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Octavia Fawley
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Played by Nichole
21 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: Octavia Rose Fawley

Nickname(s): Insist on being called “Octavia Rose” when her first name is used, Tavie

Birthdate: April 14, 1872

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Westminster, London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Yew, unicorn hair, 11 1/2", stiff

Alaric Fawley | Father
“She isn’t quite as close to her father as her brother and sister are, and her lack of bookishness likely has something to do with that but she sat still as a child during his readings just for something to do with him. She is sure he loves her, but their relationship tends to be awkward and Tavie isn’t too sure what to talk to him about. She wouldn’t trade him though. She knows, even if they struggle to communicate, she got lucky having a father as invested in them as Alaric.”

Allegra Fawley nee Rossi | Mother
“Tavie knows her mother would do anything to secure her daughters a spot in a society where they will be able to live in well-supported comfort and that her way of showing it can easily be misinterpreted into thinking she doesn’t care. While sometimes her mother’s intense nature gets on her nerves, she loves her nonetheless.”

Henry Fawley | Brother, b. 1859
“While she wouldn’t say she was distant from her brother, a thirteen year age gap has left them little common ground yet at any point in life, though now that she is maturing, she has started to grow closer to him and understand him a bit better. She still writes him letters regardless, though his tend to be written every other week or so.”
- Mairda Fawley nee Carrow, sister-in-law, b. 1868
- Elizabeth Fawley, niece, b. 1888

Diana Abbott nee Fawley | Sister, b. 1865
“Tavie adores her sister. When she was younger she would take her sister’s shoes and follow Diana around the house in her sister’s too big shoes. Now, her affection is shown in less childish ways. She still writes her sister every week on the dot. ”
- William Abbott, brother-in-law, b. 1861, d. 1891
General | One thing she will never be is an English Rose, though she is quite okay with that. She is small, both in height and in the frame. Reaching only five feet, the other girls mostly taller than her and between her height and her frame, one that lacks the expected curves of womanhood, she is often mistaken younger than she actually is. She has a slight chest, though she has no curves to her hips and relies heavily on the corset to provide her the expected shape. Her face is rounded in a way, that while she lost all baby fat years before, that gives the illusion of youth. The one thing she never had to worry about was smooth skin. Her eyes are dark brown in color, her hair only a few shades lighter. Her hair, when left alone falls long in loose subtle waves though the thickness tends to mask such.

Expressions | As someone who tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, her emotions are almost always on display no matter what the circumstance is. When she expresses her emotions, she does so with her whole face from her lips to her eyes, nose, and eyebrows. Her default expression tends to be a mild, polite smile.

Deportment | Text text text; posture, carry themselves, default looks; tension?

Fashion | She dresses exactly how one would expect her as an upper-class debutante in muggle fashion and often chooses to dress in styles that lean towards what is fashionable over what she might prefer. In regards to colors, she gravitates towards pastels - particularly pinks and yellows - and neutral colors. She fancies fabrics with patterns on them from strips to flowers over solid colors.

Accessories | Tavie tends to be a materialistic person and values anything that shines from metals to jewels. As such, unless the situation is inappropriate, she often wears a full set of jewels from a necklace, to bracelets, rings, and earrings with a headpiece often added for balls. While she rarely wears the same pairs in a row she has grown quite fond of a necklace given to her .

Scent | Text text text

Distinguishing Characteristics | Text text text

Face Claim | Kim So-Hyun

1872 | Born the last child of Allegra and Alaric Fawley, it was a bit of a disappointment that she wasn’t the second son the couple had been hoping for since before her sister had been born. Little does she know that her eldest sister holds her in spite of the first bit of her life, believing she stole her attention. Having already named her sister after the matriarch, there is far less pressure on naming their second daughter after important relatives and she ends up named Octavia Rose. While Rose was likely meant as a middle name, it isn’t long before it starts to be attached to Octavia in a hyphen.

1874 | It isn’t long and she is corralled into joining her sister’s lessons with the governess, much to her displeasure. Tavie has already proven herself not much a study of knowledge and would rather play games all day then sit still.

1876 - 1882| Without her sister to entertain her in lessons, her desire to please only keeps her at the table so long before she is off and spends a fair bit of time sending the governess and nanny on wild goose chases. It gets so elaborate that she, in a swell of joy at her newfound freedom, accidentally shoots off fireworks in the parlor. The fact that she gave her hiding spot away does not dampen her excitement for her first signs of magic.

Still, her sister’s absence saddens her and after the first few months, she finds the quite unbearable and starts to make friends with the servant’s children. This last for a few years until she is told off, even though she isn’t sure why she can no longer hang out with her friends, she follows her parents’ orders.

As she ages, she learns to sit still for the governess and the governess learns ways to keep her attention. Turning her lessons into games to play or bribing Octavia Rose with music lessons after classes seem to be the most effective methods. She takes to instruments like a fish in water, though she can’t carry a note to save her life singing. She starts on piano and is soon progressing to flute and violin.

Once she has learned to write, Tavie and Diana start to exchange letters. This sees them growing closer and it only fuels Tavie’s desire to be at Hogwarts. As she starts to get closer to attend, no one is safe from her enthusiasm.

1883 - 1885 | Her first year of Hogwarts comes and she finds herself almost as excited about sharing a school with her sister for a single year as she is about the school itself. She is quickly sorted into Hufflepuff - the hat barely touches her head before declaring the house fit for her - and it seems at least the baby of the family is to continue the family history of Hufflepuffs.

The magic of magic school soon wears off and she realizes she is just as not bookish here as she was at home. She does what she needs to pass her classes with a little help from her friends. In no sense does she excel in her classes as her Ravenclaw siblings did. School is school whether taught by a governess or an old wizard who might fall asleep and die at any minute.

The summer after her second year sees the family quarantined in their estate. While she is grateful not to be trapped in a townhome, the isolation bores her. She is a bit too socially clueless to realize the full danger of the Laughing Plague and she spares little concern for her friends’ health but rather just wants to see them at school again. It isn’t that she doesn’t care about them, but rather without seeing danger herself it just doesn’t occur to her to be worried about it. It is here she picks up playing card games, Henry has taken it upon himself to teach her to keep her occupied. She is quickly obsessed and they join music in her list of hobbies she truly enjoys. At the end of the isolation, it is back to Hogwarts for her and to Pendergast’s School for Young Roses for Diana. She does not envy her sister.

1885-1888 | Her OWL years include the addition of Divination for the grins and giggles of it, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures. It is likely a surprise to everyone that she chooses to add so many She quickly proves to have no talent in those either, but she does at least enjoy them far more than her core classes so that has to count for something.

Her mother falls ill however in her fourth year and her spare time is consumed with worry. Her mother is likely the parent she is closest too and seeing her pale and unwell rattles her confidence at the impenetrable nature of life. Thankfully Allegra recovers next year, but it leaves Octavia Rose a bit more aware of what goes on around her.

She attends the World Market with her sister in the summer of ‘87, but manages to escape with only minor injuries while Diana is hospitalized for a month to recover from her injuries. The only good news that summer is that Henry is engaged.

1888 - 1890 | Her list of classes drops as she goes into her N.E.W.T. courses and it is likely a good thing she is set to debut rather than find a career. Her grades are okay, but they aren’t going to get her into an advanced career field. She ends up with her electives from her third year along with Astronomy and Herbology.

As graduation comes closer, and her classmates panic more and poor over their careers, she is happy to continue cruising along.

1890 | She debuts and her sister both is both engaged and married. Seeing that Di is married their mother spends a few months in a cheerful mood then begins to hound Tavie.

1891 | Mother grants her permission to join Di and Will on a three-week cruise before the season starts and it turns out to be so much fun. They travel to Scotland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Algeria before it becomes not fun and the shipwreck on the night of April 8th. She spends the evening in the water before being pulled aboard a lifeboat where she is adrift until the 14th. Once returned home she is wrecked with a two-week-long nasty could and an even longer in mourning for Will who was never found.

During her mourning period, she strikes up a letter exchange with Emrys Selwyn, who she had met Henrietta Cartwright's coming out ball. At least in Tavie's opinion, the two seem to get along well and she quickly starts to fancy marrying him. These letters quickly become her favorite part of the day. Once her mother allows her to start attending events once more, she sees Mr. Selwyn at a ball hosted by Mrs. Devine where he flirts and spends the evening complimenting her. As far as she knows, she has this in the bag and she'll come out of the season if not a married woman then at least courting or engaged. And then... nothing. Suddenly the man who'd once shown immense interest in her has gone radio silent and she learns that her parents rejected his request to court her. This causes her and her parents to argue and she spends some time giving her parents the silent treatment. However, she cannot bring herself to go against their wishes and accepts their decision.

Now back to square one. Mr. Selwyn is out. Her obsession prior to Mr. Selwyn - Mr. Fitzroy Prewett eloped during the cruise and now she isn't quite sure what to do.
Even now, seen as an adult in wizarding society, she tends to be naive to a t. She always assumes others have the best of intentions about their actions and that they mean well. As such, she is often quite hurt when someone proves not to be the person she assumed them to be - though she never seems to learn to expect anything else. She has a tendency to forgive and forget quickly, often granting people far more chances than she really should.

She wears her emotions on her face and her heart on her sleeve. While typically happy, she has an inability to hide her sadness, and in her younger years of school, her dormmates would not have been surprised to find her crying in her bed. Thanks to years of practice, she can typically hold back the waterworks until she finds herself in a place she feels safe and secure.

She adores her friends and family with a passion that might overwhelm some. To those she isn’t able to see often, weekly letters are to be expected. She takes in new people with open arms and rushes headfirst into everything. She is ‘secretly’ in love with the idea of marrying for love - though anyone who knows her likely knows she wants this - but is resigned to marrying whoever her mother chooses (but loving them would be a nice advantage).

Still, while she means well, she tends to be self-absorbed. Not in the way that she thinks she is better than others, no, but rather she simply doesn’t think about the situation of others until someone says something or an event that forces her to confront it occurs. Then she allows herself to wallow in guilt and is extra apologetic. Maybe a better term would be clueless and unaware than self-absorbed.
  • Speaks fluent English, French, Chinese
  • Plays piano, harp, guzheng, with mild abilities with other instruments



Ancient RunesEA
Care of Magical CreaturesAA
Defense Against the Dark ArtsP
History of MagicP
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