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kittens, kittens, kittens
July 31st, 1889 — Poplar Grove, North Bartonburg

Five tabby kittens
Four female ~ one male
Seeking loving home
Visit on 31 July afternoon
Foxglove Cottage, Poplar Grove, NB

Bragi had placed the message in the Prophet and Post Office, and thus on said afternoon he could already start to see delighted parties approaching. The sky was cloudy but dry, and the sun was warm but not blazing — the perfect weather for kitten cuddling. Bragi had used a short picket fence to close off an area in the front garden, and sat there with the kittens now, smiling as they mewled and frolicked on the grass. They were eight weeks of age; old enough to be adopted. Their mother, Maid Marian, lay asleep in a sunbeam.

I wish you all a lifetime of sunbeams and happy families, he thought fondly as he stretched to stroke the one furthest away. He would miss the little tykes.
Contrary to everything Nimiane had once believed, she had actually enjoyed her time in London. The proximity to Shawn had be a bright star in her once bleak sky. But once Benedict had taken up residence in the family’s town home at the beginning of the season he had made it known that Nimiane was not exactly welcome. So she had returned to her cottage in Irvingly.

It was a different kind of peace that Nimiane felt at the cottage, often finding herself, rather surprisingly to her, missing Shawn’s company. Not that Shawn had ceased visiting, but Nimiane found that it was less convient. Often left her own devices in the cottage and without a story to pen, Nimiane’s eyes had caught on an ad in the Daily Prophet. Kittens.

On the day indicated in the ad Nimiane took the train from Irvingly to Hogsmeade. The neighborhood indicated was not too far from her father’s home, Nimiane had noted before venturing out. It was with relative ease that she found the location listed.

A gentleman sat in the middle of a small fenced area, five tabby kittens climbing over him. “Excuse me, sir, are you the one who placed the ad about kittens?” Nimiane softly inquired as she approached him.
When Sayid had spotted the ad about kittens needing a home, he had decided to procure one for himself. As he approached, he noted a woman and a man with kittens. "Hello, I'm here to claim one of the kittens," he said. "My name is Sayid Weber." He smiled at the pair of people, not sure which of the two he was to be inquiring about the kittens. He was not picky about which gender of cat he would get, he just thought a furry companian might be nice.

An attractive pair approached the fenced-off area, and it took Bragi a moment to realise they were not in fact a pair, but independent seekers.

The young lady's approach was far gentler, while the man wished to "claim" a kitten — a rather intimidating prospect despite the smile.

"Bragi Holm", he introduced himself warmly to them both. "Erm... you'll forgive me if I don't get up", he added sheepishly; for three kittens were climbing on him at this point.

But he did manage to lean over to allow the pair through the short fence. "Come in, do. Meet the little ones", he said brightly. One of the kittens was already skittering over to the strangers with great curiosity, while another looked quite scared and made to hide behind a box and peek out with wide eyes.
An fae-like young lad introduced himself as Bragi Holm and Sayid could not help but chuckle at the sight of the three kittens climbing all over him.

As one of the kittens skittered over to them, Sayid let it sniff and lick at his fingers. They were adorable and Sayid wondered how they would fare with him. "Adorable little things, it's like petting a snidget."

Another gentleman joined them, stating his purpose rather more … forcefully than Nimiane had. But the man with the kittens captured her attention again. She gave him an understanding smile as she watched the kittens climbing him. He opened the gate for them and she was careful to maneuver her skirts around it as she entered the enclosure.

One of the kittens came over to sniff them and the other gentleman reached down to pet it. Nimiane’s eyes, however, were drawn to the smallest one that was curled by the man’s leg. “Do you mind?” She asked gesturing to the small creature in such close proximity to the man. She didn’t want to offend him by getting too close to him, but the creature seemed so quiet and calm, just like her.
Bragi smiled, encouraging the young woman to make the acquaintance of the littlest kitten. This one was the runt of the litter, but sweet and twitchy and soft as velvet.

He was greatly enjoying watching the kittens hopefully meet their new masters, but a word caused him to glance up in interest — "snidget? What's a snidget?"
Thank you.” Nimiane’s voice was as soft as the whisper of spring wind upon the face. She reached out toward the kitten allowing it to smell her fingers.

It was often in this world that something was mentioned that Nimiane did not quite know. She had not, afterall, been taught at a school as most had. It was the practical aspects of a magical education that she lacked. Creatures, objects, these she had some semblance of knowledge. “It is a small bird, similar to a snitch.” She explained, happy to be able to help. So often her work called for observing not participating.

The kitten leaned toward her and sniffed her fingers, its small pink tongue reaching out to brush over her fingers. Nimiane took this as an opportunity to reach forward and scratch behind its ears with her other hand.
"They used to be used in Quidditch but due to them becoming almost extinct, the snitch was invented to replace them," Sayid added to the knowledge the young lady had already provided. "They're quite fragile." Much liek the little critters pandering for attention from himself and the other two people present.

The lady remained nameless for now, but Bragi felt the mystery rather suited her — besides, he supposed she might prefer to be introduced properly rather than as part of a chat in a cat pen.

He quirked a brow with interest as he learned about the origins of the Snitch. He felt a little embarrassed that he didn’t already know this when both others had, but everyone had little gaps in their knowledge. It could be worse.

”Snidget could be a charming name for one of these little critters”, he realised, stroking one of the kittens with an affectionate smile.
"I quite agree. What do you think, little one? Are you to be known as Snidget or do you prefer something else?" Sayid asked of the animal currently making itself at home in his hands.

In front of her the kitten basked in the attention, a small purr coming from it’s throat. Nimiane held her hand out to the creature and it took a tentative step forward until she could scoop the little creature into her palm. It rolled onto its back allowing Nimiane a glance to know it was a girl in her palm. She straightened up and looked at the gentlemen.

Your ad did not state how much you would like for these little ones?” Her quiet voice asked, knowing that the small bundle of fur in her palms would be coming home with her. Perhaps Coredelia would be a name that would suit her.
Bragi chuckled as the kitten, dwarfed by the man’s hands, twitched its whiskers over the name “Snidget”. Bragi thought it suited the animal very well!

”Oh, they don’t cost a Knut”, he replied at once to the young lady. ”They are not pedigree, you see”, he went on to explain. Maid Marian had simply got herself into… a bit of mischief.

”All I ask is that they’re as loved as their mother.”
"And indeed, he will be," Sayid assured after a quick, discreet check. Not that he would have minded a female one and he was already very attached to the critter purring in his hands. "Is that all you require of us?" He asked, wondering if they were free to go ahead and take the kitty home.

"Oh, I certainly believe she shall be." Nimiane assured the gentleman as she softly scratched behind the kitten's ears with a finger. Cordelia, purred against her palm. Yes, Cordelia would suit her well.
Although social propriety might’ve demanded a little more dignity in this situation, Bragi couldn’t help that he was on his knees surrounded by kittens and a few curious strangers, so he owned it with a smile. Perhaps he’d be thought a little quirky for this, but that was not something he feared.

”You are both free to take your cherished little friends home”, he replied warmly.

Maid Marian, the mother cat, twitched a whisker in her sleep; dimly aware of the proceedings, but quite content to let them play out. She would meet her children again some time soon, mouse in mouth, twinkle in eye.

-fade out?- :]
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