well in class with minimal effort.  He would easy to dislike but because he is generous with his wealth, time and friendship he is pretty popular. 

b. Circa 55 | UCPB | NOT SLYTHERIN | ROLE | Suggested PB: Mark Ruffollo

Is super glad that he isn’t the eldest son, he just wants a quiet life.  His mothers death is incredibly embarrassing to him.  He thinks people talk about it constantly when he is out of the room, and so hates social obligations.  He asked for his parents to arrange a marriage for him, but is still unsure if his wife loves him.  He is close with his nephew because he also thinks their whole family is a needless level of extra. 

b. early 40’s | UCPB | OPEN | OUTGOING WIFE | Suggested PB: JENNIFER GARNER

She was an arranged marriage with her husband but loves him greatly.  She is out going and spunky and rather the opposite of her husband.  She has a youthful, quirky air and fits in very well with the family- possibly better than her husband – her brother in law (below) often says that if they ever separate they are keeping her and ditching his brother.

b. CIRCA 13 | UCPB | HUFFLE/DOR | FANCIFUL | Suggested PB: Ty Simpkins

Much like his mother, he is an imaginative, carefree and fairly whimsical boy.  He is likely to be found playing some kind of imaginative game in the grounds of the school, with the easily whimsical children.  He has read a lot of fiction and so any kind of Romantic (with a capital R) story will appeal to him (Half breeds, mysterious orphans etc) He much prefers the outdoors to inside.  Care of Magical Creatures is his favourite class, closely followed by herbology, but  anything that requires him to spend hours in the library will bore him immensely. 

b. CIRCA 12 | UCPB | HOUSE | INTENSE | Suggested PB: Oakes Fegley

Irish twins, there are only 11 months between them but the two couldn’t be more different.  Gregori is intense, serious and thinks of himself rather as grown up, he looks on his brother with a touch of disdain for being so ‘foolish’.  He prefers to dress, speak and behave like a grown up. 


Is incredibly anxious that she wont be in the same house as her sister.  She has some fairly intense social anxiety, and her sister is her social bridge to the ret of the world.  She is the smarter of the two. 


secretly wants to be in a different house to her sister – she sees it as a chance to spread her wings a little and be known as an individual rather than part of a set. 

b. CIRCA 50 | UCPB | RAVEN/DOR | OPEN | Suggested PB: RDJ

Incredibly smart, entirely self made and incredibly proud of this fact.  He tells anyone who will listen about his ‘invention’ that ‘changed the world’ – it’s a stretch but it has made him independently wealthy.  He has a slight addiction to opium, he was  a keen underground boxer back in the day and still considers himself an authority.  He has never married but still considers himself to be on the market.  He is a flirtatious charismatic man whose main flaw is being too picky.  He is very fond of his younger siblings


b. 8 | UCPB | NA | Scampish son | Suggested PB: OPEN

Doesn’t have a serious bone in his body and a class clown in the making.  He is OBSESSED with quidditch and has been flying from the moment he could balance his butt on a broom.  He is not the most academic kid on the planet, and probably has a mild form of dyslexia – just enough to make book based classes and subjects a bit tougher for him than practical things. 


He is a very serious kid, and behaves much older than he is.  He has a genius level intellect, already being excellent at reading and writing.  He plays chess (wizard and muggle).  Named by a naming seer

b. OPEN | UCAB | OPEN | OPEN | Suggested PB: open

Ginevra Blackwood | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"



The man loves Quidditch and is richer than god.  He could sponsor ‘good’ teams but instead he chooses to sponsor the worst team each year in order to help them improve.  He buys a private box for each quidditch match and is very supportive of all of the teams.  He lives for the world cup!


A consummate socialite.  She is the picture of propriety and mixes in all the ‘right’ pureblood circles.  She would love her son and daughter to give her more control over their love lives, and possibly allow her to arrange marriages for them.  Her family were pretty purist and her father was a second son.  When her cousin, married a muggleborn, the estate was entailed away from him and entailed to Eugenia’s daughter providing she marries a pureblood.  She is inclined towards gossip and is vicious in he judgements of people. 

b. 1860 | UCPB | SLYTHERIN | OPEN| Suggested PB: Sam Heughan

He is a mans man, he is into quidditch, probably does some underground boxing, part of a mens club.  He goes along with his sisters socialising quiet a bit and the pair are in society together rather a lot – although he sees it as a social duty rather than something he enjoys he would rather be in a mens club than at a ball or garden party.  He may have another profession, or interest.  While he is not a purist, he is proud of his particular blood status and so would probably not consider a woman who is not pureblood. 

Both Alike in Dignity...

STILL LOOKING November 2022
This was a plot I got into with another ex-player and thought I'd expand it a bit

Both the Capulets and Montague are middle class PB families.  Why the two families are fighting - well no one remembers but they are sure it is the other families fault.  The families are originally from Italy several generations back.  Unlike the play this isn't open war in the streets - this is a simmering dislike. 

I have no preconcieved ideas about whether this will proceed as the play does, these are just character jumping off points- maybe Juliet will end up with the PRINCE or TYBALT.  Who knows!

First names are open - even ROMEO/JULIET etc
Faces are open - Montague father is white- otherwise open so biracial is welcome/encouraged

Lord Montague
50+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Ministry Senior/or retired
The father of ''ROMEO'' and uncle of @"Benevolence Montague".  Other than hating the Capulets, he worries about his sons job and his prospects in marriage.  He thinks it might be a good idea to arrange a marriage for him given his terrible taste in women.  He is a senior ministry official, law and order is important to him, he has/had a desk job i.e was not an auror or similar.  He is not a blood purist. 

Lady Montague
40+ | MCPB | MARRIED |  Healer or unemployed
Mother of ''ROMEO'', if she is employed it is a healing, or caring profession.  She had completely bought into her husbands hatred of the other family and thinks they are all scum.  She agrees with her husband that her son is likely to make bad choices if left to his own devices and so is actively seeking a wife for him. 

Romeo Montague
25+ | MCPB | SINGLE|  Something 'dashing'
He isn't a play boy in the 'love'em and leave'em sense' but does frequently fall in and out of love - thinking himself madly in love with some deb or other at any given time.  He is Romantic with a capital R and would be the sort to write love letters and be generally smushy.  He and @"Benevolence Montague" are close, and he is her favourite cousin, she is the voice of sense frequently talking him out of doing anything rash. 

Benvolio Montague
@"Benevolence Montague"  - a level head, who is constantly talking Romeo out of his bad ideas.  She thinks the whole fued needs to be put to bed!

Balthasar Montague
[/size]20+ | MCPB | SINGLE |  Open
The younger brother of 'ROMEO', he is hot headed and agressive and full of a great deal of family pride.  His job is open but is competitive and extremely ambitious.  He suffers from a little bit of second son syndrome.  He does love his brother but is determined to outshine him in every capacity. 

23+ | ACAB | SINGLE |  Probably Quiditchy or curse breaking
A young man  and best friend of 'ROMEO', his job is something dashing and exciting and he is a bit of a playboy.  He encourages all of 'ROMEO'S' bad ideas but they have been best friends since childhood and so there is no separating them now.  He antagonizes situations between the two families because he has no real stake in it.  His wanted can be combined with any other, or tied into another family. 

Lord Capulet
50+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Ministry Senior/or retired
Father of 'JULIET', he is hot headed and strong willed, probably a gryffindor.  He was a physically imposing man in his youth and he remains as such.  He would be quick to duel if he got the chance.  He is not a blood purist.  He could be self-made, or somehow involved in industry, but this is open - however, he probably had a less 'academic' or desk job than L.MONTAGUE. 

Lady Capulet
40+ | MCPB | MARRIED | Open
Very protective of her daughter 'JULIET', she is keen to make a good match for her daughter and is mercenary about it.  She loves to gossip and is a dedicated reader of Witch Weekly.  Ideally, she would like her daughter to marry 'TYBALT', but her husband isn't entirely sold on the idea.  She does not see 'TYBALTS' faults and thinks he is just best young man on the planet! He is the only one who will be good enough for her daughter

20+ | MCPB | SINGLE | Debutante, or similarly feminine occupation
Romantic and flighty 'JULIET' is the only child and heir of the CAPULETS.  She is the apple of LORD MONTAGUES eye.  She wants to make a love match, and is fighting her mother's attempts to match make for her with everything she has! She is probably a little bored and frustrated with how mercenary debutante life is.  She wants an organic romance, not something foisted on her by family and obligation. 

25+ | MCPB | SINGLE | Chaperone and paid companion
'JULIETS' chaperon and ladies companion.  She is a CAPULET  but from a poorer branch of the family and was taken in by them as a ward at a young age.  She is pragmatic, sensible and plain in comparison to 'JULIET', she wants to marry, but realises her time is running out.  She is JULIETS paid companion and chaperone but she indulges her cousins romantic nature. 

25+ | MCAB | SINGLE | Hitwizard/Unspeakable or similar
A 'cousin' of the Capulets in the broadest sense, he is the son of a cousin of Lady Capulets who died in childbirth.  With no other family, he was been raised in the Capulet household.  He is publically respectable but enjoys underground boxing matches, gambling and dueling.  He is hot headed and more like L.CAPULET than his own daughter. 

Please contact me before starting any character! If a character is abandoned or goes inactive, I may readvertise them.  PM me or skype me:Leapidra to chat

Rose Hart | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"

Francis Castellan

circa. 1855 | WCAB | OPEN | HEALER| Suggested PB: Jake Johnson

He and Margaret Temple were in love once upon a time.  Seperated by society and class expectations they ran off together, determined to create a life for themselves.  He woke up one morning to learn his infant daughter was dead and his wife had absconded with his property.  In the intervening years he worked as a healer, even if his career path took him down some less than salubrious routes.  He had a legitimate practice, but also works as a healer for underground boxing matches and the like.  He also does some work as a coroner.  He came to England after hearing a rumour that Margaret was there. 
Their relationship is complex.  He considers himself the 'co-owner' of the True Hart, it was his money after all.  He lives in the True Hart and enjoys the 'delights' of the ladies of the Hart on a regular basis. 


Elizabeth Cardew | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"

XXXXX Cardew

5th Year| MCHB | GRHS | Quidditch Miss| Suggested PB: Rowan Blanchard

A serious and political girl, who considers herself feminist and the coming ministerial election she will be hoping to work for her candidate of choice. She is also working to get a Hogwarts news letter created

XXXXX Cardew

Incoming Firstie | MCHB | GRHS | Quidditch Miss| Suggested PB: Julia Butters

The Quidditch obsessed Cardew Daughter, her aspiration is certainly to play for her house.

[Image: wl0I79B.jpg]
Lady is a wonder

Nev is preggers but hasn't realised yet!
The Daphnels
Victor here is quite enamored of his family and would do anything for them. Unfortunately, he died, which left them in a bit of a bind. Dad is alive, by the way, he's just an eccentric academic and decided to go off and live the expat researcher life while his family does their best to carry on without him.

Kate Daphnel — formidable socialite and loving mother, Kate may have met her match in her only daughter, Beatrice. Her daughter has consumed most of her attention for the past few years, something that Victor hoped to relieve after he married. Unfortunately he died almost immediately after getting hitched which only gave Kate several months of mourning and a new daughter-in-law to deal with.

Jasper Daphnel — Played by Kit!

Beatrice Daphnel — Played by Nichole!

Oscar Daphnel — Played by Beanie!

Fabulous set by Lady!
Kelly's Adoptables
❧ Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them! I prefer to take a look at the app before they are registered. Reserves last up to a month, though feel free to ask for an extension.
❧ Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
❧ If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
❧ I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
Still looking as of September 4, 2023

Wanteds for...

For Acacia
Acacia Darlington | Ellsworth Ruskin | Phillip Darlington
Chrysanta Ruskin can be found in Sweetie's plottables

Martin Ruskin

b. Post-September, 1841 | MCHB | Ravenclaw* | Hogsmeade Hospital Director** | Karl Urban

Martin is a loving and dedicated father. His relationship with his own father is positive, though he has a distant relationship with his mother and sister. He fell in love with a vampire, then was left by her. When she came back, he'd long since divorced her for abandonment and wasn't interested in rekindling anything. Especially since he had their children to think about. He is not outright political like his second eldest daughter but is a quiet supporter that has allowed her to act as she will. He had long since worried that none of his daughters would marry, so his daughter marrying up was a relief for the sake of having stability for her life. This has given him less strain with his younger two daughters, though he would prefer that they both marry for their own stability in life.

*The history records show him as Head Boy in his seventh year and I would appreciate if that can remain the case. The prefect position is open as well.
**There is one position available and while I would love for him to take it, I understand that this may not be possible by the time he is taken. I would still love him to be part of Hogsmeade Hospital to some capacity.
Orinda Ruskin

b. 1874 | MC Half-Vampire | Open House | Seventh Year/Open Occupation | Helena Barlow

Youngest daughter from Martin Ruskin's first marriage, her personality is largely open — though she would be unlikely to cause family scandal.
Dunstan Ruskin

b. Pre-September | MC Half-vampire | Huffleclaw House | Sixth Year | Logan Shroyer

Dunstan found out on February 28is, 1890 that his sisters Acacia and Chrysanta had remembered him being dead ever since '87. It was a shocking revelation, and Dunstan counts his blessings every day since. He is a sweet and thoughtful boy.
Sophia Ruskin p. Jenkins née Morrison

b. 1856 | MCAB | Open House | Wife of Martin Ruskin | TBD

Like Mr. Ruskin, Sophia is on her second marriage — though all of her children to date are fully human. Her relationship towards her parents has been largely strained since before her marriage into the Ruskin family, and the marriage certainly didn't help matters. Now she has since had twins fathered by her current husband, to add to her list of step- and first marriage children to manage. Sophia enjoys studying mythologies/theologies on the side, enjoying naming her children based on these stories.

Despite the Ruskin children's hesitance towards her, she welcomes them with open arms. Other than being open minded and loving, her personality is largely open.
Malachai Jenkins

b. 1880 | MCAB | Open House | Second/Third Year | TBD

His personality is largely open, along with his opinion on his new siblings.
Ariel Jenkins

b. 1884 | MCAB | Sorting Hat Please? | Child | TBD

~Reserved for Jen~
Her personality is largely open, along with her opinion on her new siblings.
For Cecilia
Cecilia Lupin | Aurelia Bulstrode | Lionel Lupin
At least one of the Bulstrode men will likely be assisting Lionel in the Ministerial election.

Auntie née Bulstrode

b. 18## | UCPB | Open House | Socialite | Michelle Pfeiffer

Well to do socialite of the UCPB circles, Auntie née Bulstrode was expecting to be done with her official match making duties when her youngest daughter had found a proper match and wed. But fast forward and now her nieces have debute and Myron has expressed disinterest in partaking in feminine matters such as this - aside from the blessing of an engagement of course. So now she must deal with a new marriage market for girls who are not her own.
Myron Bulstrode

b. 1838 | UCPB | Open House | Ministry (Wizengamot?) | Jerome Flynn

Myron was always more suited towards being the father of sons than of the daughters that were meant to be his wife's responsibility. So what does he do when his daughters debute and his wife is not alive to assist? Why, drag his socialite sister into the matter and leave it at that of course! A high standing member of the UCPB community, he expects the very best matches for his children.
Elisha Bulstrode

b. 1863 | UCPB | Open House | Open Occupation | John Mulaney

Oldest brother and sibling of the family, he is set to inherit. This does not mean that occupational and social mobility is not expected of him. Married since 1891 to Wisteria Bulstrode née Parkinson, she suddenly died on September 14, 1893 to a dragon, while pregnant with their first child.
Ephraim Bulstrode

b. 1868 | UCPB | Open House | Open Occupation | Grant Gustin

As the second son, Ephraim has an even greater need for connections and financial security than his older brother. Likely in a similar career field to Elisha, Ephraim often disagrees with how his brother handles himself. This could either be professionally, socially, or both.
For Liliana
Liliana Parkinson | Angelique Parkinson | Jessamine Parkinson | By extension, the Selwyn Clan
The Rest of the Parkinson Siblings

Chester Parkinson

b. 1861 | UCPB | Open House | Open Occupation | TBD

Second son and child to the Parkinson family, he's one of the least damaged among his siblings. Financially stable in a high paying job that suits his wife's demanding lifestyle, so far, he's been everything that Liliana could ask for. While his family lives in the Parkinson Villa, he was excited enough to purchase Parkinson Manor in Southampton, England soon after she accepted his proposal. She has since decorated it to her taste. His relationship with Liliana was overall a shock to his parents, but they relented given his birth status and his brother already being married.
Maxwell Parkinson

b. 1866 | UCPB | Not Slytherin | Open Occupation | TBD

Maxwell is the fourth child and third son to the Parkinson family. He and Angelique met through Liliana, soon marrying after Liliana and Chester had. Neither he nor his parents believe the schoolhouse rumors that Angelique is 'part-veela'.
For Sibylla
Sibylla Rowle | Helena Avery

_ _ née Crabbe

b. Mid/Late-1850s | UCPB | Gryffindor House | Socialite | Kelly Reilly

Her parents consider her the Victorian Era version of the first pancake of a batch. Not a full success, yet tolerable. No public scandal has followed her thus far. Unlike either of her sisters, __ inquired to her parents about entering a career beginning in her third year. By the end of her fifth year, they had had enough. Unknown to her sisters, __ was made to take an Unbreakable Vow to not enter a career without the express permission of her husband. Upon graduating, she was quickly rushed into an arranged marriage and married soon after. Her husband would be UCPB. Whether her husband has since allowed her a career, or if she had even remained interested in one after all of the hassle.
For Sweetie
Sweetie Whitledge | Darling Whitledge

Cupcake _ née Whitledge

b. 1869 | UCHB | Gryffindor House | Socialite | Erin Moriarty

Oldest girl of the Whiteldge family and twin of Handsome Whitledge, Cupcake has been a wonderful image of society lady. The only point against her would be seen in her home as she tends towards attempting to bake her own pastries when time allows. And not good pastries, though her husband probably pretends to love them as a form of affection. Husband's family is open - no current or serious past scandals. Cupcake and Handsome have always been close. While less harsh than Handsome when handling Sweetie, Cupcake will side with Handsome on the majority of disputes and avoid getting involved unless genuinely pressed.
Honey Whitledge

b. 1874 | UCHB | Hufflepuff House | Debutante | Emma Kenney

Honey and Sweetie used to be thick as thieves, until Honey's first year. Upon being temporarily placed in Slytherin when the sorting hat was stolen by Peeves, only to return and sort her into Hufflepuff, everything fell apart over petty squabbles and superficial house pride. It is open for discussion if bridges have been mended, and perhaps a thread or two in the past?
For Vera
Vera Morgan | Desiderius Morgan | Eldritch Morgan | Rhiannon Cameron | Rachel Morgan | Ziya Burroughs

This is Vera

b. 1841 | UCHB | Hufflepuff | Socialite | Playby: Rachel Weisz

This is a bit different then most of my adoptables so bare with me. I am not looking for anything strictly specific, but wanted to give Vera's natal family their own post in case anyone was interested.

Father - Born late 1700s or early 1800s. Man of logic and reason. Likely a first or second born son, but I am in no way picky. Likely a Ravenclaw. Honestly, I would enjoy seeing him as a Hogwarts professor, but can definitely see him on the Wizengamot. His main vibe is humoring his wife until her ideas go too far - i.e. he'll send his daughter(s) to a French finishing school, but won't outright move to France. He is conservative.

Mother - While a well-to-do socialite, she does have an borderline eccentric reliance on divination and seers - she is not one. A frequent visitor of France, she often makes mention to her husband and close friends about wishing to move there. The family likely bought a townhouse there that she has settled on visiting at least once a year. She is conservative.

Siblings 1 through 3 and 5 through 7 - Vera is fourth of seven children. No genders or distinct ages have been specified other than that 1-3 were born before 1841 and 5-7 were born after. While all named by naming seers, their names can vary - as can the accuracy of how the name fits the sibling. Houses are open. Up to character creation, little to no scandal preferred. While the family image is conservative, each individual siblings private opinions may vary. Open marriages, open surnames. Additional marital connections and nieces/nephews for Vera are encouraged.
Mrs. "French"

b. 1840-1843 | UCAB | Attended Beauxbatons | Socialite | Kathryn Hahn

Mrs. "French" grew up in, well, France. She attended Beauxbatons Academy and later went to a local finishing school to complete her education. During her time there - whether that was her first year or not - she ended up in the same dorm as Vera. Despite Vera's ultimate failure to adjust, the two became quite close and wrote to each other for several years after the fact.

Mrs. "French" has since then married - whether to a fellow France resident or an English man - and relocated to magical Britain. Vera was her general introduction into British society. Her family - both marital and natal - are up to player, but she has to be of good reputation.
Emerentius Morgan

b. 1829 | UCHB | Slytherin House | Wizengamot Interrogator* | Daniel Craig

Emerentius is a serious man with conservative views. Views that lead Faris Spavin to elect him for the Wizengamot. In the home, Vera and Emerentius are slightly more loving than the average Victorian Era couple, though maintain a respectable appearance in an overabundance out in public. He leaves their children to Vera's guidance, though will be critical regarding his sons' career choices. He was previously played.

*There are three positions for this career. While greatly preferred, another position in the Ministry with a similar feel might be a good replacement should the career not be available.


Welcome to my insanity, wanted ads for my characters as they stand. This will obviously be updated more as I make more characters, because I’ve got the character bug and it won’t go away. As for rules, I only have a few. First and most important, please contact me before making any character connected to mine, whether they have a full advertisement or not. I’d like to make sure your character fits into the vision I have in my head. Second, play-bys are largely just suggestions, unless it’s a blood family ad, in which case stick as closely to the original layout as possible (i.e. for the Bythesea family, please choose dark-haired, blue-eyed individuals, unless they are married into the family; the parents may have gray hair). Where a play-by is entirely open, POC is encouraged. Names and reputations are somewhat negotiable, though should be appropriate for the ad.

Each advertising section with more than one character listed will scroll; if there is only one character, it’s likely not long enough to have needed the scroll effect. Most will have a prelude section as well, featuring a gif of my character in the family. And before anyone asks, the gif above is Vex’ahlia and Percival in the Amazon Prime series The Legend of Vox Machina. The animated version of Critical Role campaign 1.

Ads For...

Siobhan | Helena | Lucinda | Josephine | Charlotte | Antonina

Updated September 19, 2023

The Hanrahan Family

Siobhan Hanrahan | Vincent Hanrahan | Elijah Hanrahan

Siobhan and Vincent are the happiest vampire/human couple in the whole of the British Empire — at least, that's what they'd like to think. With three lovely children, a live-in maid whom they care for like a daughter, and Vincent's brother (in both the vampiric and mortal contexts) in their home, they make do with what they have, which really isn't much. The marriage ban, of course, stands in their way; but will it for long?

Gabrielle Hanrahan
b. 1874 | 6
Gryffindor/Slytherin class of '93 | MC Half-Vampire
suggested pb: Meg Donnelly

As the eldest child, one would expect Gabrielle to be responsible, respectable. And she is. She's just also a feminist, with her parents' support and encouragement, and as outspoken about women's rights as she is about half-breed rights. She loves both of her parents and Uncle Victor dearly, and believes the marriage ban is utter garbage. She has completed her NEWTs, and is pursuing a career in one of the NEWT-level occupations, though not as a healer or an auror. She may have been a prefect (and we really would like it if she was), but she was definitely on the full academic scholarship. Her reputation is a 6 because of her mother's reputation.

Josiah Hanrahan
b. 1880 | 7
Not Slytherin class of '98 | MC Half-Vampire
suggested pb: Daniel Huttlestone

The baby of the family. Josiah is something of a Quidditch prodigy, and while his academics aren't stellar, he's keeping afloat with the partial academic scholarship, which he knows helps his parents significantly. He doesn't see anything wrong with his parents' marriage, and doesn't understand why anyone would dissolve it.

Eliza Mitchell
b. 1874 | 8
Dropout '86 | MC Half-Vampire
open pb

Eliza is the family maid, and something of a ward to Siobhan and Vincent. Her own family was not so fortunate as the Hanrahans financially, though some might say they were more fortunate in the offspring department. Eliza has at least five surviving siblings. She sees the Hanrahans as a second family. Otherwise, her personality is open.

Victor Hanrahan
b. 1813 | 5
MC Vampire
suggested pb: Daniel Gillies

Brother. Friend. Uncle. Victor Hanrahan is the utterly respectable one — not publically outspoken, never married, never fathered half-breed children. He actually questions why Siobhan and Vincent had children, knowing they would age and die. Despite his misgivings, he does care for his niece and nephews, and even tolerates Eliza.

Mr. Miller
b. 18?? | 8-9
Open Education | WCAB
open pb

Mr. Miller is the one true employee of the shop. He is an older man, at least in his early fifties, and has been working at the Hanrahans' shop since he was in his teens. His Hogwarts education is at most second year. He is the primary face of the shop to muggle clientele, making appointments for house calls and taking in smaller items for repairs. He has a healthy respect for his employers, and genuinely likes Siobhan and the children.

The Avery Family

Helena Avery

Wilfred Avery
b. 1851 | 10
OPEN class of '69 | UCPB
suggested pb: Tom Ellis

It was an arranged marriage, plain and simply. Wilfred wouldn't have chosen to marry a Crabbe sister, but his father was insistent — she was available, eligible, and ideal for the family line. Besides, his father was dying. The two have very little in common, but they're not unfriendly to each other, and they come together quite well. Wilfred is unaware that Helena is studying to become an animagus, though he likely wouldn't approve if he was aware, to protect the family honor. His true interests may lie anywhere you please.

The Bythesea Family

Lucinda Bythesea

The family of Miss Lucinda Bythesea is not a large family by any means, numbering only five in total in the immediate family. The extended family, on the other hand, is rather numerous, given Priscilla's five siblings and Oliver's three, each of whom has their own families at this point. One of Oliver's brothers married a Rowle sister. These additional characters are also available for adoption with stringent requests, only that they be respectable and pureblood.

Additionally, Oliver's mother is theoretically playable, though his father is definitely dead by the year 1893. The youngest she could be is 72 (born in 1823), if she gave birth to Oliver at 19.

Oliver Bythesea
b. 1842 | 10
Slytherin class of '60 | UCPB
suggested pb: Christopher Heyerdahl

Unlike his wife, Oliver's family is not large, nor are they nearly as closely-knit as her family. With only two younger brothers and a younger sister, it was all he could hope for to find a wife and build a family all his own. He weighed his options for a couple of years, and then he saw Priscilla, a fresh debutante, and decided only she would do. Oliver is by no means a cold man, but he is also not necessarily warm, either. While he is the head of his family, he also definitely works at a high level in the Ministry.

Priscilla Bythesea
b. 1850 | 10
Hufflepuff class of '68 | UCPB
suggested pb: Famke Janssen

Born to the rather prolific pureblood Dryden family, Priscilla was the fourth daughter of five and fifth of six children. So imagine her surprise when, with two older, unwed sisters, she caught the eye of the heir to the Bythesea family on her first season. She has been especially happy, for a pureblood socialite, though she does a fair job of keeping a public mask. She is proud of her children, and will always boast of their accomplishments at parties if the subject is brought up by someone she is speaking to.

Llewellyn Bythesea
b. 1870 | 10
OPEN class of '88 | UCPB
suggested pb: Daniel Radcliffe

As the firstborn son, as the heir, there are certain expectations laid before Llewellyn Bythesea. Do well in school. Marry properly. Produce heirs with that proper wife.
Reserved for Kelly

Archelaeus Bythesea
b. 1876 | 10
Not Slytherin class of '94 | UCPB
suggested pb: Ian Nelson

The youngest of the family, and still at Hogwarts, Archelaeus doesn't really have many expectations laid out before him. Sure, he ought to marry well, but the legacy hinges less on him than it does on his brother. At least for now. He has little ambition for himself, both personally and career-wise, but he definitely does not enjoy Herbology.

Mrs. Dryden
b. 182X | 10
OPEN class of 'XX | UCPB
suggested pb: Helen Mirren

An older socialite who dotes upon her favorite grandchild, who happens to be her daughter Priscilla's eldest child and heir. She is widowed, and places herself in the hospitality of her children quite frequently. Priscilla is her favorite daughter, and so visits to the Bythesea estate in Lancashire are quite frequent. She certainly apparates, as she finds the floo improper, and traveling the muggle way is most unbecoming of a pureblooded witch.

The Beauchene Family

Josephine Beauchene

French, magical, and willing to house a newborn veela twenty years prior — not that those here in this advertisement had anything much to say about it. Josephine has brought with her to Hogsmeade her eldest adoptive brother and her governess, no more than that. Just enough to maintain a shred of propriety.

Other characters that could make appearances include Sophie (Josephine’s wild veela mother), Marie (Josephine’s mentor, a much older society veela), and other members of the Beauchene family, though I am not making ads for these individuals. I would foresee Marie and Sophie both being temporary characters, only present for a year at most.

Pierre Beauchene
b. 1870 | 8
Beauxbatons class of '60 | MCHB
open pb

The eldest of the Beauchenes, it is all but expected that he will find himself a wife while here in Hogsmeade, though he himself isn’t entirely sure that it’s possible, when he’s to be establishing a branch of the Family Business™ in the town. I have made no decisions regarding the family other than that it is small and appropriate for the middle class. Pierre’s play-by is entirely open, as is whatever the Family Business™ actually is, though it should be some appropriate sort of merchant work — whether the shop itself is magically inclined or not is even up to player.

Mrs. Martel
b. 1850 | 10
Beauxbatons class of '68 | MCAB
open pb

Currently being played as an NPC in Josephine’s posts as chaperone, I would love to have the drama of a played chaperone. Especially for Josephine. I haven’t decided much of Mrs. Martel’s personality, save that she takes her work very seriously and isn’t happy to be governess to a veela, but the Beauchenes have historically paid her well, and even paid for her to travel here to Hogsmeade.

The Solovyov Family

Antonina Solovyova

Antonina, or Toni as her friends call her, is a kind, friendly individual, from a family of not-so-kind, not-so-friendly family. They put forth a good face in public, aloof but generous. Toni loves her family, but they're not the most affectionate people, in general.

Mikhail Sergeyevich Solovyov
b. 1829 | 10
Durmstrang class of '47 | UCPB
suggested pb: Ewan McGregor

Much more relaxed than his wife, Mikhail is still a gentleman, and thus not the most affectionate sort. I haven't decided much to do with him, unfortunately, but I feel he works in the Ministry, though his exact field is undecided. His and Tatiana's marriage was not born of love, but after three children and decades of living together, they have grown affectionate behind closed doors. He has lived in Hogsmeade since 1880, and so would be an eligible voter if made and posted 5 times before October 12, 2023.

Tatiana Vladimirovna Solovyova
b. 1840 | 10
Durmstrang class of '58 | UCPB
suggested pb: Elizabeth Hurley

Strict, stubborn, and organized, Tatiana Solovyova was raised to believe that a woman's place is in the home, and that she ought to rule that home with a fist of iron. That the man of the house is the primary breadwinner, and should have a steady enough position to support his wife and several children. She, however, was content with three children. She is hard with her children, especially her youngest, who's always seemed the difficult one. She is a blunt woman, as well, and did not hold back when explaining things to her first daughter.

Alexei Mikhailovich Solovyov
b. 1871 | 10
Slytherin/Ravenclaw class of '89 | UCPB
suggested pb: Logan Miller

Employed since 1890 in some menial job, Alexei is one impatient young man. He's in no way ready to support a wife and family, but he wants to. The only thing holding him back? His mother, and her insistence that he wait for a promotion (or other life event that we won't name here). That doesn't stop him from attending society events and looking, but that and his job keep him from paying calls.

Svetlana Mikhailovna Solovyova
b. 1873 | 10
Ravenclaw/Gryffindor class of '91 '89 | UCPB
suggested pb: Scarlett Byrne

Married as of June 1893, Svetlana spent the last five years attending the Pendergast School for Young Roses and preparing to become the perfect society wife. She has a bad habit of insulting people in Russian, which she has been trying to teach her husband so he can be in on the joke. They are likely not a love match, but they are at the very least friends. She may be with child by this point, but she certainly won't be showing.

The Quibbleberry Family

Charlotte Quibbleberry

A stern and overbearing woman who wants her daughter married as soon as possible — and her sons, too, if she can help it. Her oldest son, Henry, is already married with at least one child, and thus he is not on this ad, as I wanted to focus on the eligible ones.

Simeon Quibbleberry
b. 1834 | 9
Open class of '52/53 | UCPB
open pb

Simeon Quibbleberry was born mostly lucky. Not a conventionally attractive man — for whatever reason deemed fitting by the player — he is a firstborn son, and has either already inherited his family fortune or is set to when his father does pass. His marriage with Charlotte is amiable enough that she allows him use of her nickname.

William Quibbleberry
b. 1865 | 9
Open class of '83 | UCPB
open pb

Though neither a hothead nor a romantic, William is a second son, and as such he found himself all but forced to make his own way in the world. He wouldn’t inherit the family fortune, or the family manor, and so he became a Ministry man. Whether that means he went into law enforcement or some other field, is up to player.

Oscar Quibbleberry
b. 1869 | 9
Open class of '87 | UCPB
open pb

The family hothead, Oscar is the one most likely to challenge a man to a duel over the honor of a family member — even a cousin, if it came down to it. Likely received more than a few detentions in his time at Hogwarts. Definitely wants love in a potential match.

David Quibbleberry
b. 1872 | 9
Open class of '90 | UCPB
open pb

The youngest son. David currently isn’t a priority for his mother’s marriage schemes, and he likes it that way. Why? He’s an academic, and maybe he’s asexual, but #victoriansensibilities demand he one day marry and produce spawn. It’s really up to player.

Louise Quibbleberry
b. 1875 | 9
Open class of '93 | UCPB
suggested: Sarah Bolger

Ah, sweet Louise. Having been paraded by her mother for the past two years, she was supposed to be a darling of the social scene. Instead she tore her dress at the coming out ball and was unfavorably mentioned in Witch Weekly, leading to a change of wardrobe at the annual Quibbleberry Ball. Mother’s not exactly happy with her right now.

[Image: Signature-2.jpg]
cherry's adoptables


  • Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on apping a character! I can be found on discord or PM :)
  • I reserve the right to say no if I don't think you're the right fit for one of my wanted ads.
  • Unless stated otherwise - everything is open to change; face claims, names, etc. I don't mind changing things to better fit new ideas.
  • If your character goes inactive, I will put them up for adoption unless it's a temporary inactive.
  • I encourage making characters for multiple purposes - are you able to adopt, but use them in a bunch of other plots? Please do!!

amarantha valenduris

FOR: Amarantha Valenduris & Hyacinth Valenduris

--- Valenduris
b. 1873 | UCPB
open career
hufflepuff alum | maxence danet-fauvel

--- Valenduris

I’m going to call this guy ‘Max’ for the sake of this ad because my suggested face is Maxence Danet Fauvel (you don’t have to use him at all, he’s just a suggestion). So, Max is the eldest child in this branch of the Valenduris family and he was born in 1873, making him a fairly recent graduate of Hogwarts where he was in Hufflepuff. He is a soft, sunshine boy and does not deserve the fact that Amarantha has tormented him since the moment she was old enough to crawl on her own. He tends to bend to her will and appease her because doesn’t really have a backbone when it comes to her… and she’s been blackmailing him. With what? I haven’t actually established that! Maybe he’s gay, maybe he’s been doing something their parents wouldn’t approve of, maybe his sunshineness is a cover and he’s actually doing shady shit. Regardless, he’s under his sister’s thumb most of the time and honestly just wants her to go away. But, his little sister Hyacinth adores him, so there’s that. His name, career, and face claim are open.

--- Valenduris
b. 1878 | UCPB
fifth year
open house | no suggestions

--- Valenduris

There really isn’t much to say about this sibling as the only thing that has been established is they were born in 1878 and are starting their fifth year at hogwarts in september of 1893 and after Amarantha stopped tormenting her elder brother when he was old enough for a governess and she still had a nurse, she turned her attentions to picking on this sibling instead. Everything about this character is up to you! Their gender, house, name, face claim, etc. Athena (Hyacinth) and I will be happy to help establish any plots if you have ideas and add it to their history, but for now they are an open character to make what you want.

autumn fairfax

FOR: Autumn Fairfax

b. 1881-2 | UC/MCAB
incoming first year
any house | dalila bela


Autumn is loosely based on the title character of Anne of Green Gables and therefore, I think it would be nice if she were to have her best friend. This character is another incoming first year, can be pre-made or a new character. She is the Diana to Autumn's Anne and comes from either an UC or MC family, can be from a wizard or muggle family, but she is being raised as a future debutante. To match my face claim, I have suggested Dalila Bela, but her face is completely open. Despite growing up in different classes, Diana is very kind to Autumn and considers her one of her closest friends and doesn't like it when she's treated badly for being less fortunate. She is described as loyal, diplomatic, polite, and protective, and can be sorted into any house when at Hogwarts.

b. 1879-82 | MC/WCAB
incoming first, second, or third year
ravenclaw | lucas jade zumann


Autumn is loosely based on the title character of Anne of Green Gables and therefore, I think it would be nice if she were to have her academic rival. This character is either an incoming first year, second year, or third year, can be pre-made or a new character. He is the Gilbert to Autumn's Anne and comes from either an MC or WC family, can be from a wizard or muggle family, but it's clear that he has the brains to potentially rise above his station. To match my face claim, I have suggested Lucas Jade Zumann, but his face is completely open. Autumn cannot stand Gilbert and she makes this well known to him and he's not overly fond of her either, though most of their fighting is purely academic in nature and they push each other to do better in their lessons. Gilbert is described as witty, funny, fair, reliable, and practical. He is a Ravenclaw.

dorian rosier

FOR: Dorian Rosier & Elisabeth Champagne

Ophelia Astra Rosier née Nott
b. 1857 | UCPB
slytherin alum | amanda seyfried

Ophelia Astra Rosier née Nott

Her name is rather set in stone because it has been referred to in multiple threads, but her face claim is open as long as she remains blonde. Ophelia was born in 1857 to a branch of the Nott family that had no sons, only daughters, and lived in a beautiful estate in Wiltshire, England. When she came of age to attend school, she went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin, much to her surprise, as she felt she had more of her father’s academic personality than her mother’s ambitious one, unlike her sister, Beatrice, whom had her eyes on the best of the best since she was a child. Admittedly, she was rather shy, even as an adult when she debuted, and didn’t seem to earn as many suitors as she would have preferred, but it all changed when she met Lucien Rosier at her sister’s wedding to Françoise Champagne in Paris, France. It was love at first sight for him, at least that’s what he would say and their courtship lasted only as long as it had to before he was already making arrangements to propose marriage.

The two of them lived in Rosier Manor in France, raising their three children, only visiting England during holidays when her mother took ill and she began to really miss home.; wanting her to be happy, Lucien moved the family back to Great Britain not too long after she announced she was pregnant with their fourth child. Since then, she has flourished in Society as a socialite, gaining a bit more confidence and being a bit less shy, she loves to continue her education using their private library when she has the time, and she’s a very nurturing, protective mother who dotes on all of her children and sometimes thinks Lucien is a bit too harsh on Dorian. Recently she’s been over the moon about having her niece living with them as she can fuss over her like any society mama. However, she recently became widowed when her husband died in the dragon attacks on September 14, 1893 and is in mourning; she will be voting on behalf of Dorian on the Ministerial Election and keeping the home running while he is still at school.

“Gabriel” Rosier
b. 1879 | UCPB
third or fourth year
slytherin or ravenclaw | asa butterfield

“Gabriel” Rosier

For the purposes of this ad, his name will be “Gabriel” but his name is open to change; the naming conventions for the Rosier family are Gothic and/or French. Gabriel was born in 1879 in Paris, France where his family lived in Rosier Manor surrounded by his father’s side of the family and the Champagne family, who were his Aunt’s family. He was never particularly close to any of his cousins because Elisabeth and Laurent were too old and Alexandre was too young, so for much of his childhood he tended to either play with other neighborhood kids or do solitary activities. In the beginning, Gabriel and Dorian didn’t really get along because Dorian didn’t really see him as a brother, just some random child who lived with them, and Gabriel didn’t like being second in line for everything, but as they got older they bonded a little better, though they still aren’t super close.

When the third child was born, Gabriel took the opportunity to boss them around and flaunt his newfound position as the big brother and the one in charge. Unlike his elder brother, he wasn’t super broken up about leaving France to move to Hogsmeade, and took the chance to make new friends before it was his turn to go to Hogwarts. When at home, he hates whenever his mother babies him and tends to act out when she treats him as anything less than a young man, especially as he’s now hit puberty and doesn’t feel like a child anymore. He likes his father well enough, though feels that as second son, he isn’t as loved, which isn’t true; he just wants him to praise him over Dorian a lot more. When it comes to his cousin coming to live with them, he doesn’t care much about it, but he really wishes she’d stop calling him adorable when he does literally anything. He is currently in mourning due to the death of his father on September 14, 1893.

“Juliette” or “Valerian” Rosier
b. 1882 | UCPB
child or first year
any house | ian armitage or raffey cassidy

“Juliette” or “Valerian” Rosier

For the purposes of this ad, their name will be “Juliette” or “Valerian” but their name is open to change; the naming conventions for the Rosier family are Gothic and/or French. The reason there are two names is because this sibling and the next have not been specified as a daughter or son, so it’s up to whomever takes the ad to choose for themselves. Regardless, they were born in Paris, France in 1882 and were the last of the Rosier children to ever see the original Rosier Manor before they moved to Hogsmeade. By the time they were born, Dorian was a lot more interested in being an older brother and so they ended up with more attention than Gabriel did in that respect, but given the age difference, they didn’t spend too much time together. They were closest to their cousin, Alexandre, who was only a year older than them and was the one to protect them whenever Gabriel felt like picking on his little sibling and being bossy. To this day, they continue to write letters to each other and keep one another updated on how they are doing. It was this closeness with their cousin that made them just as upset as Dorian was when they had to move and at only six, they staged a protest until Ophelia picked them up and carried them away.

Also, unlike Gabriel, they thrive on the attention their mother gives them and doesn’t mind getting books read to them or hearing her sing them a lullaby. Just like the other younger siblings, Lucien is far more lenient with them but in all honesty, this sibling is more the rule-abiding, angel type that hasn’t really given them any problems. When they heard that their cousin would be staying with them, they were disappointed it wasn’t Alexandre, but still helped their mother bake welcome cookies and seemed to ask her a lot of questions about what school was like for her. If they are old enough to go to Hogwarts this year, as they could be starting next year depending on what birthday you choose, they are likely to get extremely homesick and cling closely to Dorian for a time. They are currently in mourning due to the death of their father on September 14, 1893.

“Blaise” or “Drusilla” Rosier
b. 1886 | UCPB
open house | ty simpkins or diana pentovich

“Blaise” or “Drusilla” Rosier

For the purposes of this ad, their name will be “Blaise” or “Drusilla” but their name is open to change; the naming conventions for the Rosier family are Gothic and/or French. The reason there are two names is because this sibling and the next have not been specified as a daughter or son, so it’s up to whomever takes the ad to choose for themselves; the names specified in the above ad for the third sibling are also available to use, but I wanted to give two more suggestions. They were born in late 1886 in Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade, making them the only one of their siblings to never have lived in Paris, France, though while they grew up they heard plenty of stories and were able to visit whenever there were holidays. They are currently the baby of the family, at either six or seven years old, depending on their birthday, but it’s not certain at this point whether or not Lucien and Ophelia are done having children.

As the baby of the family, they get the most leniency from their parents and also the most attention aside from Dorian, and boy do they demand it; even their first burst of magic, which was during this past summer, was a flashy show of sparks. They are loud, enthusiastic about everything, and if someone isn’t paying attention to them for five whole minutes they get upset and start acting up. “Valerian” or “Juliette” is always criticizing them for behaving like this because they think it’s unladylike or unbecoming of a little boy, but Gabriel usually just rolls his eyes and ignores it. Dorian, on the other hand, is likely to give them attention unless he’s busy studying. When Elisabeth joined the household, she found herself carrying this one all the time because they latched onto her as the new, interesting person and always wanted her to read to them. They were not happy when everyone had to return to school in September. They are currently in mourning due to the death of their father on September 14, 1893.

[Image: dorian-signature.png]
Beautiful Set by Athena ♡ !
Steph's Adoptables
❧ Contact me to reserve!
❧ Let me know if you're dropping a character temporarily, otherwise I'll assume they're fair game again.
❧ I am so not fussy about faces.

For James

James Callum

B. 1853 | MCPB | Slytherclaw | Ministry | Suggested PB: OPEN

Born into an UCPB family, Arthur was disowned for marrying a muggleborn witch. Deeply family-oriented and honorable, probably the most dishonorable thing he's done in his life is get an unmarried woman pregnant--which, to be fair, he rectified very quickly, at great personal expense to himself. He does genuinely love his wife and son... and mostly tolerate his grandmother-in-law for their sake. James, for his part, idolizes his father and desperately wants to make him proud. He's just... also a bit of a disaster child.

B. 1860 | MCMB | Slytherclaw | Ministry | Suggested PB: OPEN

Called Ellie by her family, she was raised by her grandparents after the death of her parents when she was still quite young. While generally warm and kind-hearted, she has also always been very driven and chose to pursue a career, even after marriage and motherhood. Her relationship with Arthur Callum was a very unlikely pairing that nonetheless somehow works.


B. 1807 | MC Muggle | N/A | Widow/Caregiver | Suggested PB: OPEN

A formidable, no-nonsense kind of woman, Jane McKinley nonetheless has a soft spot for her only great-grandchild. She values her family above all else, even if she's still a bit leery about magic in general. She's also never quite forgiven Arthur for knocking up her granddaughter, and the two have never had better than a barely civil relationship.

terms & conditions

if you go inactive and it’s not a temporary inactive, i reserve the right to re-request them
if you see a family member / relation not mentioned here and you want them, message me
please send me a message on here or discord if you intend on applying for a character
sometimes details are negotiable; feel free to discuss these things with me
unless stated otherwise - names, faces, and houses are open for your choosing


for Jessamine Parkinson & Heather Parkinson

TW: adultery, alcoholism, attempted murder, depression, domestic & child abuse, homophobia, miscarriage/abortion, & suicide attempts

Mr. --- Parkinson
b. 1858 • ucpb • open house • open career • open face claim


Mr. --- Parkinson
b. 1869 • ucpb • open house • unemployed • open face claim


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Beautiful Set by MJ!

Jordan's Dreams of Other Lives
last updated: Sept 7, 2023
  • Please let me know if you plan on apping a character. Discord or PMs to this account are best.
  • I like to stay open to changes, though most of these want ads are constrained by some family dynamics. Most names and ages are fixed, playbys would just need to have some family resemblance. And I've noted in bold what I prefer to remain intact. Please throw any and all ideas my way, I will entertain all and (over)explain if something doesn't fit. I am especially open to changed rep and occupations!
  • Inactive characters will be re-advertised here after a short while unless we've already discussed something, feel free to let me know if I should put them up earlier or hold off for real life dragons.
  • Family characters are not expected to always RP with family members, it's just an added bonus. I prefer the parents to be involved to some degree with my character, otherwise feel free to include the character in other plots that draw you in as well.
Template and modifications lovingly borrowed from Bree and others in this thread.

The Potts Family Players
for Millie Potts

Daniel Day-Lewis
Cecil Potts
[Daniel Day-Lewis]
b.1836 | GRHS | married
8 rep | MCHB | Herbologist

A hardworking man, Cecil takes his job and duty to his family quite seriously. He does his best to balance work and family, and can often fall short of the latter until his wife makes note. In whatever he does Cecil gives 110%, exceedingly present and involved as much as he can be. Potentially does work or research for the Ministry, or a similar organization with deep enough pockets to supply a home conservatory.
Miranda Otto
Elizabeth "Beth" Potts
[Miranda Otto]
b.1841 | GHS | married
8 rep | MCHB | Housewife

A homemaker first, Beth presents herself as the quintessential witch and mother. She concerns herself with appearances where she can (sometimes difficult in a family of plant-lovers) and plays the stateswoman of her family. She adapts her approach with her children, loving for the ones who need support, such as her eldest son, and stern with those who need structure, such as her youngest. She likely has hobbies and/or social groups that take her out of the house often, especially ones where she can rep the Potts family name and achievements.
Max Irons
Edmund Potts
[Max Irons]
b.1863 | GRH | Formerly Married
8 rep | MCHB | Museum Curator

A man who had everything he wanted, a stable career and loving wife, and lived up to every ideal instilled in his upbringing. Perhaps some even thought Edmund would make Minister of Magic someday, until it all came crashing down. Either his wife died or they divorced, leaving him with half a heart and a wandering soul. Edmund has done what he can to pick up the pieces of his life, and may be close/back on track from where he was, just several more years behind. He would be closest/in friendly competition with Dorothea, and an example to Edmund until things fell apart.
Antonia Clarke
Dorothea Potts
[Antonia Clarke]
b.1866 | GHS | Open Status
8 rep | MCHB | Governess

A shrewd and capable orchestrator of connections, both within her family and beyond. Dorothea approaches relationships with patience and kindness, often playing the role of a mediator indirectly, to everyone's advantage. While her interactions with her siblings generally lean positive, they occasionally carry subtle elements of intrigue or manipulation. Dorothea is openly proactive in playing matchmaker for her brother Edmund, determined to see him thrive. Though her relationship status remains open at 26, it's advisable for her to consider marriage (side note: Millie would be an excellent aunt).
George Sear
Fletcher Potts
[George Sear]
b.1873 | GHS | Single
8 rep | MCHB | Performing Arts

A young man emerging from his fledgling years of adulthood, Fletcher pays respect to his family while forging his own path. He has adopted a diligence with his own, balanced with moderation and a love of social exploits. His ideal would have him surrounded by a flock of admirers and followers, perhaps friends, with whom he could collaborate in their careers or personal lives. While he looks up to his older brother, Edmund has learned from his brother and father to find better balance in his life, and from his sister and mother how to stay true to his own guiding light. He is closest with his youngest sister if he is close with any of his siblings, often preferring the company of others beyond his family.

[Image: Aoane36.png]
Oz's Bestie

Almost everything about this character is flexible for the right character! I'd even love to get a current character into this role with some retconning if it works!

"Dash" (name/nickname flex) is an UCAB gentleman who went to school with Oz (Ravenclaw Class of 1875 — my ideal is that they were same house/same year but it's flexible as long as they were there at the similar times) where they were close friends. After graduation they did the rich playboy thing and drank, gambled, and slept their way through large stretches of the continent until they eventually came back home to Settle Down (for some value of the term). At the time of Oz's proposal to Thomasina in 1887, Dash had a mistress and a bastard child who, while not technically acknowledged as his child, was society's worst kept secret. Whether he's still involved with the mistress/child or whether life has changed his circumstances is flexible.

Dash's family is more overbearing than Oz's (not a high bar to clear, given the Dempseys) and has long been pushing him to be more respectable, but what exactly that looks like (and how he's responded) is up to you. Dash is perhaps the only person Oz truly confides in. He probably knows about Oz's affair with Sophia Voss and certainly knows more about Oz's feelings for Thomasina than most people — how he feels about that is up for discussion!

Oz has IMPENDING DRAMA (watch this space) and is also obviously running for Minister of Magic so I have immediate thread desires for his bestie <3 Also if you're inclined to be Oz's campaign manager you can be! (sharing space with Christabel Daphnel who is Oz's not-on-paper campaign manager xD).

MJ is the light of my life <3
The Huxleys

⋟ Please contact me before taking one of them!

"The Huxleys are a scholarly family that encourages this behaviour in the children. Thomas is an astronomer/weather magic researcher and Victoria, while on paper a housewife, is studying astronomy as well. As such, it is no surprise that Cleander gains a love for the stars from a young age."

Thomas Huxley
Thomas is a muggleborn and he always strived to fit into magical society. He gave his children names he thought "magical" enough (aka, ancient Greek/Roman and pretentious-sounding). He has married a pureblood witch and has tried, over the years, to mingle with pureblood circles, with little success. Listen, I watched the episode of The Crown that was about the Al Fayeds, so now my inspiration for Thomas is Mohammad. xD He is an astronomer / weather magic researcher at the Magical Observatory of Cornwall.

Victoria Huxley
Victoria has always loved astronomy and that is what attracted her to Thomas in the first place. That being said, in recent years, she finds his obsession with becoming a pureblood man kind of pathetic. Not a purist at all herself, she looks down upon families like the Lestranges, Rowles, etc. While not officially a researcher there, Victoria is still joining the researchers at the Magical Observatory of Cornwall. Maybe she will be offered a position now?

She is nee Browne, making her the aunt of the on-board Brownes.

Phyllis -----
Phyllis is interested in some field of study and she married a peer. It was true love, until they became academic rivals. Recently, this rivalry has become public, after they got into a debate at one of Emilia Wright's academic salons.

Hersilia Huxley
1863 | MCHB | GRYFFINPUFF | ???
Hersilia is a SpinsterTM why? Maybe she had a failed courtship and now doesn't believe in love. Maybe she's a lesbian so she never even pursued marriage. She also gives me the vibe of either a Quidditch Coach, or a magizoologist. Definitely works in some capacity.

Philemon Huxley
By making Philemon, you can be bros with Gideon Browne. He is currently a healer, but his true passion would be to pursue magical epidemiology.

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