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Summer Sun
June 3rd, 1891 — Irvingly Arms; Gazebo
Philip typically just ate at the shop but a desire for a change of scenery had him seeking to have his lunch elsewhere. Besides, his staff had things under control, especially after Philip had set in place a sort of cooling system to keep his staff from overheating. Working in any food cooking place could be uncomfortable in the summer.

After a walk around Salem Square, he had headed for the Irvingly Arms. The gazebo was already open for patrons so he had decided to sit there. There were other people dining but Philip didn't pay them much mind. That was, until some sort of commotion at the next table over drew his attention.

She enjoyed being married. She loved Percy. But she hated the endless sitting around during the day waiting for him to come home. She missed the schoolroom and she missed her students. If she could not go back to teaching, she needed to find something to do with her days while Percy was at the ministry. Something she could do every day with a purpose. Not the random wondering she was doing today as she saught a lunch away from their home.

She'd found a place to each her meal, book in hand, hoping to get through a chapter or so. It was one Percy had gotten her about the basics theory behind transfiguration. It was a bit of a dry read, but it was teaching her about the technicalities of magic her siblings had never bothered to answer.

"Wait... wait, no. That's mine!" Annabeth protested, grasping for the book as it was taken from her hands.

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