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Estelle Malfoy
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Played by MJ
23 year old Pureblood
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Estelle Selena Malfoy

Nickname(s): Stelle, Stella, Elle.

Birthdate: 3rd January, 1870

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hawthorn, 10”, brittle, unicorn hair.

Roderick Malfoy | Father | 1822
Elisabeth Malfoy née Moreau | Father's First Wife | 1842
Philippe Malfoy | Half-Brother | 1862 - 1862

Zandra Malfoy née Crabbe | Mother | 1839
Raphael Malfoy | Brother | 1865
Angeline Malfoy | Sister | 1867
Victoire Malfoy | Sister | 1872

Barnabas Malfoy | Uncle | 1814
Gwendoline Malfoy née Pierce | Aunt | 1831
Titus Malfoy | Cousin | 1851
-- and family
Gaius Malfoy | Cousin | 1854
-- and family
Claudia Rowle née Malfoy | Cousin and family | 1858 - 1884
-- and family
Brynn Malfoy | Cousin | 1866
Not quite as pretty as either of her sisters: Estelle has always known that well enough. While she has the family’s blonde hair, her brown eyes set her apart – but also make her face look more washed out than it already is; her face itself is a little round and lacking definition, her mouth a little too wide, naturally set in a sullen line, and often pursed reprovingly; and at just over 5’5”, she is a little taller and sturdier in build than she might have wished, without much of a bosom or waist to speak of. Already convinced she has no luck in life, Estelle dresses as well as expected but is gradually replacing her wardrobe with darker items fit for an unloved spinster, because she may as well be prepared. She is naturally right handed, at least. That’s one thing she got right.

1870 | Estelle is born, a middle child with a brother and sister who already own the nursery.

1872 | Another sister is born, as if her parents don’t already have a perfect daughter. (Estelle is so fussy a baby it is more surprising that anyone could endure another child after her.)

1873 | Her brother gone from the nursery, Angeline takes charge of the girls and Estelle is very much her sister’s puppet for a while. The only way she ever finds her niche – or any attention of her own – is by tattling on either of her sisters when they misbehave. She keeps a careful watch.

1877 | Raphael goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. Estelle doesn’t miss him in the house.

1878 | And so does Angeline. This should be Estelle’s time to shine at home, but Victoire doesn’t ever quite respect her authority, the little upstart.

1881 | In September, Estelle goes to Hogwarts. The upside? She is finally free of Victoire. The downside? She is living in the shadow of her elder siblings again. Slytherin is the expected house, to make their father proud, but a very small part of her wishes the hat had put her anywhere else so she could be her own person for once.

1883 | In third year, she adds Ancient Studies and Divination. Thus far she has been a model student, and towards the top of the class without much trying. Estelle always knew she was intelligent, so this comes as no surprise to her. It may have something to do with the fact that some of the working-class muggleborn sorts have a little more catching up to do, but she doesn’t have any pity for them. Annoyingly, Victoire joins them all in Slytherin.

1884 | Raphael graduates, and Angeline is unexpectedly pulled from school before she can complete her NEWTs. Estelle is disappointed in her sister, but not surprised. (Better PSYR than the asylum.) Still, worried the same mortifying fate will be extended to her, Estelle spends an inordinate amount of time studying to try and prove she is worth the education and begging her father to allow her to stay, as well as assuring him that she is perfectly proper and definitely doesn’t have any questionable friends. (The truth is she doesn’t really have friends. But still.)

1885 | In fifth year, she becomes Prefect, a job she has already been undertaking diligently in all but name. The number of people who actually listen to her efforts is bolstered slightly by the official badge, but she suspects the number of classmates who can stand her is dropping steadily.

1886 | And fortunately, she gets to stay for sixth year without incident. Having gotten solid OWL results, Estelle chooses to continue with Ancient Studies, Astronomy, Charms, DADA, Potions and because she got an O in Potions, adds Alchemy just to boast about it. Also it feels good to take six subjects when Raphael only took five.

1888 | She gets to stay, but after all her talk and smugness about it, she’s grossly overestimated herself. Or NEWTs are that much harder than OWLs, or everyone around her – even the muggleborns – is getting smarter, because Estelle’s sixth year exam results were shoddy, and her standards continue to slip in her final year, to the point where she thinks the school will probably confiscate her precious Prefect badge from her if she makes one more mistake. Towards the end of the year, the stress of it (and her lack of friends) gets to her in a bad way, and she has a total meltdown. When she opens her NEWT results in the summer, it’s to an assortment of failing grades (mostly Ds, and a P in Potions.) That’s it, no passing grades. Even Raphael the stupid quidditch player got better than that. Why did no one in her family warn her this was going to happen?! So it is almost a relief to avoid most people from school out in the real world for a while longer and retreat to PSYR to be finished, as if a rigid awareness of etiquette isn’t the only skill she has left to fall back on.

1890 | In an attempt to start from scratch, she has spent her time as a Rose trying to make friends and valuable connections before she is launched onto society, she swears she has. Only she’s – not very good at it, really. Or she’s simply unused to the process; but the fact remains people still don’t seem to like her very much. In the summer, Estelle comes out, determined to at least do better in debutante life than Angeline.

1891 | As it turns out, it’s going terribly. And now, just to rub it in, Victoire’s out too.

Kind of a downer, honestly. Estelle can drag down the mood of any room by a few degrees just by being in it. Proud, critical and generally dour, she is excellent at finding fault with everyone but herself, and very good at ruining people’s fun. Not as smart as she thinks she is. She tallies up her grievances and nurses them past all necessity, and determinedly thinks herself a realist although beneath the jaded front she is still prone to fantasizing deeply, as if things will ever change by that alone. Woe is she, et cetera. While polite in society when she wants to be, and interminably nosy about other people’s lives, at the same time Estelle is usually cool (really past the point of frigid) and irritable, so if she ever makes friends, she has trouble retaining them. By this point, what does it matter anyway? No one has ever appreciated her properly to begin with... and if no one else ever bothers to fix their flaws, why should she?
— A tone-deaf singer but accomplished at most other ladylike skills, with a particular dedication to embroidery. Passive-aggressively embroidering in the same room as you is a sure sign she’s seething about something.
— After the humiliation of failing her NEWTs, Estelle does not perform any practical magic if she can help it, even if the situation might call for it.
— A fairly strict purist. Liable to cut anyone at the first sign of scandal.
— Has developed a bad habit of only falling for unattainable men. (Married ones, usually. It’s a problem.)

In fact he was only dancing with her because Poppy had asked him to, and at this point in time he’d rather be dancing with a troll than Miss Estelle Malfoy. The troll would probably provide more smiles than the young lady before him had ever managed in her life.Atticus Foxwood
There was something about that particular flavor of condescension that brought her name from the depths of his memory back to him with a jolt. Miss Malfoy. How could he forget.Jack Dorset
She didn't often meet Ginny's definition of a fun person to hang out with, but she had a good family and, in spite of herself, sometimes the scathing witticisms of the dour Malfoy sibling had its appeals. Ginevra Blackwood
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