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Callum Finnigan
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Played by Fox
Second Year & Beater
13 year old Pureblood
Second Year & Beater
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Full Name: Callum Henry Finnigan

Nickname(s): Cal, Finn

Birthdate: October 03, 1880

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Occupation: rugrat "quidditch aficionado"

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Family home is Loughanmore Estate, Ireland.

Hogwarts House: TBD~

Wand: TBD~

Terrence (Traolach) Finnigan - father; changed name to anglicized variant for business purposes.
Slyvia (Sílbhe) Finnigan nee Cochrane - mother; changed name to anglicized variant for social purposes.
Eoghan Finnigan – grandfather

Callum has bright red hair, amber eyes, and is much too tall for his own good, as he uses this to his advantage to get into mischief. Inheriting a Scottish likeness from his mother’s side, he’s generally a sweet looking fellow with way too many freckles to be comfortable. He sometimes thinks it looks like (a galaxy) exploded all over his face and chest, trailing all the way across his back in constellations. He has freckles all the way down his arms to his fingertips and beyond. Cal also has a funny little birthmark along the left side of his ribcage in the shape of a heart. Mama says it’s because he has so much love to give, and Cal thinks about this a lot. It’s a hereditary mark. His father has the same in the shape of a squiggly oval, and Grandpa Eoghan has one that melted as he aged… Cal isn’t sure what shape it ever was to begin with.

In terms of dress, Cal doesn’t pay all too much mind to his attire yet but he does rather hate being filthy. He’s not above a good romp in the mud, throwing handfuls of dirt at his friends when they start nonsense, but he is prompt to change and wash up shortly after because ew. His ears tend to wiggle when he laughs, and on the rare occasion he allows himself full expression, Callum has a smile that lights up his entire face, dimples and all.

Faceclaim: Kit Connor

1880 - 1882 | Callum was born in 1880 as the first and only son/heir to the Finnigan line. Fourth generation Irish, Callum is born into a rather politically motivated family. They are “new money” that came onto the upper class scene only recently; Traolach Finnegan works in banking and built a successful empire he hopes Callum will one day inherit and expand. The family’s politics are aligned with the socialist movement that has started to rumble across Ireland, and Traolach is an increasingly interested member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. (Over the years this flavors Callum’s view of England and manifests very young as fanaticism for the Ballycastle Bats.)

In his own respect, Cal was never a particularly wild child. He cried primarily when he was put down, but was rather unfussy so long as he felt included in things. His first burst of magic was in his second year and a rather tame one at that. He managed to float a toy from its place on the mantle where Sílbhe or nanny had placed it away from him. The item levitated, then dropped to the floor just within reach.

1883 - 1892 | Most of Cal’s childhood thereafter was rather ordinary. The Finnigans lived in a large estate house (Loughanmore) in the Irish countryside just near a small village outside Dublin. As being primarily anglican was of great concern to Traolach’s business interests, Sílbhe insisted Callum have a governess teach him French, Latin and German and insisted upon a ‘proper English upbringing’ whenever possible despite Traolach’s grumbling. She taught Callum her own native Irish dialect as a source of pride to root him in his heritage, and the anglican upbringing never dissuaded Callum from falling hopelessly in love with his home country altogether.

To him, the rolling green was always a symbol of home. The landscape, the culture, the easiness and familiarity of it all... It gave him miles and miles in which to think, scribble, and play. Cal developed a consuming interest in quidditch fairly early on, always begging Traolach to teach him how to ride a broom. Around the age of seven he finally managed to convince both his parents to let him learn. Sílbhe was [i]very[/i] protective however, and so he was always very closely supervised while flying. (She’s terrified of his joining a house team in his second year, if given the opportunity.)

He made friends with the local children in the village over the years, most notably one of the tenant’s sons: a boy named Charlie. Charlie was one of five brothers and sisters and Cal always liked the hustle and bustle, the cheeriness of his large family. At age ten Cal broke his arm trying to catch the youngest of Charlie’s sisters from falling out of a tree. He’s always considered them almost like his own family.

Last year, Cal started stealing Traolach’s broom and sneaking out to play some mock-version of Quidditch with the local boys. He has a natural knack for it, and the feeling of flying is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. He flies to calm his mind, to quiet the running thoughts that sometimes get away from him. (If there is no broom available, then he writes.)

Summer, 1892 | This year Callum is both anxiously looking forward to Hogwarts and nervous. He can’t wait to be allowed to try out for his house quidditch team one day, but the idea of making new friends worries him a touch. He’s always been used to Charlie and the others from the village; he’s never actually had to make friends with those in his own class and the thought alarms him. Compound the alarm with the fact that most of them will be English and, well, he’s a touch justified.


Generally a man of few words, Cal doesn’t tend to be overly friendly. He keeps to himself and the friends he has, but when you get to know him he can be a bit of a chatterbox. He's very competitive when it comes to, well, anything and hates to lose. He’s a sweet kid though, and generally vys for the underdog. He won’t tolerate bullies and is the first person to step in and get physical when necessary. He’s quite protective.

Not generally a studious fellow, Cal does [i]enjoy[/i] the idea of magic. He’s interested in his own way but ultimately prefers to scribble his own prose rather than do lessons for his governess and/or, likely, his professors. Writing lets him experience a level of calm that steadies him; Cal suffers a bit from the weight of being an heir and all that one day this will entail compounded with the fact that he is an [i]Irish[/i] heir to a ‘new money’ fortune. He wishes the responsibility would not fall on his shoulders and tends to pretend it won’t.

In terms of tastes, Cal has a horrible sweet tooth that Sílbhe swears will rot his teeth if he’s not careful. 

Amortentia: Hasn't yet learned or tried.

Patronus: Hasn't yet learned to cast one.

Boggart: Hasn't yet learned or tried.

Goals: TBD

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