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Dueling '90: Clementine Rookwood vs. Chrysanta Ruskin
January 4th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
"...Miss Rookwood," the professor concluded, having reviewed the rules of the tournament and observed the other requisite formalities, "you may begin when you are ready."
@Clementine Rookwood @Chrysanta Ruskin
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Clementine flashed Miss Ruskin a smile as they went through the dueling formalities. She was someone whom she always seemed to catch her gaze wandering to, but she couldn't yet understand why.

When it seemed it was her turn to start, the Hufflepuff attempted to cast the jelly legs jinx.

[Image: fuqNxWe.png]
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Chrysanta replied by attempting to use a basic shield charm.

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The Slytherin's shield charm simply lacked the necessary power, rendering the student quite jelly-legged.

"Point to Miss Rookwood," Nikolai announced once Miss Ruskin was put to rights. "Miss Ruskin, please begin the next pass."
@Chrysanta Ruskin @Clementine Rookwood
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Chrysanta decides to use a stunning spell.
@Clementine Rookwood

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She attempted the silencing spell, hoping to stop Chrysanta's incantation from escaping her mouth.

[Image: fuqNxWe.png]
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Miss Rookwood's spell was unexpected but very effective. He declared the Hufflepuff the winner of the duel.
@Chrysanta Ruskin @Clementine Rookwood

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