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Life By The Docks
June 27th, 1889 — London Docks

Rags hung from scrawny limbs as beady eyes peered out from the shadows eyeing the kiosk selling hot chips. People often blocked his view as the moved up and down the cobbled stones, but still he remained set on the prize. He began his run. Step, step, weave, dive scoot, up, step, hop, skip, fall, get back up, made it! Covered in manure and fish guts and mud, but what did that matter? Baths were for, well he wasn't sure who they were for, but not for him.

Muddy hands went to reach for a small tray of the chips only to have his little wrist snatched up. "I saw you! I see you with my bare eyes you little rat!" Percy's eyes grew wide as terror filled him and his little heart threatened to leap right out of his chest. His heels worked to scramble back in protest. "No! No! No!" He cried out over and over again, "Let go!"

@Guinevere Lukeson

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
A good walk was always well for a troubled mind. While Guinevere was certainly trying to move on from the drama of the past year, it was hard. Still technically in mourning as any proper widow would be, that was even harder.

But her main trouble was the fact that her children had grown up just a little more without her. Missing the moment when Sybille had gotten her first wand and had gone off to Hogwarts, everything with Avril, and the fact that Ace had to take on so much while she and Ryder were gone.

The fresh sea air did help to clear her mind. Not a normal walking area for one such as herself, but the difference itself helped her relax. Until she heard yelling of course. Looking over, she spotted a child and an older gentleman in a struggle over some chips. But... that child looked quite familiar.

She approached, and then promptly gasped upon recognizing him. He hadn't seemed to age at all! It couldn't be, could it? But then again... there was the whole stone child debacle recently. Her eyes widened a hint more at this thought. Percival! Her own little nephew. Oh Hope shall be so pleased!

MJ made Magic!
The man who worked the chippy looked ready to beat the child. His face was a blistering red, and his beady eyes held a cruelty to them that only actions could define. "Caught I did and I'll skin you too!" Percy struggled and screamed a scream that grew terrifyingly louder as the first blow hit his little body. A bruise would surely remain as tears welled up in his eyes.

While there wasn't a beach or sea in London, there was the Thames River which was a massive means of traffic and import and rats and fleas and all that good stuff, if one was the Reaper, which in this case Percy may feel like he was in need of as another blow hit his small body. "Teach you to steel from me you little runt! Teach you good I will!"

It had to be wondered how much the small child could take as the man did not seem keen on letting up and if push came to shove, which it very well might, the boy could be tossed into the river itself. After all who cared about another street rat.

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
The screams promptly snapped Guinevere out of her thoughts. Marching over, she was already glaring as though the man were hurting her child. "Unhand that boy this instant." She demanded in a cool voice. Likely, the man was a muggle. Duelling would be out of the question. Hopefully Percival would be able to show restraint against any sign of magic. That might only make things worse.

If any worse harm came to the boy, the muggle would likely financially regret it. Her family was rich enough to sue in their own right, and may not even have to go to court and plead such a stretch of a case if the idea caused enough fear in the man. But that wasn't something that needed to be done, yet. A simple offer to play for whatever it is that the child attempted to steal would be enough. The poor boy looked hungry and unloved, something the Lukeson family would fix immediately.

MJ made Magic!
The portly man with sausaged for finger held the terrified boy in an iron grip his hand hovering above the lad only to ease away as a woman called out, "Oh yeah and what do you care about him?" His lecherous gaze took hold of her womanly figure, and a dark smirk took hold of his lips, "This boy's ah thief and deserves what he gets, or do you condone thievin miss?"

Percy had blood streaming from his nose, a lump atop his head. His mind reeled as he tried to work out what was going on or more importantly how to get this man to let go. He pulled, tugged, and struggled about ready to bite the man's hand if his little mouth could get to it.

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
At this time, Guinevere realized that she really would need to choose her words carefully. For all she knew, this man was greedy and selfish. But it could also be completely different. He could simply be very upset over this whole thieving situation, and can be a kind man otherwise.

The smirk on the man's face then made it clear that the first assumption was more likely. "It's not your concern as to why this child is of my concern. Let him go and I shall pay for the items he attempted to take." She stated, her tone unchanging.

MJ made Magic!
The man gave a bit of a hmph, "Well, that will be 2 pounds." 2 Pounds was a ridiculous price for a small serving of chips, but the man was trying to see just how far he could push his luck. After all from the looks of it she could afford it. The boy struggled all the more though he grew weaker for it. Tears leaked down his cheek and he looked to the woman not sure who she was, but he was willing to go with her if it meant this man would let go. He huffed and puffed as his energy escaped him.

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
Pounds. Yes, certainly a muggle. "Two pounds for the boy's release, his debt paid, and some fresh chips for the trouble." Guinevere countered. She wasn't about to be used, and she was certain that it was a smart offer, if a little more than she would normally willingly spend.

MJ made Magic!
The man thought it over, and thought the woman a fool, but what did it matter to him he'd be two pounds richer, and be rid of this brat. He harshly shoved the boy forward but kept a firm grip extending his other hand, "Money first." He demanded. He wasn't no dummy after all. Percy gave forth a whimper at the handling, his arm feeling as though it was already bruised from the grip.

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
"Less rough or the price is cut in half." Guinevere snarled. Always a mama bear, even when it wasn't her child. Still, she held tight to her purse as she looked through it for the two pounds. Constantly glancing up to make sure the child was alright.

MJ made Magic!
The man had a rather annoyed expression tied into his half cocked smile. "The boy's fine lass." He lessened his grip on Percy and patted his head, but Percy took it as a chance to escape. He slid his arm out of the man's grip, kicked him hard in the shin, and then ran to the woman, hiding behind her skirts. Blood and snot poured from his nose, and his little hands grasped ever so tightly at her skirts. "I should charge you double for that!" cried the merchant hopping on one foot, as the little bugger got him good.
While there was a sense of satisfaction in this, Guinevere was wise to not show it. "What you should do is learn some manners, and be grateful I pay you at all." And with that, she tossed one pound on the ground in front of the man's feet. "Keep you bloody chips." She said as she picked the boy up gently and started backing away.

MJ made Magic!
Percy wrapped his little arms around the woman's neck though he stared at her with this big brown eyes ever curious. A sniff came that didn't do much, so he wiped his little nose on her shoulder and laid his head there soon after, a few fingers going into his mouth as his tummy grumbled. The boy's eyes them moved all about as he rest, his head throbbing. He didn't know where this woman was taking him, but he felt like he would be ok. "Where?" He said in a small voice. He hoped not the work house.

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
When Guinevere was absolutely sure that the man would not follow, she turned around but moved quickly. She knew he would get cleaned up soon, and she would certainly need to change as well. But those were thoughts for a little while.

"Home. I'm taking you home." First her's, to get them both cleaned up, and than to Hope's home. Should she write first? No, it was too important to wait. As she went, she checked all around her before entering magical London. The best way to find a short cut from there.

MJ made Magic!
Percy frowned as he watched the magical world unfold around them. Not because of the magic really but because of the thought of home. "Where's home?" He asked, growing more and more curious by the moment, "and who are you?" He didn't have the energy to squirm to put down what with having used all his strength against the merchant, but his voice lifted his little soul as more questions riddled forth, "Are you an angel?" He heard about those from boys in the work house, though none of them were quite sure what that was, besides a lady from heaven.

[Image: Percy_sig.jpg]
This boy was to be raised in magic, and so Guinevere had no hesitation of bringing him into the magical parts of the city. "It's not far, we shall be there shortly." She was sure he would have more questions, and was willing to answer as she walked.

Now which close establishment had a floo network? She thought about this as she listened to his questions. "Not an angel, no. I am your aunt. My name is Guinevere." Perhaps a confusing answer, but a truthful one.

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