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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
12th August, 1889

Here at the Daily Prophet we are thrilled to announce the upcoming nuptials of Mr Edward Macmillan and Miss Wilhelmina Pendergast.

Mr Macmillan, 31, is a bachelor and it has long been speculated upon as to whether he would ever take a wife – he is unusual in that despite being the heir to his father’s vast fortune he has never married. Clearly Mr Macmillan had set his sights upon finding himself a very special young lady to marry and it seems he has finally found her. And that she was under his nose the entire time!

Miss Wilhelmina Pendergast, 24, an alumni of her aunt’s inaugural year of finishing young ladies, has been a fixture of society since she graduated Hogwarts in ’83 and will surely leave broken hearts in her wake once she is wed. Oddly she will not be the first Miss Pendergast to become Mrs Macmillan as both her aunt, Mrs Helena Macmillan, and her sister, Mrs Emma Macmillan have already traded one name for the other. This marriage will be a true family affair as Mrs Helena Macmillan is also the groom’s mother!

We wish the happy couple a prosperous and successful marriage together.
Fidelia Spiller
Written by Lauren

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