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Widowed Wife of William Abbott
Widowed Wife of William Abbott

25 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 3 in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Lady
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Diana Abbott

Full Name: Diana Isobel Abbott née Fawley

Nickname(s): Di

Birthdate: February 13, 1865

Age: 25

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Westminster, London

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cedar, 12 ½ in, Unicorn Hair, Surprisingly Swishy

Alaric Fawley, Father [b. 18__]
Allegra Fawley née Rossi, Mother [b. 18__]
Henry Frederick Fawley, Brother [b. 1859]
Octavia Rose Fawley, Sister [b. 1872]

Athena, West Highland Terrier Cleopatra, Australian Masked Owl

Though the picture of an English Beauty, Diana has never thought herself so given the lack of praise by those generally around her; particularly her mother. She sports a kind, rounded face shape with prominent cheekbones often colored with flush. While her slim almond eye shape was never to be in accordance with the wide and rounded Victorian picture of innocence, they never fail to catch the glittering reflection of candlelight in the evenings due to their deep brown, almost obsidian color. Her hair is dark and glossy, and when let down - has a slight curl to it due to her mother's potions when she was younger. Both her eyes and hair contrast with her fair complexion that she does her best to maintain especially in the summer heat.

She is never to be seen without the latest styles and wears; a habit ingrained in her by her mother. She favors pastel colors, particularly blue, green, and pink. Her wand arm is her right.


Always a gentle soul, Diana strives to be the model of an Upper-Class Debutante, a motivation primarily enforced by her mother. Despite the anxiety to please her family that weighs on her, Diana speaks with a soft clarity and well-chosen words. A true introverted Ravenclaw, she enjoys observing conversation and merriment before inserting herself into it. To close friends, she is lively, carefree and joking. To family and the rest of the world, she is demure, composed and wise. Her family is everything to her; as much as she and her mother have trouble understanding each other, she would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy.

  • Language: Diana - like many upper class ladies - is well versed in French and Latin
  • Literature: TBD
  • Womanly Skills: TBD


  • Her favorite beverage is an Elderflower Cordial
  • TEXT:
  • TEXT:



Care of Magical CreaturesE
Earth MagicE
History of MagicA

1865 | Diana was born with the intention of Allegra and Alaric Fawley having a son. When it was made clear they were to have their first daughter, they quickly sought to name her after her grandmother and matriarch of their branch of the family. Diana is the 2nd child to grace the Fawley Family.

1867 | At the age of two, Diana starts her schooling with a governess and begins the long education in all the ways and means of a proper English young woman.

1869 | A rather playful child was found in Diana as she grew up in her family's estate in London. With vacations in the summer to the coasts of further off lands, she grew up adoring the smell of beaches and saltwater in the air. She and her brother were close playmates and enjoyed each other's company.

1870 | Henry is sent to Hogwarts and sorted into Ravenclaw.

1873 | Their summer on the beach was concluded without Allegra who had been about to birth the Family's third and final child. They name her Octavia Rose. Diana, who sees the child as the reason her mother's affections had been lacking as of late, is less than thrilled. In reality, the second Fawley child has not shown any such case of magic and her parents start to worry they've birthed a squib.

1875 | Diana shows her first sign of magic at the age of 10. Having had her peace with her younger sister and found her quite agreeable, she proceeds to levitate a silver spoon down at breakfast time in order to feed her.


1876 - 1883| Having received her Hogwarts letter, Diana is sent off to school and subsequently sorted into Ravenclaw, same as Henry, where she finds dear friends and a well-earned break from certain pressures at home. As with many students who find their home at Hogwarts, she takes to her studies like a fish to water and finds her fondness for home growing with each day that she's away from it.

She and Henry grow closer as siblings however she cannot help but miss her little sister. As the years progress and Octavia learns how to properly pen a letter, she and Diana write to each other dreaming of summers spent abroad on the beaches. Octavia expresses her desire to join her sister sooner rather than later, however as it stands their age gap sees Diana graduate the year before Octavia would be slated to start. Always one to shy away from attention, Diana makes it through a majority of her years being pleasantly included among her classmates and makes it through Hogwarts without little trouble. It is when Diana fails to make Prefect her fifth year that she begins to feel like a disappointment to her family. While never one to claim leadership in a group, Di knows her family would have been thrilled had such a title been bestowed upon one of their own.

During her years at Hogwarts, Diana develops a relationship with one William Abbott, a Quidditch player - exactly the sort she knows her mother would never approve of. With this knowledge in mind, it turns out to be rather short-lived as she realizes her mother has already planned out her future seasons for her to make a suitable match. Prioritizing family, she breaks it off and the two part ways.


1883 | Diana begins her first season as a debutante and later that fall (after an unsuccessful season), she sees her younger sister to Hogwarts. Octavia is sorted into Hufflepuff much to the delight of their family.

When the Laughing Plague makes its way to Hogsmeade, Diana and her family are quarantined to their estate to ensure nothing gets into the family. Quite worried for her friends in Hogsmeade, Diana bribes a messenger to bring her daily news from town while slipping them letters for owl post that wouldn't get caught by her mother. Her efforts eventually fall fruitless when her mother demands Diana to attend Pendergast’s School for Young Roses. Diana loathes the thought of leaving her family behind, however she realizes a fair few of her friends are in attendance and begins to look forward to it.

1885 | While Diana thoroughly enjoys her time at finishing school, she still has an ache to see her lover. On the rare occasion they are in society, it’s these frequent visits that she managed to catch a few glimpses of her former attachment from Hogwarts. A few stolen glances at society events solidify her feelings however, once their plans had been made to inform their families, Allegra falls ill. Once again, Diana chooses her family and duty over love.

1886 | The year of 1886 passes with Diana graduating from PSYR and struggling to hide her heartache from her family. Only the fair few who knew about the couple to begin with were aware of her state. Early on in the year, Allegra recovers leaving Diana wondering if she did the right thing.

1887 | While at the World Market, Diana attempts to rescue her chaperone and gets knocked out before she can even reach her. She's left to stay at St. Mungo's for internal injuries for a month before making a recovery. When she wakes up, she learns her brother is engaged to be married.


1889 | While the previous years with the Laughing Plague, her mother's illness and the World Market were enough to keep Allegra at bay from hurling her eldest daughter into society, this year she is determined to see Diana married. Diana starts to genuinely fear that should she not make a suitable match, her mother shall send her off to family back in Singapore.

While active in charity work and planning society balls, Diana throws herself into it more so than ever, anxious determined to make the family proud.


1890| After having spent ball after ball doing her best to ignore William Abbott, Diana finds herself drawn to him in ways that greatly frustrate her. Eventually, she finds herself falling back in love with him, though can't imagine why he would return her feelings given how she'd treated him.

Just as she thinks they might have a chance, Diana is informed she will be sent to live with relatives in Singapore. She immediately relays this information to William in hopes that perhaps it might push him to do something. After she and Melody Crouch encounter an incident at an odd store, a rumor gets around that someone is injured. It reaches Will, who thinks it's Diana who gets injured and sets off to the Fawley household. He proposes, though Diana is caught between propriety and enthusiasm. Ultimately, they start courting in April but get engaged not long after and subsequently married in September.

At the very end of the year, Diana discovers she is pregnant.

1891 | The Santa Antonina is set out on a luxury cruise voyage that Diana and William buy tickets for. Diana has yet to tell William she is pregnant and plans on doing so the last night of the cruise. She doesn't get the chance, as the ship crashes and throws their lives into chaos.

[to be continued once lady finishes this thread with octavia @ the docks]

She has been a debutante for many seasons.
Her father is a well-respected businessman though the family hardly need the business to keep afloat.
She has extended family in Singapore.
She and William Abbott began a relationship while they were both at Hogwarts where after a few years, Diana broke it off.
Played By: Lady

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