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Avian Magizoologist at Podmore Zoological Gardens
Avian Magizoologist at Podmore Zoological Gardens

26 year old halfblood
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played by Bee
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Eavan MacKay

Full Name: Eavan Ainsley MacKay

Nickname(s): Eva

Birthdate: October 13th, 1863

Age: 26

Occupation: Avian Magizoologist, Podmore Zoological Gardens

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: n/a Attended Ilvermorny as Thunderbird

Wand: 10" sycamore, unicorn hair, very flexible

Conall MacKay | [1837] | father, magizoologist
Nola MacKay née Federline | [1843-1884] mother, housewife

Grady Walsh | [1838] uncle magizoologist/farmer
Muirenn Walsh neé MacKay | [1841] aunt, healer
Oran Walsh | [1859] cousin, healer
Tierney Walsh | [early 1862] cousin, magizoologist
Una Walsh | [late 1862] cousin, magizoologist healer
Finley Walsh | [1864] cousin
Eireen Walsh sister | [1866] cousin
--more various aunts/uncles/cousins on her father’s side

Fergus Federline | [1848-1884] uncle
Isabel Federline née Rabnott | [ 1852-1884] aunt
— Angus Federline | [1873-1884] cousin
— Dahlia Federline | [1877] cousin
— Elva Federline | [1883-1884] cousin
Eavan stands at an average five foot one, but has a fair few curves. Her auburn hair falls straight around a round face. Slate grey-blue sit beneath full lashes atop cheeks smattered with tons of freckles. Her rather pale skin burns easily in the sunlight, but she hardly cares as she is too fond of the outdoors to stay inside. Eva most often dresses practically for her hands-on work with animals in sturdy cotton and worn boots, no sense in messing up . She is left handed.
Nurturing; outgoing; proud; often outspoken; friendly; gullible; hardworking; easily amused; fiercely independent; quick temper; feisty; wears her heart on her sleeve; honest to a fault; career driven
Name Etymology/Reason | Celtic; fair
Birthplace | Nova Scotia
Birthmarks/scars | freckles across nose and cheeks; plenty of scars along her hands arms from work; one that wraps around each calve from the grindylows; large gash on her torso from a small gryffin; long claw marks over her right shoulder and between her shoulder blades from a winged tiger; pronounced puncture scars, one on her lower left abdomen, one on her right leg and forearm.
Scent | earthy, like fresh air and rain
Health | good; does not do well in hot, humid climates
Languages | has at least learned "hello" and "thank you" for everywhere she's traveled
Phobias | deep water
Traditions/superstitions |
Instruments | fiddle, clumsily
Pets |Bastien [1870] & Lucy [1885] | diricawls

Amortentia | rain, honeysuckle, fresh linens
Patronus/Animagus |
Quirks | American accent & slang
[October 13th, 1863] | Conall and Nola MacKay, a pair of Irish immigrants to North America give birth to a daughter to be named Eavan Ainsley. The pregnancy comes as a complete surprise as the pair had just married the previous December. Due to complications with the pregnancy and their nomadic lifestyle, the MacKays decide not to have any more children. Eva proves to be a happy and easy baby however.

[1866-1869] | The MacKays move from their home in Nova Scotia to pursue a job opportunity for Conall in Australia.

[Summer 1869] | On a visit to Conall's family in Wexford, Ireland, Eavan is tailing along after her older cousins when the group decide to take a dip in a lake on the family property. Eva gets too close to the reeds and is pulled under by a pair of grindylows. She has no idea how long she was under, but one of her cousins managed to free her. Ever since she had not had a fondness for deep water or swimming.

[1870] | Eavan displays her first sign of magic by spontaneously summoning medical supplies for her father who was helping an injured diricawl. The baby diricawl, affectionately named Bastien, sparks Eva’s interest in magical birds.

[1872] | With their daughter approaching school age, Conall and Nola decide to return to North America and settle in the forests New Hampshire in the United States so Eavan can attend school at Ilvermorny.

[1875-1882] | Finally  her year to go off to school arrives. She very tearfully leaves Bastien behind with her parents and takes the young family cat, Boras, with her. She very obviously excels in Care of Magical creatures, but also finds herself doing well in potions and herbology. Her time is most often spent in the greenhouses or on the grounds with the Creatures professor. Eva focuses on those in hopes to become a magizoologist like her father. Her grades are about as expected; she excels in classes she enjoys and doesn’t do so well in those that hold little interest to her. It’s all for naught really, as she already knows what she wants to do with her life and is more than ready to follow in her father’s footsteps after graduation. (This is all assuming Ilvermorny is seven years as well.)

[May 1882] | Upon graduation, Eavan joins her father for an apprenticeship. Their large piece of land in New Hampshire boasts a unicorn, a pair of hippogriffs, a small herd of diricawls, an augurey, and some nifflers. They also work with regular animals native to the territory. The MacKays mostly work on rehabilitating animals to release the creatures back into the wild, but sometimes cannot and therefore keep them.

[March  1884] | Nola becomes ill with a severe case of pneumonia and passes away. Distraught, Conall begins to relocate their current animals in an effort to move. With nothing else to do but follow along, Eavan finds her home uprooted and she's a little disoriented.

[July 1884] - To add insult to injury, Eavan and Conall learn that Nola's brother, his wife and two of their children lost their lives in a tragic situation in Hogsmeade, though they do not get full details.

[September 1884] | With most of their homestead gone, Conall and Eavan pick up the pieces and find something new. Conall accepts a position in the Amazon to study creatures there, but the weather disagrees with Eavan immensely and she falls ill. The research trip is set to last two years, but Eavan decides to let her father have his time to mourn on his own.

[December 1884] | After reaching out to several relatives and beyond, Eavan finds herself somewhere to stay with her Uncle Fergus’ sister-in-law, Sybella Winterdowne. After spending Christmas with her father, Eavan packs up her few belongings and heads to Irvingly where her extended family has offered to take her in. Rumors of a zoo opening near the town give Eavan a bit of a sense of purpose and she intends to seek out Mr. Zachary Podmore to find out more.

[1885] | Surprisingly, Eavan runs into an old Ilvermorny classmate in Padmore Park during one of her visits. Unsurprisingly, Eva is quick to make lots of friends around town. Between the zoo and the pet shop in Hogsmeade, she’s not short on friends who are also interested in creatures.

[1886] | Eva makes the acquaintance of a Mr. Fletcher Langley at the World Market this summer in which she ends up acting as a guide through the  magical menagerie. Months go by and she doesn’t think much of it or him, until she runs into him again at the Masquerade held at Hogwarts. The school has always fascinated her, considering she went to Ilvermorny and now it’s time for him to return the favor. Eavan makes a right fool out of herself by letting herself be talked into dancing (even though she’s utterly terrible at it) and one good stumble lands both her and Fletcher in the Black Lake. Utterly embarrassed, Eva makes a beeline home.

[1887] | A few months go by before Eva runs into Fletcher again and is again wildly embarrassed as Bastien gets feisty with him in the park (which is how Eva meets a lot of people). Fortunately he is typically easygoing about it. Eva distracts herself with a new project for the zoo. This May the zoo holds a May Day celebration to unveil their new enclosures; a baby erumpet and a herd of mooncalves. It’s a project Eva worked on with her cousin Una, who has also recently relocated to Irvingly with her brother.  The unveiling of the exhibits goes wonderfully and Eva celebrates with her co-workers and family.

Later in the summer at an event at the Sandition, Eva runs into Fletcher yet again, though this time it is not so genial of a meeting. Things go awry when they argue on the beach about a misunderstanding in which Fletch had seen Eva dancing with a friend and co-worker at the May Day event. Eavan has thus far been oblivious to any affection he may have held toward her and Eva being Eva, gets defensive. They hash it out right there on the beach and Fletch admits he was jealous, which blows Eavan away because she cannot understand why. Now faced with a predicament she never thought she’d find herself in, they go their separate ways to think this through.

It takes her near a month a lots of badgering of her friends on what to do and Eva discovers she has certain reservations about going forward that can only be decided upon firmly after finding out where Fletcher stands on those stipulations.

[Presently] | Eavan is still working at the zoo and living with her cousins. She and Fletcher are in a tentative pseudo-courtship in which nothing is really official, but they do spend an awful lot of time together. (So much so that Witch Weekly has noticed!)
» You'll know, just by meeting her that Eva is American, though she's lived several places throughout her life. She'll gladly tell you she attended Ilvermorny as a Thunderbird.

» She took part in the Irvingly fog expedition where she lost a showdown with a Nile crocodile that resulted in near-death wounds.
» Eva does not always share how she lost her mother or her reasons for relocating, but she will if she trusts you.

» You may also know that she's in a unofficial kind of courtship with Fletcher Langley, as the pair are often seen out together. Witch Weekly has speculated on this.
Played By: Bee

Contact: PM Elsie Beauregard

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"It's just an ibis, Mr. Spryly, you can get down now." Eva sighed, watching the youth hang there as if it would attack at any moment. "It is not nesting, nor does it want to mate with you, you will be just fine to hop down so we can move on." The resigned tone to her voice betrayed her worry. Eva had this sinking feeling like this was going to be much harder than she'd originally anticipated, despite the fact that they were in a place she knew backwards and forwards.

"I would very much like to move along to where we're not so out in the open." She nudged her head toward the direction they'd been moving in hopes to actually start doing so, completely ignoring Mr. Byrne as he moved closer to her.