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Bail Out!
October 5th, 1889 — Black Lake, Padmore Park - Pumpkin Regatta
George's oar had been dropped to her feet as the Ravenclaw cupped hands together to begin bailing out the gourd that was supposed to take the fifth years from one side of the Black Lake to the other. George and Thomas had begun very well indeed, their teamwork seeing their pumpkin course ahead of many in the throng—for a moment, George even dared to dream they might win.

Midway across the lake, however, they had sprung a leak. Had their pumpkin been pierced by a grindylowe, or was it just ill luck? Regardless, George was now doing her level best to remedy the situation without the magic that would see them disqualified as Thomas struggled to pilot the pumpkin on his own.

"I need to fill the crack somehow," George thought aloud.
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Though George is publicly presented as male and should be addressed as He/Him/His, privately she considers herself as female and will use She/Her/Hers pronouns.

Thomas tossed his long legs over either side of the pumpkin and precariously balanced on the outer rim to give George a bit more room to work on their watery problem. As it was, their pumpkin was only large enough for the two Ravenclaws to barely fit their lower extremities inside. He continued to row, their pumpkin cutting a wobbly path through the water, but they were still making forward progress. It was a bit less speedy, but they couldn't stop now, even if to just ensure they didn't sink in the middle of the lake.

"Could you break off a piece of the pumpkin up top and wedge it in the hole? Like a plug they use in barrels?" He wasn't so sure it would work. It could even make the hole larger. And how was George supposed to break off an accurate sized bit? It had taken a considerable amount of effort to hollow it out.

Of all the times they weren't allowed to use magic.

What else could they use?

"What about one of our shoes!?" He suddenly blurted out, waving one of his feet around. He let out a long breath, starting to tire a bit, but he continued rowing on.

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