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Charming NaNo 2k21
NaNoWriMo: Posting Edition


It is time. (Does that sound familiar? Yes, I reused it for a third time!) I do apologize for getting this up late, it's been a nightmare of a week getting grades done for report cards.

Not sure what NaNo is? NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is an online challenge for writers to write 50,000 words in order to get the first rough draft of their novel done - and the biggest challenge is getting it done all while in the month of November!

Seeing as how we aren't writing novels here, the rules are a little different:

The Name of the Game
  • The goal is to write 10,000 words within the month of November. This will run November 1st to November 30th, 2021 NOT AC to AC.
    • BUT WAIT BEE, THERE ARE LEVELS? Yes, yes there are. Introducing NaNo Levels, set your own goal, see how far you get! We'll be having levels/prizes (which are still being determined because I wanted to get sign ups going!) for  2.5k, 5k, 7.5k 10k (traditional Charming NaNo) and 12.5k+.
  • You have to pick one character to complete the challenge with.
  • Every IC post that you want to count toward your total word count needs to be posted IN THE SPREADSHEET BELOW; but each post still needs the total number of words noted at the bottom. DO NOT DO THIS THING. All IC forums count, this means journals/letters etc, but not the AU forum!

How to Play
  • YOU will be keeping track of your post total via this handy dandy spreadsheet! (2019 for reference! I have 2020 too if you want to see it, just ask!)
  • Create a new tab with your name and your character's name. (Or right click and hit "duplicate!)
  • Copy and paste the entire coding into your own tab. (You can skip if you duplicate!)
  • Post the link to the post in the first column.
  • Put the actual post (without any html/bbcoding) in the "post" column, the last column will total it up and then the total from that column will go into the word total!

These lovely prizes!

1) The November Challenge stamp

<img src="https://cdn.nickpic.host/images/IVxddf.png" title="Completed November's Challenge" />

2) The NaNoWriMo Stamp
Coming soon!

3) Further prizes will be announced soon and based on Level Achievement!

Please note: If your posts are obviously long just for the word count and not resembling in any way a quality post, it will not be counted.


Sign up here! Don't forget to tell me which character you're going to be using.

Word counting begins at 12am EST on November 1st!

Questions about NaNo? Post them as a reply here! Questions about the spreadsheet? ASK OLIVE, I HAVE NO IDEA!

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
I will be using @Daffodil Potts this year!

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
Ford! Not setting high hopes for word count but we'll see.
The following 1 user Likes Fortitude Greengrass's post:
   Elsie Kirke

Bree made this because she loves me <3
I only have @Tommy Tupper, so I'll use him!
The following 1 user Likes Tommy Tupper's post:
   Elsie Kirke
Using Faustus! Hoping to at least make 5k, but we'll see xDD
The following 1 user Likes Faustus Prewett's post:
   Elsie Kirke

[Image: uxpTIX.png]
I shall be failing with @Harriet Prewett this year.
The following 2 users Like Harriet Prewett's post:
   Aldous Crouch, Elsie Kirke

[Image: l2NTPe.png]
Lady is magnificent and so is this set <3
I will be using Noble
The following 2 users Like Noble Greengrass's post:
   Elsie Kirke, Reuben Crouch

[Image: erzbcyj.png]
set by MJ
I'll be using Cleon!
The following 1 user Likes Cleon Broadmoor's post:
   Elsie Kirke

here goes nothing!  Pikachu Jack, I choose you!
The following 1 user Likes Jack Dorset's post:
   Elsie Kirke

MJ is a wizard<3
[Image: gNfZ9M.png]
Miss Malou @Marie-Louise Skovgaard shall be my repeat victim
The following 1 user Likes Marie-Louise Skovgaard's post:
   Elsie Kirke

[Image: FLXUg8.png]
An amazing MJ set
Look I'm going to challenge myself with Charity this month <3
The following 2 users Like Charity Lloyd's post:
   Elsie Kirke, Ginevra Blackwood

cutest set ever by MJ <3
I’m using Angelica. Don’t look at me!
The following 1 user Likes Angelica Selwyn's post:
   Elsie Kirke

[Image: 3yopnb.png]
MJ made this miracle!
According to the coin flipping gods, Zach has been chosen as my tribute. (It will also be good for him to branch out and meet new people.)
The following 2 users Like Zachariah Binns's post:
   Daffodil Potts, Tilda MacFusty

[Image: xPlE4V4.png]
Pretties thanks to Olive! <3
I'm going to go off plan and use @Fallon Hatchitt plz and thanks!
The following 2 users Like Fallon Hatchitt's post:
   Daffodil Potts, Tilda MacFusty

sexy af set by Bee
[Image: FcwU3c.png]
After much indecision, I'm hoping the choice of @Acacia Ruskin will get me somewhere.
The following 2 users Like Acacia Ruskin's post:
   Daffodil Potts, Tilda MacFusty

Magic by Stefanie!

It's gonna be Estelle!
The following 3 users Like Estelle Malfoy's post:
   Charity Lloyd, Daffodil Potts, Tilda MacFusty

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