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June 20th, 1888 — Honeyduke's Sweet Shop

You know what sucks? When the magic used to restrain carnival trolls stops working. You know what really sucks? When one such troll escapes the park and bumbles through the fog only to tear headlong into Honeyduke's Sweet Shop early in the afternoon. Fists come out of the fog and into windows, tearing the already rickety building a new one. It's quite the spectacle, but not as breathtaking if you're caught in the middle of it.

Or maybe it is breathtaking, literally.

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Zelda chased the troll towards Honeyduke's, out of breath and cursing, mentally, that she'd not thought to get a muggle rifle and bring one work. Or anything else that could stop a troll, really, because these were not her purview and she'd just happened to be taking fog measurements and NOW he was smashing the sweet shop.

At a loss as the beast collided with the store, Zelda cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted: "RUN!"

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The shouted "run" came too late. At least for Zinnia. She'd wandered off from the shop in need of something sweet and maybe a little bit sour to wake her up more after a late night of painting. She'd been happily, and obliviously, perusing the section of the shop where she knew there to be sweet and sour treats when suddenly the shattering of glass and crunching of wood hit her ears.

The spray of glass startled Zinnia to a point of a shriek before she fell backwards and into another display only adding to the chaos.

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All Lilian had wanted was something sweet to share with her sister. Something to lift the melancholy mood that had settled with the fog. Not only had it taken over an hour to find the shop (she really needed to look at non magical ways of navigating) but now a troll had crashed through the window. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

To make matters worse she was thoroughly cornered. But it was okay, she still had... Her hand clenched uselessly on her wand the truth dawning on her like ice: she couldn't use magic. She stood there frozen in panic the useless warning playing over and over in her head. RUN! RUN! RUN!
The upside of having an actual, respectable job meant that Morgana could spend some sickles on whatever she wanted. Today, she had opted for that to be sweets. Plus the fog was making stealing quite easy so she and Marvolo had quite the little stash of stolen goods and coin purses. How nice! Morgana was just about to pick out a toffee when a troll of all things came smashing through the windows. She didn't even make a noise due to her shock while part of her mind whispered that it would be quite easy to steal a few extra candies in all this chaos.

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Ben was really over the lack of magic, by now; what had been fun and novel on the first day that it had applied to Hogsmeade was now growing boring and horribly inconvenient. He hadn't realized how much he used magic throughout his day until he suddenly couldn't, and the little things here and there — having to figure out where he'd put the hat he wanted to wear instead of just summoning it from the mess of his room, having to walk downstairs for breakfast instead of having it on a tray because the house-elves of Excalibur were overworked without the ability to use magic, that sort of thing — had left him in a rather irritable mood most of the day.

He'd been out for a stroll and bored out of his skull when he heard the commotion. Several loud crashes and some girl screaming run, which he did — but because Ben's self-preservation instinct wasn't really functioning the way a normal human's might, he ran towards the noise instead of away. It was hard to tell what was going on in the fog, but there was definitely a huge silhouette looming in front of him, and... was that a troll?

Ben had seen trolls more-or-less domesticated in America; they still had troll boxing events in some parts of New England. Those trolls had been tamed by the use of magic, however, and Ben wasn't at all sure how one went about subduing a troll without it. Get out of its way and hope for the best?

There was some screaming coming from inside the shop, and the sound of glass breaking. The troll seemed to be otherwise occupied for the moment with one of the rooftop decorations, which it had plucked off, so Ben was able to run past its heels and into the store, though the fog made it difficult to determine exactly how many people were here and who was in need of help. "Hey," he said, addressing the nearest figure he found. "Are you alright? Can you walk?"

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Justice was inside one of the shops (which fortunately had remained open despite the hellish fog) when chaos broke loose outside. Casting a dubious glance at the shopkeeper, the incoming fifth year moved to peek his head outside—and was utterly appalled by the tight.

A troll! A troll on High Street! What the hell?

He motioned for his younger sister to stay put before leaving himself, his eyes immediately finding the woman who was yelling for everyone to run. He waited until the troll had passed and took off in her direction.

"How did it get here?" he shouted over the noise, "—and more importantly, where did it come from?"

The fog was really messing with Percy's work schedule. Half the days he didn't even make it in to the office as he was being sent from Hogsmeade to Irvingly and back. It was a long string incidents all of which had Percy and his coworkers running around like idiots without the use of magic.

Today he had been sent to check on the creatures at the carnival, something of a short straw in the office and the blasted things had chosen today to act up. Percy had been uselessly crashing the troll since its escape and had tried to get in front of it to distract it for the entirety of the walk until now. When it was content to single handley desimate Quincey's shop.

Fog rolled into the broken windows of the store and he heard screams and shouts from inside. Bloody hell.

Percy looked around for discarded objects to throw at the thing. There. It had dropped part of the roof. "Get them out!" He shouted as he lifted the chunk of roof beam - really magic would be nice right now, it was heavy - and heaved it at the troll. "I'll distract it!"

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Zinnia didn't really know what to think. She didn't always have her head in reality and often got lost in colors and painting but now. Well now she just kind of hurt. Her right cheek stung as did her right arm but she wasn't really sure why. Closing her eyes hard, she whispered a silent prayer or thought that when she opened them everything would be ok and it would be just some strange day dream she'd been having.

Nope. Dark brown eyes opened and looked up to see a massive hole where the front window of Honeydukes had been and a really ugly and grotesque creature tearing at the building. She was on the ground with an aching arm and an aching face hearing more yelling and screaming. Someone was asking if she was alright or if she could walk. It was a man's voice and for all she knew he could have been asking someone else.

"I..don't know," she managed to get out in something at least more than a whisper but talking made her face hurt more causing her to wince and a sound that could only be caused by pain left her lips.

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Ben heard shouting from the vague direction of outside, though the fog made it impossible to see what was going on. Although one of the voices sounded rather young and feminine to be of any real use in the situation, it did seem like someone was trying to deal with the troll out there — and being devoid of magic as he was, he was more than happy to play chivalrous rescuer inside while someone else did all of the actual heroism.

The girl that he'd approached seemed to be in need of some chivalrous rescue, too, because she still hadn't gotten up off the ground, and had barely replied to his question. "Well, you can't stay here," he pointed out, crouching to put his arms around her waist and hoisting the petite young woman up onto his chest. "Hold on, I'll get you out of here."

Where he was planning on taking her, he had no idea, but it was clear that anywhere would have been better than in the middle of the rapidly evolving chaos of the shop.

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So strange and agreeable; there is nothing formidable
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Morgana's survival mode kicked in though with the fog encroaching into the new open space, she could hardly see a thing. She pocketed some sweets, as much as her hands could grab before moving towards where she vaguely remembered the door to be. How exactly were they expected to get out with a troll smashing everything though? There didn't really seem to a be a way out as far as she could tell and she was much into self-preservation to test things. So, she edged back as far as she could so that the troll would get one of the others before her as she tried to think her way out of this.

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This was swiftly becoming a shitshow, and Zelda watched as - first - a handsome man ran into the store before her and then as, second, a teenage boy started talking to her. "Kid, you've got to go!" she yelled. Adlard had the right idea - they had to get the people out of the swiftly decimated building, but they also had to get the troll out of here.

Luckily, structurally compromised buildings were very much her purview.

"That building's going to collapse," Zelda announced, for the kid's benefit or for Adlard's or for her own she wasn't sure. "We have to get him away from the entrance." The beam was a good idea, but bounced off the troll's chest and directed his attention towards Adlard. That was fine, damage didn't matter yet - just moving him.

Zelda picked up a brick and hurtled it towards the troll. She whistled. "Over here, friend!" she sang towards it, hoping for the kid's sake that he'd decided to move by now.

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Dazed and confused was perhaps the best description for Zinnia at that moment as she registered a gentleman telling her she couldn't stay there and the next thing she knew, she was in the air. It was a strange feeling really, to be firmly on the ground one moment and then..not. Though he was a rather sturdy man so there was some sort of grounded feeling despite being hoisted off the ground.

"And where to exactly?" she found herself asking, peering up at the man's face as best she could through the fog and stinging pain as she winced again from speaking. She brought a hand up then and felt her right cheek only to yelp again as she small bits of glass that had shattered so near her had clearly embedded some within the fleshy part of her cheek. "That's not going to be pretty," she said with a slight giggle that quickly cut off from the pain once more.

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Percy had heard a child. He mentally cursed as he watched the beam sail up into the troll's stomach. Hopefully the creature would pay attention to him rather than Fisk and the child. At least he was fairly certain it was Fisk he had heard. The beam bounced off the creature's stomach but he turned his attention to Percy. Which was good. Right?

Through the fog he heard Fisk's assessment of the building. Shit. That really wasn't good. The troll took a lumbering step toward Percy even as a brick bounced harmlessly off it's back as if it were a only a fly. "Get them out! There's a door in the back through the kitchen!" He shouted back to Fisk, trying to recall the times he had been in Quin's kitchen. She'd have to deal with the kid because the troll was lumbering toward him now.

On the ground next to Percy sat the Honeyduke's sign, Percy lifted it, it was heavy, but better to make sure the troll followed him than got distracted. "I'm going to try and lead him back." He turned and set off on a pace not too fast that the creature would lose site of him in the fog but not slow enough for the troll to decide he was the next plaything.

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Ben didn't have any idea where they were going to go, but out of here was a pretty good start, particularly given that someone had just claimed the building was imminently about to fall over. Clutching the giggling girl tightly (why the hell was she giggling?) Ben headed back the way he came, which was, unfortunately, back in the direction of the troll. It seemed like it was heading the other direction, however, which meant he should have been able to sneak out behind its heels again.

The troll didn't seem to take notice of him, which was good; it did drop a piece of the roof directly in his path, a mere two feet in front of him, which was bad. Given that he was already carrying a woman in his arms and trying to shuffle along as quickly as possible, he didn't have time to stop before hitting the debris, which sent the two of them sprawling across the cobblestones directly behind the troll.

He is sensible and simple; bold and natural
So strange and agreeable; there is nothing formidable
His smile is most naive, cheerful and good-natured
And he’s as handsome up close as at a distance
Justice considered the danger, but didn't consider that he might die—at least until the woman thought to call it towards them! "Are you mad?" he hissed, backing up so he was behind the frighteningly brave woman. He froze, though, unwilling to move, until the troll was within a few troll-steps from him.

Letting out a shriek, Justice ran in the direction of the soon-to-be-obliterated shop.

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