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Dueling '90: Sunday Fudge vs. Sisse Thompsett
January 4th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
Two Gryffindors! Tybalt didn't know who to favour here, but it was a cheering thought to think whoever won would be earning his old house points. Grinning at the girls broadly, Tybalt recited the rules and said, "Miss Fudge, when you're ready!"
@Sunday Fudge | @Sisse Thompsett
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She was against a third year! Sunday had to admit she was rather nervous but the happy grin from the moderator gave her some encouragement. She smiled back before curtseying and smiling at the third year. Then, she attempted a disarming spell.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Sisse smiled at the first year and curtsied. Then she attempted a shield spell again. The DADA spell was turning out to be rather helpful.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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Despite all they had not yet learnt to do, Tyb found these student duels quite as entertaining as any other. Perhaps it was because the kids all looked so darned cute, trying their hardest.

And indeed both girls here gave it their best shot; it had looked like a strong expelliarmus, but the shield held fast. "Well done, Miss Thompsett," Tybalt declared. "You may take the next turn."

Sisse smiled at the younger girl as she thought of what her next spell should be. Thoughts of her family and what they might think falling to the wayside as she decided and concentrated on the spell. "Locomotor Mortis."

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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Sunday cast a shield charm - not entirely confident this would work...

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the elder girl's spell once again was the more powerful.

"Miss Thompsett wins the duel," Tyb declared. "Which mean five points to Gryffindor!" Hopefully Miss Fudge would not feel too forlorn about her loss. She'd given it a good try.

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