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Dueling '90: Elijah Urquart vs. Helixa Hyslop
January 4th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
@Elijah Urquart
@Helixa Hyslop

Andromeda smiled easily at both the students. She would be competing tomorrow, which made her slightly nervous. She hadn't dueled in quite some time, and she knew she was to be a newcomer in a crowd of people who were not shy about chatter.

Her own nervousness aside, the Ravenclaw matron welcomed both students and went over the rules. "Good luck to you both," she added, before bidding Mr. Urquart to begin.

[Image: rDZb6Q.jpg]
A fourth year, and a Ravenclaw besides, would likely be more of a challenge than the third year Hufflepuff had been, but Elijah still quite fancied his chances.

Almost lazily, he cast a stunning spell at Miss Hyslop.

Elijah has heterochromia. His right eye is green and his left is blue.

MJ is a graphics goddess ❤ —
Helixa observed the boy coolly as she considered her options: it really was rather frustrating when one couldn't read one's opponent easily.

Hedging her bets Helixa cast a spell to make the boy's front teeth grow. He couldn't cast if he couldn't speak.
Ooooohhh, mon dieu.

Miss Hyslop's spell broke straight through whatever was coming her way and collided with the Slytherin boy at full force. His front teeth immediately started growing at a rapid pace. Andromeda did her best to not let her jaw drop, but anyone who was witness would most likely see it pop open a fraction of an inch.

"Mademoiselle Hyslop," Andromeda declared quickly with a flourish of her wand to remedy Mr. Urquart's unfortunate situation. "wins this round. Mr. Urquart, when you've collected yourself please start the next round." She eyed the fourth year in her house with a newfound intrigue.

@Elijah Urquart - 6
@Helixa Hyslop - 12

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[Image: rDZb6Q.jpg]

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