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I Wanna Be Sedated
December 28th, 1889 - Christmas at Sea

This party was agony to still be in attendance of. Melody had thrown up twice since her conversation with Mr. Delaney, and the candies he'd given her were being rendered utterly useless. Supposedly, there was thirty minutes left until the first portkey became available. Even if she had to push people overboard, Melody would be the first to take it.

The glass of champagne in her hand was still virtually untouched. Thirty more minutes. That was just a handful of songs. Melody could make it that long.

Or, at least she thought she could. The green hue to her skin said otherwise...

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At least the boat was a nice change. Parties were getting more and more dull as her marriage went on. Maybe due to the fact that it was her husband insisting that she attend. Perhaps she should start claiming illness every now and again to get her out of these events. He wouldn't be convinced, but would he really care as long as an excuse was given?

Until then, here she was. Hoping not to end up like the girl rocking her way over. Rosie raised her eyebrows. "Are you alright?" Sea sickness or too much champagne, who knew? It was more interesting than small talk.

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The woman before her was another kind soul. How so many appeared to exist at this party Melody would never understand. Still, she was grateful. "The rocking isn't the best for my stomach. There's no portkeys for some time yet, though. " She answered mildly.

Her knuckles clenched around the wine glass as another wave hit her. Any tighter and the stem would surely crack in her grasp.

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Oh, the poor dear. Boats certainly weren't for everyone. Rosie did have to wonder how the girl did with carriage rides. That poor wine glass that was surely to shatter wouldn't help the situation.

"Perhaps you should put that down and sit for a bit?" Many a woman sat at parties when their corsets felt just a little to tight. How was this any different?

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Melody avoided muggle methods of traveling by any means necessary. Preferring always to floo or apparate when she could. While carriage rides weren't anywhere near as awful as this boat, they never left her feeling wonderfully.

Despite having tried to sit earlier and feeling sick still, Melody decided to try the woman's suggestion and sat unceremoniously on a nearby chaise. "I apologize, I should've introduced myself... I'm Miss Melody Finch. Thank you for stopping to check with me..."

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It must have been taxing to deal with this sort of thing in one's life. The only means of transportation that Rosie did not prefer was apparation. It was as quite risky, and not worth it to her.

"Mrs. Rosie Binns. It is nice to meet you. Perhaps we can chat, take your mind off of the boat?" Thinking of something else might help. It certainly helped her not think too much about her marriage when she could help it.

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Chatting with Mr. Delaney had seemed to help before. Perhaps a mindless discussion now could help as well. "A pleasure. Did you partake in the auction? My chaperone bid on an item I believe. Some necklace..."

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Having other things on one's mind was usually a good distration. And Rosie did hope that she could be of some help.

"Oh yes, I bid on a wonderful painting that I due hope to put in my parlor. And a nice dress, which looks quite different from what we typically wear. I hope to wear it during a party I plan to host at the beginning of the season. Did you see anything that peeked your interest?"

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Melody was only half paying attention as Mrs. Binns spoke of dresses and paintings, far too distracted by the shifting horizon to formulate a proper response. Merlin. Did the captain not believe people would like to leave sooner than later? The party at sea had seemed appealing at first, but now she wished they could have remained at port.

"Oh. No. I didn't look much." Mrs. Bradley was hopeful Melody would win the necklace and was likely deep in a bidding war by now. Something about how beautiful the gems would look with her skintone. "What did the dress look like?"

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[Image: rVeL1F.png]
Well, that seemed reasonable given the state the poor girl was in. One could hardly be expected to pay much attention to anything when in such a state. Perhaps the chaperone that joined her should have been one that knew how to apparate, just in case the poor girl ended up in such a state. "Oh, the dress had so many colors. I don't think even the House of Lytton makes dresses with such detail and flare." It surely was going to be the envy of some and a shock to others.

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She wasn't one for elaborate designs. Much to her dismay, the gowns Melody wore were often selected by her mother. The two women had such drastically different styles that Melody was actually looking forward to marrying if only because of the freedom it would bring her. "It sounds lovely." She replied against the rolling of her stomach. "I shall hope you win."

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One having a varying opinion from one's parents was something that Rosie could easily relate to. She had wanted a career, a chance to make something of herself. But instead she was married off to a man she hated. "Thank you. Perhaps I will invite you to a party of mine so you can see it in person?" Young ladies sometimes actually liked parties. Though some didn't.

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It was a polite offer, one Melody knew better than to refuse. "That would be lovely." Thankfully, before she could hurl the remaining contents of her stomach on Mrs. Binn's current gown Mrs. Bradley came to retrieve her. Finally, the torture had ended and the first portkeys were open. Melody turned to Mrs. Binn before being led away and said, "thank you for your kindness. I hope you win."

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Poor girl. Rosie certainly would not want to be hurled on, but it must be far worse to hurl at a party. Oh, the humiliation. Thankfully one that was avoided as the girl was lead away. "You're welcome. I do hope you feel better soon." She called back, truly hoping for the best for the young lady.

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