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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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November Malfoy
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Played by Olive
Wife of Gaius Malfoy
27 year old Pureblood
Wife of Gaius Malfoy
5 ft. 5 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: November Una Malfoy nee Crouch

Nickname(s): Nova

Birthdate: November 1st, 1863

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Wife

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Imperial Square, Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 9¾" Hawthorn & Unicorn Hair

Family: Gaius Malfoy — Husband
Serpentine Malfoy — Step-daughter
Callistus Malfoy — Son
Flavius Malfoy — Son

Malachi Crouch — Father
Alberta Crouch — Mother
Aldous Crouch — Brother
Roman Crouch — Brother
Reuben Crouch — Brother
Fair haired, green eyed and in possession of a pale complexion, many might consider Nova a beauty. However, her hair is perhaps a little too light for her skin tone, coupled with her taste for washed out colors and she can look a little corpselike. Fortunately for November she lives in a time when this is kinda fashionable. She is on the taller side of average height being five foot five which is exaggerated by her lean figure. She has a glowing smile when she uses it but unless influenced otherwise, her features tend to fall to a more melancholic expression. She is right handed for both wandwork and writing.
1863 | The very last child born to Malachi and Alberta Crouch, the naming of Nova Crouch is left to her deliriously tired mother who decides that November Una - after the date of her birth - is the perfect name for her one and only daughter. Alberta Crouch regrets her choice of name once she's caught up on rest but decides it's likely enough to grow on her with time and so she doesn't change it.

1866 | Aldous leaves for Hogwarts a couple months before her third birthday. This is not something she really remembers now, she feels like she has a vague sense of a time before Aldous went away to school and possibly some faint memories she may or may not have fabricated later on.

1867 | Nova is non-verbal up until a few months past her third birthday. Until this point it had been a point of indecision as to whether she was unintelligent or not; was her intense, knowing stare a sign of the contrary or did her face just give the impression of intellect that simply wasn't there? Once she found her voice she was more eloquent than might be expected for a child of her age but still wasn't sparing with her words. With three older brothers around she was quite content to follow, mimic, and learn from them in playful silence. Later that year came another first in the form of magical ability. After dropping her favorite doll down a well, she uncharacteristically howled with grief and managed to levitate the broken, damp doll back into her hands.

1869 | Roman goes to Hogwarts. Reuben is her sole remaining sibling during school time and over the course of the year she clings to him as much as she can knowing that he'll be going away soon too. Nova's way of clinging, however, is altogether more of an intangible, in spirit sort of thing. While she does make an effort to be in his presence as much as possible she hardly smothers him.

1870 | Reuben goes to Hogwarts. Nova gets a little taste of the life of an only child and doesn't like it one bit. All the attention being on her makes her incredibly uncomfortable and all she wants to do is stare sadly out the window until her brothers come home.

1873 | Aldous finishes his schooling and Nova is delighted to have regained a brother. Her joy is quickly snuffed out when he not only leaves the country but takes their father with him. With her brothers at Hogwarts she is left with no other company besides servants and her mother. Playdates had been attempted over the years but being incredibly introverted, Nova proved an unpopular playmate with her peers and these attempts to socialize her by this time were few and far between.

1874 | Adlous and Malachi return from abroad. Nova is jubilant (not that she externally shows this).

1875 | It's not just four years November has to wait until she can join her brothers, it's five, thanks to her late birthday. She departs for Hogwarts deeply anxious and relieved to at least have two brothers still at the school. This safety blanket is all but ripped away from her at the Sorting Ceremony when the hat decides she is not a Gryffindor like Reuben and, shockingly, not even a Slytherin like the rest of the family. Nova toddles off to the Ravenclaw table with unshed tears in her eyes and cannot stomach the feast that follows shortly after. She struggles to come out of her shell enough to make many friends but after a couple months she starts to settle a little.

1876 | Reuben announces he wants to play quidditch for a living and everyone seems to object. This conflict of opinions keep Nova's from ever being vocalized but the truth is she doesn't see the harm in it. Quidditch might be a rough sport but watching school matches and taking first year flying classes impressed upon her that much skill must be involved and if it's what makes Reuben happy… Roman does not board the Hogwarts Express with Nova and Reuben, much to her dismay. However, she still has her favorite other brother so it doesn't weigh on her mind for too long. Returning as second year she feels more confident from knowing what to expect.

1877 | Reuben is true to his word and joins a professional quidditch team. Nova returns to Hogwarts with only her glumness for company this time. With the muggle situation stirring up trouble, her parents decide to move to Hogsmeade. While viewing the unfinished house, the structure proves unstable and collapses upon them, killing both. Nova is distraught but barely shows it externally. Reuben quits quidditch and Nova is sad for him but supposes it was the proper thing to do since both Roman and Aldous seem to approve.

1878 | The move to Hogsmeade is finally completed, albeit much later than anticipated and without either parent. It is, of course, a new plot of land.

1880 | Nova develops feelings for a boy in her year who has the tragic misfortune to be a muggleborn. The object of her desire has absolutely no idea that she's ardently pining for him and most certainly doesn't return her feelings.

1882 | Nova finishes her schooling and finally joins her brothers in the world of adulthood. Sort of. The life of a debutante is hardly the same as full time employment at the Ministry of Magic. Her first season passes by underwhelmingly and despite her best efforts to be a model young lady, she fails to turn any heads.

1883 | Nova makes the acquaintance of Elmer Macmillan and suddenly doesn't care so much about her muggleborn classmate. Sadly, Elmer Macmillan is not a viable option either for other reasons and she contents herself with more pining and gothic literature.

1884 | She meet Mr. Gaius Malfoy, a widower with a young daughter, at an art auction and thinks he's quite handsome. A few months later plague strikes and Nova falls ill. While recovering, the house catches fire in the night like much of Hogsmeade. Aldous saves her, but suffers serious burns in the process which render him permanently scarred.

1885 | A mere month after making the acquaintance of Mr. Malfoy's sister, he proposes to her and she accepts readily. They marry a few months later. By the end of the year, she is expecting thanks to the thorough sex talk she had from Aldous and the assistance of Gaius' manhood.

1886 | Her first child is born in March, a son called Callistus.

1887 | A second son is born whom they name Flavius.

1889 | Her sister-in-law's fiancé dies.

1890 | Reuben elopes in particularly scandalous style.

Nova is far more complex than she seems on the surface. She has worked tirelessly to present a facade of utter perfection. While she has succeeded where propriety and manners are concerned, she falls short in the personality department somewhat. This is not to say she lacks personality, only that she comes across as such to strangers and acquaintances. She can seem cool and distant while the internal reality is quite the opposite. She is incredibly good at keeping her emotions locked securely away inside and is the epitome of an introvert. At heart she is a romantic and a little prone to drama like those she's read about in the tragic literature she covets but she is also incredibly unselfish and will put others before herself often to her own detriment.
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